Toofaan 2021 | Farhan Akhtar, Mrunal Thakur, Paresh Rawal | Toofan Movie Review

Action packed, thriller motivation and emotional
all in one
So today I am goanna review Toofan which means
storm in hindi. It is an hindi English language
sports drama…
So first of all this is an incredible movie…I
have seen so many critic videos but all have
told that this movie hasn’t done really
great as the have expected… but I am against
all those. I would sincerely thank Farzan
Akhtar acting as an national level boxer,
Paresh Rawal acting as his coach for keeping
us bonded with the movie. Rakeysh sir hats
of too you…a director and screenwriter who
has previously directed Bhaag Milka singh
and Rang de basanti which I would be watch
over and over again without getting bored
and have been a hit till date…this movie/film
must be a lifetime hit .
Rakesh ji has got awards and awards for the
best director.
So talking about farzan Akhtar who has done
a hell of hard work for this film. His dedication
towards Sport is shown so fantastically. His
transformation from six packs to family pack
and back it to Is hell of job but he has crafted
it so well just like in Bhag milka Bhaag..
this is surely and inspiration.
Toofan was filmed in Dongri

in Maharashtra
Earlier the movie screening was announced
to be on 2 October 2020, which coincided with
Gandhi Jayanti.[4] However, it got advanced
to 18 September 2020 and then to March 10,
2021 Amazon Prime Video announced that the
film will be released on their platform on
May 21, and then Finally the film was premiered
on 16 July 2021 on Amazon Prime Video this
film kept on postponding due to covid 19 pandemic
in india.
Anupama Chopra of Film Companion wrote, “Toofaan
can’t match the emotional punch of Bhaag
Milkha Bhaag but Akhtar’s tenacity and sincerity
shine through”.
Talking about the sound track with a mix of
good and bad songs is okay…there is this
song which dekh toofan aayya hai is a really
a motivational song for many gym freaks, sports
person and others too.
This was this scene which wasn’t crafted
well but was emotional. it is when aziz alis
wife dies by the burst of the transformer.
This scene could have been made with orginality.
It was also the scene where I cried when he
says “aise kon mathe pae number liktha hai”
This is an family friendly movie where kids
above the age of 13 can watch. It has no vulgar
or any sex scene.
I would easily give this film a 9 on 10 with
my eyes closed.
Thankyou, stay tuned and for sure do watch
this film. Do comment and let me know your
views regarding this.

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