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hey guys thank you so much for joining me again today today we are going to be checking out the born ultimatum from 2007. I watched The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy recently so make sure you check those out if you missed them let me know if you have any other suggestions for movies that are kind of like this Bourne series that I’ve been loving it if you aren’t subscribed I would love if you could subscribe if you watch my videos regularly it always lets me know that you like my content you want me to

keep making more videos I’m very excited to hang out with Matt Damon again for two hours let’s get to it here we go The Bourne Ultimatum I’ve heard that this one’s really great and if I like the other two I’ll really like this one so I’m excited I freaking love Matt Damon we’re in Moscow is it picking up right where we left off I think it is right after he came out of the tunnel oh my God awesome oh awesome this is so cool it picked up right where the other one left off I love

it well I’m gonna suggest once again you put on a hat all right oh Hospital foreign just like in the Martian like giving himself surgery

and we’re born with luscious left a bloody brand it’s not on its game when you commit to this program so what he originally said no okay yeah he burned them oh boy he’s not gonna shoot him a great idea you don’t have to kill him man is he gonna kill you all right okay okay all right the barn ultimatum I wonder who gives and who gets the ultimatum I feel like

Thorn’s gonna give the ultimatum six weeks later okay she wouldn’t want me to thanks Marie his girlfriend all right she was killed Warren comes back for Revenge tapes AB is confession now born’s gun enforce you couldn’t make this stuff up no orange last confirmed location was Moscow I was looking for something we need to know what it is I think if you wanted to hurt us he could have sent the tape to CNN oh he could have sniped them from the next building if he wanted to hope for the best I think he likes pain

for the worst born is still a serious threat probably a good call from his perspective bring me back to born I need my melody maybe porn will get a sidekick in this one I would like that and it’s a psychic maybe it’s this guy sidekick oh this one’s three years ago disappeared again girl Lily was on the runway connects the dots turn off the table oh does he know something oh all right we’re in France orange is going to be waiting for him I’m getting good I got those spy instincts going tense where’s my sister

why don’t you sit down this is the Russian guy from the last movie or is this somebody else he’s gone to see I will figure this out oh is it Murray’s brother oh did she die sniped she was shot he came for me yeah he’s blaming himself I’m sure yes and now what yeah great question and I’m gonna find them power guy operation Black Friday I have natural operation called keyword black pride what is black bro oh that’s a good code name Deep Cover anti-terrorism Bureau Deep Cover I don’t know what that means how did

you find out about the Black Rock I don’t know I think if we follow Ross Ross is easy you want the source next let’s go into the source someone started all of this put the asset on standby just in case yes priority situation our Target is a British national Simon Ross is a partner look at all thank you councilman I want to know what he’s going to think before he does we want the name and real-time location of his Source priority level four level four I should have levels of importance like when I call Tara

level four I’m in Ross Ross go named Jason Bourne he’s writing the paper man what really commit to this program yeah we’re going to find out who these doubles are here tortured him until he became an assassin oh that was a good kiss ah that was a sad kiss do we even get a kiss in this movie we’re born on the street online now we have an office line working on itself an hour sir I feel like all of your info can be taken he was scared black Briar black vile hopefully I’ll give his name

is Jason Bourne I can see you right now why are we hearing this all right we had his line sir but he’s not on it I’ve been reading your stories Waterloo Station come along he’ll go where is he going you’re going to be like a like a serious journalist you gotta have some balls subject exiting the building they’re tracking though are they going to see born put a hat on hi Walter Smith Station South entrance okay Waterloo Station give me eyes and attack to make the asset I like this music lots of strings space it’s

good driving prepaid phone there you go I I want a team of her board he needs a friend looks hot in this movie that’s so cool I need that phone I don’t care what I’m about to tell you so clueless there’s a surveillance team directly across the streets a man in the second stories watching I thought it was a bus stop I want you to walk towards it Lauren’s always one step ahead that’s not his false hurts where the hell did he get another phone walk directly to him and stop this guy’s like what the

hell who’s the guy in the blue hood is that his contact they’re gonna think that’s his contact when it stops I want you to walk directly to your left okay okay get ready to move this is very fast-paced and I like it just guys cheese what the hell is that we’ve lost all communication with mobile one well one is down you guys are so clueless the business they’ve all all the cameras and all the equipment all the boots on the ground but they’re no match for born why these people have to meet me who found

something someone who was there at the beginning you know what I can’t tell you that’ll kill you if they have to is it Black Friday or what’s black Briar treadstone of gray you said that you were square one he said he knows who you are in fact we have to move our team up team up team up first escalator on the right yeah this guy’s nervous I would be too although with Matt Damon in my ear I’d be like okay whatever you say how you shoot tie your shoe right now nice wait he’s got his

eyes on the camera and he knows exactly how to move one dang it’s good that’s it I need Jason Bourne to like orchestrate my life where the hell is he I think he’s one of them he’s reaching for something Warren says negative then it’s negative always get an instruction Jimmy give me the conversation okay move through this crowd that’s the asset coming into what to help someone on your tail get in the store and he’s good he’s like moving himself and another piece head into the liquor store lock the door this guy’s got help did

they just figure out he has help right now is he gonna take him out covered his buddy don’t even think about it he’s so good and capacity ah Frank Jason Bourne do you think he’s the source he’s good well reporter you kind of have to give the asset a green light take them both out so you’re gonna snipe you guys know I love a snipe but I do not want my Jason Bourne to be sniped that will not do this isn’t some story this is real he is gonna snipe I only want the bad guys

to be sniped God I don’t know I can make it nope nope nope oh this reporter guy’s gonna die I think don’t go don’t go stay where you are Listen to Born he knows it’s a frig born born oh he knows stay low stay low follow him man you never get a moment’s piece you must be hungry I just want to make Jason Bourne muffins and let him sleep on my couch is that him this has been really fast paced this entire time right from the get-go I love it life on the limb with JB

we have a situation this situation yeah Pam we need you I think she’s gonna help porn I think she has to she knows the truth what is Blackfire great question got the address we’re going to Madrid holy moly raw so foreign like does he think he’s in danger back in New York omelette let’s go cheese and peppers oh my God that sounds good it was suggested that we bring you on suggested complete some unfinished business born he’s a threat we both want the same time let’s go about it in two very different way yeah and

a reporter got killed but the real question is how you managed to get into a firefight at a public train I like her she asks pointed questions enjoy your egg whites all right they’re not going to get along she is going to help Bourne I think she doesn’t want to come Pamela Landy uh what’s born’s last fixed position alive mobile and unknown do you have any idea who you’re dealing with Jason Bourne the coolest dude ever turn on all you’ve got that would mean no they need Julia Styles in this she she knows born she

knows his moves I think even more than Pam we’re going to the Investment Bank the popo just hacked Ross’s email down round trip ticket tour in Italy I think we can be pretty certain that born’s not your Source Crosstrek is secure cell phone the guy you’re after is a CIA operative if you really think he’s going to use a cell phone that he knows we can track yeah like he has no idea look at all the people whose cell phones were switched off they’re literally like one three names now check everything in Ross’s apartment against

those names she’s so good I think she’s on it Black Friday foreign they cracked it in like two minutes take Daniel’s into custody of them in heavy heavy he is not the source then he is after the sword he’s after the source TNT part of me was hoping for Just Just A Little Romance for poor born I suppose he has enough going on oh this guy oh man he’s freaking tortured him it’s so evil it’s okay buddy well at least that one guy’s dead but who’s this other dude in the flashbacks then eliminate Target they’re

at the front door ah born you’re making some sort of booby trap what up live no booby trap the alarm’s down that’s gotta be born I think he’s still in there he’s gonna drop down from above the safe is empty crack this safe I love born sound oh he’s always one step ahead no no no this is on purpose it’s misdirection from the Shadows damn he’s good here what is she doing there I was posted here after Berlin coincidence where’s Dad I did not expect her to just come into the into the room did she

know he was gonna be there she was treadstone yeah they didn’t send her Nikki I need to do an ID challenge Sparrow Ruby response Everest no duress that’s cool I I also need this sort of coat with my sister I’m learning so much this is Pam Landy there’s a connection between Neil and Jason Bourne born you’re still looking for born some people are convinced he’s still a threat but to find out I need to talk to him they’re giving him so much information I’m trying to send him a message the only way this has a

happy ending Noah is if we bring him in alive how long till backup backup will be arriving in approximately one hour coffee sir that’s what they want them to think how long do I have three minutes I know where Daniels is shut up go go go team up Americana come on you wire a hundred thousand dollars to a bank account in Tangier we hurry we can make the morning 20 meters near side of the street keep moving act cool what the hell is this they are good lost visual contact with the subject service outsmarted once

again old JB issue a standing Kill Order on Jason’s not gonna like that here I’m so happy that she’s back and they’ve teamed up Nicky and born maybe they’ll kiss what’s Daniel’s got what’s operation black Briar yes great questions as always Pam do you want to tell me or should I call Kramer is he going to tell him operation black Briar is now the umbrella program for all our Black Ops is all run out of this office we are the sharp end of the stick now lethal action if we have to sure makes us special

no more red team you know how real the danger is what’s the connection to Daniels you ran all of our operations so he has everything every operation you want that stuff in born’s hands when we find Daniels if you’re right we get born too good luck taking Jason Bourne are they stopping to eat finally and rest why did you come back why are you looking for Daniels tell it the truth it’s Daniel’s I don’t know who that is he was there at the beginning Daniel’s brought me to him that’s where it all started for me

something happened to me and I need to know or I’ll never be free of this Daniel said the training was experimental torture they had to break down the agents before they became operational they were the first one why are you helping me that’s a good question it was difficult for me with you you really don’t remember anything what did they were they something in the past do they have a thing in the past he’s in Tangier having breakfast top secret documents holding up a bank transfer made to keep them in place while they bring an

acid up you’re gonna take it is it the same asset I wonder it’s Pam Landy she says it’s urgent tell her I’m unavailable recordings Pam’s call not good Nikki I’m gonna need you to explain further foot and entering Hotel give the asset subject location do we have that room yet 117. with an ISO on room 117. his location’s being blocked now they found Daniels tell me you’re gonna meet him they’ll just get someone else and we’re not going to stop him and take us right to Daniels very smart it’s got a bomb oh I love

seeing them together hopefully she doesn’t get sniped Lauren’s got him asset unscheduled stop come on I think this can work pickpockets instructions were sent to the asset yeah yeah they know about Nikki are they gonna figure out it’s her from a computer belonging to Nikki Parsons wanna finish with Daniel’s Sunday I said after her what killer what are you doing she’s up to her neck in there this is about Daniel you don’t know the circumstances you do not have the authority to kill agree one better get on board she’s one of us where does it

end exactly when we’ve won okay well Lauren cannot let them kill Nikki that’s not a thing see like yo that’s the dude I just met or the girl I just met Mr Danielle he’s on the move you’re gonna kill him I need born to get his time with him it’s only fair torture him just a little bit more he’s on to you don’t follow too close is that the bomb is it the bomb oh does that go dead okay keep going keep going get it get it go walk away I bet the guy in the

car is dead I gotta catch him on foot after being bombed no no that wasn’t so Smith damn he’s good really good at car chase is he gonna go back for Nikki he’s not gonna shoot her is he good good yes put a hat on foreign you gotta help her out you gotta neutralize this threat Alleyways are getting so tight I’m gonna make an explosion this older version he’s gonna have to scale the building yeah gonna see Nikki horn is so good I don’t know though they killed Marie they might kill her I know go

go go go go jumping oh boy doing some Parkour here every freaking door is locked finally oh boy it’s not gonna be able to tell which door she went in is he heard it Frick girl don’t leave nowhere spot give her like a cookie we got a rooftop Chase here I love it Warren you gotta take this guy out let’s go karate him I have a gun right now I don’t think so I might oh I don’t want her to get shot uh I’m gonna be right there he’s gonna be like right around the corner

oh no no no no no no no get a weapon get a knife I wouldn’t stop a gun though I feel like one of them is gonna get shot in board could die in this one the the one reason after this could be a prequel it does have a gun oh come on hand me something Mickey oh this guy’s a good fighter oh my God tell him what the oh no no no no no no no no no dude dude dude okay okay okay okay okay that was a rough fight that was serious we need

to be dead we need to be dead asset confirms both targets are down got it okay they buy it I want to be sure about this collection of the bodies and keep an eye on land Nikki Parsons are dead our station Chief I can’t afford to have this come back remember why we put Landy there black Briar goes south hanging around her neck and start over hammers have some suspicion she’s being used though can we have a tender moment here I’m gonna find something and be like Eureka everyone I ever killed he’s tormented I just

don’t know their names doesn’t it I’ve tried to apologize for what I’ve done for what I am none of it makes it tender they’re gonna come for you again definitely you’re gonna have to run now run together she doesn’t have good instincts like he does he should keep her safe they have to stick together right she’s not gonna go off on her own resistance during admission process he did not want to become a killer they forced him to they broke him down here we go it’s almost as good as a hat we should go no

oh we should go okay okay he said we not you said we please don’t put her on a bus and then leave it gets easier does it is you find a clue all right we gotta take this guy down they found a body born dish you were not smarted once again a passport for Gilberto depended an early treadstone identity but he never used it and it never went to the Grid it’s not a message maybe bone will just now yeah maybe he’s trying to communicate with you yeah we should communicate I think I like that

he’s looking forward this is good not as good as if Nikki and he were a team but I will take a very third party is waiting okay maybe he’s gonna meet up with Pam or at least talk to her they can take down this bad guy I’m gonna call her and say I could see you hello Pam you look lovely that was a little Hannibal Lecter though that wasn’t quite right yes yes yes this is the man you want operation doctor of him I hear you’re still looking for me boy or are they bugging landy’s

phone I wanted to thank you for the tape crap crap I guess I owe you an apology is that official record you know how it is 50 seconds straight he is literally within sight something is very wrong here get some rest you look tired he’s looking right at her I gotta chill I’m going out there yes I want an immediate 12 block Lockdown from prep for local backup assistants Landy just left the building Andy is one step out of you this time sir well there’s an incoming text they must know that she’s bugged get the

vehicles We’re Going Mobile this is just what born wants I’m sure of it the sniper guy because I thought he was cute I remember not as cute as porn there’s only one way out of there it’s a bad place to meet you wouldn’t have chosen it if he didn’t have a reason yes there are no mistakes he always has a reason box 200 meters round in position foreign okay here we go any sign of born negative I know some of you guys aren’t a fan of the shaky camera but I like them Noah Wilson this

is Jason Bourne I was wondering when you were going to make this call me too I didn’t actually think I was coming to Tudor city did you sitting in his office still getting amazing I’m sitting in my office you’re not I doubt that you were in your office we’d be having this conversation face to face born he’s so freaking cool that was awesome this is a code 10 abort we’re at a level freaking 10 people take it all just take it all check my office please God damn it he’s so much smarter than these doofuses

everyone just broke into CRI he got emotions safe Jesus Pam what’s 4 15.71 you go born you got this I’m no longer worried about you no big deal I mean he could still die at the end I really don’t know Lauren I feel confident in you but I’m a little afraid you might die at the end of this so go go brick driving by the rearview mirror oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God Siri drove off the roof what he just drove right off it please foreign just merge normally now

and act like a cop he’s got a plan I got a trust born Landy told Bourne that his birthday was 4 15 71. it’s a code everything’s done 1571 what does it mean man I need more coats I gotta I gotta Implement more codes in my life 471. SRD is at 4 15. you just gave him the training facility Well that’s where we’re gonna have The Showdown then freaking answers oh is that the Assassin guy oh dude is having a rough go this is just like the last one in that cab uh oh look at

this card this guy who’s this clown oh my God it’s like the second car crash that’s been in in five minutes okay maybe just shoot him though I don’t he might shoot him I don’t know I don’t know he doesn’t want to be a killer he has that lost born we lost idiots they really don’t know who they’re dealing with just get the hell out of there no I’m gonna stay I’ll keep him in play 4 15. so this would be the time you’d get shot just his guard’s down on just a little bit oh

okay I’ll kill you for giving me this why’d you do it this is the one I signed up for this isn’t us and do something about it everything you need is in there giving it to pan David it’ll be better if we do this together no name isn’t David I mean it is but this is where it started for me this is where it ends I wonder like he just wants to kill that dude and then burn it all down maybe lock this building down I don’t know what’s gonna happen here foreign just like the

New York Times yep he might kill her he might kill her you better get yourself a good lawyer okay you will no longer be David well he will be Jason Ball hello Jason with the calm down it wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to talk I spent three years running trying to find out who I am still not filled in the pieces it was always you why did you pick me you really don’t remember do you no start talking we need answers you picked up volunteered No it didn’t he’s desperate for answers this could

be a trap I don’t know didn’t even blank just handed me these has everything been explained you wanted to serve will save American lives he said I’d be saving American lives I was killing for them he knew exactly what it meant but be whoever you need me to be Sir you made yourself into who you are no moved right here to become Jason Bourne you haven’t slept for a long time who is he it doesn’t matter you came to us said he’d do anything it takes you’re not a liar I am too weak let go

of David’s wet give yourself to this program what’s he gonna do with this oh Jason Bourne welcome to the program what is he gonna do with this info remember everything Langley can you get out of this are they gonna kill him for the room can you get out of this it’s still gonna be on the Run assassin guy is on him I think he might die what did you take the shot you want to be a killer you even know why you’re supposed to kill me no look at us look at what they make you

give let him go let him go let him go oh this guy I feel like he’s gonna get shot John is he gonna die Do Not Fade Out do not fade out right now good morning with a record the file indicates two agencies Mastermind CIA deputy director no history surrounding tomatoes Jason Bourne The Source has been reported report shot but his body was never found let’s go board thank goodness okay guys well that was the born ultimatum and I loved it I thought it was really really good super good action all the way through I

don’t think it ever lit up for like more than a couple of minutes it was always like going going we’re on we’re on the Move we’re on the lamb you guys know I love to think about being on the limb so I I really loved it Matt Damon was super hunky and this one really really loved him and we finally got some answers for poor Jason Bourne maybe not the ones he wanted and he didn’t die at the end which I’m very happy about for a second there I really thought he died so that wouldn’t

have been good MVP we’re gonna give it to Jason Bourne again he deserves it he can outsmart anybody very capable great biter super handsome as mentioned already and yeah I just love Jason Bourne I love Matt Damon so and baby Loki MVP not to be repetitive but I am going to give it to the music again I really really liked the music of this one lots of questions lots of strings this time I really really dug it it was really good driving score all the way kept up with the fast pace of the movie yeah

I really like the score so the score low cam BP and the worst award we will give it to uh that CIA guy that he outsmarted and he cracked his safe when he was standing in his office that guy was a doofus and the worst and Jason Bourne outsmarted him and I was so glad to see it so doofus CAA guy you’ve been outsmarted you are the worst overall I really loved this Trilogy of movies you guys should definitely let me know if you want me to keep going and watch the next Bourne movie and

the one after that I don’t think Matt Damon is in the next one but I think he’s in the fifth one I’m not sure but let me know if I should continue on because I do love the Jason Bourne character and I do love a good spy assassin secret agent movie anything involving identities and going on the lamb and heisting and I love it all so let me know if I should keep going or if there are any other movies that are like this that I should check out and thank you guys so much for

watching along I really appreciate it I had a great time I hope you had a great time too and I will see you next time bye guys

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