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what is going on guys and welcome back to the 
channel if I got something great for you today  
okay we’re talking about something called Scrappy 
I’m gonna get you in but what I need you to know  
is the link down below will get you the lifetime 
deal that I’ve been blessed to provide to you all  
the way through this video you can click buttons 
that will sign you straight up but what I want you  
to remember is not one of them buttons will be as 
exclusive beneficial or as cheap as that lifetime  
deal down below so if you make it to the end of 
this video I’m going to show you exactly what that  
gets you compared to if you just clicked one of 
the buttons out of excitement let’s get straight  
in guys here it is it is Scrappy it’s 
all the links will be down below now we’ve got  
the features the price and the FAQ and the blog 
please know two things only use trusted links  
so this link will be down below never just take 
a link off someone you don’t know what they’re  
trying to send you but please use trusted links 
from ones like this Channel or people that you  
trust number two the link

down below will get you 
a lifetime deal we’re going to talk about that  
more if you manage the large through this video 
I’ll let you know oh so let’s get straight in you  
need traffic big exclamation mark this is an AI 
based WSC monitoring app okay a website analyst  
all these different ones that come up it does 
stop worrying about missing important website  
metrics or checking multiple platforms okay 
there’s no need to be an expert clean interface  
Auto generated task and AI power tool now you 
can test your website just by putting it in and  
seeing what it comes up with or you can register 
there is no credit card okay I want to just have  
a look at some of the features on this website 
now so some of the features is an all-in-one  
seo2 so that’s what we’ve got here so we’ve got 
the keyword tracker no need to jump from one tool  
to another see the Google ranks of keywords your 
page house track your development with these plan  
your SEO plan accordingly we have the page speed 
monitor it tells you all about that here okay  
they actually use Scrappy page speed tool get your 
guideline now the SEO monitoring massive you don’t  
need to be an SEO expert that’s the biggest thing 
here you don’t need to be an expert we’re helping  
you and it’s doing it for you okay you don’t need 
to be to make your rankings fly we analyze your  
website to terminate the problems and show your 
specific tasks get them and start optimizing we  
have uptime monitoring so no chance to miss even 
a tiny even the tiniest spec of detail get your  
real time down alerts now the sign tax Checker is 
what it does is it it allows your website codes  
to be monitored and organized right so don’t let 
your website course get our hand use Scrappy sign  
tax Checker not only for the homepage but for 
all pages easy to get functional fast and user  
oriented fantastic you can test your website again 
please just click down your website and please let  
me know in the comments down below if you tested 
your website okay let’s talk about the features  
like it says Auto generated tasks you can see here 
guaranteed 100 SEO score detailed guidelines can  
actually start your free trial right now but do 
not start anything until you click that link down  
below and I’ve spoke to you about the lifetime 
deal that I am blessed to provide keyword tracking  
you can see here it shows you how many keywords 
top 50 top four gives you a real insight of the  
keywords that you need the page speed monitoring 
it actually shows you all of it look at this  
super user friendly page speed best prices SEO 
accessible all in one not this fancy I’m gonna  
confuse you it just gets it straight to you super 
super interesting the SEO monitoring if you don’t  
know what that is it’s probably the most important 
part of this okay all you got to do is have a  
look take one step forward and serve increasing 
conversation rates or getting stronger in keywords  
your target you don’t need to be an expert like I 
keep saying look how user friendly this is super  
super user friendly uptime monitoring tell you 
daily averages stuff like that the average time it  
takes to respond and your status code all things 
like that and you can boost your website you can  
actually get better ratings for it by boosting 
it now let’s go to the best part of this video  
let’s talk about the lifetime deal like it talk 
about if you made it this far let’s have a look  
at the price so here’s the pricing guys we have 
monthly and annual I’m going to talk a little bit  
about monthly now we have the light the pro and 
the advanced what I want you to notice is don’t  
worry about what you’re getting involved because 
the lifetime deal down below has everything so  
don’t worry about which kind of category you 
need right now what I want you to notice is  
a 14 day money back guarantee write that down a 
piece of paper because I’m going to show you how  
that link down below gets you something a lot more 
beneficial than that and notice this monthly price  
five dollars you say five dollars I can afford 
five dollars a month fifteen dollars I mean I  
could spare 15 a month even if this didn’t work 30 
a month well look I don’t want to spend 30 a month  
but it wouldn’t break my house okay it wouldn’t 
ruin my bills if I spent 30 a month and this  
wasn’t fantastic good news this is fantastic good 
news 30 a month would be beneficial even better  
news is watch what happens when I click the link 
down below ready now it takes me onto this page  
so I’m going to keep going back and forth so you 
can see but if you actually go you can see here 55  
at the start of the lifetime deal now it gets you 
everything it gets you lifetime access to Scrappy  
You must redeem your code within six days purchase 
all future parts now remember that one thing I  
told you write down 14 money back guarantee 14 
day this is a 60 day money back guarantee so  
already you have benefited okay what do you get 
with the scrappy Pro and plan now what did I tell  
you thirty dollars wouldn’t break the bank but I 
wouldn’t want to pay every month something that  
wasn’t fantastic 55 yeah it is more than 30 but 
remember this is a lifetime deal you pay fifty  
dollars one for everything all of these and you 
get it for a lifetime let’s have a look how much  
it is just for a year you would be paying 15 a 
month okay that’s it with discounted which adds  
up to what 180 dollars a year now let me take you 
back to if you clicked on George’s special link  
down below 55 for the rest of your life that’s 
it not monthly that is it you get the technical  
SEO order and monitoring I know I’m excited I 
know you’re excited too page speeds analysts are  
monitoring uptime monitoring Google rank Checker 
sign tax Checker 25 website monthly on-demand  
analysis 10 teams 25 teams Auto generate tasks 
look how much stuff you get here Google lights  
out report head in Lincoln image analyst conical 
analysis meta tag and SSL Checker content analysis  
domain information Checker robots Dom size 
Checker SEO report and task accessibility is God  
I’m getting out of breath this is incredible how 
much stuff you’re getting okay Alexa Global rank  
25 projects 10 000 crawler credits Google rank 
tracker 10 team and 25 members on page analyzer  
link analyzer image analyzer broken link image 
finder content analyzer periodic crawler scan SEO  
reports SSL tracker page speed monitoring call Web 
vitals monitoring uptime monitoring console over a  
Tracker send tax tracker stacking involved and you 
can stack up to 10 codes on here last thing each  
codes adds projects crawler credits team team 
members srep credits guess what guys I’m out of  
breath I’m excited but if you click that link down 
below you get all of this now let’s just quickly  
again compare it to just this I am not dissing 
this site what I’m saying this is an incredible  
project but the pricing can be beaten dramatically 
by clicking that link down below do not be fooled  
by excitement going onto this website straight 
away and go oh my God I want it right now and  
pressing select because I promise you when you’re 
paying thirty dollars a month but the last person  
to watch the video is paying 55 for a lifetime 
you are going to be of one very upset member  
just after the second month when you’ve already 
paid too much so click that link down below it  
will take you to this page click the plans have a 
read through and see what I’m so excited about so  
guys from me have a very blessed day I want you 
to remember that link down below is the only way  
to get that lifetime deal I have such a joy doing 
this and please keep supporting the channel hit  
that like button hit that subscribe button hit the 
Bell if you want to be notified the next time I  
am blessed to give you a lifetime deal and until 
the next video I’ve had a very good time I’m out

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