SPONTANEOUS – Movie Review #shorts

Speaking of the reasoning my neighbor gave
why his dog started shitting itself in the
hallway let’s review spontaneous shall we
and its directed by Brian Duffield who also
directed this is his first movie wow look
at that good for him nice I think I really
need to do something with my life from the
first 10 seconds you could tell this movie
was different it’s original and unique and
it builds on that expectation throughout the
I’m really glad they treated the this phenomenon
more like a groundhog day type event where
it’s like people wonder what’s going on and
what’s causing it, but they don’t actually
explain it because there is no good way to
explain it and it’s just no one gives a shit
just tell your story, right?
Katherine Langford does a stellar job man,
she confidently leads movie at every turn
it’s just a bright fun dark comedy with a
heartfelt little core and the only thing I
couldn’t get past was that people would actually
hold school after this happened or if they
did I couldn’t believe anyone in the right
minds would go it’s like people’s heads are
exploding they’re like, well, I’ve got finals
like boom, why is this 20 degrees below zero
though cancel school but

other than that great
movie four / five stars.

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