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what is happening there citizens of the reject Nation we are going to watch a film that I’m sure is extremely Advertiser friendly for YouTube by all stretch it’s a film called X and I’ve never seen the trailer but I know it’s 8 24. I know my homegirl Jenna Ortega’s in it what’s her name Mia goth she’s at all the talk and I’m like yeah so very blunt reaction today have you seen a trailer for this I saw like an ad a long time ago I know like a couple Bare Bones ideas but not much else

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highlights and watch alongs included all right I’m I I don’t know what we’re about to watch let’s find out as Zack Snyder intended oh this is a clever shot are we through a doorway oh good call yeah I love Texas Chainsaw oh that’s clever yeah nice perfect aspect ratio change yeah Oh I thought that was an animal wow that’s exactly the Texas Chainsaw house I regret to say I know the powers of Satan Amen brother

creepy nice transish satanic undertones and some very overt satanics cool shot you’re special there ain’t nobody else out there like you I feel like that line is very important already you’re a sex symbol that’s what that’s how I start my day digging the framing a lot plowing service don’t worry and text America America don’t tread on me very Texas Chainsaw The Farmer’s Daughter Hollywood here we come to no man we don’t need Hollywood these type of pictures turn regular folks into Stars we’re gonna do it all ourselves this guy does a great McConaughey impression so

it sounds an awful lot like what you said about the topless Car Wash you remember that yeah and head the IRS shut up I was still a good hand people spent a lot of money to look at what God gave me is that Britney’s no that is Brittany Snow and that’s Kid Cudi oh what Jesus Hurry Up We’re Not Gonna Be Long in there man these set designs are really great I deserve and I think I have Cosmopolitan take don’t I know it I mean it all in the whole world don’t know my name everyone

with a pulse is going to lust after a piece of Mexican makes they see what you can do all right I’ve seen Minx because you’re gonna be all over the news lady your little boyfriend’s cute you help him with all his films sometimes yeah is that your boyfriend sometimes actually intend on experimented a lot with the films editor giving it a certain sense of the iPhone card like they’re doing in France it’s classier that way oh yes elevate your material all right go ahead and fill her up so very good direct Cinema If you tilt

the camera up from the nozzle it’ll look like he’s using his symbolism I mean you shouldn’t expose your jacket then exactly something I want to advertise around town there’s some Evangelical backdrop is very interesting get what we needed well I got it thanks thanks to Yours Truly oh my God there’s Sinners that are going to be punished yeah God’s gonna come down himself I appreciate even with the sound design they’re really committed to it still a TV station that’s the whole state watches jeez yep but every man has got his limits oh look at all

these cows interesting are they gonna kill all these cows yep I love cows there’s a cow up close I love them what maybe just one oh no let him go foreshadowing oh that’s horrible I’m getting too old for this something tells me it’s gonna really take a very change of like very attention a very big change into Russian damage damage you got there it’s like oh Texas Chainsaw but then now it’s really gonna take a change foreign voyeuristic angles too very 70s makes you want to bust out your zoom lens y’all stay put while I

go and handle business right quick it’s choir music sounds like sacrificial music yeah foreign because it is possible to make a good dirty movie it’s a good fight my dude read it for the articles are you from the county this year’s private property didn’t you see the signs down at the end of the draft oh easy partner yeah no cues I’m from Houston now we spoke on Tuesday oh that’s right uh you had me pretty nervous there it ain’t even unloaded that that’s one of this song wow we don’t even see that guy up close

huh I wonder if it’s some kind of Easter egg character actor and I’ll probably see him again but Charlie Hunnam yep what if it just turns into the visit oh you know that’s the devil right there you got sin walking on your property right now lady Temptation incarnate won’t be having any of this lust and fornification over here we are a wholesome family God’s children you sure flat feet I did two tours in South Vietnam had enough Farmers trying to shoot me for one lifetime just like that you made it out of me yeah I

don’t recall you mentioning you’d be bringing all these others see your head said thirty dollars but little extra Sweeting the deal I’ll take your 35 dollars that’s a very sweet deal harmless he’s just old he don’t know what we’re doing does he was the glass of course not he sure doesn’t and I intend to keep it that way what’s better to beg for forgiveness and ask for permission sir God damn dead body in there what’s with all the Flies cut to the Chase and we give people what they want to see finally Kid Cudi I

wonder what the audition was like so you know if you’re watching this on YouTube all of this is gonna be a lot of it you can’t see right now I can’t tell if Jenna Ortega is enjoying it or not yeah no she she wants she secretly wants this life sloshing water go for a dip what could go wrong now we’re on Friday that they’re charista Lake oh is that the mom had the wife I mean yeah probably got more hair on top oh is she the villain of the movie is it the visit but damn

sure damn on there well that’s because I’m not treating a lot of pornography but it’s Cinema people’s eyes are gonna pop out of their damn skulls when they see this foreshadowing oh wow that’s a that’s a workplace scenario strange inner cutting because back then they couldn’t it took a long time to add like a dissolve yeah I just put a few friends okay oh good when your feet were in the water I was like I wonder if an alligator would be in here and then it becomes crawl or a crocodile a very cool shot yeah

it’s spooky that is a terrifying shot oh damn oh that is terrifying all their budget went into building this alligator a team of puppeteers no no no no no no no no my daddy will be home soon and I’m sure he could give you a lifts down would you like to come inside ah would I this is like a French man yeah absolutely watch a guitar or truffo you know what is that is she being waved over yep follow me Deary just making some fresh head cheese hello that made me jump I find this all

very interesting a lot of flies in here too it’s all sweat everyone’s just sweating oh damn we might actually have a dead body this time or a disgusting sink yes it’s like every haunted maze I’ve ever been to oh what a tea party yeah I was young ones too I’m just taken right before the first water not even or not my hours served them both damn that sucks there wasn’t anything you went through for me back then acrossed oceans of time to get to you and the war games not everything in life turns out how

you expect this could be your future lady you remind me of me beautiful guys gotta stop hanging by the windows I wonder why we’re intercut into this daddy catches us there’s no telling what he might do what are you doing just in time it’ll be our secret yeah right yeah it’s okay something tells me that woman’s evil yeah and he’s actually all right he’s as protective the rest of us foreboding music oh my God the kid says we’re going to lose a lot come on now Chop Chop well she’s definitely in the mood now yeah

get on camera not except love I do not deserve so many mantras in this movie so much lust and greed man Pride they are the embodiment of the seven deadly sins except for gluttony they’re all in good shape laughs oh oh evidence oh no oh you guys don’t go sneaking this is pretty very this is pretty like artsy it’s good I could give you a ride whoa huh ew oh it’s quite a vanity it’s bad news come on old lady get in there yeah she wants to jump in she curious she also wants to jump

in that is creepy as hell oh yeah she craves the youth oh oh that’s you in the future embrace it I have a weird Theory I wonder if that old lady isn’t it is like a a younger a much younger actor in makeup like it’s her like it’s me a goth or something I wonder if she relied so much on her beauty foreign go for it let’s do this seduce Him Live your best life you know I can’t my heart oh but what a way to go out careful tell y’all she was something special thanks

baby oh come on don’t be so shy speak up say you want to be in the film as you wear your crucifix foreign watching her doing it with him as long as the camera is running so the camera changes things that’s right it’s not real life Randy it’s just a movie I’ll run this by my wife yes absolutely maybe with anyone I want if there’s a camera decide who you want to attraction healthy keeping those feelings locked away inside I’ve seen you sneaking a few long Peaks at Jackson over here no I I wasn’t looking

you don’t mind none oh no he’s insecure cameraman mines finally people gonna get to see what datas are and the privacy of their own homes oh yeah free of judgment we’re going to give that to them before anyone else on betamax host of the perverts they’ve been paying our bills for years living a lot of access being young and however on to the day we die to the power of Independence Cinema thank you I don’t know if I agree with all of that but I did like what I saw today I think I would but

I did cheers to that where is this Sequence gonna land us yeah oh splatterfest what awful montage is this beginning this poor old lady she’s so old and has so many desires still us I want to do a scene in the movie oh here it is yep yep who’s gonna do the sound what no did y’all put her up to this or something oh yeah it’s your fault man yeah I mean it wouldn’t make any sense we’ve already shot half of it story can’t just suddenly change Midway just add another daughter why because it just

isn’t done what about on psycho you love that movie well psycho is a horror film and you’re about to step into one nobody’s coming to see this film for the plot plot and a big oh man you just signed her death warrant Jenna Ortega she’s gonna do it whether you like it or not now you try to stop her not only is she going to do it she’s going to go on and do it with God knows how many people and God knows how many other films and nobody wants that the rain is not like

the others in there she is a nice girl wow thank you pardon no I didn’t mean it like that I hate to be the one to tell you this girl set up a tripod and get on screen dude damn what an uncomfortable last position of being there it is man Satan rains down his influence you signed your death warrant oh dude’s crying dang dang no you would not survive 2023 buddy yeah man you will not survive the only Fan’s era I wonder if he’s the other one who makes it out of here alive I could

see it or he’s about to die or the first one to die let’s see how far they get without me good luck finding your own way honey Don’t Fear the Reaper oh why’d you get out are you all right what’s behind her hand sorry I’m oh make her dreams come true son get back at Jenna Ortega uh what’s in her other hand hope the husband doesn’t see this gonna get his head blown off how come you just did that I mean like you looked at her I can show you what okay stop I I don’t

want to see it oh it’s poor old woman maybe we should just go find your husband that’s not the solution or leave leave oh yeah yeah you were right should have said yes whoa disturbing foreign oh my God whoa cool lights lighting change oh buddy ah God that is so many I mean I wonder how many slashes they had to cut that down from this is what happens to me it’s what happens when you’re a controlling prude when you say no she needs to let it out somehow maybe she can reverse the aging process with

his blood to how you used to dance yeah she’s Arthur Fleck I’ll go crawl inside the fridge oh RJ RJ I’m sorry she started slaughtering all them old ladies finding her youthful energy again I woke up and he was gone I think he left me do you oh huh he’s probably just processing things you know come back to bed what if I heard him I want to break up will you help me find him please cause I’m worried I ain’t getting in the middle of no more in this see we got shoes on what are

you doing out here looking for my boyfriend have you seen my wife sir all right now you two get together two keys keeping a healthy relationship never let a good woman out of your side I never mentioned her weight there’s an art to it just like business yo no good oh oh man no oh wow wow damn it’s cool to do one take me Christ’s sakes I’m Gonna Catch tennis from the sure all you gotta do is do it with the old lady it’s the key that’s how you survive it right what is that it’s

gonna be like a pitchfork or something yep not bad there’s another light down on the cellar you go get it my wife is not well it’s very dark and I’m worried she could fall and break her hip yeah that’s that’s what you should be worried about faster you go about it the better whoa whoa transitions oh it was an eye out that was a really good jump scare oh is she moving quick yeah she’s getting agile why will none of you make love to me I think she’s found a new outlet yep two there you

go stab away lady and make sure he’s dead there you go enjoy yourself I’ll get another poke in there poke him in the butt I think you’re right I think there is a reason there’s so many flies all over this Farm damn she home alone in them what if instead of a little kid it was an old person found it hey I’m locked in damn open up the music is just like heavy panting whoa no yeah it’s a reasonable reaction what a reaction oh yeah it is just M2 in the house huh no no it’s

me a pharaoh too me a Gothia and me a pharaoh somewhere in this universe sure absolutely those raised babies in the 70s right my wife it’s gone missing what a far powerful I’m missing why it’s for Gators I found her once by the edge of our pond she used to fall in yikes want some help oh God yeah I’d do that maybe some shoes too he did that scene method too this film is scary yeah really ominous and unsettling go lie in bed with her tell her how you feel you touch her skin waiting for

this foreign you remember what it was like once relive The Glory Days I only got one light I want some Marine always a marine and she’s out here I’ll find her where’s that hand put her arm around her come on what are you doing you can make your move come on just misunderstood John just needs that Ms Right to come if she sleeps through anything huh all that white powder lets her rest easy yeah oh my gosh she’s sucking the youth out of her what’s going on she’s a Dementors they eat her soul oh nice

pet a little Gator head there ugh damn it man I want to do this and not oh there’s Gators out nah you’re safe this is a creepy film yes arm up I don’t think she’s gonna make it out of this movie alive John uh uh yeah probably not I just don’t want him to get shot oh woof scare me pops lunch Marine always a worry I can’t give her what she wants anymore say what flash bohemian shade here was the same barely any clothes and Tyson my wife ah they’re both bad yeah we better get

back up to the house and find out what’s going on I know exactly what’s going on let’s ah he thinks he’s they’re intentionally seducing her whoa wake up please for the love of God I’ll do that me here’s Jenny oh no no no she gonna have a brutal ass death you can really feel it nobody’s coming for you get back down in that stuff be quiet oh there’s oh God will at least expect in good Christian homes right on the bare noses see they’re doing the gods work right now yeah they’re doing the Lord’s work

I think everyone we’ve been following are the bad guys yep not not these murderers hiding out in the American Heart are executing sin that’s true extensions of his grace foreign yes oh my goodness step away from from The Edge it’s dangerous it’s all right here here you’re safe now okay okay it’s just crazy you don’t suspect that it did because she’s an old ass lady yeah what about becoming a nurse one day okay oh damn why should you get to him at all was there to be able to just flaunt it in my face like

you do it ain’t my fault you didn’t live the life you wanted oh move you mean old ugly right into the gator a flathead Chomp was that the one you know I don’t like blondes ugh they’re both evil yeah yeah that alligator egg crab is that’s good that’s visceral that place is empty and I got another captain of the house for me I don’t want her that’s something special or god dude oh I’m tired and never getting what I want she has it The X Factor yeah tell me I’m special you are you’re a professional

killer yeah I feel that way since the first moment we met oh you all romantic so they’re like the heart of the movie yeah you still want me come on you are way too old to feel young again I let her have this he’s gonna he’s gonna die trying okay oh man this guy about to die remember the story of Adam and Eve oh you’re gonna have a heart attack go for it you crazy kids oh no what a terrible spot to hide oh oh yep yep yep this is maybe the most tense I’ve ever

seen this Trope done foreign no no Howard about to have a heart attack get that shotgun blast stay but did she catch work that one of them is being kept she must have I mean whoa you can go a little way on a flat tire oh what oh God okay all right but is it Lotus I mean I would just run in there really quick no need to go about this slowly you know exactly where the old couple is you know you have a head start and if he dies I mean she’ll be pinned so

foreign there’s some very Great Kills in here man a lot of punch a lot of energy don’t burn upon with the others they’re winning out of the barn is sinking fuel yeah really good hearing yeah whoa damn her face is messed up thirsty no that’s what I’m talking about see are the case to the truck in the kitchen we have reach the crossroads she’ll come out when people find out what you’ve done oh I don’t think I know who you really are I thought what you did in the barn deviant little oh that doesn’t warrant

any of this depend on the flag to me I’m nothing like you you’re kidnapping murdering sex things I will not accept a lot I do not deserve I do not deserve wow staring at me well you can still hit her at least throw it at her come on come on whoa whoa kick back irony nice on those who accept him praise His name Gloria bit of Jesus I love how they both died like that that’s so funny that was great drop kick yeah double tap just to be safe I’ll never play you in a prequel

oh dude you’re gonna get your head run over lady oh lady you’re bad come on WOW oh nice oh with the crucifix jeez nice wide angle so drive it to an alligator’s mouth swallow the whole truck my beautiful little daughter Maxine okay Lord into a life of sin by the very deviants we want them here on a daily basis oh she Maxine yeah that I mean yeah I forgot her name yeah no she’s in the vaccine okay did she know that was her dad on the TV she must what do you reckon happened Sheriff how

the hell should I know that’s a great answer found this inside put that in evidence let’s see what goddamn Dove heart picture wait so is this Pearl movie about Pearl I guess it must be that I mean there’s a Cinematic Universe I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about it’s a bad Universe I don’t I mean I I haven’t read much intentionally but I yeah Pearl they like I think started working on while they were working on this and like Ty West and like Mia goth like wrote it together and then there’s another third

movie called Maxine with three X’s that they’re making now okay so they are actually connected it’s not like the ice cream Brothers when I said ice cream Brothers I was like that’s the only connected movies I can think of that have a strong ice cream thing yeah I can’t remember what I recalled I called the ice cream Brothers yeah they call that a trolley Sean of the dead and and those other two yeah but Spirits these are these are actual connected yeah I have no idea how and and why but yeah okay so she did

Play Pearl see okay there you go yeah you’re right about that oh so she probably came up with the whole backstory for Pearl and then Tyler’s was probably like oh that’s pretty good he wrote it together yeah we can uh we can make some of that yeah that’s that’s gnarly yeah and they like both came out in the same year I think last like last year this is the most crowd-pleasing tie West movie I’ve ever seen I think it’s pretty straightforward yeah I don’t know Ty West’s other movies but there’s enough stylistic flourishes and choices

in here to make me think sometimes it does experimental independent pieces that go a little too far off the rails for your mainstream audience to a degree yeah but also that are like very deliberate and and patient and they take a while and then they kind of explain like a house of the devil has that where it’s like this is a very patient movie in the last 20 minutes are insane oh really whereas this is like a steady build up throughout and like his VHS segment is like one of the slower Burns oh well John

well that’s a problem you watch a movie like this and then you want to do a terrible Southern drawl the rest of the day we’re gonna talk about this the whole goddamn reveals all right brother preach Yeehaw that’ll plug your time out of there that was the film we deserved for the lives we deserve gonna get myself a gator hunting gun damn wow all right well now we review it alrighty ladies and gentlemen well while I feel like I gotta digest it a little bit as we go um yeah it’s kind of interesting I’ve seen

a few horror movies this year and this this came out 2022 so I’m not sure exactly where I would particularly place it I enjoyed it quite a bit you know I thought it did a really good job at the first thing that pops to mind for me is I think it did an excellent job at not only capturing the aura and the Aesthetics of a 70s horror movie but really using it as more than just a gimmick it had a had a powerful affect on the experience overall with its yeah you have that dirty scuzzy

feeling about it and while it you know evokes a lot of the 70s horror movies as the film plays out it stops being that and the way they s this director Ty West did a great job at subverting expectations in the way how a lot of deaths went down or even doing some good surprises for certain things and does a good job of getting you to pay attention in a way where it’s not like this big murder mystery or something like that but you know it’s it’s not till like close to an hour in until

moves about hour 45 and or yeah something about actual film not counting crowd it’s about an hour 45 and I and I noticed that like it wasn’t until like close to an hour end until the first death happens but there’s constantly building the the mood it’s constantly building this atmosphere of this interesting sin and depravity but not like full-on depravity it’s more of just the uh messed up ways uh this Christian America can often uh make Society feel and it’s uh which is which is neat to have her be the daughter I thought of like

to grow up in a household because there’s so much types of Oppression that gets judged and often the ones who are the ones causing the condemnation to have those same desires within themselves and then they retaliate by shaming or like this is this is like a very extreme version of that to me you know with this old couple where I haven’t seen this Pearl moved on what the hell that happens in that Pearl Baxter but then my interpretation off of this one Standalone film first off is it you get this impression of this judgment that

they bestow upon the way Society is today and the youth and then like these guys are the embodiment of it they’re making an adult film look at them just having their orgies and indulging themselves and that their sexual deviant ways but she desires that and she wants that too you know yeah and they commit these acts of violence so it was an interesting it was an interesting experience because you’re you’re so much more in the mood of it all before starts really going down and I thought it did a really excellent job because I thought

it was just going to be like a Non-Stop Slaughter Fest and suddenly in the last half hour where she’s like running fast and all that yeah yeah we should get Supernatural power yeah yeah but it never it never divulged into that because I introduced her as this uh you know helpless senile lady is very ill and even I was getting my guesses wrong about like maybe he’s out maybe they’re trying to just trick us like he’s all right yeah but she’s she’s a cruising one but actually you know they’re both crazy and it’s they’re the

same people from when they were young where he just wants to please her and keep her happy so I thought it was a very fun experience uh I thought it was really well executed and disturbing that that wasn’t like too disturbing to me but it was like reasonably disturbing but it’s a yeah it’s effective on this story it’s undisturbing it’s like Grindhouse horror to me it wasn’t like yeah you know it’s really it’s really like pulpy yeah and I like how it’s practical effects driven in that department too yeah I think they they did nicely

in a couple different ways to split the difference and yeah have it be they did just the right amount of tributing to to give you a bunch of preconceived notions to then tweak and play with uh you know based off of stuff like a Texas Chainsaw movie or like a Friday the 13th movie or any number of others and then they also give you the 70s style to then go off of but they also mix just the right amount it’s like it’s like you said it’s not just like a gimmick or a filter or something

they put over this they use the patience of the 70s Vibe and that directing style and those lens choices to I think split the difference in a really nice way because if you watch a movie like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre that movie feels like you’re there and it’s very spread out in a lot of ways and it’s more violent than you remember it being uh whereas in a movie like this you know you still have a lot of that same patience and a lot of that same atmosphere and a lot of that same you know

you can feel the heat and the stickiness but I feel like this in a side-by-side comparison would be more outwardly pleasing in a way because it is uh paced in a more modern sensibility it has more of a modern build and so I thought yeah a while so like a gazillion shots in style so yeah purely like a 70s film oh yeah absolutely and again like I I’ve seen other movies and other tie West movies even uh very much adhere to the time and place in cinema that they are emulating and and speaking the language

of whereas here I thought it was a really nice splitting of that difference and that carries over into the gore and the kills as well because yeah it is like schlocky and it is like grind Housey and it is like more 80s in that regard or yeah I mean late 70s works too but yeah you have that sort of naturalistic approach to like when she gets her fingers smashed in the door Jenna Ortega like that’s a very icky like real looking gag but it also plays as this very shocking very in your face you know

thing that in an earlier time would not look as real would look a lot more hyper stylized and so I think they did nicely across a lot of different parts of this to split that difference to authentically give you you know that tribute quality but then use that against you too those old people did not look real like realistically old they looked like it was like well I enjoyed looking at the makeup but they look like so it’s a nitpick I mean I don’t know how much it would really do for me if they did

look real you know but it was like that it’s like such makeup they’re so made up yeah it’s like you could tell like oh they both got fake teeth in and then he’s got like his jaw built way down to look like a Hills Have Eyes character like if Keepers fell in love with this yeah yes absolutely yeah that’s great not that it needs to be that real for me um I don’t even know I really want it up pointed it out but it’s just that’s just one thing yeah it’s it’s something you I noticed

that throughout I was thinking about that I mean I think that’s what it really helped you guess that thing with me at goth too it’s like there’s an awareness that this is not this makeup is so he is very much makeup yeah and it’s funny because part way through I was like oh wow like they’re really drawing this mystery like they’re not showing their faces very much what’s going on and then part way through like okay as a country interest decision because it’s creepy but also it helps these makeups yeah yeah well I think the

movie is so much about our I like okay look get out of the way everyone does a great job acting ones thought everyone was great you know and I like I like these horror movies that are always a two halves like you got one half of this movie which only intermittently checks in with the old people but the first half is them making an adult film and the uncomfortable situations that can occur with that but are kind of thematically linked with Jenna Ortega’s character because so much of it is is so much Christian America’s unhealthy

relationship with sexuality you know and her character is like they call her the church girl church mouse yeah church mouse church mouse she’s the one who walks around wearing the crucifix around her neck like she’s a good Christian girl and and it’s her desire for you know the lustful desire that comes out of her which the moments preceding the time where she um lets out that she wants to be a part of the adult film where everyone’s talking about like yeah this is like old ways of thinking and it’s and you know in 2023 today

it’s like uh polyamorous relationships are so common now especially out here in L.A like they’re they’re very cool yeah it’s very common now yeah and and it’s something that you know I obviously can still have a very big stigma around it and then a lot of people can feel uncomfortable to like open up about it or or be honest if they are on one or something like that uh because uh just because the way the world is right and so when they’re with that group they’re all talking about it like they just love sexy and

then with her character going down that change and then watching it tear apart the relationship I like how that ends up being the Segway piece into the full-blown horror with the old couple who has this thing that the sexual desire that morphs into violence yeah which is which is such a like the religious thing was so overt but it became such a such a such a presence throughout even though the movie wasn’t even about religion but it is yeah yeah and I like that you know by the end of it it’s like it sets you

up in a way where you expect certain characters will be rewarded or punished for certain things and I think it does nicely yeah to not leave you there ultimately because it’s like it’s like church mouse makes it almost to the end and the guy who is the least involved in what the community around him is doing is the first one to go and yeah like I thought this had a i this is a movie that I would want to chew on and kind of digest more because I think they’re there’s so much of it that’s

just kind of your straightforward watching events unfold but there is I think an interesting human comment because I I did feel for the old couple in a way because yeah I mean they have these really restrictive beliefs but also they are just like past the prime of of life and longing for you know the the spoils and splendors of being young and what that affords you and uh and some of that is very tragic uh and and that sort of personal tragedy then bleeding over into this yeah religious Dogma that I think is nicely like

poked at and prodded without ever feeling like it’s preacher like it’s you know like I’m watching somebody do a diatribe but through characters or something like that like this plays really well as its own movie Just experience alone and it doesn’t seem to pass too much judgment on any one character uh which I think is kind of a nice thing because then that allows you to bring your own you know Rorschach test psychology in and kind of extrapolate as as you please and as you want and I mean I think the only thing you can

kind of predict going in is like most everybody will probably die somehow but the way that all goes down I thought was was interestingly handled and it didn’t feel too much like it felt like the situation going to and then you finding what Twisted underbelly Lies Beneath all this stuff and like you were pointing out yeah like you know people who are watching this on TV all the time yet are harboring these latent desires that are just festering and rotting and boiling over and I think having them be old these two like is you know

extremely old and kind of you know stylized looking people then coming together and actually making love to one another and having that not be the thing that kills them but it gets them kind of close to there like I think it flirts with those things that people imagine when Jenna Ortega runs out she she has that turn where she’s like you’re the cause of all this this is all your fault like she almost has this turn back into the extremes of her faithfulness because it’s it’s almost kind of uh resigning to the idea that like

God is punishing us right now because of my Temptation because of you guys because We snuck in here and had to do all this and yeah and yeah it it I think it just gets at that fulcrum of pleasure that can either Empower or rot you you know one way or another and I think it is interesting that she is the you know I guess you could argue that she is an escapee from this particular sect of Christianity that is all over these TVs that is just like so prevalent and I think that’s kind of

a neat thing for that character because I guess you always have to question I don’t know anything surrounding sexual empowerment that is like authored by a dude is like something I think you know needs a certain amount of like an examination but it is kind of interesting that yeah she is you know well entrenched in you know the the industry that we’re spending most of the first half of the movie looking through the lens of and yet she’s also having this direct reaction to a different kind of Oppression that’s masquerading as something Pious whereas here

it’s like on the face this is like yeah this is a sin this is sexual deviance all that stuff and yet you know when we peer in on them there’s kind of regular people you know trying to make a life for themselves and I think that’s the nice thing about that Mantra I don’t want to live the life I want to live the life I deserve or whatever I won’t live life I don’t deserve and her repurposing that for her own empowerment yeah that’s an interesting twist yeah I wonder how I feel about that twist

yeah yeah like I mean it gives you a kind of an Insight a little bit more to like ruminating on what her backstory would be it is just uh I don’t know I I really don’t know how I really don’t know if I even really like like oh cool but is it a little too clever I’m not really sure I’m curious like the twist might be like a little too much for me I don’t know if it is though it might reach there’s again I think there’s a certain uh they’re not doing too much magic

with the circumstances Everything feels very natural and that is one of those things that feels the most coincidental I guess or the most it’s the detail that is placed in a way where you can most feel beyond the camera instead of just what’s happening on screen that’s a good way to put it down yeah and that’s that’s the thing I would be curious to again digest and stuff like I I like it’s it’s difficult in this position because you want to have a fully formed opinion you know right away but this is one of those

movies that I would want to sit with for the theme’s sake because the ending the way the ending goes down part of me is like you could look at this as just a new twist or a new way to you have your classic slasher final girl but she is even further from like there was a time where it was kind of progressive to have it be that like it wasn’t just the virginal girl who makes it to the end like maybe there is a girl who does indulge a bit throughout the movie but she still

kind of is okay and she makes it and in this one it’s like you know she’s you know the whole like you can’t have sex and make it through the movie rules out the window but she’s also like you know she takes a bump at the end as well and it’s like you know she’s still kind of steeped in all these things I think a character would be punished for if the movie had actually come out during this time um oh yeah I mean I don’t think the movie’s on the side of yeah Christian America

no yeah no but but at the same time it doesn’t seem entirely just like religion bad and that’s it you know like I feel like at least the way it presents itself gives you again a little more latitude to consider you know the themes yeah no I I think they don’t it doesn’t become like protagonists arguing about religion yeah they call her church mouse and stuff but in the whole discussion about sexuality before uh Jenner Ortega’s character decides she wants to be on camera there’s not uh I don’t think there’s anything about God in that

moment yeah that was that guy’s personal boundary yeah there’s nothing wrong about Christianity but but that’s the thing is there’s so there’s there’s so much of a and it’s still evolving in this world you know and it’s a in America especially it’s it’s so evolving and there is such an uncomfortableness that a lot of us kind of grow up with every time I go into the sauna oh it happened today there’s always some like random guys just talking about it and like what our kids are growing up with like I’m like this is why is

it always in the song like there’s always like random guys I’ve never seen the same guy twice and the kind of society you’re growing up in you know uh it’s because yeah I mean even even the director of the Wayne director talks about like the time in which this movie’s taking place places before people could just access adult films you know in their comfortability of your own homes they’re not exclusive to just the creeps you know perverts whatever yeah you don’t have to be bold enough to go to a theater yeah yeah now you can

just everyone can indulge it everyone has it in them at the end of the day you know and it’s that I I like the story of someone who wants I like the idea of like this is all a form of repression just manifesting itself in some weird way yeah you know and and even for even even for the general take advantage I mean a goth character Maxine like in some ways or her upbringing is so much about hers you can imagine I like the Twister what it tells you about the character of Maxine growing up

in what must have been the strictest Christian household yeah and preacher’s daughter so much of being judged and being told you’re not good enough and what you’re doing is a sin you’re wrong you’re going to go to hell you’re going to be punished and and so much of this is a uh an act going against that and learning to be okay with yourself doing all that you know and so I I appreciate that I do miss for uh some of the kind of I don’t like uh this movie John I’d very much disagree on uh

I don’t like that Texas Chainsaw Massacre original movie I don’t I have a really hard time sitting through it I actually think it’s a very frustrating film and and uh but what I do like is the element of the very end of the relief that the final girl has after the the crazy turbo oil this woman has been through and this desperation to survive and then when she gets away like it’s such an iconic shot in cinema when she’s on the back of the truck for a reason you know I’m like oh she did it

look up there’s all these like variety of emotions running through her and I and and and for me I do kind of need that what a main character gets away after all their friends die is something that seems like I just went through hell and granted she didn’t see like all the dead bodies and whatever but she’s probably picked up on the fact that all are all dead you know but she’s been through a horror show and there was a bit of a missing and which is crazy to me because Mia goth did such an

amazing job yeah throughout the film and as the old lady like such an amazing job but the the movie didn’t have that button for me of her having just dealt with like just the most horrific experience and as much as there’s like these empowering qualities uh a part that pulls me out is you just did kind of go through like the craziest horror show in the world right now if I was the director and she was just a little too cool for school at the end of it for me if I was the director I

would have done a lot one of those one of those things they they sometimes used to do back in the day whereas you do your credits over a long shot and just let her drive what the credits play as she’s driving and just like breaking down maybe she’s still you know it takes whatever she needs but but yeah it is a little bit like hell yeah I just made it I’m a badass I’m a badass yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I’m going out to be a star still and I’m leaving this all behind me and

I think you could do that I think you could still have that but I I feel like part of your blender that other quality ought to have been mixed in a little bit more because yeah but she I mean when she when uh when Bobby Lynn comes in and she’s like she was in my bed and she was touching me like she seemed really rattled and and yeah like rightfully so just a little bit of that on that ending shot would have been yeah nice yeah instead of just she’s a badass yeah badass or or

you know even if you argue she’s in shock she still kind of comes to cry I feel like you know the movie is putting it across to you like but she’s kind of a badass though yeah yeah no I I think you can do Disturbed but badass I think definitely yeah I think I’m saying like I want to say sacrifice the quality that they had saying Implement with you know we’re in agreement yeah just add a little bit more of that that shakenness that we have seen up until this point yeah yeah that’s the that’s

one part of it um but the actors are all good I thought everyone was very natural and um and and uh they all brought something to the role like there’s all kinds of Arc types in here but they didn’t feel like archetypes which I really appreciated yeah like they they really could have you know and I think for a movie that’s riffing on slasher films which generally have the Trope of like these people going out and fornicating and how hot they’re about to get killed I like how that’s such a part of meat and part

of the story it’s it’s part of the literally thematically what you’re dealing with in this entire story uh so I thought that was real I really appreciate that and I think for every character that they had here who was part of the film crew they they managed to make everyone feel very natural with writing and performances and no one felt like they were just playing stereotypes when they really it really could have been that like you actually literally got one black guy like you could you could have just been a very stereotypical oh yeah yeah

a marine baby yeah yeah yeah you could have played him like an actual 70s Wawa thing yeah and Brittany so could’ve just been like blonde ditzy girl or whatever yeah it’s like you can tell these are actual people felt like people yeah they feel like people yeah Brittany Snow’s got Ambitions Kid Cudi like you know he feels that character I was like yeah I buy that I buy that he’s you know this ex-marine who’s yeah well they’re still in his prime to a degree well I think they flesh out the relationships pretty well too I

mean even for the Howard not Howard um Wayne for the Wayne character you know I feel like in another movie he just would have been like oh you find out he’s just some douchey God he wants to bang all the other girls I can’t wait to watch his sleeves die yeah yeah he turns into just some like creep sleazy dude and you really get the idea like no I mean I respect what my woman does and uh but yeah I got a business owner I do want to run business but you also get the idea

that he cares like everyone felt the relationships all worked for me even even Jenna Ortega and the boyfriend the guy filming like I thought that all all that worked really well it was a solid conflict so I think for a film that managed to do a thing that was riffing on a certain type of genre and era they did bring something unique to it and felt natural and it was really well executed movie that I feel like my appreciation for will probably just grow over time with like literally a couple of things that I’m questionable

about how I feel about it yeah no yeah as I think a really good convergence of classic and modern sensibility and uh and yeah something that has sort of Timeless questions but also questions themes that are very pertinent to the right here and now and yeah I think it does also well to again set you up with certain preconceived notions it’s like old people and these kinds of movies are always just wallpaper to make everything creepier but here they’re like actually characters after a while and yeah even though you are about to watch a bunch

of teens or Young people-ish making love and then dying it’s not in the exact same package as you would expect it and even the little peripheral things like the alligators was a great touch just like a great sort of Hazard of the environment what is an alligator for the elevator versus crocodile what is an alligator alligator represent yes let’s do that and wisdom Primal instincts Good Fortune how do we how do we read into the use of an alligator uh I guess well you know there’s plenty of uh Primal Instinct ancient wisdom all the all

the religious themes ancient religious themes yeah yes yes uh I’m not having the wrong word symbolism I get her symbolism all right all right uh okay or they can really present like a threat as spirit animals and civilized individuality protection and strength I guess that one works after the 15 different editions we have alligators in front of us yeah yeah just trying to protect each other or he was just like well they were by a know this is the thing you’d have to look out for a good Death kill yeah and also mad respect uh

to how they handle the kills because even though you know they’re gonna die it’s also uh uh they would surprise because that like I think the one that surprised me the most because yeah you have some good jump scare ones the one that surprised me the most was the death of Wayne because it goes into his eye and it’s just funny yeah but then when it clap but when it cuts back I’m like I’ve never had that before like a like a cut back to it and it’s just being pulled out yeah like something you’ve

already seen happen sure and and the jump scares not him getting and jabbing in the high the jump scares are getting pulled out like that that was really creative yeah yeah absolutely and like they do again like it’s it’s another one of those it’s a classic kill and yeah it’s the classic kind of kill you would cut away from and that’s it yeah and then yeah you get you get the whole aftermath and she buries him and it just gives you so much extra little hint as to what really is happening here well also yeah

like keeping the body count feeling fresh you know definitely for the here and now and yeah uh like really really effective in terms of kills and jump scares and stuff like that like nothing felt there weren’t really anywhere I was like ah cheap you know and I and I don’t know if it’s a direct reference to any movie but I actually really liked that that strange one two three and now we actually cut to the next scene or the other you know place that we’re alluding to I thought that editing transition they kept doing was

was an interesting flourish well it makes it feel like overlap because it is overlapping in a way but it’s really inner cutting but I did learn recently that like back then it was so much harder to add when you’re dealing with film a lot of times directors wouldn’t even know what the a dissolve or a fade whatever might look like until the film was out it’s such a process now you could just like drop it in your iMovie you know it’s like really easy and uh so but back then with film so I appreciate they

didn’t do any of that here yeah it was like well and I wonder if because it adds a certain there is a mood to it and it gives it a bit of an ethereal touch so uh but it’s their time like from an understanding filmmaking a little bit I I’m like I wonder if they chose just you know not to do any type of Fades because of that yeah you know and he makes that comment about like I can take the footage I can put it in any order I want you know yeah yeah yeah

yeah so even though it’s not like directly like oh he must have vetted this like there is yeah I think it pairs nicely with the tangibility of the filmmaking but I would have loved if it was the actual final shot of the movie was while she’s driving the film you know real though yeah close this out and then it cuts to and it’s RJ at the editing booth and he’s like well what do you think of the film do you think this is more RC of more entertaining is this an elevated adult film or not

yeah it’s just with the whole caste via Gotham like her makeup and her Old Woman makeup well and for a second there I was like well if any gum actress is playing you know is playing maybe uh maybe the guy who plays Wayne is playing Howard or something you know what if there’s some like time timeline thing yeah yeah conversions of time happening here at once either that or I would have loved if if just afterwards you know it’s like cut to the Evans evidence room and some cop is like I cut together the footage

they got would you like to see yeah just play the actual porno all right like Super 8 or something um alrighty guys well thank you for being here I really appreciate um everyone who suggested this wild film yeah it was fun and hey we will uh what was today’s what day are we filming this is and then we’ll just end this video right now we’ll talk with you all soon thank you for being here

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