Milo and the Magpies | Indie Game Review

meelo and the magpies is an atmospheric
point-and-click puzzle adventure game
where you play as milo the cat who’s
trying to find his way home
overall it’s a beautiful and immersive
yet short game
visually milo in the magpies is stunning
all of the art was hand-painted by the
developer johanshreft which gives the
game a very unique feel
some levels felt like exploring a
painting you might find in a museum
i especially love the art of the second
and fifth levels
there are subtle but clear indicators
for objects that can be interacted with
the ui for the settings in level select
is very minimalistic and clean
melo also has an amazing soundtrack
every level had a different sound and
set the tone very well
certain actions resulted in some
surprising musical events
overall the soundtrack is very diverse
and well worth a listen on its own
the rest of the sound design elements
blend nicely with the soundtrack with
the exception of the waistline
i found them jarring at first and
overall felt they didn’t really fit with
the rest of the game
the controls are very simple just point
and click on objects

to interact
some objects require the player to drag
it to a different spot in the level to
trigger an event
i had difficulty a couple of times
getting these objects to lock onto the
correct target so some precision is
the puzzles range from very simple to
more complex
i personally had trouble figuring out
some of them
fortunately if you get stuck there is a
link to a full walkthrough video under
the how to play section of the menu
it is quite short i was able to complete
the entire game in about an hour
however there is replayability built in
with hidden objects and steam
i can definitely see myself replaying
this to find all the objects and
re-experience the beautiful visuals and
overall meelo and the magpies is a
simple and beautiful game that feels
like an interactive art piece
while it is a short game it is also
quite inexpensive
i received a copy for free from the
publisher but it normally costs about
1.99 us
if you enjoy atmospheric adventures and
chill games i definitely recommend
checking out the magpies
also cats who can resist a game about
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