Hello guys, see you again, let’s go to the wall clock aisle here, selling some classic models
and some simple modern models, there are many color choices.
Okay, go to the next hallway. Motorcycle accessories have motorbike
stickers, to make your motorbike cooler,
then here are car accessories. this is a car steering wheel cover, let’s see the price is quite cheap, yes
, there are other motorcycle and car accessories
for gentlemen or those of you who are looking for motorcycle or car accessories, you can come here,
guys, who knows what you are looking for, this is complete, there is also a Kanebo,
basically All motorcycle details and the car is here guys, over
here, there is a car seat backrest
. There is a motorcycle helmet for sale.
This is a cute pink double foot basketball.
Then we go to the next aisle.
There is a photo frame
. There is a piggy bank that
has an aesthetic flower vase.
Let’s see the price
, then here there are make-up equipment, there is a beauty blender with various colors and cute
. Then there are accessories for girls. These headbands
are cute in the shape of Un Icorn

has a pink pink necklace for girls
on the other side, there are other models of headbands,
they are cheap, guys
, then here are glasses, complete with glasses, and
then here is a make up
bag. There are men’s
bags. Modern trendy
bags. This is a women’s bag
designed for hangout. On the way to the main campus,
now we are at the end of the hall, guys, we entered from the entrance at the end of the road, it
is quite wide, too, guys, where
we continue here, this is the children’s toy section, guys, there are these cars
, I can confirm the quality it looks like a toy from abroad, guys
. This is great, guys. From what I saw firsthand
, it’s really cool guys. There are toy soldiers,
the white color is 13,000
. What we mean is, it ‘s
really cute.
this is really good, like an expensive toy, but the price is cheap here guys
, now there are squishies
, there are lots
of cute models
, these have wallets, these
have glo decorations w in the dark
Oh, there are supplies for the party, guys
, and over here there are selling school bags. This is a bag for girls. Ping-ping is cute, guys
. Now, there are bags for small children, the shape of this animal is really cute.
On this side, there are more bags. this multipurpose bag can be used to
put make up, cutlery, toiletries, put this writing utensil, there are socks,
these are hats, these
are umbrellas, this is a
belt or buckle, guys
, in this aisle, these guys’ hair accessories
have a comb
, this comb, hair clips,
this is a pen These cute feather pens are really good guys
, these guys stickers
are really good, the color is purple, my favorite , there’s a really good
, it’s
purple gold, it’s cool
, here’s something good, guys, there’s gold gold, this is really cool,
you guys, If you’re looking for a notebook Come on, guys, it’s really good.
Here, in terms of quality, I think it’s really good, this model
has a flur sticker
, then
there’s a wall sticker
with lots of cool motifs. this pops up, this
is what is usually done for making YouTube vlogs to be the background, guys
, here there are various colors, yes, the colors are good,
these are often used by white people, I
like it, guys, it’s embossed like this
, then here’s another model.
Wow, there’s a gold one Also guys, they’re cool
, okay, Guys, that’s all for now, let’s continue to the other
part in part 3, guys. Wait, Guys, don’t be bored, it will be even more exciting, bye

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