MineJerseys 21/22 Bayern Munich Away Jersey (Player Version) Unboxing Review

Hi everyone and welcome to MY FOOTBALL JERSEY, I’m Stefano and today I’m wearing the
Bayern Munich away jersey for the 21/22 season. This is the PLAYER or
AUTHENTIC version, that is the version worn by the players,
identical to the one they wear. In this version, in order not to irritate the
skin of the players, for example, there are no seams on the badges.
As you can see, the Bayern Munich jersey is all black with this white dot pattern and the
finishes are all in gold, the Bayern Munich crest, the ADIDAS logo, the sponsor, the 3 ADIDAS stripes
and the internal finishing of the shirt. Overall really a beautiful jersey,
in my personal ranking this takes 5 stars, I already love the black shirts, the
ones defined in gold in my opinion are very beautiful. Now I leaves you to the rest of the video where
you can see all the details that make up the shirt, see you at the end, bye!
As I told you in the PLAYER versions, to increase the comfort of the players,
the Bayern Munich crest and the ADIDAS logo are not embroidered but are heat-pressed.
The texture s quite simple if you like.
As always, in the PLAYER versions, ADIDAS uses HEAT.RDY

In my opinion, the gold-colored inner band is also very nice.
This very elegant workmanship is present on the collar and sleeves.
In the PLAYER version, again for comfort reasons,
the ADIDAS 3-Stripes are also heat-pressed.
This jersey is inspired by the “Child of Monaco” and
hence the symbol you see above the team name.
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Now I leave you with the section dedicated to measurements where you can see the fit
of the shirt and its dimensions. Goodbye see you soon!
I am 1.75 meters tall and weigh about 70 kg, this is a LARGE size of the PLAYER version,
I remind you that in this version we always recommend an extra size.

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