i just watched the latest netflix movie spider 
head and here is my honest review but netflix  
let’s be honest you’re just trying to cash 
in on top gun maverick and thor with miles  
teller and chris hemsworth right anyway inmates 
of a state-of-the-art penitentiary are tested on  
with mind-altering drugs but the brilliant 
scientist uh has other ideas so yes spider-head  
is really not the best or fun or interesting 
at all because with the state-of-the-art  
facility and kooky scientists they chose the 
least intriguing way to go with any of this  
now whoever picked the music choices was easily 
looking for a promotion because that was the best  
part but most of the characters are blindly 
introduced with zero character development or  
attachment it’s just like meh and it’s a snails 
pace of the actual reveals that have little to no  
weight on what’s actually happening they played 
it far too safe and hemsworth teller similet  
they they’re just there overall spider head is a 
jumbled mess of plot pieces connected with thinly  
developed characters much like a spider’s web 
i’m gonna give it two out of five netflix movies

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