it can also rotate 360 ​​degrees
I will show you this
this is for example facing the side
welcome back to the FAUSTA BABYSHOP channel
this time i want to unboxing and eview stroller pacific T008
okay first let’s open the box
anything in this box
there is one seat
there are two rear wheels
there are two front wheels
there is safety
and another one is a canopy
and there is a stroller framework
let’s open first
there is also an instruction booklet
let’s open first
henceforth we open the stroller
the way to open it is really easy
we put the front wheels
there is a button here
same as before
just enter it
then we put the rear wheel there is locking
until click
the other is the same
this is how it looks
henceforth I put the seat
the seat has a button, just press and enter the hole here
okay done
henceforth I put this part of the canopy
We put this in here
This is locked
then we install the canopy
Please pull this out first
it just needs to be input here

T008 pacific stroller specifications for ages 1-4 years
canopy can be removed
there is also a safety
there is also a safety like this
Foot mat can be adjusted high and low
this , can be this
canopy can also be removed
and this advantage can rotate 360 ​​degrees
i will show you how
like this
this is for example facing the side
want to face mom too
and here is also equipped with 2 pieces of right and left brakes
Suppose back to the original button on the back just press like this we continue to turn it forward like this
This stroller has a maximum body weight of 40 kg
okay I want to show you how strong this stroller is but we will remove the canopy
we remove the handle first
like this
maximum berat badan 40kg
This troller is suitable for traveling where to bring this
how to fold the stroller is really easy
press this part like this
okay next
press this
should be careful okay
can be pinched
okay easy to carry everywhere
For example, where do we want to take it, which can be folded
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thank you Happy Shopping mom

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