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our first gu is an acclaimed rap artist who has sold over 18 million albums his upcoming CD entitled the blue carpet treatment will be released in November here is a Snoop Dogg you see that guy with the uh jet powered car what was he doing pretty exciting pretty exciting was it that’s the kind of thing he’d like to get in all I got of it got out of it was a good lighter it looked like it was a good lighter yeah do you like uh do you like fast cars and stuff yeah yeah do you

have some stuff I got a a Porsche I call her Tia Carrera mhm ah and uh you I mean you have a fast car you got to go to a track or something you don’t drive fast on the freeways do you no no no yeah I take my cars uh to the highway to to the highway how and how how fast and you don’t you know speed limits 55 most parts of the country you don’t go over 55 do you uh not until I get cold mhm what’s the fastest you’ve ever gone when I was

in uh Germany I think we went like about 160 whoa was that exciting very yeah and and I’ll bet you weren’t the only one doing 160 were you everybody

was doing one thing people in a hurry to get to Stuart yeah yeah um where um where where did you where’d you grow up I grew up uh Eide Long Beach California Long Beach California and uh what kind of a kid were you then class clim mhm Class Clown and involved in music early in your life music Sports uh girls and your your father was also musical

yeah they him and his brothers had a group called The Fabulous vernardo Brothers where he played the Tamar The Fabulous monardo Brothers I about that pop sorry Pop and uh would they like they go out and play Live gigs next kind of thing they was like a gospel group so they would do like you know gospel situations so there’s always always Music In The House Always and where was this uh this looks like maybe you’re what you’re not a third grader here but you’re not far off good looking kid for God I call him my

happy days you know what I’m saying when I was happy I think so but that’s I don’t know freshman in high school something like yeah something like that I was a young buck yeah very nice yeah and uh what was like life like in the Long Beach was it tough East Side Long Beach it was real tough you know what I’m saying but at the same time you know we had different options to where whether you wanted to go down this Lane as far as with Athletics or you wanted to go through this Lane with

the gangs or the drugs or whatnot and I chose the gangs and the drugs early on and then it ain’t it ain’t funny I mean I was lucky enough to you know bounce back and get my life right realized You’ made a wrong choice yes sir yeah and then and was it through Sports and music did you were able to pull your yourself out uh music was more or less the thing that saved me you know once I found a niche and doing this music thing it became my number one thing and I did it

and and now uh the other thing a lot of people know about you is your involvement in uh like little league football yeah I started my own League started your own League now how how does that work that you can actually start your own League where that’s not where you began coaching uh football where did you begin coaching football I began coaching in Chino Hills where I was just like an assistant coach and then I went to Rolling he to The Rolling Heist Raiders and I made my own League because I wanted to give something

back to the kids and I started my League last year this the second year and we had 2,000 kids in Southern California so we growing and growing wow wow and what what what age kids are we talking about talking about age s through 13 and what what is your philosophy for that age group of kids in terms of Athletics what what what do you want them to take from that experience I teach them 3DS in life dedication discipline and desire M if they have those three they’ll go for in life yeah and uh does does

everybody get to play all the kids get to play yeah in my league everybody has to play at least one quarter you know either one side on defense or offense so it’s like it’s not like nobody’s sitting on the bench and not playing everybody’s playing yeah and your son plays both my sons yeah and uh you obviously you’re coaching both of them no no only coach one just coaching one and what what is that like does that bring a special challenge to coach your own son as opposed to like a neighbor’s kid or something it

is because sometimes you find yourself becoming a dad instead of a coach that’s bad when you coaching so I try not to coach my son I try to coach the other kids and let other coaches coach him so I won’t fall into that wrath and you’re just getting ready for the season now yeah we’re about two weeks away so be on the lookout for the Snoop Youth Football League coming to a hood near you yeah and and it’s at the end of at the end of the season after the playoffs the big championship game is

called what the snooper ball the snooper ball can I can I talk to you a little bit about come on about this we put together this uh Isle speak quiz what see what I’m talking about let’s see you can you tell me what F shizzle say means uh for sure let’s see off the heey off the heey is that right am I saying that properly off the heey that could be a off the hook let’s see wow our survey said in the hizzle oh in the house okay this is uh five Dizzle all you can

easel buzzle at the sizzle I think that says $5 all you can eat at the uh Buffet at the Sizzler oh my god oh I enjoyed that now this um this is you got a single is out V is that ain’t mine there it is there we go there it is right there give a shout out to Joe Co my cousin Joe Cool did that for me want to send him a shout out Joe cool if you’re at home watching that’s a shout out to him he been off drugs for two years now so I

want to give him a shout out he drew that artwork for me and this is uh the the CD itself is not out the single is out yeah the single is out it’s uh called V with me and B real from Cypress Hills it’s a song where we bringing the black and the brown together because in Southern California it’s a lot of killings between Mexicans and blacks and we just trying to end that and make it peace good for you uh Snoop Dog great pleasure to see you thank you very much

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