Yelp Review vs. Food Critic Taste Test

– Who should you trust when it comes to food? – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) – Gooooood Mythical Morning. – A few months ago, we played a game where we tasted two different dishes, one that professional food critics liked best, and one that average people liked best, to see which one we liked best. And the regular people’s picks absolutely wiped the floor with the critics’ picks. – Yes. Your favorite dish was the people’s choice four out of four times. Mine was three out of four times. Such a devastating– – Men of the people! –

Such a devastating loss for the critics, that we decided we would give them another chance. Okay, critics? – But y’all better redeem yourselves, critics. It’s time for “Who Loved This Food?!” (upbeat music) – Alright, boys. In each round, you’ll be given two similar dishes. One will be from the highest rated restaurant according to average diners, your Trip Advisors, your Yelps. The other dish will be from a restaurant named the best by a publications panel of food critics, websites like “The Infatuation Eater”, “Time Out”, et cetera. You’ll pick your favorite between the two, and we’ll see

in the end who has better taste this time around, the people or the experts. So you’re going ahead this round. You’re chowing down on some barbecue– – Woo hoo! – sampler

plates, the kind of– – That’s a good rib! – Thank you. – Got a little bit of everything from each of these restaurants. – Thank you. That rib is absolutely amazing. – And this, this brisket is, I mean, I barely had to cut it with a fork to get it just fall apart. – That potato salad has so much dill. I am loving it. –

Whoa! Try that brisket, friend. – I love brisket and ribs. It’s like this has gotta be, – Oh! – I mean, when you, when you do this stuff right, look at us. – I love dill. And look how crispy the top of the mac is. – I don’t think I’ve ever been to this place, because– – I feel like I would remember, man. This is all so good. – I would remember. – Dang! – And we didn’t even try the sauces. They got a, a mustard-based sauce. – They’ve nailed everything. I don’t typically like to

complicate my barbecue tasting with sauce, but– – Yeah, we don’t, we don’t sauce our meats. But those are some nice sauces. There’s twice as many sauces over here. – Are they making up for something? Compensating? – Let’s take a look at these ribs. – You can look at this and tell it’s not as good. – Or is it? – This tastes like a standard rib that you would expect. Not bad. But something else is happening altogether over here. – If I hadn’t tasted that one, I’d be freaking out over this, because– – I wouldn’t be

freaking out about it. – It is really good, dude. – I just made, I told you, I made four slabs of ribs recently, and thought about bringing you over, but, – And then you didn’t. You just ate them all. My ribs were better than these ribs, not nearly as good as these ribs. This brisket is so thick, but it’s, I mean, look at this. – It’s a little, um– – This is not what’s, sorry, what’s supposed to happen with– – Did you just apologize– – brisket. – to your clothes? – And I know that that’s

thick. (crew laughing) – Sorry, clothes. – If you’ve done brisket well, and you pick it up and you do this a few times, it will fall apart like that. – This is so, oh my god, this is good. Oh, save this for me for later! (crew laughing) This, I mean, barbecue is our love language. This is fine, if not above. I mean, it’s above average. – Above. Compared to what though? – Like, I would say like the average. – Compared to like a family reunion? – Barbecue. Alright, so we’re clearly loving this. – I mean,

that’s not bad. The sides are not bad. But these. – I didn’t even try the, their sauces. What is this green sauce? Yep. (crew laughing) Okay, so we’re doing this. – I am gonna do a little sauce on that. – We’re just gonna keep eating a little bit. – Okay, – Save room for the other rounds. – so you guys chose the other round guys chose the Mass of Barbecue from Moo’s Craft Barbecue for $38. – Moo’s Craft? – And we’re only, we’re giving you like, you know, appropriate portions here. So when I say $38,

you know, it has more than more than what we gave you. But Moo’s was the best barbecue in LA, according to the experts. – Okay. “LA Times” restaurant critic, Bill Addison, definitively called it the best barbecue he’s had in the entire State of California. And then on Link’s side is a barbecue from Maple Block Meat Co, for $46. With four stars and nearly 2,000 reviews on Yelp, it’s the top result when searching for the best barbecue in LA. – If you got that, you– – Critics have just redeemed themselves on the back of, what that

dude names? What dat dude’s names? – Bill. – Bill. – Bill Addison. Bill. – Bill, you saved the critics. – If you went to this restaurant, you wouldn’t complain. But you also may not know what this is. – Whoops. – What’d you call this place? Mesa? – Moo’s Craft Barbecue. – Stevie, we’re trying to listen, but– – Yeah, these are your barbecue-hearing ears. – We’re like– – I get it. – When alligators go under water, you know, they’re like, their eyelids do something weird and their ears get covered up. Do they have ears? – Or

when you put a blanket over a crocodile’s head. – It’s kinda like that’s what happens to us when you give us barbecue. It’s just like, we’re just in a fugue state. – It’s okay. – Critics win. – So good. (upbeat music) – Alright, we’re moving on to pasta this round. You each have three pastas from two different places. – And this is shrimp squid ink pasta? – It looks that way. This looks insane. – What an embarrassment of riches here. Look at, look at all of this. Oh, good gracious. – That’s incredibly solid. – Yeah.

– A little spicy. I think you’re gonna like that. You’re a shrimp guy. I’m a big fan of that one. It’s not traditional, you know, it’s a little unexpected. – Yeah. What are the leaves? That’s weird. – It’s like full– – Basil? I don’t know. – Basil leaves. – We got some shells here, Link. These are real– – Whoo! That’s spicy too. – Real cheesy looking. – Dang, this is some good pasta. And then we got, well, I think it’s some carbonara maybe? Is that a egg? Oh, yeah. – Yep. We got a egg right

in the middle. Bacon carbonara. I see like a little, little pieces of bacon here. – There’s no peas in it. – So all of this is from the one restaurant. – They like to spice it up at this place. – Yeah, they do. (Link slurping) This is, mm, I could do without that. (crew laughing) – That’s good. I mean, both of these are supposed to be good. It wasn’t like… Last time, I don’t remember anything like blowing– – Everything was close last time. Yeah? – Everything was close. – Close. Yeah. – Because I said blowing

the lead when you said close, and I thought you said everything blows last time. – Okay, moving on to this. This all feels more traditional. I’m not gonna hold that against it. Big old flat nude. That’s great too, dude. – It’s very good. Very good. – And what would you call this one? Bolognese? – I don’t know. I don’t know it. – The arrabbiata. – Rabi, say what? Who? Rabi who? – Arrabbiata. – Oh, my gosh, I eat so much barbecue. – I could pass on that one. That’s the first one I’ve gotten to that

I’m kinda like, eeyea. – Linguini and clams? I’ve heard about this. (crew laughing) – Well, here it is, Link. This is something that can be done, Link. – I’ve never ordered it, because of the clam part. – Well, I’m, I’m trying to get so much pasta, – Yeah, – but now you screwed it up. – I’ll take some. That’s all I wanted. – You took all of it. – I took one noodle. – You knocked all of my pasta off. Okay. You gotta try a clam. – This is really good pasta, but it’s kinda down

the middle. This, everything, I think, surprised me. So yeah, it’s just, – This is some of the best pasta I’ve had in a long time. – It’s got a wow factor to it that I really, I mean, nothing missed. – The creativity is incredible. – Okay. The one you both chose is from Cento Pasta Bar. Each pasta cost between 22 and $26. And Cento was the best pasta in LA, according to the experts. It received the highest score on the Infatuations List of best pasta in LA, noting the spicy pomodoro might be the single best

pasta they’ve eaten in LA. – Which is that one. – Yeah, which is the spicy, spiciest one in the middle. – Yeah, that’s wild. – All three of them– – That is wild. – were really, really, really special. – Yeah, he’s going back in. Oops. There you go. – I need a bib. – Hey, apologize to your clothes. – I’ll wash ’em later. They’ll forget it. – No, you apologized the first time. – I’m gonna wash the memories right out. – Now it’s expecting to be apologized to. – I’m sorry, shirt. – There you go.

– And then on Link’s side, the pastas are from Pasta Sisters. Each pasta cost between 15 and $18. With four stars and over 2,000 reviews, Pasta Sisters is the top result when searching for the best pasta in LA on Yelp. – Okay. Women owned? (crew laughing) I would assume so, you know. – By sisters? Yes, Link. – Critics, you’re redeeming yourself. – They’re coming in real strong this time. – Big time. – Dang. I did get it. I got it my pants too, daggamit. (upbeat music) – Before we hit these breakfast burritos, I want to

tell you about salsa. Sporked has ranked– – All about salsa. – all of the best salsa that you can buy at the store, red salsa, green salsa, fruit salsa. You know you want salsa, but before you buy it, go over to, Search salsa in the search bar, and then you’ll know that you’re getting the best ones. – It’s that easy. You just search salsa? – Yeah. – Huh. – Breakfast burrito here, from two different places. I like to compare a good cross-section. This one seems to have, I thought those mushrooms were just black beans.

– There’s a lot more going on on this one. And they also took the extra time and care to grill it, put it back on the grill. I always appreciate that. We’ve got some, looks like pickled jalapenos in the middle, which speaks directly to my heart. – I am predicting that the average Joe is going to like breakfast burritos, are gonna make a better pick. – I don’t think your sentence made sense, but I understand what you meant. – And that’s all that matters. Ooh! – That’s very bacony. – That is spicy in the middle.

The eggs are very hand-scrambled. (crew laughing) I can tell they were. – Okay, so– – As opposed to– – Yeah, what’s the opposite of hand-scrambled? – I don’t know. I said it and… – Robot scrambled? – It just, it looked like it was very hand-scrambled to me. – It sounded like a guy who doesn’t know anything about food saying something that sounds like he should know something about food, or might know something about food. – Have you watched this show before? – “Very hand-scrambled. Mm, yes.” – It’s like something AI would say about food. –

The pieces of egg seem like it was made– – By hand. – on an individual basis, not on like a big, – You don’t have to explain it. Just apologize to my clothes. (chuckling) – I’m not. – This has got, what is… Is that? – Black beans. Ham. – Okay. – That tasted good. – I don’t think those are hand-scrambled. – The test of a breakfast burrito for me is if they mixed everything together and then put it in a burrito, versus putting each piece in the burrito, and then with each bite, you’re getting like

a lot of one thing, but not a lot of the other thing. They’ve both done this pretty, pretty correctly, in my opinion. – I just don’t like the taste of that one. And I love black beans. There’s something weird in that one, isn’t there? – It’s the type of meat. It’s a, it’s like a carnitas, or something. – No, it’s a sliced meat. It’s almost like a salami. – It’s not good. I’m sorry. – It’s not, it’s not… It’s a bit of a disappointment. – I’m really surprised at just how different every round is. Okay.

Whatever. – Where did we land, Stevie? – Okay, so you have both chosen the bacon breakfast burrito from Cofax for $14. Cofax was the best breakfast burrito in LA, according to the experts. – Again! – Yeah, you’ll find Cofax on every single Best Burrito in LA list, including Eaters, who called the burrito a near legendary affair. And then on Link’s side was– – Hand-scrambled. Does it say that anywhere, Stevie? – No. I don’t have that in my facts. The burrito on your side was from Toast Bakery Cafe, for 17.95. It has 4.5 stars on Trip

Advisor, and is the top result when you search for the best breakfast burrito in LA. – Bloody hell! I’ve been waiting out there to do this bit for three rounds now. – I’m sorry. – You’ve not chosen a single people’s choice, yeah. I had hats. – It’s nothing against you. I had a broom. – It’s nothing against you, chimney sweep. Nothing against you. – Yep, yep, yep. – You’re denying your viewers everyone’s favorite Mythical character. (all laughing) Where’s me spinoff show? – Well, you… – Hey, there’s still one more round. – Yeah, but I don’t

believe you’re gonna choose. – Know your cue, okay? Know your cue. – He’s very anxious. Very earnest. (upbeat music) – Ice creams. – Ice cream. Let’s start with the vanillas. – You wanna go flavor by flavor? – Mm hm. I assume both of these are like hand spun. – Yeah, yeah. Definitely hand spun. No machine touched this ice cream. – That’s a, that’s a good vanilla. Grab this vanilla. See which vanilla wins. Neck and neck. They’re different, but this one’s butterier. – These are all like comparable but not exact. So the vanilla on Rhett’s side

was vanilla bean, – Yeah, I was gonna say, – and then vanilla, and Link’s was just vanilla. – This is vanilla bean, which is why it’s better. – I like that one better too. I got some honey the other day that had some vanilla bean in it. That was, that’s a great idea. – On purpose or accident? – No, on purpose. – This is a– – Coffee? – Coffee. – Cold brew. – That is a strong cold brew, whoo, sensation. – That’s pretty dang good. And this is also cold brew? – That is Vietnamese rocky

road. – So much cold brew that it’s almost, it’s almost too, comes on too hard. Does Vietnamese rocky road have coffee in it, or just, I’m just tasting coffee from this one? – It has coffee in it. I think it’s like Vietnamese coffee. – So it’s sweeter. It’s very sweet, in addition to being coffee. That is the most coffeinated ice cream I’ve ever tasted. – It’s got pieces of, dude, that’s incredible. I know it is. – It’s got pieces of coffee. – Is it too much though? – No! And if that’s what you want, that’s

what you get. – It’s got ground up beans in it. – It’s incredible. And a little cookies and cream. – Especially if you’ve got another scoop of something with it, to kinda like… – That’s dairy free. – It’s like coconut. – No, it’s got coconut in it. That’s what it is. I thought it was coconut milk ice cream. That’s not great, but. – It’s cookies and coconut? – It’s just cookies and cream. – But it’s coconut. – And then on Link’s side– – Why did they put coconut in there? – I don’t know why it’s

coconut. Link’s side, that’s black sesame cookies and cream. – Hmm. Both are weird cookies and cream. This one’s better, ’cause I don’t like coconut. – I think I like two out of the three on this plate. – Yeah, me too. So here we are again, both voting for this one. And you’re right, man. I mean, this is, this is, this is something to chirp about, man. – Chirp it. Chirp it up. – Tweet. Tweet, tweet tweet. – You gonna do a little tweet about this? Is that what you were saying? You finally going to tweet?

– No, I’m on now. – Mm. – Okay, so on Link’s side we have Wanderlust Creamery, and each scoop costs $6.50. That was our expert pick. – Hah! – “Time Out” said, “There are plenty of artisanal ice cream shops at our disposal in LA, but this might be the first one that inspires us to hop on a plane.” So that means that you did choose the people’s pick this time. Those are ice creams from Ginger’s Ice Cream. Each scoop costs $6.95. – Ginger. – It has 4.5 stars and over 700 reviews on Yelp. And

one reviewer said, “This place never disappoints, and has some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had in my life.” – Finally, the people’s choice wins. – Yayyyy! You finally did it. Two bloody scenes, yeah? That’s all I get for this. – Ash powder? – Yeah. You can put that on. The whole bit was gonna be every round you put an extra thing on, and then eventually one of you is a chimney sweep. – Okay. Well, oh, oh, we’ll take it, we’ll take it. We’ll take it. – I don’t think we’ve earned this though. –

Yeah, you have not earned the bib. You’ve not earned it. (crew laughing) You don’t get to just chimney sweep from one round, yeah. – No. We’re on the side of the critics now. – Ugh! – What critics? – I drove here from from Marina del Rey. (crew laughing) – Lot of chimney sweep’s done down in Marina del Ray. – You know what? Keep your ashes. (chimney sweep wailing) (crew laughing) Critics, you have redeemed yourselves. I don’t know what it is, man. – We were definitely on the same page today. I mean, four times outta a

four. – I know. So there’s no disputing it. – You know what? Sometimes the critics get it right, sometimes they get it wrong. And they didn’t just get it right, they got it very right today when they did get it right. Those three that were better were so much better, in my opinion. You know, ice cream’s ice cream, I guess, is what we’ve learned today. – Okay. You definitely look like Mick Fleetwood with that on. (crew laughing) Yeah. Thanks for subscribing and clicking that bell. – You know what time it is. – I’m Melissa. This

is Bentley. We’re in Turks and Caicos, and it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – That dog’s like, “Oh, you’d better get me back.” – He was never seen again. – Click the top link to watch us discover the craziest reality TV moments in Good Mythical More. And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. – The sporked team has found the best salsa for you. Whether it’s the best red, green, or even fruity salsa, go to and search salsa.

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