Rolex Air King 34mm Watches Review | SwissWatchExpo

Hey guys, welcome back to SwissWatchExpo and 
I’m Jonathan and I have a huge shock here  
today because honestly we just ordered a ton of 
the Rolex Air King. Why? Because we’re honestly  
selling a ton of Rolex Air King. And this is just 
a small little tidbit of what we’ve currently got  
in stock. We’ve got basically everything from 
the previous generations all the way up to the  
most current ones, but we’re honestly selling 
these models right here the most we get a ton  
of questions about these on a daily basis. So 
yeah, I mean, if you really honestly want to  
take the name Rolex Air King to new heights, no 
pun intended. You need to give us a call quickly  
here at SwissWatchExpo or do what you need to do 
to get any of these amazing pieces on your wrist.

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