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Today, we’re going to be talking about the Red 
Devils. For those of you that are not aware,  
this is going to be a football club. 
And when I say football, I do mean  
the international sport of football 
here in America. We call it soccer.  
This is going to be the team 
known as Manchester United.
Welcome back everybody. Like I said today, we’re 
going to be talking about Man U, I’ve got a couple  
of Tag Heuer watches here that are both very much 
so designed specifically for fans of the team.  
You’ll notice that both of these are a Carerra, 
but they do have a couple of differences.  
Obviously we’ve got a PVD coated one that comes 
in black. This one’s just going to be stainless  
steel, but there are some other differences 
we’re going to dig into now, for those of you  
that are not aware, Manchester United is one of 
the most successful football teams in the world.  
So they originally were not known as the Red 
Devils that came a little later. And when the  
club started back in the late 18 hundreds, they 
were actually known as the Heathens. And then at  
a certain point, they adopted the nickname of the 
Red Devils and that one

just really kind of stuck.
Now since 1992, they have one 13 premier 
league cups or titles. And in total they’ve won  
20 English titles. I mean, it is the stats 
and performance of this team over history is,  
is it’s hard to compete against them, just 
with the number of victories that they’ve  
had. They’ve gotten three European cups. 
They’ve got four league cups, they’ve got  
twelve football association titles. I mean, the 
list just goes on and on. Now the watch itself,  
both of them do have the Tag Heuer, one caliber 
in them. So when we’re talking about the  
functionality of the watch, they are going to be 
very similar. Now the stainless steel version over  
here, that’s featured on the red rubber strap. 
This one’s going to come in a 43 millimeter size  
where the black PVD coated stainless steel 
watch is going to be a 45 millimeter size.
So it’s very subtle. I actually had to put them 
next to each other just to make sure that they  
were different, but they are, this one’s 
slightly larger than the other one.  
They both come with a deployant clasp. 
You’ll notice that both of these watches  
also have a exhibition case back. So you 
can see what’s going on in the movement.  
And of course they are decorated with lots 
of elements of Manchester United. They’ve got  
the Red Devil logo on the back here. We’ve got 
the entire shield that they use as a part of  
their logo on the back of the one that comes with 
the red strap. So of course they’re not exactly  
the same, but they all feature elements that are 
only associated with this team. There’s no way  
to look at this watch and just say, well, 
it’s kind of a play on Manchester United.
Now they actually have a partnership with 
the club. And so it’s something that as  
the relationship continues to develop, we’re going 
to keep seeing more great things from Tag Heuer,  
as well as the club, but come check them out 
at SwissWatchExpo. If you don’t know much about  
Tag Heuer , they make a lot of great watches and 
they’re known for precision and their commitment  
to excellence. And it was one of the reasons that 
they even started their partnership with this  
legendary club and that commitment to excellence 
and a driving effort to always propel yourself  
to the next level. Now, there are a couple 
of other things that do separate these,  
this particular watch. The one that looks 
like stainless steel is also going to  
have a stainless steel bezel. Whereas the PVD 
coated one does actually have a ceramic bezel.
So a couple of slight differences. They both 
have exhibition case back, as I said, they both  
have Sapphire crystals with anti-reflective 
coating. So you’re going to be able to read  
your watch no matter if it’s rain or shine. 
If you’re in the stadium, watching the game,  
you can still look down and see the time 
very clearly. Now the one that comes with the  
red strap, I believe this particular watch also 
comes with a very unique box and I’m going to turn  
it around just for a second. So you can see, but 
it’s a Manchester United themed box. And this is  
actually the box that came with the watch. So if 
you’re interested in learning more, definitely  
hit us up here at SwissWatchExpo. You can always 
like you can send us some feedback. You can always  
reach out to us via email, or just call us here 
at the store. We’d love to help you get one  
of these. And I’m sure they won’t come around 
very often. They were made in limited numbers,  
but give us a call. If you’re interested in 
learning more about this or give us some feedback  
and we’ll get you a video on something that 
you want to hear about. So you guys next week.

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