The Most Atrocious Anti-Abortion Propaganda Movie

sponsored by Ridge alright folks this one might get a little bit controversial so here’s your chance to get out now but I do love me a good dose of Controversy whole sure boy I do get it right up my nose right this very second potentially speedrunning the death of my Channel with this one but here we go big thanks to my patrons and YouTube channel members for helping me make videos more information on how you can support and the benefits of doing so at the end also join the fun abortion which is the deliberate termination

of a pregnancy is one of the most divisive and emotionally charged issues facing mankind perhaps a close second to the great Barbie Heimer controversy and for good reason there are good and bad arguments on either side and huge Stakes involved so people are rightfully passionate and like with other hot button issues that we’ve seen in movies that I’ve covered before on this channel it’s inevitable that people will make movies to convey their views on abortion and persuade others to their cause but there’s a difference between on the one hand making a movie that has a

message but treats its subject matter with the Nuance sensitivity and respect that it deserves as well as making the movie entertaining and narratively satisfying and then on the other hand making straight

up propaganda of the kind that would make Joseph Goebbels blush which is what we have with 2019’s unplanned which first of all terrible name it should have been called aborted and then been aborted like the most insufferable kind of movies unplanned is a work of political propaganda in orbit name one which needs to be destroyed with facts and Lodge trick so I’m going to

slap this movie until it’s rather than a CCP rally based on the 2011 Memoir of the same name by Abby Johnson it purports to tell the story of how Johnson went from being a clinic director for Planned Parenthood and American reproductive Health Organization and that country’s biggest abortion provider to being an anti-abortion activist I say purports because saying the movie is based on a true story might as well be false advertising I think Braveheart might be more accurate and this is me talking this video was originally just one part of a larger video on bad

anti-abortion movies because believe it or not there’s more than a few of them I mean one is too many but anti-abortion movies and bad quality seem to go together like earlier YouTubers and apology videos but while I was researching on planned I ended up going down a deep rabbit hole and it turns out that there’s a whole lot more to this story than meets the eye and as this section grew larger and larger eventually just made more sense to make this its own video so stay tuned for the bigger longer and thicker video after this

one oh although Baldur’s Gate 3 did just come out recently so you can probably expect that video sometime in 2025 I just want to say before we go any further that if you’re watching this and you’re against abortion I disagree with you but it’s fine but I’m not going to be holding back and coming at this from the pro-choice perspective so if you have an issue with that and you’re unwilling to look at this film critically here’s your chance to bail out and go play with Lego or something but before you shatter your fingers on

the keyboard telling me how horrible of a person I am my main thrust in this video is going to be that if you’re going to make a case you should make it well and we should all have the Integrity to reject something this bad even if it supports our point of view now the first thing to say about unplanned is that it was made by a company called solido Gloria which translates to glory to God alone and was distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment now called Pinnacle Peak pictures and Evangelical Christian Media company I won’t go

into details about pureflex right now but go check out cynic snacks video on them to see the level of high quality content they offer The Godly crowd as far as pureflex Productions go unplanned isn’t the worst I’ve seen It’s relatively on par with their other notable offerings but that’s like comparing hemorrhoids this movie apparently costs 6 million dollars to make but you wouldn’t know that the cinematography and editing are all very flat and boring the quality of the voiceover is awful whatever environment they recorded in or post-processing they applied it wasn’t correct to call our

marriage a fiasco would be an insult to fiascos there’s also problems with Reverb and bad soundproofing none whatsoever that’s a concern for a lot of women and to be honest it was a concern for me too and listen to this glaring error that they left in have you ever seen have you ever have you ever the music is what you’d expect from a generic Christian TV movie which is to say generic and there’s some really weird use of green screening like why is he lit so differently between these two shots it looks so strange and

why did they green screen this poster on why not just put up a real poster for a day you cheap bastards in fact nothing about this shot makes any sense is this the amazing bulk the movie is meant to take place in or before 2009 but you wouldn’t know that from the settings hairstyles clothing and so forth which looked straight out of 2019 and I’m not giving them the benefit of the doubt that it was a stylistic choice and it’s full of melodramatic Community Theater acting and the film can’t be said to be even remotely

entertaining although there were a few times I burst out laughing from how ridiculous it was share all those shoes are amazing I know thank you oh okay and there’s a scene where her husband just psychically knows that she’s pregnant somehow babe are you sure you’re not pregnant no I am not pregnant okay like what with the production aspects aren’t really what’s interesting the spicy material comes from what the film is trying to say and how it tries to say it unplanned is by far the most egregious and outrageous piece of propaganda I’ve looked at on

this channel nothing even comes close to how biased manipulative and untrustworthy this film is nice argument Senator why don’t you back it up with a source my sources that I made it the up tellingly the directors and writers for unplanned are the same high IQ gentleman who wrote and directed most of the Gods Not Dead movies sometimes foreshadowing is relatively obvious if you already know what those movies are you know exactly what’s in store but for those who don’t here’s a quick recap so we’re all on the same page the God’s Not Dead series are

works of Evangelical Christian polemic that seek to defend that Faith from criticism demonize its opponents and feed into a fundamentalist Christian persecution fetish if we sit by and do nothing the pressure that we’re feeling today will mean persecution tomorrow we’re at War so in the first movie alone you’ve got atheists of bitter and selfish liberal critics of religion and lonely and depressed Muslims are repressed and Christianity is the answer Godless philosophy professors are out to get the good Christian students and Defending Your Faith with arguments when you’re going to keep believing regardless of the arguments

is more important than maintaining a long-term relationship it employs absurd caricatures Straw Men ad hominem claims and philosophical arguments that even a first-year student could wipe their ass with no but with no God there’s no real reason to be moral I mean there’s not even a standard of what moral behavior is man I am this close to cracking out of Fedora but for once I have too much self-esteem okay this is the movie in a nutshell right the atheist Professor is only an unbeliever because he’s angry at God not for any other legitimate reason then

at the end of the movie he gets hit by a car and dies but it’s okay the film says because he accepted God right before he snuffs it I could not believe they ended the movie this way what the action wolf what happened here tonight is a cause for celebration pain yes for just a few moments but now think about the joy in heaven that is some wholesome family entertainment all right I’m probably gonna do a deep dive into the God’s Not Dead series in the near future but this should give you an idea of

the kind of rigorous intellectualism and dedication to the truth we can expect from unplanned here’s a few more warning signs for you many Distributors refuse to have anything to do with the movie due to its subject matter and it had problems licensing music among the tracks they wanted were the phrase How to Save a Life One Direction’s Story of my life which in my opinion warrants immediate execution but we live in a society unfortunately and Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want to Have Fun which I’m not gonna lie would have been unironically hilarious to hear over

an abortion scene the artist refused permission because they understandably didn’t want to be associated with this propaganda crap but of course the filmmakers blamed it on intolerance go figure in any case this explains the ear bleedingly Bland Christian anthems everyone involved with the project had to sign confidentiality agreements and details of the movie were kept hidden from the public so as not to attract protests from abortion rights activists which is hilariously ironic given that the movie prominently features anti-abortion activists who regularly protest outside of an abortion clinic a common tactic of the movement if you

can’t take it don’t dish it out pureflix also chose not to screen the movie for critics presumably in order to avoid negative reviews and press and one of the executive producers of the movie was the disgraced my pillow CEO Mike Lindell yeah that douche nozzle he even has a cameo as the bulldozer driver who gets to demolish the Clinic’s sign at the end how’s that treason working out for you mate and as if all that wasn’t enough the authenticity of Johnson’s story has been called into question and details of her account of events have been

heavily disputed it turns out her story is shakier than a Parkinson’s patient on cocaine it makes more sense to talk about that once we’ve seen what the film has to offer but for now I’ll just say that there’s enough reason to believe that large parts of her narrative and the films are total nonsense for legal purposes everything I’m about to say is either alleged just my opinion or the opinion of others so no lawsuit yeah and Johnson herself is no saint having continued to make questionable statements after publishing her book such as saying the police

would be smart if they racially profiled her next race son statistically my Brown son is more likely to commit a violent offense over my white sons okay so the fact that in his head he would be more careful around my Brown son than my white son that doesn’t actually make me angry that makes that police officer smart because of statistics advocating for each household only getting one vote and giving the husband the final say and saying that Christians have a moral obligation to reject covered vaccines because of their potential links to abortions as well as

indulging in other examples of right-wing brain rot she’s also homophobic transphobic doesn’t believe in birth control and seems to not allow for an abortion even in the case of an ectopic pregnancy an attitude which has led to women dying because doctors refuse to perform a necessary life-saving abortion so yeah that’s what we’re dealing with her that’s already more red flags than a crypto bro on Tinder but it gets worse when we get into the nitty-gritty details of the movie itself now there are some parts of the movie that are definitely not safe for YouTube but

we still kind of need to talk about them so what I’ll do is I’ll upload those scenes as a clip compilation on the second channel so you can go watch them there and then come back to this video I’ll link it in the description I’m gonna try to get this video monetized but let’s be real given the subject matter I’ve probably got a better chance of getting pregnant myself speaking from experience of course so if you do enjoy it consider Trucking me a dollar on patreon or something otherwise I might have to explore other options

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below oh boy no not that one click the link in the description and pin comment to pick up your own Rich wallet and Jack your swag and thanks to Ridge for sponsoring all right let’s do this the movie opens by showing her perfect family life her daughter is even carrying a baby doll for Christ’s sake the onsettle imagery starts early and it never lets up it’s 2009 and Johnson is the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in the city of Bryan Texas having worked for the organization for eight years I’ve been asked a thousand times

were you really so gullible were you really so ambivalent so naive so foolish so you get the picture my answer yes which is a pretty fair question like you’ve been there that long and you’ve never had a problem with abortions so what changed well today is the day of her great Revelation for she gets called to help with an abortion of a 13 week old fetus which is odd that she’s even being asked to do that and if it’s a thing how has she not done it before this point it’s the movie’s most gory scene

so watch it on the second Channel if you want in fact this scene is why unplanned as pure flix’s first R-rated movie which of course certain people complained about predictably this abortion is meant to be horrific and is the Catalyst for Johnson’s conversion to the pro-life cause as well as being the hook to reel the audience in early on except that it’s about as manipulative as the rest of the film is going to be for instance the fetus is shown to be larger than it actually would be and is shown squirming and struggling to survive

when in reality there’s no evidence to show that happens and no evidence that fetus is at this stage can react to or even feel pain it’s meant to be horrible but it becomes intentionally funny due to the ridiculous looking CGI the ultrasound from Son of the Mask looks more realistic and then there’s this sound effect but if they actually depicted a safe abortion how it actually happens the movie wouldn’t have its desired effect so they have to resort to these bad faith tactics like showing the staff to be utterly callous beaming up Scotty and we’ll

see this approach demonstrated throughout the rest of the run time we then flash back eight years to Abby’s time as a college student she still looks like 30 though she signs up to volunteer with Planned Parenthood despite coming from a pro-life family this is because their Advocate tells her that their aim is to support women and provide reproductive Health Care thus leading to fewer abortions overall which is true that is what actually happens but remember according to the movie these are the bad guys hard to believe that there’s still some people out there that want

to tell us what we can and can’t do with our body on her first day volunteering as an escort for women coming into the clinic she’s confronted with an angry protest why do they all think that the women come in and are having abortions you do offer other services right not on Saturday on Saturdays we only do abortions and they know that yeah I’m gonna press extra doubt on that one my dudette but the reason the movie does this is so that it doesn’t have to deal with the very real phenomena of women being harassed

at these clinics who were there to get Services completely unrelated to abortion but there can be no room for ambiguity Nuance or realism in this story nothing that distracts from the message on a related note they don’t shy away from making the more vocal anti-abortion protesters look bad they’re obnoxious slut-shamy all the stereotypical things you’d expect as in real life they’re the kind of people who should never have to worry about breeding in the first place you’re still gonna be a baby killer all right look at me and keep walking and all this because you

couldn’t keep your legs closed but the reason the film does this is to contrast them with the peaceful protesters who are part of an organization called the Coalition for life they may be more polite but they ultimately want the same thing but at least we’re not those am I right is essentially what the movie is trying to say we’re here to help them by dressing up in costumes and showing them horrible pictures to scare them in what world would a woman run to someone dressed like the Grim Reaper for help with her Crisis Pregnancy I

am with the Coalition for life and they’re not so we can ask them to stop and we do but we can’t force them to do anything so for what it’s worth I think you’re right Abby apart from Guy Fieri and gang every single pro-life person in this movie is portrayed as a walking Saint patient understanding and utterly Flawless this includes her parents who disapprove of her career but tolerate it with barely a complaint and her future husband who still marries her regardless of his moral objections to her career I mean to each their own right

but this seems like a fundamental incompatibility of values to me and in contrast to our perfect pro-life Paragons the movie is so blatant in its attempts to smear Planned Parenthood in their employees that it circles back around to being absurdly funny the access code is 2229 I am awful at remembering those oh it’s easy as well as baby the door access code spells baby are you actually for real especially the Coalition for Life they’re like vultures their office is right up the street and their whole purpose is to turn the community against us and to

try to shut us down the staff get mad when a peaceful demonstrator talks to one of their clients even chasing them away with sprinklers and phoning the police even Abby berates one of the peaceful protesters after her shift who is calm compassionate and reasonable in response Abby you do know that they perform abortions here right oh you bet your ass we do at this point we flash back another two years to the time when she herself had an abortion and again she looks about the same age she’s on a table and it’s a very uncomfortable

experience I’m not sure how it was then but nowadays at this stage in a pregnancy an abortion is done with just a pill and the overwhelming majority of abortions happen within this period this may have been Johnson’s experience but in terms of representing current practice it’s about as accurate as William Wallace getting his out oh but just to hammer the point home they make the aftermath of her procedure look like a concentration camp what kind of dystopian is this she gets married to her shitty boyfriend but because he’s shitty she divorces his ass then she

finds out that she’s pregnant and not wanting to be connected to this awful man forever which is perfectly Fair she has another abortion This Time by the aforementioned pill it seemed more private less invasive more natural but they make even this simplest method look as scary as they can there would be a little bit of pain cramps and blood but she has the Niagara Falls of periods her bath looks like the beaches of Normandy although the discharge looks more like beetroot than anything else yeah that’s subtle she then suffers eight weeks of blood clots and

cramps which is completely ridiculous but the clinic tells her that’s normal which is a lie but the obvious message is that the clinic staff deliberately lied to her to get her to pay for the pill again they’re not exactly being subtle with it so I handed over 400 have a nice day despite this she returns to the clinic and becomes a promoter and eventually an advisor portrays a willing participant in this deception and you can’t feel any pain none whatsoever that’s a concern for a lot of women and to be honest it was a concern

for me too but the one thing that all experts agree on is that at this stage the fetus can’t feel anything which again is actually true but the movie depicts it as a lie she has an argument with her pro-life family and gives pretty bad reasonings when she’s confronted with a Counterpoint she’s unable to respond viability keeps changing his medical science improves are you saying it’s a measure of what’s moral or immoral changes is Medical Science advances what I’m saying is that I’m not going to apologize for doing a job that helps women irrefutable when

really it’s because they can’t handle dealing with good arguments and so just like in God’s Not Dead they have to make their opponents look stupid and irrational which is why they also make the clinic staff obnoxious disrespectful and suffering from cognitive dissonance I’m Catholic and on Sunday I heard a sermon about abortion I don’t care what anyone says I know that I’m doing God’s work here they’re also disrespectful to the religious protesters we’re just doing this a simple campaign we’re trying to get people to pray for an end to abortion for the next like 40

days and I said 40 days like Noah in the flood 40 days and notice how heroic the protesters are made to look in contrast how many doors is he knocking on try and guess you can’t 25 000. where yeah everywhere everywhere how is that even possible what does that even mean you think he’s lying no the kid like that didn’t know how to lie that’s true pro-lifers are so serious the staff also employed dark humor which is a common coping mechanism in many professions that involve grisly work but the film interprets this to means something

much darker do you know what POC stands for products of conception pieces of children someone somewhere just got an idea for their band gnome oh but it gets better the clinic has what’s called a POC room and no it’s not a room where they keep black people get your head out of the gutter it actually stands for products of conception which is apparently a room in which the aborted fetuses are reassembled to check for missing parts to make sure there are none left inside the patient uh what yeah this doesn’t make any sense and that’s

not how that works they’re not a Lego set I wasn’t able to find any evidence that these rooms exist in the way this film describes aside from pro-life sources which are obviously biased so take that for what it’s worth but anyway her boss calls her in there to look at an aborted fetus again it looks far too defined for the stage the fetus is supposed to be and it shouldn’t be that color but if they show the ones that look like dolphins it doesn’t pull on the heartstrings because Abby doesn’t cry at the sight of

the fetus her boss takes that as a sign that she’s ready to be a leader the implication here is so obvious that it’s not even implied anymore that’s how I know you’re the one I’m sorry you you knew she was what speaking of which her boss is a complete and utter sociopath she’s like the Cruella De Ville of fetuses when Abby gets pregnant again this is her response you know I could take care of that for you if you’d like when she decides to keep it her boss tries to pressure her into getting an abortion

and then she says this don’t you think it’ll make women uncomfortable once I start the show no if anything it will encourage them to abort this is cartoon levels of evil like what the I’m not gonna lie though I kind of wanted to tell me how worthless I am while stepping on my uh what a father and daughter come in and it’s very heavily implied that the father is pressuring her to get this abortion that it isn’t really her decision Abby then also pressures her and Promises her that everything will be okay but this is

propaganda we’re watching so what do you think happens they let her walk out into that Dachau reminiscent waiting room even though she’s heavily bleeding this is followed by another gruesome scene where she threatens to bleed out when the doctors struggle to stabilize her because they can’t just oppose abortion on principle they have to make it look as bad as possible but this is what happens when you perform an abortion in a back alley with a coat hanger not in a safe and regulated clinic in those circumstances it’s actually one of the safest medical procedures you

can have with childbirth being statistically 14 times more dangerous so this scene ends up accidentally support legal and safe abortion Whoopsie Daisy her boss stops them from calling an ambulance because it would make them look bad and then they drug her so that she doesn’t remember anything could you imagine the lawsuits if they actually did stuff like this though if you’re going to run this Clinic one day I need to trust that you’re not going to panic at the sight of a little blood Abby’s clearly upset and uncomfortable but she wants that promotion so she

lies to the dad to make it seem like everything’s okay I want to reiterate this because it’s important this girl was 14 times more likely to die from carrying that conception to term and giving birth than from a procedure like this suddenly this propaganda doesn’t seem quite so effective but let’s not let the truth get in the way of a good story eh and after it’s all over they throw her a baby shower in the clinic it’s meant to come across like they’re dancing on a grave but it’s actually pretty based and it’s meant to

seem like hypocrisy but the fundamental difference is that she wants to carry her pregnancy to term and the women who get abortions don’t is there any greater blessing than a new baby it’s okay and I agree in the right circumstances sure some women do get pressured to have abortions but that’s not a good reason to take the right away from everyone else as the film seems to think so Abby gives birth to her daughter and becomes the director of the clinic her family is now even less happy about her choice of career since as the

clinic director she’ll be responsible for the abortions you’re asking God to show his will by stopping something that you’ve already set in motion why not he’s God he can intervene if I get the job I’ll know that it’s his will for me to run the clinic whatever you say Hon she confronts some protesters who are filming as there’s a woman circling the block because she doesn’t want to be filmed which is fair enough because filming someone when they’re trying to have a sensitive medical procedure is up however much they try to justify it by self-defense

in fact the real life protesters were alleged to have used the license plate numbers of cars visiting the clinic to find the home addresses of patients and employees so that they could send them angry messages the film then unironically Compares abortion to slavery segregation and the Holocaust a common feature of pro-life rhetoric you’ve just cited three examples of Injustice slavery segregation and the Holocaust that can only occur when a whole segment of the population is dehumanized and that’s exactly what Planned Parenthood does to The Unborn and of course the film has Abby being unable to

offer a response because this is meant to be a mic drop moment except the early stage fetuses are no more people warranting rights than a fingernail or a severed foot and to compare this situation to the Holocaust is a massive insult and once again the protester has remain saintly even after Abby uses the sprinklers to disperse them what are you smiling about you gotta give her this she got us to move the camera Abby continues to run the clinic and they make it look like her job was to actively sell abortions using used car salesman

pressure tactics part of my job as Clinic director was selling abortions and I was really good at it choosing a way it’s going to cost you an additional 250 dollars so is there any reason that we shouldn’t go ahead and schedule your appointment today which isn’t what Planned Parenthood does and even if it was that’s only an argument against for-profit Health Care not abortion a woman brings her kid to the clinic uh I think you might be a little bit late on that one she’s made to seem cold and uncaring while her distraught family screams

and prays outside for hours you know it seems like you have a lot of support from your family if you decided to keep the baby that’s just my mom’s how she is trust me I’m fine the movie has so far tried to frame abortion as something that women only get because they’re scared and have no other options so that Abby feels like she’s helping women by supporting abortion only to then say that’s not true that some women get them for quote convenience and that therefore none should be allowed to get them at all fine how

could she be fine I was deeply shaken by what I’d just seen because it’s her choice whether she wants to be pregnant or not not her families it’s not that difficult and it’s staggering that she’s seemingly so bewildered that a woman would just choose not to be pregnant anymore with no other external factors affecting her decision her level of delusion defies belief prompted by this Abby decides to look at the ultrasound from her first abortion which she didn’t do at the time four years later she continues to work at the clinic because she correctly thinks

it will lead to fewer unwanted pregnancies overall in fact she’s so dedicated to her patients that she arranges double the amount of abortions in one day to help them out during a hurricane complete with a montage again it’s meant to show how dedicated and passionate Abby is to helping women but is in fact tragically misguided and deeply immersed in a horrible practice with quite literal blood on her shoes are you kidding me she even wins planned parenthood’s employee of the year award because her Clinic is always hitting its targets which did actually happen they then

unveil a new planned building what is this an abortion clinic for ants how are they supposed to get abortions if they can’t even fit inside the building allowing us to perform procedures all the way to 24 weeks that doesn’t make any sense you don’t need a huge Advance dedicated building to do that and surely that’s more up to what the legally defined limit is but we gotta have that Death Star for fetuses the boss sets them growth targets and wants them to do double the amount of abortions which again is not how that works at

all Abby of course objects well it’s just that abortion has never been my main priority so if our stated goal is to decrease the number of abortions by reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies then why are we being asked to double our abortion count the film is saying that Planned Parenthood is lying about its stated Mission and is pushing more abortions in order to make more money a common criticism from pro-life groups and then her boss gets the big mad we are provider fast food outlets look to break even the hamburgers they sell do you

know how they make their money on the french fries and the soda the low-cost high margin items abortion is our fries and soda abortion is what pays your salary it pays for your matching 401K your four weeks vacation your ample sick time abortion abortion is what pays for all of it for you and your family this is such a ridiculous claim to make when abortions make up only about four percent of all Planned Parenthood Services the other 96 the film barely pays an ellipse service too but we’re a non-profit organization non-profit is a tax status

not a business model if they wanted to make money in the medical industry they’re a far more profitable and less Troublesome ways of doing so and again can you imagine how many ridiculously expensive lawsuits they would get hammered with if they actually acted this way she then has an argument with her husband which is basically the movie saying well you were doing this stuff all along why do you only have a problem with it now they also talk about late term abortions and how much more difficult and morally dubious they are but this is the

film’s way of asserting that there’s basically no difference actually there is a difference and less than one percent of abortions in the U.S happened after 24 weeks so you can’t use this as an argument to eliminate abortions completely her husband takes her out for a much needed break only for them to see a news report about a real life abortion Doctor Who is murdered by a terrorist for performing late-term abortions the explicit message is that Abby is now in danger because of that aforementioned new clinic but the actual implication is that you shouldn’t provide abortions

at all because you might be murdered yourself not that this murder was bad Abby’s boss gets her reprimanded for being combative while the protesters pray over a vat of aborted fetuses I understand why they’re doing this but it makes them look really weird I’m sorry and then Abby Witnesses the procedure from the beginning of the movie which causes her crisis of conscience so she goes to see the Coalition for life in order to jump ship don’t tell anyone that you’re done with Planned Parenthood don’t underestimate the repercussions of this you got to be careful they

make it seem like there are massive repercussions for going over to their side but it isn’t the anti-abortion campaigners that are getting harassed and murdered as the film itself tells us so she leaves Planned Parenthood and becomes an anti-abortion activist and starts spouting all the stuff that the film has been spouting at us thus far and anytime that you are out there my inertia rate climbed seriously it wasn’t just us though planned parenthood’s own statistics show that if someone’s praying outside the clinic it can go as high as 75 percent when women see you praying

they just suddenly decide not to show up and they Circle the parking lot and never come in yeah because they don’t want to be shamed and harassed you dip you should know this she starts trying to dissuade women from going to the clinic let me tell you what’s going to happen if you go in that door the first thing they’re going to do is give you an ultrasound but they’re not going to let you see it why not because they don’t want you to see your baby okay well that just sounds like a lie and

then why do they do the ultrasound because the ultrasound determines the size of the fetus and the size of the fetus the skull in particular is what determines the price they’re going to charge you again this just sounds like total and given how much they’ve misrepresented already I’m not inclined to believe it so just to clarify the movie has gone from claiming that she emotionally manipulated women into getting abortions to her now actually emotionally manipulating women into not getting abortions because I understand better than anyone that inside that building they don’t offer solutions they only

offer abortions and if you go through that door you will not come out the same person because you can’t her former boss comes out and threatens her you’ve become a traitor Abby some of us are still loyal to the cause some of us still believe in protecting a woman’s right to choose and those of us who do we are part of a billion dollar Corporation so congratulations you’ve managed to make an enemy of one of the most powerful organizations on the planet I’m sorry were the writers on crack Planned Parenthood is constantly under attack and

in danger of being defunded they’re nowhere near even placing within the top 50 largest companies in the world only a paranoid nut job would believe this have you ever seen the names of our donors Soros Gates Buffett that’s who we have oh there it is just to clarify those three billionaires are often the subject of insane right-wing conspiracy theories so they’re being name dropped in this film is not a coincidence this wasn’t in Johnson’s book they made it up for the film and that’s extremely telling she then gets sued by Planned Parenthood for spreading confidential

information which would harm the company which is pretty funny considering how much they’re misrepresenting in this movie there’s a lawsuit from Planned Parenthood plus a restraining order to keep us from saying anything public yours will probably arrive on Monday as far as I can tell they did file a temporary injunction or restraining order against her because they were worried that she would spread confidential information that would harm their employees and clients you don’t know these people like I know them Planned Parenthood will go to any links to destroy someone that they see as a threat

again this is just paranoid nonsense they don’t have the time or money to waste on doing this and they wouldn’t do it even if they had but we have to round off the movie with a trial to show her as the underdog fighting against the massive Corporation with hordes of lawyers even her old friends at the clinic testify against her at two brute and after all that they don’t even bother to show the hearing itself they do show the mother running out of the courtroom crying of Happiness though it’s actually kind of funny this isn’t

over uh sure it is did you you’re not paying attention Abby did get what she deserved and so did you and I’m the one who gave it to you easy as hell but he’s the closest thing to entertainment this movie has so I’ll let it slide and then at the end of the film The Clinic gets shot down while she and the protesters celebrate and the target audience gets its feel-good ending Planned Parenthood of Brian Texas shed its doors for the final time on August 1st 2013. it only took the movie a grand total of

an hour and 40 minutes to establish what year it takes place in I’m sorry that I did it like for you but I know but someday I’ll meet you both in heaven well that reunion is going to be really awkward one for each of my own unborn children who I decided to sacrifice on the altar of convenience and I know I’m not the only one who’s made that mistake oh off now you’ve taken away the choice from all the women in that area who will now be forced to carry their pregnancies to term regardless of

their circumstances and level of support oh you’re a 12 year old disabled girl who was weinsteined and impregnated by her dad oh you better believe it’s a hard knock life kiddo oh and there’s a demonstratable link between the closing of these clinics and an increase in female mortality rates but their pro-life guys it’s okay they’re pro-life it’s okay oh yeah we could have figured that one out by ourselves you you didn’t need to tell us you still alive still sober God I envy you remember how I said that Johnson’s account had been called into question

well now that we’ve gone over The Narrative of the movie it’s time to properly explore the Deets I’m about to spill so much tea that here in England it’s considered a war crime there’s going to be a fair bit of reading from and paraphrasing articles so just bear with me because this stuff is kind of necessary so put your grasses on and nothing will be wrong hopefully some of you will get that reference a few journalists did a bit of digging after Johnson’s story came out and discovered that things might not be as they seem

I often find that people don’t like my answers that’s understandable because my story isn’t a neat and tidy one and it doesn’t come wrapped up in a pretty red bow I’m not going to go through every single piece of information on every back and forth that’s presented in these articles because I only have so much time so read them for yourself and make up your own mind I’ll link them all below her motivation is the Central and most important aspect of her story she paints herself as a repentant Christian who left Planned Parenthood and became

a pro-life activist because she realized the horrors of abortion well it turns out that that might not actually be the case many details of Johnson’s story and the various claims she’s made simply don’t add up in fact her great Road to Damascus moment might never have happened at all Johnson claimed that on September 26 2009 she witnessed an abortion via ultrasound performed on a 13 week old fetus which convinced her to convert and resign she claimed that when I saw that baby fighting for its life I couldn’t deny it anymore I had a conversion in

my heart a spiritual conversion we’ve already debunked the fighting for its life thing so I won’t repeat it here in an interview with Nate blakesley of the Texas monthly she was vague in describing the patient but stated that she was black but according to the Clinic’s medical records the only black woman who had an abortion that day was six weeks pregnant not 13 and none of that day’s patients were more than 10 weeks along at that stage of pregnancy there would be no medical need for an ultrasound in fact Planned Parenthood claimed that their records

showed no ultrasound guided abortions on that day at all the only other day with any other surgical abortions during that month was September 12th so there’s no chance she got the date wrong and the physician who worked at the clinic stated that on that day he had not used an ultrasound nor did Johnson assist in any procedures hmm very curious Johnson claimed that Planned Parenthood could have and pretty much implied that they did falsify these records in order to discredit her which admittedly is possible but in this 2019 article she wrote Defending her story she

claims that one reason she knows the documents are false is because filling out the required forms was part of her job however in the interview 10 years earlier she claimed that she’d never even heard of this required form and that it was someone else’s job to compile that data that’s a pretty big talking discrepancy Abby and far from having a breakdown from seeing this kind of procedure she was apparently happy to have done so according to her friend and colleague Laura kamenzak this could be referring to an ultrasound abortion that happened on a different day

otherwise kamenzak’s story seems to conflict with what Planned Parenthood said either way there’s cause for doubt and in contrast to the film Johnson did not walk immediately into the offices of the Coalition for life but didn’t do so until October 5th a full nine days after she claimed to have witnessed the procedure on September 27th the day after this supposed incident Johnson appeared on a public radio program called fair and feminist in which she passionately defended the clinic condemned the protesters and even talked about receiving death threats from them something she discussed alongside other forms

of harassment in a different radio interview one week prior and which the film itself neglects to mention she even referred to the 40 Days for Life campaign as 40 days of harassment unfortunately these episodes have either gone offline or won’t play for whatever reason and I couldn’t find another archive so we have to go off second-hand information here I’m sorry but these don’t strike me as the actions of someone who had a dramatic change of heart after an eye-opening experience furthermore Johnson claimed that she was disciplined because she wouldn’t go along with her boss’s demands

to increase the number of abortions at the clinic but also admitted that she had no evidence to support this thank you prove it we again have to go back to the figures which at the time show that abortions were only about three percent of all the services provided by Planned Parenthood something Johnson herself admitted in one of the aforementioned radio interviews and has since tried to dispute she claimed that they had to increase the number of abortions by making abortions available every day of the week not just every other Saturday while abortions did begin to

be offered every day and the number of abortions did increase that was because of the increased availability of the abortion pill and was a direct result of patient demand not Planned Parenthood just wanting to make more money Johnson claimed that the clinic had increased access to abortion pills because they needed to make more money after the 2008 recession hurt their bottom line three hurricanes in four years have emptied our cash reserves so take note but Planned Parenthood had started doing this in 2005 years before the recession Johnson also tried to claim that while most services

at Planned Parenthood were provided by a non-profit Corporation the abortions were done by a for-profit corporation which is simply not true and doesn’t make any sense Johnson was indeed called to Houston to meet with her superiors as the film depicts but this happened on October 2nd a whole six days are after the incident not immediately before as in the movie and it was three days after this that she went to the Coalition for life and in the resignation letter she sent a Planned Parenthood the following day she apparently didn’t say anything about her Epiphany which

by itself doesn’t mean anything there are good reasons not to tell your employer everything on your way out but viewed in connection with other details it doesn’t support her story I don’t know this just seems a bit Saucy bucker to me for confidentiality reasons Planned Parenthood didn’t specify why Johnson was disciplined but they did deny there had anything to do with any disagreements over abortion numbers according to kamenzak the real reason Johnson left was because of workplace drama yeah sister spill the tea spill the tea the two had been exchanging emails containing inappropriate discussion of

their subordinate employees and graphic details of kamenzak’s sex life I’m going to choose to believe that this is how it went down smells like vagina in here excuse me smells like fresh vagina in here are you talking about my vagina Maybe as a result kamenzak was fired and Johnson put on a performance Improvement plan Johnson felt resentment over how she’d been treated and Under Pressure about being disciplined which is why she resigned cameronzak also claims that Johnson had told her that she was having money problems was discussing bankruptcy and that Sean Carney the executive director

of Coalition for Life had promised her thousands of dollars worth of speaking opportunities the host of the aforementioned fair and feminist podcast who also volunteered at Planned Parenthood shared a similar story about Johnson discussing bankruptcy kaminsack thus claimed that Johnson was a disgruntled employee who was getting back at her boss and though her decision to join Coalition for life was completely opportunistic Johnson of course denied all this but admitted that she’d been paying her rent with speaking gigs and had more lined up these stories are of course hearsay but they’re no more unreliable than Johnson’s

claims about why she left the clinic it should also be noted that as kamenzak had been fired by Planned Parenthood she had no reason to defend them and since she was such close friends with Johnson seemingly no reason to smear her although of course that is a possibility and on the day that Johnson quit this is what she wrote on Facebook all right here’s the deal I’ve been doing the work of two full-time people for two years then after I’ve been working my whole big bottle for them and prioritizing that company other than my family

my friends and pretty much everything else in my life they have the nerve to tell me that my job performance is slippery what that is crazy anyone that knows me knows how committed I was to that job they obviously do not value me at all so I’m out and I feel really great about it why do I sound like Mickey Mouse these are legitimate reasons to leave a job and she may well have been overworked but if her leaving was really due to an epiphany about abortion there’s no evidence of it here in the interview

with Blakeslee Johnson said that the post was a cover story which might have made sense if it weren’t for the timing of everything Johnson apparently also tried to claim that there had never been any threats of violence against the Bryan Clinic except that not only did she talked about threats in radio interviews not long before but she had herself received threatening letters that she took so seriously that she had security cameras installed at her house she also said that the FBI thought that the threats probably came from the clinic staff themselves a pretty wild accusation

which is not elaborated on and that her statements to the contrary in interviews were her lying as part of her job to make the Clinic seemed like the victims which I mean call me cynical right but don’t believe it I don’t believe it for a second as for the court case according to planned parenthood’s restraining order she was allegedly seen removing items from the health center and copying confidential files and had allegedly passed confidential personal information to the Coalition for Life something that Johnson denied they stated that they fear that if Johnson revealed any information

about their employees clients or service providers those people would be subject to protests harassment and possible physical violence something Johnson would have been well aware of and one of her former colleagues testified that on the day that Johnson quit she told two young co-workers that the Coalition for life could also get them jobs as long as they said that they could no longer work for Planned Parenthood due to a moral conflict seeing how well Abby did out of her shift in ideology I have no doubt that this was true in any case as per the

movie the restraining order was not granted as the judge didn’t agree that it was warranted there’s other indiscrepancies too the film shows Johnson’s pro-life husband as being fully supportive of her decision to leave Planned Parenthood but in an interview Johnson admitted that he said well I understand that but we need two incomes it’s stupid to throw away a job in this economy doesn’t seem like the kind of thing a committed pro-lifer would say Johnson claimed to have been as of 2009 an active paying member of the Texas democratic women and the Brazos County Democratic party

but neither organization had any record of her paying Jews since 2007 and she complained about liberal groups kicking her out because they couldn’t tolerate a pro-life Democrat even though there was a state organization of pro-life Democrats that she could have joined there’s even more but if you still think her story is trustworthy at this point you’re probably beyond all Mortal Aid now some mistakes and inconsistencies in a narrative might be excusable acceptable or capable of being overlooked but there’s too much here that’s either in doubt doesn’t make sense or is simply false do these investigations

disprove everything Johnson said in her book no but they do give us enough reason to believe that she might be lying and that her version of these events cannot be trusted but Johnson has repeatedly said that she doesn’t care if her critics believe her because they’re liberals so they wouldn’t believe her anyway which is funny because she herself used to be quite liberal wouldn’t you want people to believe your story aren’t you trying to persuade people to your cause isn’t that the whole point surely you don’t just want to preach to the choir except that’s

exactly what she’s been doing she claimed that she was never going to go to the media a claim contradicted by Sean of a coalition for life but has since become a celebrity among the pro-life community and has continued her activism to this day to say that she’s significantly financially better off as a result would be an understatement from what I can see this is a clear case of someone jumping before they’re pushed and finding the perfect grift by fulfilling a role that the pro-life side have been crying out for so much so that they don’t

give a damn about any inconsistencies or potential falsehoods in her story all they care about is the message and having a useful messenger who can lend life to it which explains why Johnson never bothered to get her story straight she’s continued to make very questionable and easily refutable statements about Planned Parenthood and seems to have fully drunk the right-wing Kool-Aid in the era of alternative facts useful lies sell very well to her chosen crowd so there’s probably no chance of her stopping anytime soon and don’t get me wrong Planned Parenthood isn’t a perfect organization either

and some criticism of them is warranted and I’ve had to take their word for some of the information I’ve used which isn’t ideal and even after everything I’ve just said it could be the case that she witnessed what she did and had a genuine change of heart it is possible amidst all this confusing and contradictory information it’s going to come down to who you’re more willing to believe one person who has a history of saying questionable and demonstratably false things or all the other people saying that she’s wrong but we’ve stayed in Wonderland long enough

and we’ve seen How Deep The Rabbit Hole goes so let’s sum this up in addition to being poorly made hopeless melodramatic and laughably inaccurate ultimately unplanned isn’t going to convince anyone pro-life evangelicals are already invested and will eat this up but pro-choice people will see through the blatant lies in manipulation and I’m sure many pro-life people would be insulted by how poorly the movie presents their case the film’s creators took her story and ran with it while ignoring anything that didn’t suit their agenda such as the clinic staff receiving death threats Johnson’s eventual conversion to

the Catholicism that many evangelicals despise and the Myriad of inconvenient truths we’ve pointed out there’s no accounting for balance or Nuance in their world because they’re incapable of it and Their audience doesn’t want it and I don’t care how well-intentioned something supposedly is there’s a difference between taking creative license for the sake of entertainment and manipulative distortions of the truth for the sake of propaganda and uncritically presenting an account whose details and motivation have been called into question and unplanned’s depiction of abortion is nothing short of this despicable fear-mongering I don’t even have a uterus

and I’m mad not once does the movie ever consider the moral quandary of an abortion that is necessary to save a woman’s life nor do they ever consider the possibility that any of the women who go to the clinic got pregnant as a result of getting Bill Cosby nor does the movie address the horrific consequences of unsafe abortions that result from them being made illegal which is the ultimate goal because these would be hard moral questions that the movie isn’t prepared to deal with and which distracts from the message or maybe they just didn’t give

a and they make anyone who believes in a woman’s right to choose or who cares about these concerns look either deluded ignorant or evil so him honestly this movie I would say is worse than stuff like God’s not dead because it actively spreads harmful misinformation that can have real world consequences for women and their health especially given the current situation in America let it be the subject of intellectual dissection and mockery and then consigned to the trash Heap where it belongs not that it will be unfortunately but if someone tries to use this movie to

promote their anti-abortion agenda make sure you give them the old well actually I need a drink yes sister spill the tea spill the tea laughs I only I can only do one take of this this is this is the only take oh rip my carpet I think some of it went up my nose hey folks thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it if you did do consider supporting me on patreon or becoming a YouTube channel member you’ll get early access to ad-free and uncensored versions of videos as well as I mentioned here in the credits

links to everything including my social media and my public Discord server are down below thanks again and I’ll see you in the next one

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