The Most Disappointing Fast Food Breakfast Item Yet

hello everyone this is running on empty food review well hello ladies gentlemen and everyone watching welcome one and all to this newest edition of the running on empty food review series i’m your host the report of the week thanks for checking in well good morning not that you are necessarily watching this during the morning it actually is morning for me and i really i just say that because i’m trying out a breakfast item and i know now with this whole change of introduction for a breakfast item we’re in uncharted territory not really i’ve reviewed tons

of breakfast items in the past but i’m just going to make it sound more dramatic wendy’s has introduced a new item to their breakfast menu it actually has gotten a little bit of conversation so there’s definitely some interest there wendy’s has released their new home style french toast sticks they describe them as being french toast sticks with a perfect balance of a custardy interior they say it also has a hint of vanilla in each bite and it also comes with a little bit of syrup that you can dip them in to add a little bit

of sweetness to the french toast sticks they come in a four piece or a six piece the four piece is available at the price of two dollars and 79 cents the

six piece is available for the price of three dollars and 99 cents it’s a very straightforward item and uh that’s really what we have here for wendy’s again the home style french toast sticks comes in four or six piece got a little bit of a little bit of action a lot of people well that kind of directly contradicts itself i guess i’m just trying to

say there’s a little bit of interest to it i’ve certainly seen some articles about it and i got my hands on the french toast sticks oh here’s the syrup first new syrup with the wendy’s insignia i went with the four piece here they are now looking at them they look a little overdone a little overcooked by that i mean just seeing how they look in comparison to the ad that i was just looking at but maybe that’s just me and they still might be all right but they definitely look a little on the they definitely

feel it too very firm i will say that it’s what it looks like right there definitely more of a bake to them than is emphasized that’s just something to be aware of the home style french toast sticks now before i try them out and give an assessment i actually have a question for anyone out there watching this because this is something that i was pondering and i’m curious what your take on this is we know that the breakfast menus are a big thing i mean every major fast food place does breakfast right we’ve got wendy’s

with breakfast we’ve got mcdonald’s with breakfast burger king does breakfast chick-fil-a does breakfast you name it pretty much this establishment does it and they have very diverse breakfast menus for the most part and occasionally like you’re seeing here they make some tweaks and adjustments and they add some new items to the breakfast menus but here’s what i’ve noticed in the past the amount of interest that you actually see expressed from the general public toward fast food breakfast is very limited quite frankly i don’t see a lot of interest generally expressed in it despite how widespread

it is and every place offers breakfast like i said they have these big menus and new additions here and there but compared to the lunch or dinner menus from these very same establishments the breakfast menu just doesn’t really get a whole lot of attention and i’m curious why do you think that is do you think that it’s maybe people just don’t really have the time for breakfast do you think that the breakfast foods stereotypically are just a few certain things so there just isn’t a lot of interest to begin with do people just not care

about breakfast why do you think that is why do you think that a lot of people just kind of yeah they brush off the fast food breakfast so leave a comment if you have any thoughts i’m curious about it it’s something i was thinking about and uh yeah let me know what you think all right i’m going to try out the french toast stick again try it out with the sauce and i’ll let you know what i think of it if it’s any good or not so the wendy’s home style french toast sticks going in

so right off the bat i’ll say this this syrup is the only thing the only shot left to possibly redeem this item because right now it’s not good sometimes you get those items that they need that sauce we’ll see if this could save it because right now things aren’t looking good i’ll tell you that so so i mean i guess if they’re if i’m looking for good things to say about these french toast sticks well they’re edible so that’s something right we have to give them credit for that and i guess they serve as a

platform for being able to take the syrup and get it from the syrup receptacle into your mouth without just drinking from the syrup and just drinking it down like it’s a like it’s a shot or something i guess i guess there’s that and those are pretty much the only two good things i have to say about these this kind of it hurts a bit because i like french toast i’ve always liked french toast so when you get something that’s egregiously bad it’s disappointing when you take an item that you generally like and you see a

place that’s totally butchered yeah that’s it’s not fun certainly not fun main problem that i have with these french toast sticks they’re built up when you look at how they’re described you think these are going to have substance to them and yes the syrup is going to be a contributing factor that i understand but even on their own they should still be all right they should still be edible perfect balance of that custardy interior they say a little hint of vanilla in each bite these are totally flavorless these are totally flavorless they’re very bland i

would say that very bland completely underwhelming when i think do these even have any distinct flavor of their own any redeeming quality i can’t really say that they do these are glorified little sticks of white bread that have been fried and that’s it so if you like bland fried bread then you’re going to be in hog heaven with this because otherwise in and of themselves just factoring in what can i even taste here and i’m not even gonna i’m gonna get to this in a minute the preparation for mine specifically this is another problem that

in and of themselves something that you would experience here extremely underwhelming you can barely i mean one thing that i always like with the french toast and the french toast sticks is you know how they’re like egg dipped a little bit you can’t even taste that maybe you could taste a little bit of oiliness in these and that’s it that vanilla is absolutely nowhere to be seen i can’t discern a single note of that that custardy nature that they report i i can’t even taste any of that now here’s the other problem and this looks

like a good example mine were overcooked too they were definitely left in there too long so in my case not only are they flavorless they’re bland little oily there’s absolutely no redeeming quality to these and they’re overcooked too at the same time so i’ve nothing good to say about these it’s 2.79 wasted in this case french toast as i mentioned one of those things that i’m a big fan of i’ve always enjoyed it and this is lacking in so many different ways and in my case yours might not be this way mine were burned even

if yours are cooked to perfection it’s still going to be severely lacking and the syrup you might say well isn’t that what ties it all together though isn’t that what adds everything to it in this case no the syrup is just generically sweet very synthetic but that’s i think what you would expect at this point when we’re talking about a fast food establishment very sweet very synthetic all right i dip the french toast in the syrup and as i said it only acts as a platform for getting the syrup into my mouth and it contributes

nothing to the french toast sticks themselves because the french toast sticks are irredeemable very disappointing you quite frankly but then here’s another thing they’re really chewy too this is absolutely nothing to these there’s nothing good that i could say about these it’s just so disappointing i know burger king used to have french toast sticks and i always enjoyed those burger king i know i can be a little a little iffy with some of their items but generally speaking for breakfast burger king they’re still all right in some ways and the last time i had those

french toast sticks from burger king they were pretty solid now i haven’t had them in a bit i don’t know if they still have them or not but if they do i would wager it probably blows these right out of the water pretty much any place just go to a local a local establishment support a local small business get some french toast from there these just aren’t worth it they aren’t worth it you’d be better just sitting here drinking this syrup quite frankly it’d be more of a more of a fulfilling experience because at least

you don’t have to deal with the just how underwhelming these are very disappointed breakfast items usually have potential a lot of fast food breakfast items are quite underrated i would say and are usually pretty good but this as i say this just ain’t it again two dollars 79 cents for a four piece three dollars 99 cents every six piece money down the drain go someplace else get something else really let down by this this is an item that easily could have been good could have been quite good i like french toast and to have it

butchered this badly i just shake my head given that there’s really nothing good to say about it given that this is an item that sure it’s edible but it is lacking in so many ways there’s no powdered sugar on this there’s nothing it’s not that these are disgusting sometimes i’ll get those items they’re just so gross it’s inedible it’s inconsumable it’s not like that it’s just that these are so underwhelming so lacking this factoring that in i’ve got to give these a two out of ten i don’t think i’ve seen french toast sticks really this

disappointing from a major establishment before so that’s the rating i’m going to give these and i’m going to stick with it thank you for watching and until next time i’m your host the report of the week

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