Apple replaces 'mute' switch with 'action button' on iPhone 15

ge for iPhone 15 Pro that we’re really excited about. From the very first iPhone, we’ve had the Ring/Silent switch, a quick and easy way to mute iPhone sounds. We wanted to make this even better. So with iPhone 15 Pro, we are reinventing the experience with a customizable Action button. By default, it’s still a simple Ring/Silent switch. To toggle between ring and silent, you simply press and hold the button to confirm your intent. You also feel a distinctive haptic feedback for each state. And you can choose a set of actions and easily switch between them. For

example, with a simple press, you can start voice memos to quickly record a new idea, or launch Camera to capture that important moment, activate a favorite accessibility feature, like Live Speech, or you can use Shortcuts to open up an even wider set of options, from simply launching your favorite app to running your own custom shortcuts.

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