Not a review but still : the 2021 Oscars (sous-titres français)

yeah thank you thank you so much i mean
do you ask it for the baddest beach i
didn’t even know you’ll beat that you
know where
but yeah it makes sense tonight when
it’s um
because i’m the baddest um yeah
thank you uh you’re laughing but i
really want that
uh it’s an adrenaline all right
i want it for best transformation uh
because in the musical
the last musical i did uh first i was a
and then i was i was me i mean
there was more than that but i want it
so it’s mine
okay so before we start i need to show
you my dress
wait i want to
you can’t really see it but it’s long i
love it
it’s like a costay so i can fully
but that’s so cool i bought it in a free
shop and that’s so cool plus my hair is
straight for the moment because i went
to the hairdresser
and she got and she said do you want
them straight and i was like
um all right so
there you go hi
i’m good all

hi and welcome back to my channel today
we’re talking about
the oscars 2021
that’s a list i want to say because you
if you watch my videos you know what i’m
going to talk about and if you read the
title you know what i’m going to talk
about but if you watch my videos
you know how i’m going to talk about it
so let’s just
let’s just go
i would have loved to make this video
earlier but i was so busy because
i’m in college and i’ve got exams like
all last week and next week and i’ve got
papers that i have to
you know so it’s been busy i’m taking
some time
now that i can then i’m gonna be on
vacation so it’s gonna be time for a lot
of videos
uh i have a lot of things in my notebook
here a lot of things that we
gonna talk about uh but today let’s
focus on the oscars
okay so first we’re going to talk about
the winners
uh then it’s going to be a fashion
moment like a fashion moment
there you go and then i’m going to talk
some like uh you know
i don’t know how to define it you’ll see
you’ll define it yourself right
i’m doing all the job here right so
watch the video and
and do all right so
for best original song it’s her who
won’t i don’t know if it’s
like you say her we say h-e-r i think
you say her or spell like h-e-r but like
with dots and stuff i mean you know who
it is come on
she won for her song fight for you which
was the song for
uh judas and black messiahs uh so yeah
best original song for her
h-e-r her no matter who this is she’s
awesome so let’s
okay uh best supporting actress was won
you jung yoon uh she played in minery
minori however you pronounce it uh
and she is the first korean to ever
receive an oscar
um also she was presented like the oscar
was presented by brad pitt
and that’s like hillary stole the show
in two minutes
but because every time i saw her i still
have a rapper because he presented but
like all the articles were about brad
pitt and not her
i mean you gotta be someone to steal the
show just by presenting
all right his director was won by chloe
uh for her movie uh nomad land all
which also won a best actress with
she was her name i’ll put it somewhere
on the screen
um she’s the first woman of color to
receive an oscar for best director
and she’s the second woman woman
just woman to receive an oscar for the
director after the sofia coppola that
was like
2004 i think uh just a reminder this is
the 93rd
uh ceremony so in 93 years only two
one for best director and one for one
being a
woman of color so also uh this year
something new uh there were two women
usually there’s no woman nominated here
they were chloe zoe who won
and there was also emerald fennel for
promising young women
um so that was like a history like never
been two women nominated uh barely been
two women nominated in the whole history
of us because i think
now they’re like four or five women um
so yeah that was like a history making
uh but that’s i mean it’s been 100 years
so maybe you should have done that
before i got something in my eye
all right the movie marinades black
button main history
by winning the asks for uh best cards
from my best hair and makeup because all
the artists was black
so again that was that was a bad time
and danielle kaluya won
a best spotting actor for yeah
i was i was like yeah uh so he won best
investigate for his role in judas and
the black messiah
so that was cool too because he had
already won like uh the golden globe
uh and that’s really cool and
and that’s that’s all i gotta say i
noticed like when i do the subtitles
they have subtitles in french um like
i say cool a lot and i just like yeah
it’s so cool
that is yeah well that’s cool what do
you want me to say
and they asked for best original
screenplay was won by
emerald fennell uh for promising a woman
the movie she wrote and directed
uh it was received very very pregnant
emerald fennel i gotta say still looked
fantastic but we don’t
i don’t know i don’t think i talked
about her in a fashion woman so just
just appreciate that
how she’s beautiful and she’s a
promoting young woman i gotta say
okay so here we go for the fashion
allowing that the fashion moment
the fashion moment the fashion moment
the fashion moment i’m annoying my
future self because i know i’m gonna
have to edit that and i’m gonna be like
why did i do that
um i don’t know it’s just
me i want to slap myself
okay okay so first i want to talk about
halle berry
um i have mixed opinions about that
i love the dress she’ll be very cool but
the hairdo
i guess like it fit for the dress but
it’s kind of weird and i don’t think it
suits her that well
um so the dress yeah but
the hair
all i get to say is yeah so so
that’s all i gotta say but then i want
to talk about my gurubi
because i mean look at her she’s like
just like so basic things and she looks
because margot robbie could come to the
oscars dress as a clown
she would outdress everyone so
i’m just i have never seen a bad
like outfit review about magurobi
i don’t think but i mean that girl she’s
she’s amazing then we have nominee
vanessa kirby
she looked awesome i loved like the long
dress and how
like she looked very white though it’s
like whiter than me
because you know i’m very wise and when
i put like clothes at a light
i look like a ghost and i kind of think
she did she’s still beautiful but she
was very light because her hair
was like blonde too so it was very
pale but it was beautiful so
regina king i mean she’s truly the queen
virginia queen should be cool that’s
funny actually because
king means king and regina is leighton
for queen
so it means she’s called queen king
i mean no but she’s amazing she’s so
beautiful i love her dresses like the
one she wore the
golden globes i love how they all like
the same shape it’s like
shaped you know for her waist and i love
the colors and like
it’s just so beautiful and she
she really looked amazing and like the
whatever you call them
i liked it so i really love the color on
and i really she is wonderful
she is amazing so yeah
long live queen again we are talking
about her
h-e-r i still have no idea uh but
she looked amazing like the i left her
hair like on the side
and i was long and pants people usually
like women don’t usually wear pants at
the oscars
like pantsuits and she was beautiful i
think this color really suits her
and with the glasses and stuff
she looked wonderful i’m so jealous i
want that
i want that look um for myself
carrie mulligan she was nominated i
don’t remember for what
um but she want that beautiful golden
dress gold’s my favorite color
and when google was the color of the
oscars i i read on
a vogue article or something i don’t
remember an article
um and it was really beautiful it’s like
princessy with the big gown but still
modern because it’s had like a waist
how’d you call that i don’t know but it
was like we could see
her belly here so it’s kind of modern
touch to like um
a princess again i want to say with the
color was it was beautiful
um so yeah among the safe range was
nominated for
best supporting actress uh for the movie
monk which she didn’t win
but she looked so beautiful uh that
dress i love how it’s like
it goes like this and i i don’t
i can’t really explain it and i’m bad at
explaining but i really love the dress
how it went and i shaped her silhouette
and the color really fit her so
yeah she was one of the best dressed to
again with the color gold andra dash was
nominated for best
actress i believe um
and so they call it gold again and
i love the slits like on her legs and
um she really was beautiful in her hair
i really love her hair
um uh yeah that’s all i’ve got to say
but she’s wonderful
that what i say like the fashion moments
not really about reviewing the outfits
just appreciating
people because that’s cool so
yeah and finally she made us want to
wear yellow
zendaya i just
i have no words she’s so beautiful and
like and i’m
speechless um well she’s funny at the
terrible joke um but she’s so beautiful
um yeah i really i literally have
nothing else to say she’s amazing
let’s just appreciate zendaya and make
her a god
and make you a legion of her um
that’s it i’m not exaggerating
now let’s talk a little about like the
controversy i mentioned it earlier
in the video i didn’t know what to call
it uh the
the controversy that uh two women were
nominated but like
it’s been 93 years since the academy
like has launched the oscars like that
like ceremony
and only like i want to say five or six
women now i’ve been nominated for best
and only two won and also about
um uh yu jong yoon who was the first
korean twin and lots of like women of
color korean
um and it’s just it’s a good thing that
they won
but again this is 2021
the the ceremony has existed for almost
a century and
they’re just starting now to recognize
that women and people of color and
people who are not american have talent
which is which is
i mean we can’t really celebrate that
can we because
i mean it’s been like 100 years
and there’s been a lot of talented women
and people of color and
and like people that are not american
that have made incredible work
and they have not been rewarded because
people at the academy are like
racist i guess i mean that i’m not
guessing they probably are um
it’s just sad and i want to celebrate it
really i wish i could but that’s
very sad because like
it’s been 93 goddamn years right 93
93 i don’t know if i can
it’s been 93 years maybe you should have
done that before so
at least there were more like
nominations like diversity
in denominations and like the winning
but like that’s
i don’t really know what to say i said
it in the golden globes video
uh i will say it i i have planned to
make a video about inclusivity in
um but i can never say it enough that
you need to recognize that
women and people of color and and
yeah other people have talents
and should deserve those i mean they’re
always in like
for real they they don’t they’re not
really worth anything i mean they all
like the status of what millions maybe i
don’t know probably not
but like it’s like a recognition in the
and and some people
are being looked over every year and
that should not happen anymore i mean
it’s been like at the beginning like in
like 100 years ago people were still
very racist uh that was okay but
now we have moved on from this we should
not do this anymore
so i’m really sad that we’re
like that we’re still betting the second
woman to ever win an oscar for the
um yeah that’s very sad
so here it is uh thank you for watching
this video i hope you liked it
uh you know what to do like comment
subscribe blah blah blah um
well yeah no i see that’s what we’re
gonna say
um well i guess i’ll see another video
oh wait no i hope you’re having a good
day and i’ll see you in a video bye
bye you’ve done okay bye
just smile at the camera i wanted to put
it somewhere in the video but
like i can only put it here and that’s
i mean so i can hold it
here for the rest of the video
it’s not very natural i’m just gonna put
it back

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