Stephen A Smith Exposed For Lying On LeBron James PROOF He Attended Kobe’s Memorial | MUST WATCH

so it’s looking like Stephen A Smith is currently giving LeBron James the Kyrie Irving treatment and what do I mean by that remember when Stephen A Smith used to go on ESPN First Take he used to personally attack Kyrie Irving based off some tweets that Kyrie used to put out Stephen A Smith just did the same thing to LeBron James on this podcast let’s check it out right here when I see my name or my brothers and sisters names getting spun through the media I refer to all my research about who they are their job

is to control public perception all while profiting off of discussing discrediting and disrespecting people’s lives for enter mment he went on to say I send shots at the Puppet Masters not the puppets all the puppets do is run around Society trying to gain popularity and state opinions what a life my name is worth billions to these media corporations my brothers and sisters who deal with this know exactly what I mean okay so when Kyrie IR put out those tweets keep in mind he didn’t say Stephen A Smith’s name but Stephen A Smith took it upon

himself to send Kyrie a 24hour warning let’s check out that clip right here there’s a lot that happened this year and

you know especially in Brooklyn with Mr Mr Kyrie Irving oh yeah that brother put out a tweet today we ain’t talking about it today because we at the NFL draft let me look it to the audience and say this oh you thought I had stuff to say before wait until first take tomorrow I’mma save it I’mma save it I’mma marinate on what this brother had the audacity to put on social media today I’mma let

it marinate for the next 24 hours okay so that’s what Stephen A Smith used to do to Kyrie Irving on ESPN First Take he recently did this to LeBron James on ESPN first take as well him and Shannon sharp went at LeBron James they took LeBron’s tweet out of context purposely just to go at him for some clicks and Views and this is what they did on ESPN First Take let’s check it out right here here’s the videoon yes do you agree with what LeBron said about his time in Miami hell no I vly disagree

I strenuously disagree with what he said at the time that he had arrived in Miami he had two he had two regular season MVPs in one finals appearance through his first seven season LeBron do you realize the reason why you you got into the goat conversation because of what transpired in Miami I almost caught a heart attack I cannot believe I am so proud of you right now I thought you were going to disagree this touches my heart CH I can’t I didn’t believe you were capable of such a thing I with LeBron I mean

we are Marching locks and supposed to be a debate show but D it ain’t no debate here no cuz you’re 1,00% correct what the hell is wrong with you LeBron what the hell is wrong with you LeBron say he was just would have been the same dominant player less rings but the same dominant player and he also gave credit to the Miami Heat organization but of course Steph a Smith and Shannon sharp they had to spin a different narrative they went on a podcast talking about it as well and that’s what we’re about to get

in in today’s video because Stephen A Smith went on his podcast talking about the same thing again and he just blatantly lied on LeBron James as well talking about that LeBron James didn’t attend Kobe Bryant’s Memorial but in today’s video I want to show you guys some information about that because the information that I have says otherwise so let’s get into the clip first let’s highlight what Stephen A Smith had to say about LeBron James not attending Kobe bry’s Memorial here’s the video be sure to hit that like button for me if you haven’t already

that helps this YouTube channel continue to grow and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button hit that notification Bell stay up to date with all of my current YouTube videos peace why do you think I was so upset when LeBron James wasn’t at Dwayne Wade’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony I still can’t believe that wasn’t a big enough story supposed to be your brother now I understand bronnie James just a few months ago had the heart ailment collapsed at USC rushed to the hospital thank God he’s okay and I understand LeBron James spending time with

family but from my understanding he traveled over the summer and I’m not LeBron James and I don’t get to take private jets that often but occasionally I do and I happen to know that you had you could have had time to fly in for the Hall of Fame induction of your brother I promise you this and it’s a prognostication it’s a prediction but I can’t say definitively but I’m almost willing to say let me promise you that when LeBron James day comes and he’s inducted into the Hall of Fame I promise you D way will

be there you can bet the house there’s a lot that we don’t talk about with LeBron James remember when the memorial service took place for Kobe Bryant I’m quite sure he had his reasons LeBron was devastated loved Kobe we get that I can’t believe I didn’t see him there magic was there Jordan was there Shaq was there Steph Curry was there dwade was there the NBA Community was in attendance we didn’t see LeBron James two of the most conspicuous biggest moments allbe it for completely different and in Kobe’s case absolutely tragic reasons we didn’t see

the face of LeBron James the face of the league one of the preeminent faces in the World of Sports and every time we turn around and we ask these questions it’s like throwing shade it’s not throwing shade it’s recognizing his greatness his significance his impact and wondering why I’m simply saying I’m not asking their rhetorical questions but why is it so wrong to bring these things up why is it so wrong if I’m sitting up there and I’m saying yo this quote that you said it’s not paying enough homage I know that you raved and

talked about the Miami Heat organization but you were going to be what you were going to be no matter what without him that’s just not true that’s just not true okay so that’s the video right there guys a lot of blog sites was picking it up saying that Stephen A Smith exposed LeBron James for not going to Kobe Bryant’s Memorial but the information that I have says otherwise as you can see right here the Los Angeles Times reported that LeBron James was an attendance in the audience and as we can see right here in the

article it says among the Lakers related faces in the audience Magic Johnson Kareem alul Jabar jaquille O’Neal Phil Jackson Jerry West Rick Fox and LeBron James so I would like to highlight a video of Diana terasi a WNBA player she gave a speech at Kobe Bryant’s Memorial and she had made this little jab at LeBron James in Her speech but you can see when she had made her jab at LeBron James she had looked over at somebody in the audience so I was like to highlight that clip for you guys in today’s video and then

I’ll come back with some more commentary to wrap the video up let’s check out this clip right here inherited her skill was undeniable at an early age I mean who has a turn R Fade Away jumper at 11 Lebron barely got it today okay so that’s Diana Toni speaking at Kobe Bryant’s Memorial so like I was saying she clearly looked at somebody when she gave her speech when she had made her little joke about LeBron James so we have credible sources saying that LeBron James did attend Kobe Bryan’s Memorial now we have Stephen A Smith

somebody who constantly gets called out for his credibility and not factchecking stuff that he has put out on ESPN First Take remember Lonzo ball recently called him out for that because Stephen A Smith reported that Lonzo ball couldn’t sit down according to his sources and Lonzo ball made a video telling Stephen A Smith he needs to check his sources because Lonzo ball can sit up and down without any problems so instead of Stephen A Smith apologizing to Lonzo ball all Stephen A Smith did he went on his podcast he moved the gold post started making

about Lonzo ball injury history started saying don’t make me get his doctor on and expose his information and don’t make him get the paperwork from his doctor and all this stuff Stephen A Smith was saying on his podcast man that’s all this guy does he moves the gold post if you call him out oh yeah man um you can take his word with a grain of salt so be sure to give this video a thumbs up guys it really does help these videos get pushed out to the algorithm let’s try to aim for another thousand

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