Best Games Of 2023 You Should Snag On Sale Right Now

it’s that time of the year where you can really reward yourself with a bountiful handful of great games on sale or if you absolutely have to wrap them up give them to someone else however most of the game of the year type of stuff doesn’t come out until after a lot of these November Black Friday deals are already over I’ve got you covered though because I’m just going to do my game of the year video early so you guys can snag some of the best games while they’re discounted I’m also going to be distributing some

of my own Awards to certain games as we go through this so stick around now let’s get into the deals I’m Boomstick Alex and these are the games that launched in 20123 that I recommend you grab for yourself or maybe someone else first up it’s snuck out early this year but don’t sleep on wo long Fallen Dynasty this ended up being a solid action RPG with a deep combat system a really satisfying deflect mechanic and plenty of minmax gear obset excessive character building the Steep but well-tuned difficulty makes every incremental Improvement to your character feel

like a giant relief at least until the next boss comes around and Stomps your chin into the mud ultimately it was between this and lies of PE

but I’m plopping onto W long Fallen Dynasty’s head the best Souls like of 2023 award you can find this a few places on sale right now costing about 39 bucks or so and I recommend you give it a go if you skipped it earlier in the year here this next one is totally a Hidden Gem Chia this is an oddly creative and memorable open world game where you have

the power to become pretty much any animal or thing around you this is used in some interesting ways to navigate the open world and it’s also just a really fun tool to play around with name any other game in 2023 where you can become a rock a shark a juice bottle a pallet a cricket and a dog if you do I’ll give you a cookie the cookie does not have actually exist there are no cookies don’t ask me for any cookies the style of this game is so jolly and easy on the eyes I’m going

to go ahead and Grant Chia best art style of the year you can find chia on sale right now for about 23 bucks and it’s worth a try next is Blasphemous 2 which I played months after it launched but it blew me away when I finally got around to it I prefer this over the first game because the sequel better balances a hard but fair challenge with far less artificial difficulty padding combat and platforming feel great and the pacing of the Metroid Vania style progression is tuned just right so since it does all that so

well I’m awarding Blasphemous 2 as best 2D game/ best Metroid Vania of 2023 you can find this for just 20 bucks right now digitally on the switch or physical copies on the other systems marked down just a little bit next up we have Marvel Spider-Man too this one did a complete 180 on me it starts out kind of Sy to the last games but give it time and it tentacle splatters out into one of the most pure fun times you can have in a video game once Venom and the Symbio Powers get introduced the action

gets going on all cylinders and I’ll gladly say that Spider-Man 2 is the best raw action game of 2023 also the intricacies of the animation system how everything seamlessly flows together so well Nets it another award the best animations of 2023 this is the only entry on this list where the game itself isn’t discounted yet but this PS5 bundle deal gets you Spider-Man 2 essentially free with the console’s normal price so that’s the perfect pickup if you’re looking into getting a PlayStation 5 next is the Legend of Zelda tears of the Kingdom this game just

oozes creativity Master Level game design and near infinite Freedom the ways you can easily slap and stick things together to build useful devices vehicles or horrible mechanical Abominations shows a true respect to the player’s intelligence and Imagination tears of the Kingdom continually makes you question if your true calling in life was engineering all along even though for most of us it actually isn’t fusing weird things to your weapons or your Shield is a satisfying and often surprising mechanic and the ability to re rewind time on objects themselves is absolutely brilliant with its implementation you can

also use this as a physical animation tool that you can interact with in real time pretty cool the free form open structure of Tears of the Kingdom’s main map up above in the sky islands and down below in the creepy underworld region make it very easy to award this best open world game of the year also spoiling my own list right here in the middle of the video tears of the kingdom is my overall Game of the Year winner at this point in time I cherished my playthrough of this and I wish I could erase

my memory right now to play it again completely fresh every human is a better human after playing this guaranteed again this does not guarantee you’re going to be a better human you might suck at life I don’t know good luck you can find tears of the Kingdom on sale right now for 53 bucks down from its original $70 price tag next up is the remake of Resident Evil 4 this has a good mix of action with survival horror and the absolute best kicks that exist in the biz I played the original on GameCube the year

it came out and this rekindled the vibe of going through that for the very first time while adding plenty of new surprises and quality of life improvements there was stiff competition with Allan Wake 2 and the Dead Space remake but I’m awarding Resident Evil 4 as the best survival horror game of 202 3 right now I found re4 on sale around $40 to $48 depending on the system if you’re in the mood for something from the early PS4 Xbox One days like a dragon Ean is a remaster of a Yakuza spin-off game from 2014 the

highlights here are the over-the-top brawler action a well- told story and great side content it also has plenty of weirdness to it that Yakuza fans know is the true charm of the series you can find this one on sale right now for about 30 bucks next up is octopath traveler 2 there’s just something comforting about playing through a retro style RPG who’s with me the sequel adds some new mechanics to the already addictive combat system and has a greater focus on adjusting the time of day which can alter the character’s abilities or some side quests

if you missed it it’s worth grabbing on sale right now anywhere from $30 to $43 depending on the system next is Remnant 2 a sequel that does an even better job at grafting the soulslike formula to a third person shooter every role of the campaign is different each time with level layouts changing and boss orders being shuffled giving this huge replay ability I’m going to go ahead and give Remnant who the best shooter of 2023 and it’s even better in Co-op if you bring in some buddies you can find this one on sale at a

few places around $40 next is Fire Emblem engage not to be confused with Fire Emblem engage this brings in some new mechanics to the series and as always has addictive RPG style team building the story this time around isn’t the main selling point it’s you know the actual strategy Combat gameplay Fire Emblem andage can be found for about $35 to $37 next Final Fantasy 16 although 16 dips more into action game territory than RPG territory it does the action phenomenally well multiple action game Inspirations went into crafting the combat system and it pays off with

plenty of intricacies and depth while still being accessible and instantly enjoyable this also had the craziest most over-the-top ridiculous boss battles of 2023 so let’s go ahead and slap that award on it right now those fights really helped to push Final Fantasy 16 up into one of my personal favorites from the year you can find this right now marked down to $55 or just 50 if you get the region free version next is Star Wars Jedi Survivor this action adventure with some open world elements provide some of the best modern lightsaber combat out there there’s

a bit more platforming and light puzzle solving in this sequel as well oh and it’s not a question of if you will spend an awkwardly high amount of time tweaking your lightsaber I found Star Wars Jedi Survivor discounted to $35 and the last but definitely not the least armored Core 6 fires of Rubicon I went in as a complete newcomer to the series and was astonished by how satisfying Mech on Mech action can actually be endlessly tinkering with my mech’s Loadout trying all the crazy weapons made for a very addictive gameplay Loop giant cannons Napalm

launchers a chainsaw mini laser drones and huge beam swords make for the best weapon arsenal of 2023 in my opinion the boss fights were definitely a highlight as well and rivaled Final Fantasy 16s this sale just ended when I was making this but it’ll likely go back on sale later in November so just check online if you’re watching this from the future all right which ones from this list have you guys already played and which ones do you now plan on grabbing if you already played every single game on this list well I don’t know

tell me a game to play that you didn’t see highlighted here you can hit me up with those over on Twitter at Boomstick Alex or just down in the comments here thanks for checking this out today and I’ll see you again real soon

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