Wolf (2021) Movie Review

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into wolf i saw the trailer a couple months ago  
very intrigued number one i’m a george mckay fan 
i thought he was great in 1917 but it was in the  
trailer that really kind of piqued my interest 
okay i know that there are people in our real  
world that do have this this i can’t think of the 
actual disease i’ll leave

it on the screen now but  
there are people that do think they’re animals so 
i really want to kind of see what does the film  
have to say about those people how did they get in 
that position do they break out of it do they stay  
in that mindset so that was really my kind of 
intrigue about this film so let’s kick things off  
my positives and i gotta say seeing the trailer 
and knowing that george mckay was in this film  
he did not disappoint from me i thought that 
he was fantastic he was the best part of the  
film from being honest not only does he transform 
himself into a wolf in his film like i can only  
imagine the hours he spent in research and how to 
walk like a wolf how to howl like a wolf and all  
the different stuff like that so that stuff the 
body transformation just kind of put himself in  
like a what a person who thinks their wolf would 
look like he’s great in that but it’s the jacob  
character he is a young man that is struggling to 
figure out who he is is he a boy is he a wolf can  
he be two of the same i love the journey that he 
goes on in this film but also his chemistry with  
lily rose depp who i have been pretty impressed 
with i’ve seen only two other movies of hers  
one being the king with timzy chalamet very 
small role but something i remembered and she  
was in this really it was either this year last 
year it’s called the voyagers it was like a why  
a sci-fi movie the film was terrible but she 
was actually pretty solid and she continues  
that momentum in this film as she plays a person 
that’s in this clinic and she is a young girl that  
i believe she’s a cat so just seeing her and 
jacob kind of fall into this friendship that  
becomes something a little bit more serious and 
just seeing if they can coexist with one another  
was a really good story within the film and 
then there’s another character by the name of  
the zookeeper who’s one of the the lead doctors in 
this clinic who’s played by patty constantine and  
i’m telling you all right now the zookeeper is a 
terrible human being he is his methods is okay if  
you believe you’re a squirrel let me see you climb 
that tree not like a human but like a squirrel if  
you don’t do so he’s gonna punish you so there is 
a lot of hatred that i have for that character but  
patty i’ve always been a fan of his actor he’s 
like absolutely fantastic you are going to hate  
him in this film once you all see it so i thought 
that those three main performances were fantastic  
and i thought the film was truly at its best when 
it explored the thing that intrigued me in this  
film was okay we see this clinic we meet these 
other characters girl that thinks she sees a horse  
a boy that thinks that he’s a golden retriever 
what gets them in that mindset how are they as  
people what was it that happened to them at 
a young age and when the film focuses on that  
i think that that’s when the film has the best 
dramatic elements some of the best performances  
but then that leads me to my criticism because 
there’s just not enough of that in the film  
we’re not really there’s really not a overall arc 
for a lot of our characters and yes we get like  
this ending that you know i don’t want to spoil 
anything that you know gives our main character  
an arc but what about the other characters how 
they get in that position why are we learning more  
about this disease and how people can maybe learn 
to coexist with this disease or kind of come back  
into society so i don’t think the film focused 
too much on that narrative as well as i thought  
the direction was just kind of very stagnant i 
didn’t feel like there was much flair or again  
not much to say about this particular disease that 
these people are suffering with in this film and  
the only thing that the film really kind of gives 
you is kind of in a way animal cruelty because  
again these characters these actors they’re 
they’re portraying these characters that portray  
themselves as animals and we’re seeing these 
people doing these crazy methods treating them  
very terribly but i just wish the film had more to 
say than just showing you how people that are in  
the position of the doctors how they think that 
they are stupid or incompetent or just terrible  
people because they think that their animals not 
really diving deep so why they think that way so  
i thought the film had a huge missed opportunity 
to really explore the psyche of these characters  
and really flesh out the psychology of how these 
people think they’re animals so i thought the  
film kind of had a huge mis-opportunity in 
that narrative so overall before i give you  
my thoughts if you haven’t already make sure 
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have a fascinating premise with some really good 
performances but unfortunately it drops the ball  
on really exploring what makes these people do 
what they’re doing and really kind of get into the  
head space of how they can maybe be how they can 
maybe break out of that cycle how they can maybe  
co-exist with society it really doesn’t explode 
that element which is kind of a disappointment for  
me so with all that being said i’m gonna give wolf 
a 2.8 out of five i don’t think it’s something you  
have to rush out to go see in theaters but 
hey if it is available on a netflix on hulu  
and you want to maybe see a really good 
performance and a really interesting concept  
but doesn’t execute the concept then maybe give 
it a watch but if not i don’t think you’re really  
missing things but that’s just my thoughts 
if you all have seen wolf let me know your  
positives let me know your negatives and let’s 
have some dialogue about it in the comments below  
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