No Time To Die (2021) – Movie Review

it’s when his fifth entry in the james
bond series is finally here
following his much publicized delays in
the wake of kovi 19 concerns last year
the film marks daniel craig’s final
outing as his eponymous agents a role he
has played since casting royale in 2006
and in all that time the actor has come
to define that role so watching him say
goodbye to the character was always
going to be a bittersweet fear but as
his fifth and final appearance i was
born to justice is tenure
hi guys michaela by me here and today
i’m reviewing no time to die
in no time to die everyone’s favorite
mi6 agents is forced out of retirement
when the world is once again threatened
by the terrorist organization spectre
and things have changed somewhat since
the last time he was on a royal majestic
secret service
not only has mi6 been caused dabbling in
some shady dealings he was also
concerned with his replacements a new
hot shots agents
but the two must learn to work together
to bring down the terrorist organization
once and for all
let me start by confessing i wasn’t all
that keen

on spectre when i saw it in
it was a movie i’d found to be quite
forgettable amongst other things
so watching no time to die which is
effectively a direct sequel it almost
felt like i was missing a big chunk of
the narrative
the film does its best to fill in those
blanks but i guess what i’m saying is
your enjoyment of no time to die could
very well hinge on how much you’d enjoy
the previous movie
all that said no time to die is
definitely an improvement over spectre
the film finds bond doing what he does
best except he’s even more world wary
this time around having suffered some
crushing emotional blows in his time as
a which also subverts expectations by
throwing away some of the well-worn
tropes the branches has come to be known
for like the action-packed code opens
that has defined the last couple of
but the whole thing ultimately feels the
same with yet another global threat that
must be stopped before it is too late
and speaking of that threats rami malik
plays the film’s villain sapping in a
performance i found to be quite on the
he was certainly as villainous as they
come but came too close to mustache
twirling territory for my liking
the movie is also over long stretching
towards the three hour mark without
really justifying why i needed to do so
i guess my biggest gripe with no time to
die is the fact that it doesn’t really
give any indication of what to expect
with the james bond franchise going
most likely we’ll be getting another
reboot sometime down the line so anyone
going into the movie expecting some kind
of person of the torch might come out
slowly disappointed but negatives aside
the fumes he manages to shine due to his
focus on the central character and his
storied history
no time to die is a fitting end to the
daniel craig era of born movies it
builds upon everything that came before
it to give the actor one of the more
emotional send-offs in the franchise’s
25 film history and while it doesn’t
reach the same heights as the casino
royale or skyfall it still manages to
satisfy as it caps off what is surely
one of the best runs we’ve had since we
first introduced the bond
i’ll give the film a 7 out of 10.
we’ll be checking out no time to die in
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