The Ruins (2008) Retro Movie Review | #31DaysOfHalloween

and here i thought the happening was the only film 
of its kind hey what’s up guys it’s me anthony  
here to give you guys another movie review and 
this time it is for the ruins we are continuing  
the 31 days of horror with the ruins and i gotta 
say guys i wish i saw this sooner but i’m happy  
that it took me so long to watch this because i’m 
in shock i think this is my new favorite movie of  
all time a luxurious mexican holiday takes a turn 
for the worst when a group of friends and a fellow  
tourists embark on a remote archaeological 
dig in the jungle where something evil lives  
among the ruins now it took me a while to find 
a synopsis online that didn’t ruin the entire  
movie i was like kind of shocked that they just 
blatantly ruined it now don’t go looking for it i  
know i probably just made you curious but don’t 
go looking for it if you have never seen this  
movie before because the surprise that they show 
in this film i say i mean it’s worth a mission  
and one of the other films on this 31 days of 
horror movies that i’m watching called eden lake  
that movie had

a slow burn and a lot of other 
reviewers said it built it helped built the  
tension and everything i don’t really feel it 
with that film but in this film they totally know  
how to build attention from the beginning to the 
end i mean this film just keeps on ramping it up  
it starts off pretty simple a whole bunch of uh 
privileged tourists are just in mexico you know  
playing having a good time and they decide to 
go to an ancient mayan ruin that is off the map  
um let me see if you’ve heard this before but 
god blessed them because if they didn’t do  
something really really stupid we wouldn’t 
have got this because what we get here  
i i don’t want to spoil it i keep on saying it’s 
so amazing because i think it was and i think for  
the time of this film i mean most of these movies 
that i’m watching are in the early 2000s i think  
all of them are early 2000s and i think for the 
cgi and the you know the technical visual effects  
that they do do in this film they do a really good 
job and this is one of the few films in the early  
2000s that still use a lot of practical effects 
because the ruin that they’re on i don’t know if  
they built it i don’t know if it’s a real ruin 
in mexico i don’t know what they did but it’s  
probably one of the coolest sets that i’ve seen 
and they do this thing in the film where all the  
characters start going crazy over a long period of 
time they start hearing things and thinking things  
and seeing things and i like when movies do 
that especially when they do it effectively  
like this film because it just totally creates 
a whole bunch of different situations that our  
characters will get into and it had me screaming 
at the television screen like no don’t do that no  
it’s not actually that and that’s the thing 
i love about movies is when it can actually  
uh bring an emotion out of you where you’re 
screaming at the television screen knowing that  
you know they can’t hear you but you’re hoping 
that they get overall guys i thought the ruins was  
a really good time i’m definitely gonna add 
that to my horror collection i’m gonna watch it  
every halloween now from now on my list is 
getting very long i don’t know if i’m gonna have  
enough room but we’ll see but guys let me know if 
you’ve seen the ruins in the comments down below  
did you like it did you hate it do you think this 
one is very similar to the happening and those  
that know know also guys don’t forget to check 
out my twitter so you can stay up to date with  
my channel don’t forget to like subscribe do all 
that stuff and remember guys keep watching movies

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