SELENA (1997) MOVIE REACTION!! FIRST TIME WATCHING!! Jennifer Lopez | Full Movie Review!

this video is brought to you by rocket money and Babel more on them after the reaction people what is happening there citizens of the reject Nation with Jennifer Lopez’s movie thing what is that a concert movie with Ben AFF like and like a 55 other celebrities or something 25th anniversary re-release of G I actually saw the trailer I think on my phone it looked pretty cool with that I was going through a list of some of our recommendations from you guys and it really dawned on me and this like you know I’ve never seen the

movie Selena I don’t know anything about Selena I did learn via through uh looking up like oh the movie Selena oh that’s what happened to Selena I did learn that however uh people have said like this is her best performance like I I want to watch it and I’m going to tell you guys a true story is that when I told my Latina wife that I’m going to watch Selena she was not too thrilled that I did not run it by her before hand she was a little disappointed that I didn’t choose to watch it

with her so with that in mind guys please go ahead leave a like it’ll make me feel better during this divorce proceedings I’m going to

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our patreon page thank you to all who joined and supported the Channel all proceeds go to my lawyer lawyer uh we also cover several things over there exclusively with highlights and watch alongs included John I’m ready to learn a thing or two about I I don’t know her journey at all or do I yeah was there a Netflix show that was like a big deal I don’t know anything about yes I believe there was well let’s find out what’s going on and why this is JLo’s best performance ever outside of The Wedding Planner that’s my

name hey you directed the movie oh almost Darth Vader what a lovely title card whoa whoa Cinema Selena you’re still that dress I can’t decide what to wear okay all right definitely had me going for a second I know which one them sequins is it true this is the larg crowd in the history ofon Asing lat yeah how are we ever going to access the music understand the music hanging from the Raptor let you look good oh was he like a manager or dad maybe both I’m not sure go for it honey h a little

look edited by Nancy Richardson a whoa Eerie I do like some of their cinematic flourishes in the camera work oh damn went to Wier that’s a really cool way to throw you into her perspective and a great lens choice to emphasize the vastness of the crowd from her POV anniversary of this is coming up Lina damn that’s like these are real extras God and the lens flares you just feel the energy so fascinating to start this off feeling like a behind the scenes of a concert movie yeah totally and even with some of that more

docu style camera work and then shifting into much more cinematic frame rates and stuff how youou slap it a Bas man that was a is this a this is a cover it’s a cover right to get along and now you’re back from out of space Oh give me more I want to feel the bass drum come on yeah she look beauti God my man’s got sers on every part of the show the mullet on my dude back here is epic this is a bun yeah get those steps going there’s a real authentic touch to this

one I wonder if they basically put on a real show for a real crowd and shot it yeah to get all this like definitely feels that way it’s probably a very very long show though all wait one ones and threes damn Jennifer Lopez is really age gracefully yeah this is her decades ago Shez she’s here today she’s got that Adrena Chrome baby cheapers man what a shot star indeed A Star is Born yeah way the light reflects really does look like a star well that’s the end of the concert tip your waitress we’ll be here

all week great transition Corpus Christie M sounds so good right now yeah right get some street food regular Frankie Valley over here I mean this is our first professional gig not too much Abraham let them offer us something after all they want us to audition right Abraham wasn’t that the guy at the concert we flash him back yeah this is Sandy Beach nightclub who are you what are you doing in my place morning sir we’re the Dos you want to wait right there just a minute what’s the problem man I don’t care if the kids

like them they’re a bunch of Mexicans that’s the problem I thought they were Italian the wrong kind of brown this club is whites only and you know that Charlie I guess Italians do occupy that dubious space between white passing yeah you know there’s been a mistake and uh well we can’t do the audition today 10 bucks you wrote a check for that that guy’s a character actor that guy who just gave him the check let’s get out of here well don’t L her yeah take it out of Mother Nature woo this is just the kick

in the pants they need to launch their careers to the stratosphere hey nobody kicking us out of this joint guys all’re and like us that’s right Daddyo Daddyo not accepted by the white people they try to bring their love around their people trying to bring their love of this the popular music back home and ain’t nobody having it a Mexican music and this crowd is going to turn the place down we don’t know any Mexican music oh tequila right guys yep everyone knows tequila top of the list and Leoma oh no create a whole new

sound out of the pressure of this moment they’re mattering a bunch of hornets what y’all do anyway we belong together jeez man and they never got to the fervor though yeah the police car with them Wings on the back 20 years later he did not age as gracefully as Jenifer Lopez’s asan no he hasn’t got that Illuminati passcode yet oh was he one of those dads that like took advantage of his daughter’s abilities and stuff you will have my dreams Selena Selena Mommy why did you leave April in the shower huh tetherball oh I didn’t

want to wake her up Selena there was Kaka everywhere oh no can we have farm with chickens and goats and cows and horses and pigs and May first take care of April I played Red Dead Redemption 2o so I just want to shoot chickens now of course PE PE oh sing us a song You’re The Guitar Man hermano man I just assume the worst about her dad for all we know it’s probably a great relationship I really sure they probably empowered each other the way I have no idea eternity come in your and Bel you

know the word yes we belong together this where the passion for covers came from yeah your wow dang together is that that actress’s real voice I don’t know feel like they did more looping back then but could be wow is this your first time hearing her sing starting a band who’s starting a band me the kids you wck and roll yes wow get the money back hold it hold it hold it take a look at this stuff it’s all secondhand stuff practically given to me oh seems like a decent amount of this is going to

be from his perspective too yeah you said that you got music all out of your system remember yeah we got you treated for that this is different this is like a fun spare time thing right a fun spare time really sure and you know what happens if we don’t play with the kids and keep yourselves together it’s going to end up going out the street corners getting into trouble no you are so manipulating the situation just a hobby Abraham just a hobby something for them to do together do together and they love rock and roll

famous last words we need to start touring making money now to pay for this yes fix our house with rock and roll none of them none of them can’t catch a break really czy this family Dynamic feels very real very real what am I supposed to play You’re going to play drums the drums yes no oh it’s fun girls don’t play the drum yes they do yeah I can name like maybe she has a point there are zero lady drumers sure one of those all female bands oh no oh buddy you okay yeah he just

needed something to get them all together yes sick sick sick have you ever seen a girl playing the drums SI sick sick is a Queens of the Stone song how come there’s no music coming out of this room whoa the discipline we’ve been talking about this and we rather go outside and play I mean not this play but play as in Run fun play right now I want you guys to play feelings all right this is some of the best child acting I’ve seen I know this is wild are we want to play stuff that

we like stuff that’s cool stuff that’s happen show me what’s happening yeah what’s happening oh son she can play the drums yeah it’s too cool for me all right play Blue Moon no a 15 minutes suette 15 minutes a real playing go ahead count it off do they do they have any sense for what they’re doing without that’s better W she was just that natural huh glad they got that on time you’re in Lake Jackson out of Gringos I am a gringo there are no Mexican restaurants here and Gringos love Mexican food Taco Bell let’s

go there’s a lot of good money to be made with a Mexican restaurant Abraham you’ve got a good job I mean a good restaurant steady listen I’m not going to quit my job right the acting in this is so good yeah it just feels very natural feels like a real family how much time did they spend together building this Dynamic of the way they talk over each other too and listening and reacting it’s really good music that’s what this is all about really isn’t it no no no this is about food okay and I’m hungry

me too and the kids could play there and we’d all be together and the clients would love that’s what you’re going for I mean they would love a family band and a family restaurant well look at man I got to tell you you got to Papa goyos it looks great but I don’t buy that g this is tomorrow he had the day off today look at that y right there exactly no papa AB that’s Pap go ahead go what does guo mean let me do it I want I want to do it boy over wow

Selena and the dins or dinos if they all wore those inflatable T-Rex costume how’s it going it seems like he’s not fully aware of the projection he is thrusting on to his daughter or he’s like lying to himself you know it’s really obvious what he’s doing you know he’s just trying to pass this off like oh this is good for everybody yeah this is a benefit for all of us had to quit my job today I didn’t want to but they didn’t want me to be out here today and they wanted me to work and

I wanted to be here do you have to take this stuff out yes whose plate is this that girl is whose plate is this she sings pretty doesn’t she she sings beautifully whoa shouldn’t have quit your job man I just dropped the plate oh boy these plates are too hot move them from the fire now yes chef one take yeah right the kids you’re going to make lots of money here Abraham I don’t care about the money as long as the kids are taken care of I don’t care a he was never content we had

security you promised me security is an illusion I guess this is your dream and I’m sure everything will be fine Marcel oh buddy she seems like she’d probably be an actual singer Selena what are you doing here what are you doing here I’m looking up at the moon and I’m Dreaming let’s just say you wouldn’t imagine what my dreams are like when I saw those people bling I mean come on Susie what did you feel I mean what did you think got a taste of that energy never seen so many people smile before they’re so

exciting a when I’m up on stage I feel like I can be anything I want to be like classic shot of her face yeah we really been zeroing on her innocence and wonder yeah nice choice little premonitions there a lot of nice film making going on shot this on the volume yep the CG Department prevised most of this morning I’m playing come on just for a second give me a minute right here look at this you got to think about your career yeah what’s this song in Spanish it’s a contract but I don’t know Spanish

say that word oh didn’t grow up speaking Spanish huh put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and then blow her up that word this is my Babble on a streak today clock don’t Mark the hours cuz you’re going nuts I know it sounds a little weird in English but Dad I don’t want to sing in Spanish I don’t even like music in Spanish I like Donna Summer sure do you like to sing in front of people yeah Dad I love it it’s like you can feel them when you sing but let me tell

you something when I was young and singing with losino here it comes one time I was singing and they started throwing beer bottles at me it sounds funny it does but it scared me yeah it hurts but I did learn something you got to be who you are you can’t change it then why are you trying to I’m an American you like Donna Summer I like da but you’re also Mexican deep inside Mexican American you can’t be anything if you don’t know who you are especially if you want to be a singer if you want

to be a singer you’re going to have to sing to people from deep inside here and you know what’s in there your heart on a squeaky so what you’re saying is I got to learn how to sing this stuff come all the way back to the start so he’s first generation I guess so yeah oh interesting okay I don’t understand it we were doing so good the first 9 months it’s that Ronald Reagan rean oh no businesses have gone broke no it’s going to get to you the trickle Down’s going to work come on Abraham

let’s go home huh this really feels like it’s more his movie than hers yeah seriously but it seems like the pressure for Success came down from him oh and they lost their house too so all came writing on her talent I mean do you know how many cousins we have and Uncle Hector Uncle hectors um man if he wasn’t like a baby right now it’ be awesome if Hector actually showed up in this movie Yeah abah Yeah from the 60s listen the reason I’m calling is because I started up a new group yeah Selena elos

Selena and the hectors these are all new dins they’re my kids yeah well she’s 9 years old wow look at she’s great you got to believe me she’s a natural performer sings from the heart the cor I don’t care about the money I just want to get them some exposure they play every everything every kind of music Freddy this is famia you got to do it it’s the rul you think Texas has a bigger Mexican population than California that’s a great question we’re really close to Mexico but so are they maybe across like the whole

state because they’re not as like up the whole Coast as we are but like cuz like this very well feels like California to be I wonder if they wouldn’t be comparable The Vibes and just like the the families especially growing up with yeah being around even at like the carnivals that we would go to oh yeah totally not enough yeah got to play to the back she wants the undivided attention let’s do one more oh you guys did so good come on come downstairs what an interesting line you got to be you got to be

like you got to be Mexican but you also got to be very American yeah totally but you have to be more than one or the other that’s really interesting if you want to write the songs please be my guest but until then keep the Rhythm Abraham we need to talk okay well two being like Mexican enough for the Mexican community and like able to Traverse white you know culture enough as well like I can’t imagine the coordination look at the kids are good and they’re going to get better the kids are kids they’re children you

got to treat them like children we should be taking care of them not hurting them not putting them on a rodeo show and even if she keeps going and keeps singing the music is all men you know that for now women are not successful there’s a lot of societal beliefs they have to go up against you everything you’re saying I understand but but she’s got it I can feel it come on come on I’m sorry okay it’s like toxic love a bit yeah and he just always kind of just Jus ifying not not thinking about

the damage and the long-term repercussions let me just tell you something you guys are going to make it you’re going to record records you going to play Disney World you really think we’ll make it there I’m going to play the castle I also know how hard it is to make it in the music business Le he’s very empowering and if we try hard we can do it come out with the Big W you believe me I believe you no and that’s why you’re going to be a star it’s really interesting cuz it’s like they they

they do take this mov is taking a lot of time to focus on her development as a child and the influence has had on her oh yeah I mean they’re they’re not brushing past it there’s so much time and attentions on it yeah at least the way they’re portraying it it’s like you can’t understand her without understanding him there you go now you’re going to start learning from Mama the Two Worlds will fuse there you go you get washing machine going your father likes the washing machine a little circle there’s a moves on stage in

your gold boots I mean it seems like she had fun doing it there’s it never seemed like it was about her at least what the movie telling me it was like her choice sure it was something she was always pushed not something she kept asking for yeah hey time Jump wow this looks so fun to be at man they really committed to this family B yeah he’s learning run the boards yes a see you enjoying those drums girls play drums yes her dad taught her this as well what is she wearing yep what what is

she wearing she’s in her bra Abraham it’s not just her bra it’s one of those things you know oh like all the girls uhoh there men out here there are men out here look at it I’m shutting the band down yep no more music going to church a bust the move my dude Security Guys on it hey letting all them up that to dance with her how cool this must have been for those kids I know it’s definitely Jennifer Lopez acting cuz she wouldn’t have let that happen at her concerts yeah just kidding I don’t

know anything about Jennifer Lopez let’s watch that movie now Colonel Tom Parker oh she wants love mean she never had a chance at a normal life hey girl say hi to the camera I would just like to thank all the little people that I had to step on to get here $62 this is not what we were talking about uhoh those people came here for a reason tonight they came here to see Selena they love Selena can I say BR say you’ll give me more money it’s just a woman who it those gaps she had

to Bridge and societal things the standards she had to overcome yeah it’s kind of wild you think about it man think that yeah just like knowing where she’s going to go in her career from this room like that’s wild and the doors she open that we take for granted yeah it’s a cool thing it’s a bra it’s a bra with little sprinkly things on it you cannot go out there wearing stuff like that it’s indecent it’s okay she looks so good and the crowd they loved it they love the sprinkles it’s a style they’re wearing

bras yes Madonna Janet Jackson Paul Abdul mom would you tell them please you help me make it you cannot wear this kind of stuff out there is that clear the rest of you guys come on let’s get this equipment in therey Kaka come on py Kaka we just got to get everyone else in the band One this is not a Mexican family exclusive this is a this is a universal language of a dad yep I’m just trying to do what’s best for you I’m really sorry for exploding but you know you’re my little girl girl

you’re little girl you monetize that’s just a fashion right now everyone’s got a body it’s entertainment and we don’t want to be oldfashioned right no we don’t want to be oldfashioned I think I look just as good in those outfits as Paul I told what you look better but but what but in a completely platonic kind of way but keep your jackets on all right just leaveing on button you know and boost the a they sweet together take birth it down and fuel it up a dad come on gas station miles down the road I

want diesel fuel right don’t make any mistakes I can’t even switch those gears dad you know that not by myself you can do it you can do it where’s Rob Schneider shotg you’re fueling dude so when Abraham was a young Doos when he aged 20 years he aged like 40 yep now these 20 additional years is the exact same age as he was yeah he found the age he was meant to be at and then became graceful and the mom aged like 30 Jus was a little girl the jeans in this family man all over

the place I can that’s the biggest one I can no come on who let the master work show himself I mean who what they got to go pick up Napoleon Dynamite for the dance she looks just like oh whoa come on go let’s go she’s got a reputation it is who are these guys this is the dream I got a V 400 coures to say I can pull anything out of anywhere is not going to believe this damn us your star power is this really going to work I don’t know I’m afraid they’re going to

pull the bumper off someone got to be in the in the bus with the neutral going right itude oh he’s in there okay oh Christ what can we do do you need a are you kidding me man this bumper is going to go on the wall on my garage caral yes it’s going to say this bumper was pulled off by the bus of Selenas anything for Selena damn you need a write or something to a phone there was a phone we passed on going have to call Dad I can’t believe this son what were you

thinking I can’t believe who’s that laugh is that Selena you know it is you should have seen these two big tough looking CH that right Joe and goate they were cool they were cool let me pay for it he was like he was happy to have his bumper taken off by our bus by Salen say but quit it Selena and the Selenas anything for S oh my God they were not saying that they were a th% saying yes they were many multiple times in fact see this is it isn’t it cute we can make like

C High trousers for the guys and then like a little B jacket for me and then all black underneath right you come up with the cutest designs damn I think you should be a designer yeah launch that clothing line y’all are never going to believe what’s downstairs man she does have like a magnetic Charisma about her in this movie sure whoa my dude plan did he come dump excellent Planet dump truck you excuses for a second here his name is spider he’s replaced placing you he’s versatile he can play anything just the kind of music

he likes he’s been in some trouble kind of maybe he saw her back then and was inspired come on the boy can play wonder if the house they chose was specifically modeled after this was like the real house yeah how about cutting your hair whatever and having your your wristband surgically removed yeah fers and all I’m pretty sure those just got Clips on them you know toold oh they’re having a lot of fun with him they’re very comfortable yeah like it’s part of the family already you look so good are you ready I got gray

hair Ser Selena come here I go get her thanks seriously get him a sex phone Sergio huh I saw the photo of you when you were a little girl how’s it going it’s going good how’s it going with you you doing okay the gu’s treating you all right yeah the guys are cool hey I like the bus and I like you let me tell you we have never ever had a guitarist like you in the group before did you start when you were really M I was in junior high school now my parents they wanted

me to like get real educated and become a doctor or something I wanted to be a rock roller dude you like to practice yep you like to practice would have loved having you in the family he used to have to force us to practice I mean if i’ have been in your family then I’d have been a doctor sure born contrarian well I’m want to go get something to eat you want to come sure do I okay I want pizza am I RIS misreading some Vibes about him sometimes you seems very Charming other times I’m

like a little creepy creep yeah or is he her love interest yeah it’s time to play it cracks me up when they ask me my diet and exercise Secrets Selena how do you keep that trim figure every girl wants to know I eat medium pizzas all by myself with lots of pepperoni that’s important and I drink Cokes and scarf Doritos and never exercise times they don’t change you’re it too much man you really don’t exercise yes my man with a Cholula love a good Cholula no they can’t make food hot enough for me oh you

are going to can’t handle a hot shower them C to talk to Sean Evans that was good off some chalula you’re going to have to do better than that now you got to have half of my pizza I don’t like pepperoni it’s too hot any food that is in this beautiful well stocked little cabinet is off limits oh oh no the snacks you my chips my chips that makes sense better hey everyone gets a Dorito she got them V drums going I think it does do a really good job at capturing her as just a

just a human being like there’s it it doesn’t feel like they’re like it’s opposing at all like this is she’s just a human well it’s interesting yeah it’s like in a lot of ways it lets the music be the music and you get to soak in that and then you get these like interesting little slices of life with her the rest of the time and I’m sure there’s some drama to come but it really captures just the the light she had look at that cool hip modern outfit so were her songs all covers I don’t

know I thought she had some Originals this a big blind spot for me so I’m learning with you by has just skyro the number one spot the music charts coming up you’re number one of the music charts that the music charts number one God he must be exploding on the inside can you believe it after all these years and then all of a sudden do you dance dance you mean like a MH pit don’t be shy I won’t tell anybody that you wer being cool come on it’s a very unique personality yeah I don’t even

quite know how to describe it she’s effervescent I got so and I’m super bad I’ve never seen oh yes there we go she went for so long dep PES mode I don’t think we should be doing this I’m not sure we should either oh well now you got to do it yes as long as we both said it damn what a moment ah yeah I’m sorry I don’t think so you think you better go talk to him actually showing her from a child who never really got to grow up in like with a normal life

at all she maintains that child innocence in her as an adult yeah for sure come on dude abr’s not going to like it Selena getting serious with a guy right now come on a guy like you what do you mean a guy like me oh but we’re musicians man we both want with your lag she’s like a sister to me oh I don’t know it’s different with her Joe I mean she makes me feel different makes you feel alive mom he is so cute I don’t know what it is he just makes me feel different

you know what I think he’s cute too oh back off Mom but Mom you can’t tell Dad oh don’t worry I was a young girl too remember yeah bonded by Sisterhood they want us to play Mexico hey Dad you always said everything’s a risk right they don’t accept us who it they never have hello we’re Mexican Selena Spanish is what about my Spanish I’ve been singing in Spanish for 10 years it’s perfect have you been speaking you speak it a little funny and down there you got to speak perfectly or the Press will eat you

up and spit you out of life yeah the music will speak for itself dad what a complex cultural yeah this is fascinating Mexicans jump all over you if you don’t speak Spanish perfectly we got to be twice as perfect as anybody else yeah exactly wow our family has been here for centuries and yet they treat us as if we just swam across the Rio Grande I mean we got to know about John Wayne and fantic huh Anglo food is too bland And yet when we go to Mexico we get the runs now that no and

we got to prove to the Mexicans how Mexican we are and we got to prove to the Americans how American we are we got exactly yeah Jesus nobody knows how tough it is to be a Mexican Aman God we have and to keep our streng you pronounced tortilla with that accent yeah tortilla let’s get through with a tour in California and they won’t talk about it but man being Mexican Aman is really hard man oh boy it’s not the first time we’ve heard this music cu and he’s the chill one there’s a camera okay it’s

in the hallway I was like oh no kick it in man here right on time we’ll pay for everything and I do mean everything you think that’s going to make it right no you do this everywhere you go wowe was this just his friends he’s fired I never want to see his face again we are not a disgusting punk rock group I guess so why are you trying to spoil everything I’m no good for you you know I wish everybody would stop telling me what’s good for me you don’t know who I really am you

don’t know anything about me oh and that’s you up there big Hot Shot Rock and roller got a trash hotel room yeah ain’t you and I do know who you are I can see you a you know what your problem is you can’t even accept something great even when it’s staring you in the face yeah man M I may not be Street wise and all that but at least I know not to be that dumb oh um lack of selfworth at the end of the day I think a lot of the performances really help Elevate

above moments that feel like dated soap opera biopic land you know yeah there’s certain lines of dial sounds like defitely movie dialogue yes yeah but our times it sounds so authentic yeah I mean that that stuff is is at a minimum like it’s there but soap opery stuff it’s not ruining the movie because there’s so much other good stuff around those moments listen when we get out there let me do all the talking okay Dad why don’t you let me handle this okay I’ve got an idea whoa oh I’ve seen that outfit everyone gets kissed

on the quick excited no she’s embracing it interesting just being her yourself God I just love watching their look change every stop I wonder how accurate that is of like the resilience to not let your father’s fear Implement into your brain that much when you’re around all time that like boundless gung-ho nature endless optimism we were expecting 10,000 extra security people this minute they’re going on stage already 100,000 booed the police are sending extra help we were not prep crowd is Big uh-oh can I get a whole police Brigade just for my guitarist please woo

oh ain’t no jacket no more I know this no Fierce let’s go my man shred it man she really does transform into this role yeah man it’s people’s far as the IE can see 100,000 people whoa oh no rush in the stage God oh Jesus Christ a are people going to get crushed to death get everybody oh my God St you can’t stop the concert I’m not going to let them play if this going to happen we got to move them to an arena yeah oh there’s some real fear there that’s got to be real

footage I bet strangers obsessed sure yeah I can do it oh man wow oh my God you finally achieve that high level of Fame and success and then it’s just met with like being threatened yeah totally God just the Roar the endless Roar of the crowd that’s scary it’s overwhelming but can’t really know if it’s scary until I get there myself John yep yep yep until you’re headlining your own Astro World whoa damn wowe it’s literally like the screens you would see like at a festival show yeah and they don’t need that for her though

nope don’t rush the stage wow man what a shot wow I just got a bunch of chills well I’m not really sure what to make of this it’s like instead of fearing the crowd she be just becomes one with them yeah soothe the beast that’s how it feels to me yeah just found the right wavelength to the chaos but still keep people jumping that line earlier about like her soul connecting with them yeah yeah I’ve seen a enough Jennifer Lopez movies to be like she really did transform in this F sure it’s nuts this might

be my first JLo joint really trying to think if I’ve seen any others Selena is the genuine artist of the people wooo then he started to sing I love it’s like us when we react the minute you start to contort your face they all love you I guess I never had a normal childhood you know cuz I finished high school by male oh wow when I was on that stage that was like nothing I ever F that’s wild very few people understand it it’s feeling like my dreams were the same as the dreams of all

those people who out there in the audience like all their hopes were centered on me I mean kind of hold people’s hearts in your hands I really lucky I know why they all love you so much I really respect this movie for doing like the positive good energy approach from her yeah instead of like look at how tortured she was I do wonder I wonder how accurate it is but I do like the choice because I love you too you’re the best friend that I’ve ever had I can talk to you about anything and you

always understand I don’t want to lose you when I was 5 years old and my parents split up not a day has gone by that I haven’t remembered the feeling that I had that day I knew my father wasn’t coming back core memory until I met you and I don’t feel like that anymore I love you oh you’re I love you too your’s new dad Selena and and and I’ll never trash on their motel room W damn that’s a real like real kiss right there oh my god wow they got down I got surise what

what do we got a it’s all kind of from his perspective too everybody off the bus cheapers every you stay in you stay in get off everybody but YouTu yeah this you and him it’s over Abraham you can’t tell us what to do I can tell you anything I want to tell you you don’t think I know who you are I come from the streets o Dad don’t talk to him like that oh okay you can’t tell me who I can and can’t you’re going to ruin your career you’re going to ruin your life you’re

only 20 years old give yourself some time oh my God she’s only 20 I love him what did you say I said I love him and he loves me too of course he does you’re young you’re beautiful and you’re rich it’s not like that he cares about me the real me not the person that people want if you think I’m going to allow you to come in and mess up my family you’re wrong I respect your family and I don’t want to ruin anything yeah Selena and we want to get married whoa she’s it’s all

coming out now you got that ring it’s right that we want to get married I do you’re fired you can ride back to Corpus Chrissy but after that you’re fired that’s okay I can make my own way you cannot do this sir if you follow that myth I will disand the group there will be no more Selena elos dinos oh man he is that is cruel dude just an unceremonious cut okay so he is not the good good guy no all suspicions come confirmed you’re too young to get married wow just going to defend him

like that about all the horrible things he said you a that just young when you get married younger I was the daughter of poor F workers we didn’t have any choices you and Dad have been happy right yes happy is a subjective word happy is an ongoing process look just wait a few years I know it seems like forever to you now but believe me it’s the right thing I mean it’s more than just the context of the age though it’s shut down on the emotions the emotional and verbal abuse things that all families back

then definitely talked about in those words yep and definitely knew how to recognize as abusive Cycles worrying about somebody seeing us and it getting back to death oh pass me to hot sauce it’s in the G compartment it’s the compartment compartment where you guys setting next El Paso tomorrow some big gig and they keep me busy between gigs too like today I have to go to the water park with Sarah I mean I had to talk fast just to go shopping alone her whole life is controlled you know he keeps saying he’ll break up the

band if we keep seeing each other but so what I mean I can do other things wow you know I could design clothes I’ve always wanted to do that so you don’t want to quit music I mean you’re making it to the big time that’s really important to you you don’t need your dad I strike out on your own remember when you told me that you felt like everybody’s hopes and dreams were centered on you that means a lot to you doesn’t it does and what if they’re right you know about us getting married it’s

going to hurt the ACT not just Abraham AB Ricky Pete Joe there’s more than the just the ACT do you think like that that is we can all do it together how about that whoa you wouldn’t do that no way dare me I double dogid oh no you’re too famous yes you’re too famous for bungee jumping oh my God looks terrifying Selena nobody’s laughing I’m laughing that’s awesome I love how they’re freaking like just F literally die know if you look down you’re not going to do it step back Co come on the hardest part

is Letting Go in more ways life lesson yeah I don’t know if I’d ever do this it does look frightening but probably quite liberating wow nice POV is 12 hours away You’re supposed to be getting on that bus I don’t care about op Paso you mean more to me than any gig in El Paso if you’re not in El Paso your father’s going to know that you’re here let him know let him can’t you just hold me a do you want to be with me forever forever you’re it for me forever ever so let’s just

do it let’s just get married right now married you don’t want to marry me of course I want to marry you the right way what’s the right way she’s on her own the expensive way lots of flowers and your family I don’t care about all that it’s not the important thing no matter what you say I know how important it is to you to have your family there when you’re getting married yeah and it’s important to me too because I care for you he does seem like a good guy he does why do I still

not trust him cuz you know deep down men Scoundrels he seems like a good guy though I would love that have a big wedding I know my dad give me away that would be more to me than anything it’s complicated but it’s never going to happen I mean she’s never really had a say in her life of what she wants yeah the only way he will know that I am not going to give you up is if we go out and get married right now oh my god do they do it then they’ll have to

accept us but what if he doesn’t oh then it’s going to be a really awkward father-in-law situation yeah Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be weird there’s no gig in the world more important than that I love you oh the great gig of love Yeah you got to marry her she’s on her way to becoming so successful J get it while you can man it’s like Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend not marrying her after 4 years what a Dumbass Dumbass I don’t even know your name dumbass but I hope you’re watching yeah you’re just dumbass to me

now who cares cares if you’re intimidated by your Fame you’re set for life sugar Cub you don’t know what it’s like to be a Gia we’re tight like this are you sure you’re about to find out it’s performance is so good because it seem she’s really this relationship you’re watching her transform from child like she’s still childlike to finding adulthood yeah coming of age Independence yeah I mean I can make up to $400 a week doing session work and there’s plenty of bands that want me and I can take care of them that’s not bad

I love you see now that’s my macho man talking hey Selena you want to join my band feel like this band could probably be a little more successful if you were right yeah something tells me you’re are creative chemistry Selena got married today to the lead guitarist for her group the what what and Chris TI the so here’s a great big congratulations to the Happy C that happened I that must happened Corpus go the other way where we going to go Alaska anywhere but Corpus we just we just have to give him a day I

know my dad oh no he’s going to be flying in from parachuting Down’s in that Shunk already imagine if they had cell phones you just wait here okay the most unrealistic part of this movie is how their hair is just not all fizzy and wild driving with the hood down all the time especially in places like Texas and stuff where it’s like hot sticky Dad I know you’re angry sit down and shut the door people don’t want to listen to you now that you’re married when I found out yesterday what you had done I went

crazy I went for a walk on the beach I sat there for hours and I cried I cried like a baby I didn’t I’m glad you did what you did wa was a great weight on my shoulders and I know I forced you into it I know I can be pretty stubborn and you did what you had to do but I just wanted what was best for you yeah think that’s what deep and I knew it was going to be okay you know the day on the bus when I got to look up what’s true

and what isn’t yeah seriously such an affecting Story So Far Chris said that he loved you well I know he meant it but it scared me I don’t know how to let you go a aad Chris dad accept s yeah you’re not going to die we don’t need the getaway car that’s a funny line that was a great line come here to the family you guys got to have a proper wedding yeah we get both versions now well you all know we got a gig tonight in San Antonio so if we don’t get packed and

on the bus we’re going to miss it and you all know how I hate to cancel gigs so okay yep Chris you got your guitar yes I do it’s for my new band I’m starting yes why do you ask yeah you trying to get me to do something for you today Welcome to our family a I mean did it really happen are we here yes we’re here married and it’s okay with everybody I want the whole world dancing in my music and wearing my clothes soon enough pretty soon everybody’s going to look like Selena God

it’s beautiful God that great chemistry together great transition damn oh solid editing god let’s make you want to learn how to dance God man I wonder I would love to know like how they shot this and how much b-roll they had I really want to know how she studied for this role B bitty bum B bitty bum bum waa God great sense of motion in the editing there’s a lot of great editing across this movie too I feel like especially with all the like cross talking the family moments these musical moments and my man’s even

learned I mean unless he already plays guitar he learned at least the finger patterns he looks like he knows what he’s it’s cool to see a movie by musicians where they’re actually conceivably playing cut in between the same song at several different performances is a great way to get that requisite music number in there but also show the advancement of her career and success yeah via just one song really smart you feel the intimacy of the immediate moment but also the span of time and the different outfits that you’d want to see her wear for

Selena fans and you don’t need an know her music to enjoy this movie at all no like not one bit it doesn’t it doesn’t feel like it’s reliant on like Selena Nostalgia no not at all I’m so enthralled by this and I knew next to nothing coming in today taking off Abraham now with this Grammy nomination she’s like a rocket she’s very happy probably the happiest she’s ever been oh that that was some movie dialog record Tales have been phenomenal I think she’s the next Gloria estan damn she’s her own person we want to make

a major English language out English language the best producers best songwriters everything first class is she ready is she ready Conan don’t cry she’s sign on the dotted line all my dreams are coming ready for a long time oh yes we have hey I am so proud we’ve been working so hard for this day smart use of all these different cameras it constantly tricks me yeah totally real oh NOA salar she’s been handling all the business in for me she’s my fan club president hey very important job let’s do it great I always wanted to

use the big scissors to cut the ribbon everybody who works for me gets a pedicure every week that’s the room yeah your feet look like little irons hey what are you doing here here for a pedicure come to LA with me and Chris today la oo you go with Selena go come on I ain’t got nothing to wear oh you will go shopping duh make her some clothes you know Andy Garcia’s going to be there Andy Garcia Garcia woo Godfather 3 are you nervous I think you’re going they don’t really do anything in this movie

that really shows her like Financial life upgrade yeah so I keep thinking she’s like the same girl who didn’t come from money yeah exactly she can’t afford everything here he look ooh looks like a suit of armor no is it gold or blue now this is nice where am I going to get the for that can they afford this we can go grab you a plastic surgeon C Excuse Me Miss can we try this on well I don’t think you’d be interested in that one buy it just a spite her yeah because that dress is

$800 you know what could you just take it off the mannequin we’d like to try it on the both of us at the same time suck it in I’m trying this dress is too tight it’s not Selena you know who’s here Selena s my man’s about to lose his job right now I was wondering about that was the other part a financial upgrade I was going oh maybe out in the state she’s not like the she doesn’t get harassed or anything yeah but it’s like there’s only a specific demographic that really knows who she is

right now you sure what’s going on in here and these and these white people she’s here for the gramys so what do you think but she transcended past her the her the one demographic that she was playing to at this point right excuse me like she’s oh yeah she’s crossed over don’t need the dress yeah burn I mean yeah she’s got to have like this point being at the Grammy she’s got to have like a more Universal appeal yeah grmy goes live Selena her childhood everything she wanted oh oh my god wow yeah first of

all I would like to thank my family my dad who’s my manager dad I love you oh my mom I don’t know what i’ do without you AB who’s my brother and produces all my music my man to my husband Chris I love you baby I’d especially like to thank the fans because without you we’d be nothing thank you God but they still won’t give Beyonce album of the Kanye is about to jump on stage Beyonce the best live album of all time wow it’s like the amount of care they had to put into recreating

the footage they probably researched in the process and I know I’ve seen that Selena text logo before I would love to go to a fashion show yeah and a bikini car wash sure all the above a jello wrestling match is Jennifer Lopez Mexican American I don’t know everybody chipped in and we’re going to go get her a present would you like to chip in too julanda that’s great I was just thinking we should do something like that of course you are I know the perfect ring that she would love any men’s fashion Selena no I

think we better stick to women’s for a while I don’t know how they’d look in my boo I’ll try one and I’ll go shopping in the next few days and it’ll be ready by the time she comes back from Nashville that’s wonderful is she going to I’m sure she’s going to love it why do I get a bad feeling yeah got a I’m getting a Vibe I don’t know what it is something’s off uh you know that’s not really about SO waiting to see and the way she was like obsessing too back at the salon

it’s nuts jeez man like for her to break into success she had to do Spanish speaking music yeah which she didn’t even want to do it to begin with and it’s not even her first language could this her original Selena song that that’s what this is telling cuz she’s in there with the top songwriters was this the one my wife played at the weather you better figure it out by the end of this video I’ll just say it all the time yeah those jaw ations yes I know she’s I mean obviously jayla’s a real singer

it’s just I I wonder if this is her actual Voice or if they did kind of the Ray Charles thing where they it’s like she really sing but they still put the real Jamie Fox I mean the real Ray Charles over that’s a hit and I always knew it we got gold gentlemen I always knew knew it they says you’re a hit and uh that we got go he’s so natural hit my M chain I bet everybody’s going to wonder how I learn English so fast I’m starving hey Dad that’s a great Point too Pizza

let’s get some pizza past the Cholula you broke the T music scene wide open no woman’s ever been able to make it yeah that’s wild you walk into Mexico and they don’t even accept Mexican Americans and they love you yeah and now Gringos Disney World and I’m holding you to it all those barriers that people have been trying to get past you went right through them as if they didn’t exist maybe for you they don’t exist maybe that’s the key I love you and I’m very proud of you thanks that’s sweet you know Selena I

am so proud of you for the opening of the boutique and the new record you mean so much to me I bought you a little present where did you come from you shouldn’t have done that you alone shouldn’t have done that a ring with an egg you’re such a good friend oh she mowing the lawn what’ you get junk food some ADR you know what I want a farm farm yeah chickens and horses and pigs and I want lots of animals too we’ll put up a wood fence in the front and just have all the

cows and chickens and horses and goats and pigs wait wait wait in the same pen if you’re going to have a lot of different animals you have to keep them apart cuz if you don’t they’ll eat each other up not my animals my animals are going to get along great have you not seen the lioning they get along great in lioning yeah know I’ve been thinking children oh maybe having some little animals of our own we’re getting a cat kids yeah but what about the singing in the tur you want to give it up no

of course not we could just take the kids along with us I mean it’s a family Act Right eventually they’ll be in the in the B baby on the flute yep extra Bongos kids huh uhoh dad’s going to fire you again let’s do it let’s get started yep it’s time it’s food no they’ll need that afterwards no got food you got to bring it in you want bug skin on it yeah that’s fair I can’t tell if this movie made me hungry for hey Dad Mexican food or drag me over here oh okay I thought

that was never mind ignore that but keep it all in the reaction highlights we started to get complaints from fans who had sent their money to The Fan Club and had received nothing yep picture another yep um she had had a problem with a previous employer money problems uh-oh when I went through the records of some of the fan clubs I came up with these checks they’re very suspicious to me and what’s worse is a lot of the records are missing what oh she’s like giving them out to people she’s been handling all the business

of the the boutiques does you mean business records are missing or like records are missing I think it means business records yeah I did have a problem with a doctor I worked with but I wouldn’t never take anything from Selena I love Selena I I I don’t remember these checks what about the missing records I don’t know where they are but I’ll find them and I’ll show you they might be there we’ll need an accounting of all the money yinda yeah unfortunately is Yolanda the Olivia mentioned to me there’s a documentary coming out is is

Yolanda the I don’t know I don’t know anything about the documentary but find out whatever whatever the significance is I trusted you with everything I have how could you do this to my fans you know what they mean to me please give me a chance to prove it what exactly did she do I don’t know so she wasn’t delivering on what fans were paying for yeah I mean she was taking the fan donations not sending them anything for them and I mean it seemed like she took the money from those two other women and took

credit for giving the gift like she least seems to be Shady oh this is the concert at the beginning these shots wow really looks like they filled that crowd yeah Chris and I were thinking about having a baby a baby a come here a I’m going to be a grandma well not tomorrow takes a little longer than that I’ve been thinking about the crossover tour a lot I’ve even had dreams about it I re-recorded this line about it it’s just this whole different world for us you know we’ve been working for this ever since we

were kids right and how far you’ve come are they going to love me Mama you better believe I’m looking up at the moon and I’m Dreaming are we going to see like a even had dreams about it we going to see like a sliver Moon before all this is done we’ve seen a few moon phases as her life has progressed mhm definitely heard this no uh is it about to rain roses what what Superstar Selena Perez has been shot oh wow bya salivar her fan club president apparently oh Corpus that’s who Yolanda is Miss salivar

is barricaded in her truck threaten with a gun allegedly used in the oh my tell me why ooh Selena was meeting Sal to recover missing Financial when deserve to live oh jeez oh my God look at what I’ve done to my best friend oh my God holy just feels so sudden yeah just 23 years old 23 years old oh my God God how pale her hand the ring had to be God the glass they chose wow you just feel the emptiness this with all the same camera motions oh no there she is wow whoa Is

that real 71 to 95 a she must have been just before she turned 24 wow why’d you pick this one John you know so many reasons it’s Black History Month you know wow yeah you know any know like that it’s always a easy way to transition the sponsor of a video isn’t it guys well you know if anybody uh you know certainly spent a lot of time in in markable marketable circumstances it would be Selena so and want to speak another language there you go look out there Works hey segue all right reject Nation let’s

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we’re done with this ad all right reject Nation well we just watched Selena what year do come out John say on Amazon must do yeah 97 feels like a 9s movie ites it feels like0 specifically a Warner Brothers 9s movie and yeah yeah um I learned um a decent am decent chunk of information moments before watching this movie because it a bit on the agenda for uh for all week because um I heard that that JLo movie called this is me right now or something I think is what it’s called okay is coming out and

and then I was looking through recommendations and then one of them was Selena so I was like ah you know algorithm that sounds like a good fit why not sure and uh told the wife was going to watch it she’s Latina she was not happy that I was going to watch it without her and I said woman I must watch this with a camera pointed at me yeah it’s too good to pass and asked her what she thought about it and she you know mentioned that yeah like it’s it’s a it’s a I was typing

Jennifer Williams for some reason there you go there was an aut fill for you what is that movie called oh it’s not out yet so that’s why it’s not they have a oh was that it right there no no no that’s it Ben and Jen okay so um yeah then I I didn’t know she I didn’t know she suffered the Fate that she that that would that happened I didn’t know she was murdered yeah you know I assumed she had passed so I learned that moments before watching us sure and I learned moments later there’s

also a documentary coming out there’s like moments before I watch this and I was like wow I mean part of me selfishly was going I kind of wish I didn’t know that you know but it does I actually am glad that that that I was told that because it does put it in a very specific kind of lens as most people who watch this probably know that at bare minimum yeah I imagine I’m like one of the few who did it to know that you literally called me up and you were like what do you

know about some I was like I know she’s a musician and she met an untimed call up I mean I wasn’t over there I was like what like well I guess everyone already knows this building do you what do you know and and and uh because I didn’t know anything about I wasn’t even sure what songs of hers that I had known before and I heard there was a documentary coming out about her and and then because I was looking up Selena where it’s available and then it had straight up there’s a documentary coming out

about her and it says that she you know she died and it has something to do with and I and the name Yolanda kept popping up to me I think it’s about Yolanda I think it’s from her perspective or something I don’t I don’t know I didn’t look I didn’t want to read any more information we’ve got puzzle pieces cuz the one thing I have seen about the upcoming documentary I didn’t even see the title or like re really kind of grasp who was involved but it was something about like you know I deserve to

tell my side of the story now or something so that makes sense yeah okay so that makes sense and uh I just expected kind of a run-ofthe-mill biopic with great performances from specifically gen I I mainly just wanted to check it out for the Jennifer Lopez performance yeah and I was like curious enough to to be like who’s Selena because I of course heard her name before yeah it feels like a cultural figure you should fill in the blank on at tell you did not make my wife happy how little I am I believe it

and someone who’s grown up around many Latino Latina people a lot of Mexican families was like glad this information never just got out of me that I did not know Selena glad I didn’t say this at the at the barbecue at the fun at the function with everybody around so um it actually made me appreciate the movie a lot more because honestly when the when when the death does happen it just kind of comes out of nowhere and that’s kind of the way how people in real life must have been hit you know with it

yeah where it’s just so unexpected and I’m sure for her without knowing the details maybe like I can’t imagine she anticipated it was going to happen to her either you know and the movie is not about exploiting the tragedy nor is it really A A buildup to it like it just it just happens you know and that’s a big part of what made me respect the journey that much more and I feel like if I actually didn’t get that piece of information I might have been so fixated on the death of like what what what

that it made me appreciate what a movie seemed like it was intending to do which was showcase even with the dad where I thought this was going to be an exploit like okay not not exploitive but as the movie was going of ah here’s where the real tragedy of her life is her dad and you know and and the movie does show that there was these uh you know selfish abusive Tendencies H but there still was a lot of love though it was still a lot of understanding ultimately it seems like it was a from

what the movie’s telling me I don’t know the real story but in the movie is telling me that and I’m glad that the movie takes the approach only for the fact that again it if for someone like myself or John who doesn’t really know anything about her either to take in the story of like oh the the take we have is like this woman was full of love and light and and joy and life and um optimism a dreamer hopeful giving care like all these great qualities and about and she was all about family too

you know so I I think for a biopic as someone seen quite a few it was like refreshing for that fact like oh like you really capture like the good per even when you think it’s going to go like oh here’s to go Darth tragic tale follow the dad I’m like oh whoa he he forgives and he understands and he recognizes his short and his faults and and and the things he was projecting uh I was I was pleasantly surprised by this journey I I wasn’t I I was curious but admittedly I wasn’t super interested

it’s been a movie that has been on the list for a while for a reason and it just seemed like good timing to cover now and I always go with an open mind by the time it starts but it’s one that I haven’t particularly been the most intrigued in checking out and I was very much surprised by while there’s stuff that feels dated while there’s moments of dialogue that feel very movie and soap operate it’s from the 90s and it was still like very impactful and very uh heartfelt and uh you know I I haven’t

touched on performances because I’m giving you stuff here John oh thanks but yeah there are some performance in the movie yeah they were okay were well I mean this was probably the weakest part of the movie was the actors who had to do justice to all these real life people definitely the part of it that had the the held me back from really enjoying the movie I would have connected had it not been for the entire cast of players on screen uh maybe they should have been white yeah if you know I could have seen

myself in all of them if that had been the case or white passing I couldn’t understand what any of them were saying the whole movie D it was distracting until she said she was excited that’s the one line I understood mhmh anyway this is one of my favorite how about clarify that we were totally joking we should Double Down okay and start nitpicking the performances specifically I think we got to boycott Jennifer yeah oh God no yeah satire and and fun around aside this is one of my favorite kinds of movie experiences that I always

hope will inspire me to a greater degree just as a person who loves films in general because like you know we sat down to watch this and yeah like you know the other various circumstances of the day and again not having a super big you know U entry point or or point of knowledge you know I came in mostly with curiosity but yeah I wasn’t like I can’t wait to watch this movie and uh sound like it was going to be really like dreary like it could be dreary or like it could be super dated

or something like yeah you know when you’re when you’re not really kind of again in with the context yeah it can kind of feel like ah maybe this will be a bit of a chore and then so quickly into the experience I was gripped by I think it was like by like the second or third shot when they when they switched that really slowed down film look when she’s in the hallway about to go out to that big performance and it like the aspect merges yeah it like merges into like okay now we’re in like

docu style walking through this and like even though that visual transition was like a little bit jarring like it it still spoke to in such a quick and immediate fashion like the amount of craftsmanship on display across the movie and it’s funny having just watched again different kind of thing uh obviously but having just watched a movie like Elvis uh which you know is detailing a different rise and fall in a different set of circumstan but it’s also trying to do something that this movie is Paving away for in terms of biopics which is drawing

in so much different kinds of imagery and and thus necessitating a bunch of different approaches to film making to achieve all that and to kind of put you in the moment but whereas a movie like that is like so kind of there’s just so much happening and so much style and so much you know you can you can be swept up in it but you also kind of have to look at just how ornate the whole thing is and be like I got to stand 10 feet away from this and just admire the cacophony whereas

something like this manages to take so much rich just again like Artistry and weave it across the story that yeah it’s like a linear tale of somebody’s life but that doesn’t feel I wasn’t thinking to walk Hard the whole time you know which is like easy to do during certain biopics even during good ones and yeah like I think that it is largely to the credit I can’t really Credit One Department more than any other because like the actors are terrific and I really loved I mean they just you have to imagine they must have

spent so much time together forming the family Dynamic you you were pointing out like the way they cross talk over each other and the way that you know especially in those early scenes when it’s just Dad and the kids or Mom and Dad and the kid like so many of those Dynamics even in the moments where you can feel like oh yeah these are child actors or whatever they still have this like energy that is very tangible and feels very natural and and like again Selena obviously as a performance has to be breathtaking and I

thought yeah like this this blew me away in terms of like you know I don’t know much about Jennifer Lopez’s acting career uh and you know people obviously love to point at gie and and you know fun around and make jokes but like this yeah like I thought she transformed don’t our movies you ever seen Hustlers oh uh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I saw Hustler so hot right yeah I saw Hustlers yes because she’s like the the the one who’s like leading yeah okay yeah okay so I’ve seen that one and I

liked her in that movie I don’t know if that’s her character she’s Mama stripper I’ve always known her as Mama stripper no but but you say that and I and I know who you’re talking about so like I’ve seen that performance but I haven’t seen like the cell and I haven’t seen uh jie and I haven’t seen uh made in Manhattan Manhattan The Wedding Planner The Wedding Planner no enough no she’s is that the boxing movie The Fighting movie uh it’s actually she’s in a domestically violent relationship so she learns how to box cuz she’s

had enough oh that’s right cuz she’s had enough that’s right haven’t seen the movie but I remember the trailer very well sure now I can see it now I can like this trailer just told me everything doesn’t she like cut her hair and get all like tough looking she the hoodie yeah yeah yeah okay man manhatt she falls in love with Voldemort I got it clearly I’m missing out on we’re going on a Jennifer Lopez film haven’t seen funy planner haven’t seen all these movies yeah we got so much to catch I’ve seen all the

trailers and they’ve stuck with me yeah yeah and and like the the way all these actors like Jennifer Lopez and Edward James almost I thought he had to tow like everybody had to tow these really great lines and like you don’t spend as much like intimate personal time with her siblings but like all them feel real and they feel like the kids we saw earlier especially the sister who’s plays drums and and whatnot but like so many times in the drama of the movie like I appreciated and again you know just taking the movie at

face value for what it is communicating like I thought it felt partly it managed to dodge a lot of the the you know pitfalls of biop picking just because it felt like life kind of like there were lines that feel Hollywood to like clearly clue you in to like oh she’s on top of the world something bad’s about to happen but like the actual conflicts and the actual relationship felt very natural and so you have those Dynamics between dad and the kids and you can see both the you know the sides of that that are

a bit oppressive or abusive or Draconian or whatever but like I don’t know they didn’t ever feel the need to go too oversaturated melodramatic with like you’re a monster like you get where he’s coming from and you know enough about him to be scared when she goes off and like gets hitched with Chris but also it’s perfectly believable the way everybody the way the script the way the direction the way the performances go when he is like no this is such a weight off and I’m happy for you and you did the right thing like

and that’s a moment where I’m like this doesn’t feel like a hack need movie moment and like even with her mom there were so many times where I was like you know it’s easy a mom character and she doesn’t have a ton to to do plot-wise here but like you know can easily become the sort of like again stereotype like you’re leaving me here what the kids doing you know uh whereas here like there were moments where again you know you feel the power Dynamic that she is under and the way in which she can

console and guide Selena in a way that her dad can’t the way she can fill in those gaps and stuff like that and the way yeah she gets to dance from her mom she gets the music from her dad and the way her dad is always yeah like kind of in a halfhazard way in a way where you could easily see how this could go terribly wrong like he’s got these Big Dreams you see where she gets that and he is able to kind of push and it does asked that question of like how much

should we push the kids you know if this greatness is possible and that’s kind of how you do it and like there are ethical questions and it didn’t feel the need to be like oh man this is grim but you do at least Wonder like you know they are kind of missing out on childhood you know but it doesn’t seem like it’s the worst version of that or the most like this needs to stop you know so yeah just the whole portrait felt really lovely and and warm and human and and the only time that

kind of broke apart for me was toward the end but at the same time I feel like it’s part of the point of the way the movie is constructed where this Yolanda person is just sort of like a person that pops up once they open the salon and then you know you see her a few other times so like kind of everything she does when she is focused on is sort of pointed and you’re like wait a minute why what is up with you and why are we putting so much focus on you but it

also must in real life have felt like yeah you know we’ve gotten our our um you know business and our you know show and everything up to this we have so many modes of business and everything that yeah you must be like bringing people in who you don’t know deep down quite as well and so yeah I could imagine how this might Blindside somebody both in the actual tragic event at the end but also just like the way this person found their way into the Inner Circle to be in the position to you know carry

this out in the first place and I mean granted it’s not from her perspective so part of me at the end was a bit curious about more of the context of like why the this woman who clearly has some sort of attachment to Selena that isn’t quite reciprocated the way she thinks she is where she’s like she’s my best friend like I like that at the end when she’s in the car like you clearly see this woman is in a state of Anguish maybe she’s not fully I think she paniced and made a mistake sure

yeah but in that moment I was sitting there going like you know what is going on with this person not just like ah you know obviously I’m not saying like she’s in any way excusable for for what has happened but it didn’t read like oh cartoon villain or like oh you know that’s the movies approach We Don’t Know Jack about what it’s like really the real life like what is even true in her not no totally yeah just taking again the movie at face value um but even that like even though that was a bit

of a structural kind of Blindside or or a moment where I was kind of seeing the film making or the choices of the plotting a bit more even that still Carri the same level of care that the rest of the movie did without you know doing too much of like oh let’s give a real sympathetic dive into this person or whatever you know which I’m sure this upcoming documentary will attempt to do and I don’t even know how to feel about the prospect of thinking about that at the moment um but yeah just all of

that plus the way like the editing was so engaged and the sound design and the sound mix for the most part you know was really lovely and well handled between the music but also the times music is all about is just as much about where you don’t put notes as where you do and I thought the sound scape of the movie embraced that idea and uh and yeah like as a as a piece this really felt like everybody came together and crafted something with love I think that is the key word for it is that

it did feel like it was about honoring uh who she really was in her personal life like that’s what this movie CH like you forget that she’s becoming like super famous sometimes yeah you know whereas most biopics want to like explore the creation of this song or I mean they’re usually guys first off as um it said they’re usually like them dealing with the cheating and the spouses the drugs and how fame’s getting to them and all that stuff and and like this this is such a specific circumstance that she was dealt at such a

young age but there was such an innocence as well um but at the same time like it’s it’s a very unique tale of of of this communal experience with this family and it’s just funny like I haven’t seen any of the I don’t think I’ve seen the trailer for there was I think there was like a Netflix show miniseries about her and I feel like if this biopic were made today there would be so much more on the nose type of writing there’s the weirdest part to me about the movie where the times with the

writing and the direction where it could feel like a little bit biop picky soap opera e Hollywood lines yeah um it never made me feel that way when it came to them talking about being Mexican ameran and dealing with things that nowadays they might like go so far into like commentary and messaging it just felt like characters the real people like Edward James alos and Jennifer Lopez were flat out phenomenal in this movie truth I don’t really know the big works of Edward James almost and to me I’m when I think of a performance move

for rest of my life I’m like I’m going to think about this guy he’s always great when he shows up but this is yeah going to Define an aspect of him for me he’s so believable on every like everyone sounds so natural and I knew this movie was really working for me when in that first like 20 25 30 minutes you don’t even you see JLo at the at the top of the movie and then you go back to her childhood and you don’t see JLo for a while and I was like I’m so invested

in in just this and this like strange family band Journey Andy Theos watching the influence of the dad and and and instilling his own dreams into his children and there’s a lot um in a weird way that I did not think I’d be here saying that I identify with in terms of being uh Italian Filipino first generation and then when I was younger trying to do like acting and then just being around maning people who were like just fullon Caucasian known job most of my life and like full white and I’d be the guy who’s

like one of like two people who are not like looks like I’m half white Italian is white right or is like what they white white is like a muddy I think like the less certain I am like I I’ve always been like I’m half white like that’s how I’ve I but but no one ever would look at me and go you’re a white guy and especially when I would be in uh around white people they would be like what’s yourn they would ask me like what’s your ethnicity are you are you Mexican are you Latino

are you Arab are you Persian they can never pinpoint me and then I would often feel with like family when I’d be around like my Italian side like oh I’m not Italian enough or you’re on my Filipino side I’m not Filipino enough and then sometimes in certain Social Circles you know when they like Filipino groups I wouldn’t feel like I belong and and it was a constant case of I’m not enough of this and then in like uh like the time I dipped my toe into like when I was a teenager going it was a

constant thing of like you are not enough of this this constant like affirmation of of of uh ethnic identification and I really identifi with that and I also identifi with the fact of like my big passion for movies as interesting relationship I have my with my dad when he was alive it was so much instilled from from my father you know like I essentially took on his dreams you know and so there was so much I I really I was like I was not expecting to I last never expected was like identify with with this

person in any way and I and it’s kind of crazy that it’s like uh none of it feels at all like a studio note of how to write it uh in terms of these other all these qualities I’m talking about that I thought were so profound and strong and authentic things where I feel like nowadays 2020s Hollywood often gets criticized for how how they handle that kind of well that whole thing in the car would be meican Aman music swell or some and like here it’s like he’s just laying it down straight but it feels

so lived in and you can feel the intent of why he’s telling them not just why he’s telling us because in that moment you’re like oh they are detached from the entire generation you know lifestyle that you know is right above them you know but again this movie did such a great job at like I was already picking up on it before the movie said it yeah of like damn this woman when they’re setting up like um like how woman female artist and then what being Mexican all the things it’s like it was just hitting

me like a like a little like you know Snowball Effect in my brain of damn this woman must have like broken so many barriers no one else had done yet yeah well and Go the movie shows you with that and for personal and I love this I love the sentiment of how she just wanted to pursue her dreams of being a big and I don’t know if it’s true I don’t I’m just taking the movie off face five what I love is the the heart of the movie of it sentiment of of um you know

when the dad’s like maybe those barriers weren’t even there because she didn’t have care about those barriers in her mind it wasn’t something she even thought about so that’s why like that’s why it’s so Charming that whole news report scene where’s all this talk about being Mexican American you don’t speak Spanish enough all these things and then she just goes there she like does her thing not like not like I’m a rebel or anything like that she just does her thing in an Earnest way and uh I I think that there was such sincerity in

the performances like I I loveed the the husband as well and the whole family Dynamic it felt so authentic but man like ever James almost and and Jennifer Lopez the two most important performances gave such life and it never felt like they were trying to win a Oscar I know no it really it really did feel like everyone just poured their love and effort into making this film as impactful and as resonant and and as you know imbued with I would imagine her spirit as it could be and I think it really it shines across

all departments and what I was loving there were just it’s it’s great to watch a movie and have so many different things to look at throughout and be like man this is great I’m really appreciating the Artistry of the like definitely even just the performances the writing being good enough would have been fine but like everyone showed up and they made this like a distinct film and even for the 9s like it feels like a tangible piece that isn’t too dated it’s dated just enough to kind of pull you out of the the present moment

in time and kind of make you feel like you’re someplace else but but yeah like I’ve never heard Gregory Nava’s name before but I’m like damn like this guy must have really had a passion you know to to fight to be the one to tell this story because you know again from the whole crew down and the editing and the sound and the and the performances and all that stuff and script and like everything yeah was just you haven’t seen Angel Eyes no yeah me neither actually to think like maybe I haven’t seen them many

Jennifer Lopez movies you’ve seen what one more than me two more than me got go on the the whole journey I guess I haven’t really seen Jennifer Lopez movies so I’m like look at that the well these are her exact producer credits we got to go to the actor actress credit she’s got 127 actress credits how many of those aren’t a music video that’s that’s the thing she did the mother okay yeah she did a a nice the boy next door yeah definitely I think I’ve just seen so many trailers plan like I’ve seen Monster-in-Law

s Monster-in-Law Jersey girl oh she’s in Jersey Girl apparently I haven’t seen the cell I haven’t seen out of sight Anaconda oh never seen Anaconda oh yeah I’ve seen a oh damn Loser yeah back when Owen Wilson was seen the same amount of Jennifer Lopez except for one John yeah what which one the cell have you seen the cell no I’ve seen anac oh yeah you’ve seen anondo well lucky you usually people go oh JLo’s movie yeah I’m sure first thing you think of not ow Wilson jener Lopez that movie that’s what I’m G think

of now Ramona was her name and Hustler so you go there you go uh Mama strippers e Mama stripper mama stripp Mama stripper mama mama now I’m just looking up fun facts about Jennifer Lopez not the movie yeah let’s just read the JLo history let’s let’s watch a JLo biopic now oh my gosh he lived with the peria family W yeah I mean that family Dynamic man like it it just felt like people the whole time mhm and they recorded in the same uh Studio she actually recorded her English album and the the I could

fall in love scene wow she became the highest paid Latino woman in Hollywood history by playing Selena earning a then unheard of $1 million breaking barriers breaking a barrier as an actress as well man she’s still so hot she has not lost it what was wrong with me when we saw Jennifer Lopez and and Ben Affleck at the flash Premiere I didn’t I didn’t even look at her I was just looking at Ben of course you were of course you that’s I like didn’t even look at your it’s the only room where everyone would be

like oh yeah what are you there for yeah Jennifer Lopez is also here apparently the sister who played the drums didn’t actually play the drums and she just wanted to part so bad she just said she did and must had to learn oh that’s funny oh my God Al righty guys well thank you so so much for being here um I had a great time with this movie very unexpected um I don’t know why it’s unexpected people love the hell out of this movie so I shouldn’t be so surprised yeah but seriously John just look

at her today I won’t show these photos on screen my God just holy she got the adreno Chrome she knows the way she’s going to stay young forever I love that song on the floor it’s my favorite JLo song hey have you danced to it on the floor she’s something special John yeah we should uh we should go find her and then you should propose cuz like how could your wife be mad if you brought home JLo that’s true I’m like you get to have Ben yeah we’re could to trade you get sad dunin Donuts

every day man we both do this is a strategic move for both of our well-beings Jesus all right guys well what’s your favorite Jennifer Lopez movie that is not so your thoughts down below tell us don’t say Hustlers yeah you don’t cheat dig back pick a pick a pick a interesting choice husters good though all righty thanks guys Ana we should Ana’s like the Valentine of the channel if you could make like you know the channel itself and the patreon just roll them up into one humanoid being and that being was like I got to

get some of those branded print out you know Val Day cards that we used to put way too much you know like stake into his kids like oh my God am I going to get one we would we would get all of them and give them to you because you’ve been such a loving supportive sexual you know sexual presence in the patreon I have a t-shirt in fact that you’ve guys printed up remember that t-shirt that they printed up that that says uh I don’t know how many words to say in something you know V

uh VW are what is it not that bad or are kind of cool I got to go look at this shirt it’s in my car but uh you know you yeah are just you need to tone it down all right because uh your libido is way overactive and frankly it’s taking over a lot of the focus from what we do here so I mean there are lots of other websites you can you know engage on that level through and also monetize you know why why give it away for free when you can uh have people

pay for it uh that’s right just start putting your content on the collider comment sections and see how far that takes Grassroots pull yourself up by uh the laces of your knee high platform high heel boots yeah tote bags Ana but in all seriousness we love you very much and uh and it’s it’s we’re overdue I feel like one day we will have to find ourselves in the great state of teas so that you can take us for pizza but uh I still think back to that day we all hung out it was

a good time and no F never pay me back for that pizza I know so we are you know if you could just add that on top of the next month’s pledge uh that would be great when we took her out for games and stuff yeah she didn’t even father offer I think I thought that would mean she would increase her pledge but wow Ana way did Take a Hint pledge went down yeah why give if you’re not going to need something back in return yeah seriously first you come in here you know with all

your sexual content and then you don’t even bother to you know give us more money but we love you still the goal of all these shout outs is to get to the place where where you will never know which part was sincere and which part was a joke and all of it’s a little suspicious but either way Pizza is the best food to shape like a heart prove me wrong Ana come up with something better than that anyway we love you this is the actual serious part and thank you for being so dedicated to just

bringing your lovely energy here to the patreon and the various other places uh you’re real A real one as John Bernthal would say who’s you know the most romantic uh it’s ra the it’s R it’s the chicken wings yes yes that’s right so uh hey you know just keep those hot sauces coming and we’ll talk to you next month love you

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