Squid Game Episode 1 Explained | Squid Game Summary And Review | Full Recap

Hi welcome back to Movieflix in this video 
i am going to explain about the south korean  
drama series squid game the series is about 
456 contestants playing different games  
the games are simple the majority of them would 
have played that in their childhood the rule is  
that once they start playing the game they cannot 
quit till the game is over all the players will  
have to play 6 different games and the winner get 
45.6 billion won but the players who loses in each  
stage of the game will be killed so the episode 
1 is titled as “red light blue light” at the  
beginning of the episode we can see a middle aged 
man Seong Gi-Hun who lives in a small house with  
his mom gi-hun’s financial condition is so poor 
and he is drowning in loans gi-hun is divorced and  
unemployed now so when he was having his breakfast 
his mother gave him some money to buy a birthday  
present for his daughter after she left gi-hun 
took her credit card to withdraw some more money  
after withdrawing money he and his friend goes for 
gambling the two of them then placed bet on horses  
but they were so unlucky and lost each time but 
they didn’t

stop playing in the end gi-hun finally  
win some money and he was so happy and celebrates 
it with his friend after winning he even tips the  
lady who hands him the money he then went outside 
to call his daughter and told her that he would  
buy her a big present today but soon after that 
gi-hun notices some men approaching him they  
are his debtors to whom he owes a lot of money he 
was afraid that they would take the money that he  
got today so he ran inside but while running he 
crashes a girl accidentally after that the debtors  
caught him and threatened to kill him if he don’t 
return their money so gi-hun tries to give them  
the money that he just won but he discovers that 
his pocket was empty he realizes that the girl he  
crashed onto was a pickpocket who stole all his 
money then this guy started hitting him gi-hun  
request them to give him one month time to return 
their money they asked him to sign a document for  
his organ donation if he don’t return the money in 
one month they will kill him and take his organs  
and they left after he signed it since gi-hun had 
no money left with him he goes back to the girl he  
tipped earlier and asks her for his money back 
he didn’t have enough money to buy his daughter  
a gift so he is trying to win something from the 
claw machine but after so many tries he couldn’t  
get even one toy in the hole so he was frustrated 
seeing all this a kid besides him offers help  
and then he finally wins a gift box 
then he takes his daughter to a street  
and they ate food from a stall the kid saw the 
cuts on her father’s face but he told her not to  
worry these are just mosquito bites he then hands 
her the gift without even knowing what’s inside it  
she was surprised when she opened it it was a 
gun-shaped lighter seeing this gi-hun takes the  
gift back and promised that he would get a better 
gift next time after that he brings his daughter  
to her mother and returns home later that night 
when he was at the railway station a well-dressed  
man came and sat next to him he invites gi-hun 
to play a ddakji which was a popular game played  
by kids in ddakji there will be two cards they 
should flip a card by hitting it with another  
initially gi-hun ignored him but when the man 
said he would give hundred thousand won if he  
wins gi-hun was ready to play but if gi-hun loses 
he will have to give hundred thousand back since  
he didn’t have any money the man said that instead 
of giving money he would slap on his face this was  
not a big deal for him so gi-hun accepts the offer 
as they start playing gi-hun loses several rounds  
and got slapped by the man many times his cheeks 
starts to hurt badly but he didn’t stop after so  
many rounds at last he finally wins one and gets 
the money he promised then the man gave him a card  
and told him to call to this number if he wants 
to play more games like this and make money on  
his way home gi-hun meets an old lady who is his 
friend’s mother her son’s name is sang-woo gi-hun  
says that she is lucky to have him has son because 
he was the only one from that town who studied at  
one of the top universities of korea so she feels 
very proud about her son at night when gi-hun was  
having dinner his mom tells him that his ex-wife’s 
family is moving to u.s with his daughter  
and he won’t be able to see her again gi-hun 
is shocked but he cannot do anything since his  
ex-wife has the custody of his daughter because of 
his financial problems gi-hun had no other choice  
so he calls the number the man gave him 
they asked him to wait at a place nearby  
after sometimes a car comes in front of him 
the driver was having a mask on his face  
he asked him to get inside as soon as he steps in 
a gas spreads inside the vehicle that knocks him  
out the next morning when he wakes up gi-hun was 
lying in a bed wearing a tracksuit with several  
other people around him everyone in the room is 
being moniterized through cameras and then comes  
the main guy of that place he is the one who runs 
this thing every staffs at the place wears a mask  
and there are hundreds of them working there each 
players in the room had different numbers on them  
goon meets an old guy who has the number 1 and 
goon had the number 456 on him which means he is  
the last player among all of the players the old 
man says that he is suffering from brain tumor  
and he doesn’t have much time left meanwhile 
there is a fight happening in the room the girl  
who has stolen gi-hun’s money the previous day 
was fighting with a gangster whom she knew before  
coming there seeing this gi-hun pushes the man and 
threatens her to give his money back then a bunch  
of guys dressed in red suits and masks enters 
the room there welcomes all the participants  
gathered there and announces that all the 
participants must play 6 different games in 6 days  
those who win all 6 games will win a huge prize 
money but the prize money is not revealed yet it  
will be only revealed after the first game one 
of the participants there was sang-woo who was  
ji-hun’s childhood friend he was the son of that 
old lady shown previously gi-hun thought that he  
was working for a multinational company in u.s but 
it turned out that he owes a client 6 billion won  
and he is now wanted by the police each one in 
that room are the people facing financial crisis  
and have millions of debts they all came there the 
same way as gi-hun did after sometimes a huge ball  
is brought to the ceiling of the room the staff 
said that it would be filled with money after  
each round and the winner could take them all back 
to home so all the players agrees to play the game  
before playing they are made to sign an agreement 
there are only three rules rule number one the  
players are not allowed to stop playing once the 
game has started number two the player who refused  
to play the game will be eliminated number three 
the game will be terminated if the majority agrees  
everyone signs on it and gets ready to play 
the first game outside the room there is a  
maze-like hallway the contestants are made to 
take their pictures and then they are taken  
to the field where the game was played and the 
field had a giant doll at the end then comes an  
announcement for the players to stay behind the 
white line the first game they will be playing  
is the red light blue light they have five minutes 
to complete the game when the doll says red light  
all of them have to freeze and they can 
only move forward when it says green light  
if anyone is caught moving they will be eliminated 
so the game begins and everyone starts playing  
when the doll detected the motion of one man he is 
eliminated and shot dead at the very next moment  
after seeing this the players realized that the 
people who get eliminated are directly killed now  
they didn’t know what to do so everyone starts 
to run for their life but the game was still on  
the doll shot all the players who keep moving 
and hence it turned out to be a bloodbath  
almost half of them died only a very few 
contestants who didn’t move was alive  
so they took it seriously and started to play 
the game and moved forward without getting  
killed while playing gi-hun almost falls down 
once but the man behind him named ali saved him  
more people dies as the game continues and in 
the end some of them manages to pass the game  
and the rest of the players who couldn’t complete 
the game was shot at the end of the series we  
can see that all these games are played in an 
underground which is built in an unknown island  
where no one can ever find them to watch more of 
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