THE LAST OF US Episode 2 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Review And Game Easter Eggs

welcome to the heavy spoiler show I’m your host Paul AKA not your average Joel in this video we’re breaking down The Last of Us episode 2. The Series has had two really good episodes back to back and is a big fan of the game I’ve loved watching these first two entries They do change some things up though and throughout the video we’re going to be going over the Easter eggs game differences and also giving our thoughts on the series so far huge thank you to everyone who watched our video last week and like that one

we’re gonna be saving the most spoilery Easter eggs until the end so that people who haven’t played the game can enjoy the twists and turns that come up in the show I’ll give you a heads up before we hit that and we start the episode off in Jakarta all the way back in 2003. if you cast your mind back to last week then you may remember that they did an announcement over the radio that talked about the city and how summing strangers going on there here we see it playing out with the outbreak of the

infection being studied by a doctor this wasn’t in the game and I like how the series is slowly filling in the backstory

of the virus both the beginning of the last episode and this one had completely new bits in them and it’s possible that we might even get a story slotted in at the opening of each entry that gives us way more details on the infection than what we ever got in the game now when the title cards were shown we can see this is taking place on September 24 2003 dating it two days before

the outbreak this of course shows how fast the virus spread and in the game we learn it was through products containing flower and yeast which we’ll talk more about in just a bit huge out to Dynamic Smurf on our last video for pointing out that 2003 was potentially chosen because it was one of the hottest years on records with a record-breaking Heat Wave happening that killed 20 000 people the subtitles used throughout this part of the show also highly resemble the captions from the game missing is more in The Last of Us world we start

off with a sunny seemingly normal day in Indonesia which is when the military arrive and summon the scientists to a lab though the world is stabilized The Last of Us storylines filled with different militant factions throughout that all try to seize power to impose their rule bedro were of course a big part of these and I love how in the backdrop there’s all always the idea of US versus them this is echoed and Abu who’s pretty fearful that she’s been taken in she suspects they think she’s committed a crime but they want it because she’s

a professor in mycology mycology is the study of fungi and she’s the top scientist in the country after having graduated from the University of Indonesia IBU is escorted Pastor reception desk and this actually leaked online when the show was in production she walks past several vaccine advertisements as well and these are all riffing on the week into a poster he once more get it ham at home that there’s no cure and this is why Ellie’s such a Paramount person in the story now boo Ratner then examines the specimen and he’s taken to one of the

infected that we can’t show can’t show it trust bloody HBO to have a fully nude woman they can’t bloody help themselves now the woman has a bullet hole in her head and she clearly only stopped once she was shot around her but we see a bite mark and upon being opened up this spreads out like the ones from Mrs Adler’s mouth last week in a mouth era cordyceps as well and that’s a really creepy Dimension to the entire thing now I didn’t want to bring up the clickers last week as it could have spoiled some

stuff for people who didn’t want to know but we finally get to meet some in this episode they don’t disappoint either and through their biology we can see how the cordyceps work they basically infect a person and then they spread through their body slowly replacing their cells with fungi so they very much become almost like a living mushroom a man Toadstool from Mario he ain’t got on these and the fungus eventually completely devours their brain and the upper part of their head this makes them blind and it’s why the clickers are called that because they

use echolocation in order to see their surroundings in the hotel Jill brings up how the majority of the infected died quite quickly but those that are sustained go on living for decades this is very much the case in the clickers with them being infected that have been around for decades and thus the fungus have managed to take over most of their body and transform them into these monsters I love the way that the quarter steps are located in the mouth here and it hints at them slowly taking over the inside but we can’t tell until

the infection is further down line baby Rana has a cup of tea and she learns that things started a flower and grain Factory now the reason why I think chicato was chosen is because it actually has the biggest flower Mill in the entire world the bagasari flour mill ranks as the largest on the planet in terms of size and scale and thus this is likely why they picked here anyway she refers to it as being the perfect substrate and in biology this is a term used to describe the surface in which fungus lives cheers Google

enzymes can also be found here that cause chemical processes and this may be how the virus mutated to infect humans now when it comes to how the fungus spread the game mentions how it got enough food and a flower and yeast Factory would be the perfect place for this to happen when we look back at episode 1 there was actually a lot of food that will contain this ingredient that the characters in the show actually manage to avoid we had moments where the younger Mrs Adler made some cookies and Sarah didn’t eat these because they

had raisins in them I was thinking we’d make some cookies chocolate chip reason Mr Adler could also be seen feeding the elderly Mrs Adler and this could be where the infection started out at one offered some food Joel also said But I’m on Atkins which in case you don’t know is a low carb diet meaning that things that have a lot of flour and yeast in are completely avoided now in the morning Tommy was gutted that they weren’t having pancakes because Joel and Sarah had bacon and eggs again they’re avoiding flower products and they also

didn’t even have a birthday cake either so the entire day was them just dodging bullet I don’t know if Joe well not her now I don’t know if Joe would have completely sorry I don’t know if gel would have completely skipped I’m sorry I don’t know if Joe would have completely skipped out on bread when food was sparse but hey at least they kept that consistent he says the woman bit three other co-workers and that they were all executed but that they don’t know who bit her and thus the virus is still out there 14

other workers are missing as well and there’s not really any way to put a lid on this even if they lock down the country the cordyceps have mutated now and it’s only so long before someone stumbles into them when they’re out in the wild she says that the whole city has to be destroyed and we see how this strategy was adopted worldwide due the craters later on in the game I I always just assumed they were collapsed part of the streets due to lack of Maintenance but you should never assume because it makes her oh

so are you and me anyway there’s no hope and she wants to spend the remaining hours that she has left with her family it’s a really Bleak way to intro the episode and we know that the following 20 years will likely hell on Earth due to how far the virus spread it turned the infected against everyone around them and even her going back to her family is something that you’ll likely not experience again now Ellie very much represents the Hub work here and this is shown symbolically with a sleeping under a literal ray of light

that shines down on her gel and tests sit in the dark or as she’s anointed almost like it’s a painting of Jesus or something a butterfly flies over here and imagery of these have appeared throughout the series so far butterflies actually carry their own meaning and typically they’re used to represent rebirth transformation and a change in a positive direction Ali of course could be this and she has the potential to cure humanity and take us back to the way things were where everyone was nice in the YouTube comments section when you use were all nice

anyway she’s again wearing the same t-shirt that she had on last week and if you missed that then we thought it was put on together not to Young Nathan Drake in Uncharted 3. not pulling that out of thin air yeah it has a reason and naughty dog made both Uncharted and also The Last of Us games nothing but net now they’re still pretty skeptical over whether she’s immune or not and Ellie ends up having to go to the toilet she’s tossed a magazine and in the game she ended up coming across some beauty posters which

she was completely stunned by a girl is so skinny I thought you had plenty of food in your time we did some just chose not to eat it this happened just before the hotel which we ended up visiting in the game though it appeared way later on the entire scene takes place in a beauty salon which completely juxtaposing the idea of beauty against the devastation that the world’s now in we see Joel’s hands trembling which he diagnoses as a hairline fracture after beating the crap out of the guy last week and trembling are of course

a sign of infection and it’s something that test later has so you can see why she questions it here when she returns they end up eating and Jill and Tess eats some crap bars I think they’re called crap bars while Stelly has a delicious chicken sandwich this was given to her by Marlene and it hints to how important she is since they’re willing to give a what would be top of the range food in the Apocalypse Now tying back to the whole bread thing it is possible that Ellie was given this because she’s immuno cordyceps

and therefore there’s no risk of her getting infected Joel and Tess have to eat those crap bars because who knows what’s in the crops though that might be me going too far interestingly though there was a live case in France had happened in the 50s that could have inspired this I’ve done a full in-depth breakdown on this in our video about how the infection started which is up on the channel now now just for the cliff notes though there was some ergot that ended up in bread and this caused severe food poisoning and hallucinations there

was a man who thought he was an airplane and he ended up jumping off a two-story balcony in episode 1 the sign is said that there could be LSD like hallucinations given and this could tie back to that now a child also attempted to strangle their own mother showing how it could affect someone’s rage all in all 250 people were affected by it and 50 of these were condemned to an asylum it’s a really interesting story and like I say I’ve done a longer video on it but the important thing to take from it is

no carbs till mobs but I’m on Atkins also I was talking about this episode with Ryan Airy bloody ryanairy and he spotted at the first line in the entry as I apologize about your lunch it brings it all together and adds to the food theme but also for primary um shut the up Ryan Airy Ellie says they’re trying to get her to an outpost out west and there’s gonna be doctors there who can help work on a cure Joel really doesn’t believe this at all and we’ll talk in our spoiler section at the end how

this setup what’s to come Tess just wants to finish the job but she’s starting to gain faith in Ellie and we can see her coming around if Ellie is indeed able to help with a cure then that would make her one of the most important people that have ever lived but it just so happens that she’s been slotted up with some let’s say Marley gray characters gel shifts a cabinet Out The Way of the door and often you drop these other ones when escaping in order to stop people or the infected coming after you speaking

of the infected I was sure I heard the sound effect of a clicker when they open up the door also if you’re enjoying the breakdowns please click on that thumbs up button and don’t forget to subscribe for deep Dives on the show every week we’ll be doing loads of videos on the series for newbies and also hardcore fans alike so you definitely don’t want to miss out thanks now speaking of the game they actually skip over a big section with the two skyscrapers I was a bit good that we didn’t get to this bit as

it’s such a major part of the game early on they also finished last week’s episode by showing a shot of it to tease what was to come and it’s one of the most memorable part of the game for me so I was a bit glad to see it cut now as we see from the skyscrapers they’d probably be impossible to climb and descent in real life due to the angle at the rat in the game he climbed at one and descended down the other during the night and this was all done to escape the federal

Camp as you made your way through you came across fresh bodies and also encountered the clickers for the first time after seeing one grown into a wall this is something that was teased out last week and one leaps out at you as you open a door and you have to navigate past them as you make your way through the structure share I’m guessing that they just wanted to have the one big clicker scene for the episode and due to the budget they probably thought that the museum later on would be the best place to do

it this too is a location that features in the game as well with a civil war display being a major part that we’ll get into now in the game you have to climb scaffolding and due to one of the skyscrapers being at an angle they do some really cool stuff with the physics eventually you make your way through a train station and what’s one of the tensest parts of the game before you finally Escape downtown which is where you swarmed by the infected this is an awesome scene and they almost grab you from behind the

shutter and I had to hand it to them I love this moment now in the show they go the longer scenic route and Ellie tours the city for the first time looking at the bombing and what the Government tried to do in order to stop the spread they hit most of the big cities like this they had to slow the spread somehow so what happened here they bombed the hell out of the surrounding areas to the quarantine zones hoping to kill as much of the infected along the way she walks past the stuffed giraffe toy

and these actually appeared throughout the game at several points they showed up in Sarah’s room on the ground and you’d often find them just lying about the place they foreshadow a big thing coming down the line and we’ll talk about it in that super spoiler section section section exclusive spoons I hear they make their way alongside a highway littered with cars and I absolutely love the look yeah really recaptures the game turning this into an urban jungle where Nature has taken over once more Ali brings up how she got bit and this happened in a

mall inside the qz this all took place in the Left Behind DLC and Ellie says that she was just in there alone which again super spoiler section at the end we’ll also be discussing some of the infected that she talks about here and I’m guessing that this is all setting up what’s coming down the line anyway after hearing the Cry of the infected they decide to head into the hotel in the show this happens much earlier than it does in the game where they’re not appearing until the Pittsburgh chapter it really managed to recapture the

look of it though with a central stairwell and flooding being present in the game you made your way behind the reception desk and could catch your Bellboy trolley similar to what we see in the show there’s also a grand piano that makes an appearance and it’s here that Gerald talks about his love for coffee Ellie asks if they’ve ever stayed in a place like this and Tess says you ever stay in a place like this uh no a little out of our league now this is a no to the line in the game when they

first enter the hotel whoa oh fancy you ever stayed a place like this before no no it’s too rich for my blood now Ellie also mentioned such you can’t swim and brought back PTSD flashbacks of all those wooden pallets floating in the water never again um just so it’s out there I can’t swim well I I don’t know how to swim seriously do you think we have pools in the QC our Tess is dead at this point in the story and I think they’ve included this bit as a nod to the game and that it’s

highly unlikely we’ll be returning here again in the show this kind of sucks as it also has another big bit with the infected but you know with the show changing some bits and adding in others we might get a payoff similar to that and they end up ascending which is when Tess climbs through a gap in order to unlock a door for them in the game you grab the ladder and navigated your way up the building which is where you encountered some Bandits there were other things that we ran into which we’ll save for later

in case they adapt it into a later part of the show either way here they use a time for some character development with Jill and Ellie being forced into an awkward conversation Joel is clearly a close book at this point and he lies about where he’s from and won’t even answer whether he and Tessa are an item it’s important to bear in mind that at this point in the story Jill’s pretty much just a shell of his former self and due to the death of Sarah he refuses to get attached to anything he knows the

pain that comes from loss and his sole focus is on just making it through the day-to-day be because of his past he also knows that surviving means you have to do awful things and thus he doesn’t really like to make alliances in case it comes to a point where it’s him or them standing in the way of tomorrow are you once more brandishes her knife and this is a weapon that she uses throughout the game now out on the hotel balcony the group look out and they see piles of infected they’re way more overpowered than

what they are in the game and we learn that they have an almost hide-like mind due to the fungus connecting them in the game if you killed a group of them that was it and you were completely safe however here even if you kill one they have the ability to reach out and call in the Cavalry the fungi work like a connected brain and from the vast strains that live underground they’re almost like telephone wires joining up the locations if one dies somewhere I can signal the others and thus the survivors are constantly on the

Run trying to get away in the show killing an infected person doesn’t mean you’re out of danger and I love this added Dimension to them now this massive pile of infected could also tine with episode 1. we of course have been with a time Jump by following a child trying to make their way to the qz they’d been with a larger group and it’s possible that these newly infected people here are where the kid broke off from now they also use the landscape to very much show the objective and where you need to head buddy

dog had some incredible level design and throughout the game you’d often see where you needed to go demonstrated by being yellow in Boston they had the Golden Dawn of the State Building constantly off in the background which is something that the show also does too I’ve never been a Boston myself but but I’ve seen the golden dome in The Departed and obviously it’s a sign of status in that movie so so yeah the bit of info there haven’t haven’t been in Boston but I’ve seen The Departed five stars on TripAdvisor now realizing they have no

other way around they go to the museum which is ripped right out of the game in there there was a wooden beam that fell blocking a doorway similar what happens later on when they get trapped the game had this separating gel from tessinelli and you had to navigate past clickers in the infected so you could catch back up to them in it you run into a civil war display a which is something that also appears in the series as well it was lined with cases that Hobbit all muskets and rifles which are another thing that

they perfectly bring across to the series it was also an officer’s uniform and this appears in the lobby as they step inside the building initially seems safe because the roots outside of rotten away but the open door signals that something else is going on they catch a staff member grown into the ground there’s also a recently killed soldier that has been ripped apart Tess is optimistic that they were attacked outside and crawled in here to die but all it does is signal that something else is in the building now for me clickers were something that

was gonna make or break this series normally in zombie stuff you tend to get your typical grunt zombies and it’s rare that it goes beyond that outside of Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead one of the big downsides of The Walking Dead is that they just kept the zombies and didn’t really Elevate things from there so you had this repetitive enemy throughout the click as though they add this new dimension and playing those encounters for the first time in a dark room with headphones on was abs absolutely terrifying if you sell much has made a

sound then they would spring out of the darkness and grab you the worst thing is is that they were one hit kills on high difficulties even opening your backpack around them could alert the clickers to your location and every encounter was as intense as a camping trip intense now I’m pleased to say that the show has managed to recapture the tense atmosphere of them and I even found myself sitting in complete silence because of how nail biting it was as they get through the door the beams collapse and even the shape of how it falls

looks like how it is in the game we see the mannequins and display cases and these add extra human shapes to the surroundings really elevating the paranoia and fear in this scene one appears behind a glass case and I kind of got flashes of the T-Rex scene in Jurassic Park where when they’re in the Jeep and the dinosaurs on the other side The Click assessed them out and it leads to a big fight with two whilst Ali crawls away out and Jill uses sound to distract them in the game you throw bottles and Bricks but

he tips over a statue in order to draw one away he’s also able to keep his flashlight on and in the game absolutely none of the infected reacted to light because the fungi just didn’t pick up on it Joel manages to reunite with Ellie but the clicker senses them after they step on broken glass you had to be really careful when navigating around them as there would often be piles on the floor that could alert them at any second anyway they managed to take them down but we later learned that Tess got bit during this

we’re not sure exactly when this happens but in the game you find her pushed up against the cabinet and have to save her which is when I’ve always thought that it happens there now as they step outside and she sits down we can also catch a blood stain on her coat this is probably where she got bear and my guess is that the clicker pulled back and then dribble the blood from his bite onto her Ali walks past a plank and this scene is pulled directly from the game after escaping the museum they have to

cross one are we getting almost identical shot to that when she makes her way across the beam Tess clearly now she’s on borrowed time too and she wants them to see the positive news in her surviving the bite rather than Joel’s Doom and Gloom and we get this line pulled directly from the game is it everything you hoped for was that everything you hope for jury’s still out Drew’s still out oh man she had another view can’t you know that for you hey let’s pick it up come on let’s get the before it’s dark a

Joe also looks longingly at his watch this brief glance at it carries a lot of meaning as it of course reminds him of Sarah Ali sort of becomes a surrogate daughter to him and it’s almost like he has a moment remembering his whole life before it all went to hell this is a really important scene as the watch of course broke when Sarah died this was very much when the World Ended as well and time stopped the Joel in the exact same second that his watch broke anyway they make their way into the building with

Joel Still suspecting Ellie might not be the real deal she has a bandage to cover her bite and in the game when you’d patch yourself up with a Medicare you could also see bandages like this over the wounds now after arriving at the State Building they see a truck full of dead Firefly soldiers and also I think it’s worth pointing out that Joel has an assault rifle for this whole episode whereas in the game I always saw him as being more of a pistol and shotgun man but moving on now on the way to the

location you came across a soldier with a firefly logo on his arm and he had a no detailing that they were gonna look after the girl inside they discovered dead and we learned that one got bit which led to everyone turning on each other Tess is in this situation too and after revealing her bite they let her handle things on her own terms Joel is actually a little bit apprehensive over this and you can see she comes towards him that he starts to step back the scenes play out really similarly to the game with his

getting a few lines of dialogue that marry each other here maybe they are maybe they hit a map or something to tell us where they were going I mean one of them’s got to have a map on them right where was this lab of theirs where did Marlene say that she was taking you Ellie she never said she only mentioned that it was someplace out west uh I don’t know just west our luck had to run out sooner or later you run out sooner or later she’s infected I Was Bitten an hour ago and it’s

already worse this is real Joel they do differentiate how a death plays out in the game and after revealing her bite we hear Federal soldiers storming the area test buys them some time to escape and she stays behind to shoot it out with them which is when he’s eventually killed here the infected are alerted with them scrambling from the area before to swarm the State Building test tips over some explosive barrels and also some grenade so that she can take them all out it’s such a tense scene watching them close in as she struggles to

spark up her ladder due to it not triggering and her hands trembling because of the infection Ted has then given the kiss of death and she drops the light air taking them all out knowing the game at this point you descended into the subway station which is where the Federer followed you until you run into some Infected they decided to cut their losses and leave and it led to you going further into the underground here though I actually like the impact and the time that they give to Tess’s death he didn’t really get a moment

to breathe originally but I just love the devastation that kind of washes over this scene Joel as always continues moving but Ellie stays still hit with a realization of just how quick things can change in this world it really is one of life and death and it speaks about their characters in the game Ali would even press Joel to talk about Tess and he’d refuse to because dwelling on it would make him face up to what happened it’s a devastating waiter and the episode with them now on the other side of the building and that

golden dumb hanging over them in the background now that takes us into the Super spoiler super duper trademark greatest of all time spoiler section exclusive exclusive if you haven’t played both games then duck out now and also please hit the thumbs up button on your way out I love you anyway there’s a couple of things in this episode that link to larger parts of the game initially when they talk about how the fireflies are working on a cure Joel says he’s heard this a thousand times before and he’s extremely skeptical over it and this could

be the show setting up why he does what he does down the line and Joel eventually gets Ellie to the fireflies but he learns that in order to make a cure that Ali has to die as he turns in a Rambo and kills all the fireflies and surgeons before they can operate on her this line here adds way to him not believing that it’s worth sacrificing her for something that might not even work and I appreciate that they added it in in this scene Joel also refuses to let her have a gun when she asks

this was mirrored in the game as well and it was only after the hotel where she saved his life that he started to begin trusting her now the draft toy was also a nice little Touch Too the end of the first game has a major scene in it in which Joel and Ali come across him and it shows that though humanity is doomed there is hope for the rest of the world Adrian Wildlife has flourished and it’s one of the most memorable moments in that first game I’m in the PlayStation classic when they’re in the

hotel they get a letter and climb up which is when they run into Bandits before making it to An Elevator Shaft here everything goes to hell and Ellie and Jola could off from each other which is when you descend into the basement into what’s one of the most scariest parts of the game I’m hoping they haven’t skipped over this section as it’s so good and in it Jill basically navigates through the basement in what’s one of the most tensest scenes of all time in these dark and Dan Carlos you run into infected and also blood

out which Ali touched upon earlier in the episode she asked if rumors about the ones that threw toxic gas at people were true and this is a reference to the giant infected that you run into in the game the longer someone is infected the longer they mutate and in the last of us too you come across the Rat King in the basement of a hospital this was Ground Zero for where it all went down and on the day kicked off they destroyed the stairwells and ended up locking the doors thus he’d been down there for

about roughly 25 years it was completely incredible how messed up he got now they also have some neat little nods to The Last of Us Part Two but the Flies went beyond appearing in episode 1 and we could also see one on Joel’s guitar and Ellie even got one as a tattoo huge United ebony Maldonado for pawning at the shirt lus in the second game is also the one that Joel’s wearing throughout these episodes now lastly we have mention of Bill and Frank and in the game this was the next location where Joel and Ali

went to we discovered that Frank had left Bill and that he’d made his way to part of the town that bill refused to venture to over he did in order to help Joel and Ellie and they went on to his school to get a military truck battery this was in there but they kept pushing through and eventually found Frank’s Body which is when they learned that he’d taken it Frank had been bitten so he’d taken his own life it was pretty heartbreaking for Belle even if he didn’t show it a judging by the trailers it

looks like they’re changing things for next time and will of course be back for that so make sure you stay locked in as for my thoughts on the episode I think it was handled really well and these two entries have been the best video game adaptations that I’ve ever seen they nailed a tone and aesthetic of the game and every character is really knocking it out of the park in terms of their delivery and actions plus the clickers were great too and I love this track through the landscape of an overgrown Boston that was full

of danger now I kind of wish they’d done the skyscruber bit in live action but I can understand why that probably wasn’t achievable without completely blowing the budget there’s also the hotel as well which I hope wasn’t the only time that it’ll appear in the series because both these locations had major moments with the fact that I think would translate so well to the show after seeing how they handle the clickers I was blown away by it and I hope we get those bits here fingers crossed we do now obviously I would love to hear

your thoughts on the show so make sure you comment below and let me know if you want something else to watch we’ve got a video linked on screen right now and if you’re watching this right after the show then I appreciate you staying up late with me and I hope to see you on the next one you have a great week more Last of Us stuff coming and also take care of yourself I’ll see you next time peace questions foreign

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