Squid Game is a Fun Masterpiece | Review by Arachnoid! (Spoiler Free)

So Netflix Korea
just made a show,
about survival games,
and now it is #1 in
over 90 countries!..
Need to chech this out…
Welcome to the first episode
of Cinemascoped Perspectives
A show where we talk about
Movies, Series, Anime and Books
I am Arachnoid and
Let’s begin today’s topic!
So let me begin by
I loved Squid Game..
But it did have
some flaws…
But it is worth the
hype because..
..I wanted the show
to be popular
But I never expected
a Korean show about
Survival games to be
this popular…
So let’s check out the
good aspects first!
So, first are the
Technical aspects
The three good technical
aspects are the…
Production design, Editing
and Cinematography…
Editing was so cutting
edge that you will be
hooked to your seat
till the end of the season
Sometimes it gets slightly
dragged because it has
to have 9 episodes
for Netflix etc.
but otherwise it has a
very powerful edit…

the Production Design was
absolutely brilliant..
The sets reminded me of
Grand Budapest Hotel!
It was colourful and
The third aspect was
the music..
The music was unique and
traditionally Korean…
which showed the cultural
premise and childhood games
And now let’s move on
to the plot
The plot was genius
but you see some of the
twists coming but
it is not all
the twists
at least you won’t see
the ending twist coming…
because it is
masterfully crafted
unless you have
eagle eyes
It was brilliant how the
plot talks about inner motifs
of the underlying social
conflict and commentary
It is basically the less artsy
‘Parasite’ but more fun…
One more good thing
was the real world issues
what they showed in
Ep 2: Hell
The real world conflict was
much worse than the game
Rightly titled Hell as it is not
the Hell inside the game but
but the hell outside in the
everyday life provoking them
this shows the worse form of
human psychology and
and how far society can go
due to the need of money…
All in all, I loved
Squid Game
and I hope they
bring a S2 to this
In Conclusion,
Squid Game is a fun masterpiece
So if you were looking
for something to watch
with friends not
family during the festivals
You can watch Squid Game
On Netflix.

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