Patek Philippe World Time Complications White Gold Chronograph Watch 5930 Review | SwissWatchExpo

World Timer watches are always so incredibly 
complicated and I can think of no finder and  
perhaps more complicated example than by who 
else, Patek Philippe. This is an incredible Grand  
Complications model. Beautiful dial color. You 
would expect nothing less, but it’s crazy how this  
beautiful rich yet very dark navy blue is a tone 
that I’m rarely able to see captured. But that’s  
not really what makes this watch special. This of 
course is one of the most incredibly capable and  
unique world timer watches ever. You’ll see 
three pushers on this case. One, of course,  
will change the dates, but you’ll also notice the 
other one here. This is a chronograph movement,  
but not just any chronograph movement. You’ll see, 
this is a Rattrapante chronograph movement too.  
Perhaps one of the most complicated 
movements we’ve ever had in the store  
here at SwissWatchExpo. There is definitely the 
price tag to match. But if you don’t believe me,  
you can always take a look at the back here. This 
beautiful exhibition caseback displaying, again,  
what I think is maybe one of the most capable 
movements we’ve ever come into the showcase.  
So this, if you’re a serious collector 
or looking to get a really serious Patek  
Philippe in your

collection, consider this one. 
It’s ready to go today at

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