Titanium Dragonoid Review! | Bakugan Unboxing

hello everyone my name is jesse and welcome 
back to another bakugan unboxing uh so if you  
can’t tell already today we have a pretty 
special one we’re looking at a pirate’s  
titanium dragonoid which looks way better 
than it did on the pictures when i bought it  
um so i got this thing for i think 50 bucks they 
usually go for at least the pirates go for a bit  
more than that you’re looking at like 70 80 even 
to 100 but i got mine for around 50 plus some  
shipping tax and all that super excited to open 
this guy he looks incredible got the feet here
horns individual horns interesting and all these 
different holes for like baku nano and stuff which  
is pretty epic i’m gonna try and get him in at 
a good angle see if i can get him three two one  
oh that is a nice looking bakugan that is a nice 
looking back gun i see why people like titanium  
so much uh he’s looking at 910 g’s it’s really 
hard to tell because it the 9 is a little scuffed  
but yes i can get it 910 right there  
um so that’s cool and i mean overall like so 
i can get some nice close-up shots of him

just incredibly you know he’s definitely more 
humanoid but so much detail has gone into this guy  
uh all these different pegs for baku nano and 
battle gear and all that stuff all the different  
pieces that go into the mechanium surge series um 
really awesome his tail right here even bends down  
kind of helping prop up like some of 
them do uh some dragonoids and stuff  
lots of detail man going into all this 
like flipping and stuff he kind of gets  
let’s see if i get his tail right i don’t know 
um hands and all that really epic and you should  
you can bend him forward just a bit for 
like battle gear and all that i think  
or like whatever you’re mounting on the back 
of him i didn’t buy any of the battle gear  
just because it doesn’t really interest me um 
but i am planning to buy all the evolutions of  
drago and collect them so like from season one all 
the way to season four um every evolution i have  
i’m only missing one currently some of them 
are still coming in the mail so expect you  
know reviews on those in videos but i’m looking 
for the correct fusion dragonoid and that’s the  
last one i need everything else is coming in the 
mail which is pretty awesome but that’ll be an  
epic video so stay tuned for that i’ll try and 
post updates on when it’s happening and all that  
it should be within the next couple weeks um 
dang he’s cool i want to close him up and see  
what all uh the rolling situation on this dude is 
because for some reason mechanium surge bakugan  
have like um these little pieces on them i 
guess for different rolling styles and stuff but  
i don’t know i don’t know if i like 
it or not but let’s check this out  
there we go okay not too bad but yeah he’s 
super sick so if you didn’t know um in the  
show titanium dragonoid is one of the longest 
running like evolutions besides maybe neo um  
but what’s interesting about him is during the 
show they have these things called mutants where  
the bakugans combine and mercury dragonoid right 
here is titanium dragonoids like counterpart  
and i haven’t watched mechanium surge so you can 
correct me if i’m wrong but like the show kind of  
just like doesn’t explain how you get this design 
like i watch the clip and it’s just like him and  
helios combined and you just see this design like 
titanium’s out of the picture you see this mercury  
design right here they’re combined and they battle 
right they they do the thing they don’t even look  
mutated and then the next fight you see like i 
skipped ahead and like he’s just back to being  
titanium which is super weird but i don’t know 
it’s kind of cool um so the pre evolution this  
is blitz so the order if you’re looking from like 
season two it would be helix lumino blitz titanium  
mercury if you count mercury and then um fusion so 
i have most of those already but some of them are  
coming in the mail but there’s gonna be a giant 
video on that um but yeah this dude’s super cool  
he’s super strong and i guarantee you if you 
got some really sick vacuum nano on him he’d  
look even doper um i don’t know i might collect 
that in the future just for extra videos sake but  
right now i’m pretty content with this um he’s 
super cool looking he’s got so much personality  
compared to like i don’t know some of the other 
more basic ones there’s much more detail in  
this one like i think helix and lumino are 
too similar to be a dragonoid evolution but  
uh this guy really brings it back and kinda 
just demonstrates what bakugan is all about  
how cool it can be but yeah i like how mobile his 
body is that’s really nice especially when you’re  
trying to you know put specific vacuum nano on 
there and all that really nice so i can get this  
head down he’s relatively easy to control and like 
keep in ball form as well it’s really not that bad
yeah wicked looking ball form i’ll show them next 
to mercury really quick just you can look at the  
similarities yeah here is him next to mercury 
so you can definitely see the similarities here  
they’re pretty similar in terms of 
design you’ve got this bottom metal half  
you’ve got similar similar horns uh similar 
wings at least a little bit the back is what’s  
really different i think for me completely 
different backings but still cool nonetheless  
so i can get a nice roll there we go love that 
really sick back again super happy i got him  
so guys that is pyrus titanium dragonoid i hope 
you enjoyed this review slash unboxing of him  
super awesome back again highly recommend you get 
them in your collection no matter the attribute  
just the super cool design and everything um 
i think anyone would really enjoy him and uh  
yeah if you guys are interested in any of 
the background i’m selling you can check  
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business inquiries you can contact me either on 
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description my name is jesse i hope you enjoyed 
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content i’ll see y’all in the next video peace out

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