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Anshu Tiwari was booking, first
you guys always remember the
sweet birthday of both of you,
you are watching every
happiness and sorrow of your
wife, every emotion on her head,
in a tremendous video, you are
watching Lady Night Happy
Birthday Game Off. tell me soon
Show the latest hymn After the
death of your wife, it becomes
clear in a way that your wife’s
birthday is better than the
cartoon, after the cartoon,
boys come to her in the hotel,
so now she runs them to get
clothes as much as she mixes
the medicine, doesn’t it?
Cooks Tata food with Dehradun
and feeds him drugs, just now
sleeps, enjoys with his video,
this is the only fault to enjoy
his birthday and having fun
with others Dada will be able
to know Jacqueline’s picture
ki dulhania ka thank you

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