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I welcome everyone to Aani’s new episode
I’m your one and only Aani
Aani, what kind of video are you going to do today?
Unboxing of pottery Wheel.
So, like Aani said today we are going to do unboxing of pottery wheel toy
We bought it from Amazon, if anyone would like to purchase it, I’ll give its link in the description
Presently there is an offer, so you can buy it in discounted price.
So, pottery wheel is a creative toy
We all use to buy clay pots, so now let’s do its making
Let’s see what and all there in this box.
So, shall we open?
What and all are there.
There are 2 blocks of clay are there in one packet,
Here comes our pottery wheel, also there is an instruction panel
Aani, anything else?
Haai! there is a painting set.
Here they gives six different painting colors and a small painting tray also to mix the colors and finally a brush too
Look, here Aani is ready with the pottery wheels
What’s written there Aani? Are you able to understand?
It says that we should skim on it before the making.
So shall we look?
Aani, shall we open the pottery wheel?.
Yeah let’s open.
This kind of battery is used

in our pottery wheel, we should buy it separately because it wont get as compliment in this
Now let’s open the pottery wheel.
Yeah let’s open.
So we got the pottery wheel.
Along with that here is a supporting stand is there and there is sculpting(shaping) tool is there
Now let’s see its making.
We want to put battery, right?
Ah, you turned on!
So we put the battery in it and here there is speed controller, it has 2 levels
One and two
In one it winds in a medium speed and in two it winds faster
Let’s keep it here.
Now let’s open the clay packet.
Yeah let’s open.
There are 2 packets, let’s take less than half packet clay for a trial
We are only taking this much, there is more than half is there in the packet.
Now let’s keep this packets aside.
After a trial we can deal with it.
Aani, do you know what it is?
Yeah, it’s clay
Here we took some water in this bowl.
We can spill a liitle water on it
So we have to make it as a ball shape
It became a ball.
Now let’s put it in it’s center.
Now turn it on
Here our clay began to rotate.
If we apply so much force the motor will stop rotating.
Don’t apply so much force.
Let’s keep our hand in an adjustment
One thing we have to make sure is that, we should stick the clay on the beneath surface.
Otherwise it won’t be fixed.
It’s rotating….
It’s awesome!
Pay little attention to not to get hole in the bottom.
We’re shaping the top side
Make it slow.
Almost it became a shape
Now let’s cut the top side with this tool.
Turn off it.
Hold on it.
We almost made it in a shape.
Now we want to separate the clay from the bottom.
Like we showed before there is a thread with 2 plastic holder ends
It is to separate the clay from the bottom surface
Like this we can separate this.
We tried to make it into a pot’s shape, but it is not fully pot shape but almost
But it’s okay, it’s our first attempt nah..
Now let’s make Aani to do it
First we will dry this only after that we paint colors on it.
So let’s dry this
Don’t apply force on it.
Aani is making pretty cool pots, isn’t it Aani?
Did you like it?
Yeah I like it.
These are the pots we made it yesterday.
These are the pots we made it yesterday and dried it under the sunlight
Now it’s dry and also shapeless
But it’s okay.
What we are going to do next?
So we’re going to do painting
They given us 6 different color with it.
Now let’s paint with it .
A small tray is also there.
Look there’s a brush.
Let’s paint now.
Did you finish your painting?
We have this too.
Which color you painted above the blue?
Blue and White.
It’s looking good when you are painting it
Aani, did you like this toy?
Yeah I like it.
Here after I want to make more pots.
It’s looking colorful!
I put flowers in it.
Turn it around.
It’s wonderful.
So we can put flowers like this.
So we will make small pots like this and we will set flowers in it.
Shall we keep it here?
Hope you all enjoyed today’s video
I’ll come again with new wonderful video
Thank You everyone
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