Las Vegas restaurant goes from no customers to sold out after viral TikTok

Frankenstein’s restaurant shine and it’s all thanks on Tiktok. This is one of ever had. This attend tha keith lee reviewing some created by owner frank st his shop four months ago wasn’t exactly off to a g monday night a miracle I in, didn’t know who he wa ask my customers, you kno what do you do? And he qu food critic frank says he of it until a few hours l got busy. Our phone never sold more lemon pepper wi days than I have in the l made more garlic knots ye ever made lease review on

attention of people all o reflects the power of soc writing in, I hope frank He deserves another sayin this made me emotional. I support frank now and thi I was in Vegas frank your have people coming in fro California. I had a famil su, I have come down from now been viewed more than and liked by more than fo for frank all of it is st you have ever anticipated you were going to wake up what these last 72 hours just been overwhelming. I this restaurant has been 30 years, for 30 years, r Elizabeth in

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