Zola (2021) Movie Review

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a film coming to theaters on june 30th and it’s  
the new a24 biographical comedy drama by the name 
of zola i am so excited to be talking about this  
movie and letting you all know my pros my cons 
and let you know if it’s worth checking out all  
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was some of your favorite moments your favorite  
characters your

overall thoughts let’s talk about 
it because this is a must talk about film of 2021  
so far for me in the best way possible we’re gonna 
break it all down here in this view but again let  
me know your thoughts in the comment section so 
for me zola i i briefly so for you all that do not  
know this is a biographical film so it is based on 
somewhat true events i’m gonna leave the twitter  
link in regards to how this all started i’m gonna 
put it on the page now but essentially this movie  
follows a 148 twitter thread from zola essentially 
going over how she met a sex worker who invited  
her to make some money in florida and i’m just 
going to leave it at that because one i’m going  
to start with the positives now one of the things 
i loved about this film was expect the unexpected  
especially you know a24 you can always expect 
something that you don’t expect to see in this  
film and i would say the element of surprise 
in this film really kind of kept me interested  
every act of the film it gets crazier it gets 
more bizarre and so entertaining and this film  
is it’s kind of an amalgamation for me it reminded 
me a little bit of another couple a24 films number  
one spring breakers comes to mind the florida 
project comes to mind and this is one of those  
films for me where it’s it’s categorized as a 
biographical comedy drama but it’s almost kind of  
genreless because you can also see a little bit of 
black comedy you can see some horror in a little  
bit of what’s going on this film so i just kind 
of love how there are just so many different kind  
of genres there’s no sci-fi or anything like 
that but it’s just like it’s just so fun to  
discover something that is based on a twitter 
thread which is a just testament to speak to  
you can make a movie about anything as long as 
it’s entertaining and can bring people in so  
i love how we were able to dive into these 
different genres and just have this crazy  
bizarre outrageous story and again if you don’t 
know the story don’t read the twitter thread don’t  
watch the trailers just take my word for it go 
into this blind and you will not be disappointed  
but let’s get into these performances starting off 
with our lead of the film taylor page who plays  
zola now i only know taylor from uh mom rainey’s 
black bottom last year she had a really small  
role but something that was memorable but this is 
the role that would make me remember her and make  
me excited to see what she does next because she 
plays zola this young girl who is a stripper who  
seems to be just a really you know keeps herself 
just making money and just living her best life  
and she comes across stephanie played by riley 
kilo who we’ll talk about here in a second and she  
invites her on this trip and zola man she sees it 
all and the thing i love about her is even though  
stephanie does her wrong a lot in this film she’s 
still a nice caring giving person wants to make  
sure that stephanie’s okay she’s trying to help 
her to get out of the situation that they find  
themselves in but i thought that taylor paige 
again this is the type of role and i love when  
a24 does is they introduced me to these wonderful 
actresses and again i knew her from mom rainey’s  
but this is the film for me that makes me excited 
to see what she’s going to do next because she  
had the charm the charisma the vibes the swag 
you know great screen presence i thought that  
taylor as zola was uh great in this movie 
and i can’t wait to see again what she’s  
gonna do next on career but someone that i’ve 
been paying attention to for a very long time  
the person that played stephanie riley keno 
she is one of my favorite actors up and coming  
actors in hollywood she’s been working for quite 
a few years but the first time i saw her was in  
mad max fury road one of my favorite films of 
all time and then just seeing her kind of pop  
into these kind of smaller independent a24 films 
it comes at night you know we had the lodge last  
year uh we also had the devil all the time that 
she was great in and also it’s funny because if  
you guys ever watch i believe it was on stars 
the girlfriend experience there’s a little bit  
of comparison between that show and who she 
plays in this uh movie and her and stephanie  
ridiculous she is ratchet she’s ghetto is all 
hell i love the accent she kind of puts on to  
kind of embrace that righteousness but she gets 
taylor’s character zola and some wild stuff again  
i don’t want to give too much away but again she 
just says hey hey girl let’s make some money and  
and go to florida we’re going to dance and meet 
some new people but again it’s it’s not exactly  
what she pitched to zola but i thought that riley 
was great again this just shows me why she’s such  
a great actress she’s so versatile she can be in 
horror she could be in comedy she could do both  
she’s great in this movie you you hate to love 
this character because she was really great and  
their chemistry between those two even when things 
kind of go off the rails they’re great together  
and i thought they were fantastic but i also 
want to shout out the other supporting characters  
nicholas braun who plays derek who is stephanie’s 
boyfriend who’s just kind of dragged along and  
literally nicholas he’s such a great actor 
to me as far as in the comment realm because  
he kind of brings the the black comedy the 
dark comedy in this film and kind of just  
actually kind of flat out comedy bits in this 
movie if you guys watch the session he plays  
greg and there’s a lot of greg isms in this role 
as derek he has one of the funniest scenes kind of  
towards the back half he’s funny throughout the 
film but there’s a scene towards in the movie  
that just had me die and laugh and i thought that 
he was great but you know i mentioned the mvps  
obviously zola and stephanie but i said it 
every time i talk about a film or show he’s in  
coleman d’amico we need more of him in movies and 
shows he’s one of my favorites in hollywood he’s  
such a great actor he does stage play he’s 
a writer he’s a director he does everything  
he is so great in this movie he plays a character 
by the name of x who is the roommate of stephanie  
and listen when i tell you he had a couple 
scenes that had me dying laughing that i had  
to replay several times because i missed some 
of the dialogue because i was laughing so much  
if you’ve seen the film once you’ve seen the film 
that voice that wakandan nigerian voice that comes  
out the first time and later on the film you gotta 
get into listen man he was great in this film  
he’s the menacing character with a little bit of 
satire a little bit of jokiness to him but he is a  
really welcome character in this film so the 
cast is great i really enjoyed the unexpected  
nature of the film again a film based on a 40 
148 twitter thread just still kind of blows  
my mind but i want to give a quick shout out to 
the director’s film janiksa bravo who i’ve only  
known her work for tv stuff she did an episode 
of atlanta she did an episode of them on amazon  
and i’m just still so impressed by what she was 
able to bring to life 148 twitter thread and make  
it a 125 minute film that was entertaining that 
was wacky that was bizarre and she has flair in  
her direction she has a really good use of camera 
motion she has personality to this film so i  
really enjoy it again what the actors bring to the 
table but they have to listen to their captain and  
i thought their captain uh jenix bravo did a great 
job in direction share so direction was good the  
comedy’s there the serious nature of the situation 
is there there are some seriously one of the  
funniest movies i’ve seen so far this year so i 
thought that the film worked on so many levels but  
i do have some criticisms something that comes to 
mind is and is more so in the second half of the  
film again it’s really well paced but there’s 
a couple scenes that felt a bit repetitive  
uh in particular we see stephanie doing something 
over and over and again it shows like the scary  
nature of what she does per profession but i wish 
we could maybe transition to some other moments or  
maybe kind of get into another scene but there are 
some moments of repetitiveness and also and this i  
think is purposeful there’s a a sense of disjoint 
within how the story’s being told we we have this  
narrative being told by taylor page character uh 
zola and the accounts like how she saw how the 48  
hours went and there’s a moment where we get the 
perspective from stephanie which was hilarious  
by the way but it would have been interesting to 
see throughout the film maybe zola’s perspective  
and stephanie’s perspective of the same situation 
i wish we would have gotten that maybe a couple  
more times in the film and then last but not 
least as far as criticism this is based on a  
true story again this is based on zola how she 
perceived what went down in the 48 hours and  
again stephanie has her own uh perspective of how 
it went but i thought the ending was a little bit  
abrupt i wish it would again this is a true story 
right so you got to stay true to the story but i  
wish they would have maybe went a little bit more 
they would have used that kind of movie creative  
liberties route where they maybe would have added 
a little bit more flair to the ending so it’s not  
that i hated the ending i just wish that it was a 
little bit more uh a little more fleshed out and  
a little bit more uh kind of a wow factor as far 
as how they end this incredibly incredibly wild  
and crazy bizarre story so honestly those are my 
only criticisms that i have that could think of so  
before i give you all my overall thoughts give you 
my score and let you know if it’s worth checking  
out when it comes to theaters june 30th make sure 
if you haven’t already to give this video a thumbs  
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other content with all that being said overall  
zola is dark it’s funny and it is unexpected it 
is entertaining it’s all hell some really great  
performances seriously this is one of the funniest 
movies i’ve seen this year it also has some really  
serious moments again it shows you you can’t trust 
everyone you meet online so with that being said  
i’m gonna give zola a four out of five and this 
is something i recommend you all check out if you  
have the opportunity to see it in theaters june 
30th because this is such a perfect film to see  
with your friends to see with a with a crowd full 
of people because there are some serious moments  
where you’re sitting there like what the hell is 
going to happen next in the best way possible so  
that’s my thoughts on the film i learned 
a couple things from this movie number one  
you can make a movie out of anything as 
long as it’s entertaining and insane and  
also again don’t trust people online be safe 
out there make make sure you keep your time  
preserve your time don’t waste your energy and 
time on people that just don’t have the same  
kind of path that you’re walking on in your life 
so i’ll end it on that note with all that being  
said again let me know your thoughts on the 
film once you’ve seen it but as always make  
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you all are having a great day hope you enjoyed 
this review and we’ll see you in the next video

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