Netflix's Scott Pilgrim anime pulls off a major bait-and-switch in episode 2.

we St have you ever wondered why certain shows or movies get a reboot or spin-off well the new Netflix anime Scott Pilgrim takes off might leave you scratching your head at first in fact the first episode seems like a carbon copy of the 2010 cult classic film Scott Pilgrim versus the world with familiar lines and visual gags with the original star studded cast reprising their voice roles it appears that the show is simply trying to recreate the magic of Edgar Wright’s movie however just when you think you have it all figured out the show takes

a sharp turn and leaves you pleasantly surprised without giving too much away let me assure you that the first episode is not indicative of what the rest of the show has in store it cleverly lurs you in with a bait and switch offering a completely different Twist on the Scott Pilgrim story that you thought you knew trust me on this and you’ll be rewarded with one of the best new shows of the Year from the second episode onwards Scott Pilgrim takes off lives up to its name by Shifting the focus from Scott to Ramona Flowers

the show delves into her journey of finding closure with her evil exes rather than Scott’s quest to win her over this change in perspective works wonders

for the series let’s face it Scott wasn’t always the most captivating character in his own Story by sidelining him the show allows the other fantastic characters in this world to shine giving them more screen time in depth this enriches the unique version of Toronto they inhabit it’s not often that an artist gets the chance to transform one of their signature Works while it’s not unheard of most projects of this

nature end up being near shot forsh shot remakes aimed at making money in a new market rather than Reinventing the story however Scott Pilgrim takes off seizes this opportunity and runs with it creating a stronger narrative in the process it engages in a direct convers ation with the original work showcasing Creator Brian Lee om Al’s contemplations on how previous Scott Pilgrim stories portrayed the two main characters now om Ali and the rest of the crew have the chance to revisit that story and make it even better so don’t let the first episode of Scott Pilgrim

takes off deter you from experiencing one of the smartest funniest and most surprising shows of the Year trust me if it’s more than worth it

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