welcome back for another video so Champions League fantasy is about to launch for the 23-24 season the match day one deadlines on Tuesday so there’s something a bit different I’ve built a team we’re going to play this season we’ve got mini league as well so if you’d like to join that and invite’s in the description if you’ve never played before there are some similarities and differences to fpl you still pick a team of 15 players there’s 13 match days in total which are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays 100 million budget to spend which increases to 105

mil from the round of 16 onwards this is needed because the weaker teams generally get knocked out and you have to replace them with teams that are still in the competition generally stronger teams the deadline is the first kickoff of the first match day so you get the full lineups which is something I wish FPL had this season has a few notable early kickoffs which could be useful match day one Leipzig away to young boys in match day three Bina got the first kickoff away to galatasarai match day four bars for a first kickoff away

to shakhtar and in match day six severe away to lens an Arsenal way to PSV the biggest difference in Champions League fantasies you can change your captain to make substitutions

between Tuesday and Wednesday games this is crucial if someone blanks for you therefore always have a Tuesday and a Wednesday goalkeeper rotation and ideally some good rotational captaincy associate and change Captain to make substitution it makes Tuesday funner for taking puns if you’re that kind of manager there’s also the Limitless chip which is unlimited funds for one match day really fun chip if you’d like to

join the focal disc or there’s a channel dedicated to Champions League fantasy chat as well link below to join so let’s get into the team and in golf got blazzage from Leipzig besides mad city they’ve got a really good group this season these are all eight groups for the Champions League this season and they’re up against young boys first match day not expecting much in the games against Man City but obviously can substitute out of the clean sheets lost this is a fixture ticker from FPL Frasier which has the group stages covered and you can

see they should progress second in their groups the city really the left ticker’s overall across all teams and the right tickers organized into the groups so man city a top overall followed by Bayern Arsenal Real Madrid Napoli inter and then Barcelona released in Champions League fantasy if pep roulette strikes and AKA can be subbed off one of the best teams in European football defensively he made eight of a possible 13 appearances last season in the Champions League a city obviously went on to win the whole thing he’s the cheapest of the Man City Defenders Diaz

stoned vardian Walker all 5.5 mil and no impaired there’s nothing to suggest that they’re likely to start in the Champions League than Nike he was one more cheaper Ruben Diaz probably the most nailed of all of them he was actually the third top scoring player in the game last season after vinicius and bastoni Real Madrid are home to Union Berlin a Barcelona home to antwer machley won pulling up the clean sheet odds here this back three is the top three in the clean sheet odds which is why I’ve backed them City given a 56 chance

Real Madrid and bass with a 48 chance of a cleaning Sheen in La Liga last season Barcelona considered just 20 goals to 38 games onto the Midfield which is Saka Kimmy cavania SEC and Bellingham so Vanya sex an awesome enabler I just came across only 4.5 mil and he’s a left Winger this season he’s played nine games in all competitions and he’s got six goals and three assists he plays a match day one as well so if he does blank against Celtic he can be subbed off in one of the Champions League qualifiers against FCS

Starla he backed a hat-trick I did have Elmo in his spot I think he’s currently injured so I’ve taken him out only a couple of Premier League players on the team here but Sakura is one of them home to PSV first match day probably not great value for nine and a half mil at all but as an Arsenal fan I had to Chuck at least one Arsenal player in there finally back in the Champions League I’m going to try to go to a few games if possible this season Tribune penalties as well there is a

slight concern that our theater might give Nelson a game in right wing but he tends to use sacker as much as possible and he’s going to want to start strong in the Champions League trust I could be a great pun given that Martinelli went off injured last match he’s seven and a half mil although chemek is a defensive mid he has the occasional attack and returning him but more importantly ball recoveries are an important aspect of scoring in Champions League fantasy it’s one point per three balls recovered by Munich are home to man united on

Wednesday so no chance to substitute first match day we’ll talk more on man united in a sec and Lassie Bellingham who’s an absolute beast and only 7.5 mil surely they got his prize completely wrong here in his first five La Liga games he scored five goals and one assist he scored four in a Champions League last season I think so it seems near unessential his 74 ownership currently which I believe is joint top of a certain Ford you could probably guess one of the most stacked forward lines ever is Lewandowski Kane and Harlan front three

so hole in the Bellingham The Joint my stone players in the game both on 74 ownership Holland has to be near and essential as well seven goals in five League games this season last season 12 goals and 11 Champions League games 36 and 35 Premier League games locked in captain for the Tuesday games perhaps has even less competition this season as it looks like our virus is going to be required to play the de bruyne run more with the Belgian out for another three or so mums it’s nice to have Kane back in a fantasy

team 10 mil pretty generous price tag and he started well at buying which I’m really happy about he’s played Four League games and he’s got four goals one assist so far Bayern Munich have found their proper number nine to replace Lewandowski here last season was his best ever season the goal scoring 30 times in the league so man united are in complete disarray at the moment bad results injuries drama off the pitch looks a great game on paper for buying on the bench I’ve got summer Damian came into RAM the Army has a slight concern

as enter of sign pavard who could play ahead of him in right back but once him into defensive coverage hence the double up of Summer amazingly tiram’s been classified as midfielder and priced only six and a half mil which seems like a still he’s been playing out of position he’s played every match as a center for this season and he’s got two goals and three assists and four Serie A games not only an opposition Pig but also playing as a forward alongside laotaro Martinez who’s nine mil he’s also the cheapest star midfielder into but let’s

not forget where finalists last season turram is second in the leaf a non-penalty expected goals and surprisingly only eight percent owned so that’s how the team looks from actually one I may or may not do more Champions League fantasy content depending on how much interest this one gets but I wanted to give it a try let me know if you’d like to see more and hit subscribe if you enjoyed the video see you soon for the next one

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