MacBook Air M1 Gaming and Editing Short review | Gerome San Pablo

this is my player m1 and let’s do a
short review for gaming and editing
first gaming of course games are limited
to mac but you can still play games on
it for example i’m playing counter
strike global offensive i don’t have a
temperature sensor or up in this macbook
after some rounds the macbook is hitting
in the middle part
and after two games the maple is hard to
touch like you can cook on it just
kidding of course there are no fans so
that’s why it’s heating up so fast and
for me after three or four games which
is still hard to touch i call it down
first and continue to play later or not
for the editing side i used to edit in
the legion 5i before and it was not a
fun experience like it was crashing
frame dropping etc but when i got the
map air the editing is experience is
after finishing an almost 10 minute
video the maple air is getting hot but
not us
when i’m playing
and after editing i cool it down so
that’s my gaming and editing review of
this map air


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