Buyee review & Anime figure unboxing!

hey guys what is up my name is sir kaith
and welcome to my channel
or my first ever anime figure haul slash
buying review so um before i redo this
whole thing again let’s get into it so i
received this massive box
this morning
look at it
and yeah this is obviously from baye
which is a proxy service so you can buy
companies and websites in japan
as you can tell i already opened it
because i am not the most patient person
and it was right in front of me and i
couldn’t i can hold myself back okay so
first and foremost i want to tell you a
little bit about bailey
and how you use it
so when you come into
baye this is what you’re going to see
and i basically used makari
which is basically people selling
pre-owned figures
you can see i’ve been having a little
um and by you are always doing coupons
you can choose languages stuff like
normal stuff so
let’s say you want a miku figure
it will do better to put it in japanese
as you can see

with the listings
this isn’t an english site obviously
so we’ve searched for hatsune miku and
we are going to go into
the anime figure
and voila
look at all these lovely ladies
um so
you can see this here
so 7000 yen is about 48 pounds
so let’s just go into something randomly
let’s say we want a maid miku
okay so obviously you’ve got the price
the item condition use unused that’s
usually what you want to go for
because sometimes they don’t come in
boxes if they’re used
um you also want to pay attention to who
the shipping is paid for so i usually go
um the seller so i don’t pay extra
uh estimated shipping doesn’t really
matter that’s just the shipping to the
the seller and their rating so
first and foremost
look at the pictures
does it seem alright
there’s no obvious dents to the box
then we go into item explanation
um and it will tell you what it is
if it’s new so it just says it’s just
um and yeah and then just a little bit
about the figure so that’s cool
and then i will always recommend to
check out
the seller on the actual makari website
so obviously
we can’t buy off this one because it
only ships to japan
that’s why we use bayi the proxy service
okay so usually it comes up here that
you can um
translate to japanese or english
and you’re going to want to come here
and basically what this says is they’ve
um confirmed their identity
so this little tick means that they’re
um makari sees them as a real person
which is always good so check that
sometimes you’ll have likes sometimes
you’ll have comments
another description
and then if we go in here obviously
they’ve got the tick
and you can see that they’re selling a
load of other stuff so all good things
so basically this is your personal
opinion whether you want to buy this or
not whether you think it’s legit
i personally would it looks fine it’s
got good ratings there um
they’re a confirmed person
and overall not that expensive
so i would definitely go for this one so
you would put this into your cart
then obviously we go to cart you can
only buy one item at a time so if you
have five in your cart you have to
individually go through and buy each one
you can’t do it like bulk
not really sure why but that’s how it is
um and then once you’ve bought them
they’ll be here in your orders so
these are the ones i bought
um so it will come up saying just order
received the time and the date
and how much you paid for it
you know stuff like that
give you a little overview and how much
you paid for them so i have this hatsune
miku summer version third season and i
paid 16 pound 80 for this
um so 10 pound and plus
you have to pay um
buy fees so if we go into that a second
there you go
so i paid 10 pound for the figure
but you’ve got a buy service fee a
payment fee and a standard plan which is
um if i remember correctly they inspect
it to make sure that it’s fine
um as well as something else i will have
to get back to you on that one um but
overall that came up to a thousand yen
which was about seven pounds so in total
i paid 17.
and then we have these ones that i paid
a total of six pound 74
which is just the
buyee fees um i did this with a coupon
like i said they have loads all the time
and then we have this lovely lady i
don’t know why i keep calling them that
um this is the second season spring
version of hatsune miku and i paid a
total of
14 pounds 91 pence again with a coupon
once you’ve waited a while your order
has been received
it’ll the order will then be completed
then the seller has to ship the package
to the warehouse
and it tells you when it arrives at the
warehouse and then that’s done for this
you’ll next come to package information
and it’ll tell you that all of those are
in storage
um and you have a few options you can do
i would wait for all of your packages
that you want to ship at once
so here you’ll have three buttons you’ll
have one that says consolidate one that
allows you to put protective packaging
around it
and then you’ll have a small one here
saying both
if you want protective packaging and to
put all of those
figures in one shipping you need to do
both because if you do it one at a time
you’re going to be spending a lot in
so wait until everything you want is
and then add both it will save you a
little bit of money
but um i didn’t actually pay for
protective packaging i literally just
consolidated it and that was it
so that would take a day or two for them
to put it into one box
um and then you will receive
your shipping estimate and you have to
pay that before they ship it
um so
easy as
either on your credit card your paypal
stuff like that
um and then
pretty much the next day
give or take
you can then ship it out
i’m quite happy with mine
mine shipped on the third and as you can
see today is the eighth it literally
five days [ __ ] i thought that was seven
yeah so mine took five days
and before i forget you do have options
for your shipping method
sorry you can’t really see that can you
so obviously if you’re not in the usa
fedex is not an option even though it
tells you that it is
i’ve heard a lot of bad things about
cmail so i chose
um so i paid 5 900 yen the 5900 yen as
well as
the consolidation fee
was a total of 6900 yen which is about
47 pounds
it sounds like a lot
but in total i paid about 39 for
all four figures
um three deliveries
so in in total that was about 20 quid
for each figure which is what you’re
going to pay
um on normal sites if not more
so yeah i paid a total of 84 pounds and
89 for the figures and shipping which is
not that bad
um and then yeah i think that’s
um if you have any questions i will try
and answer them in the comments
but yeah it’s kind of scary the first
time you do it because obviously i was
like oh what if i get a package that
isn’t it like i’m scammed
um what if i end up paying like
too much in shipping
but overall i’m pretty happy with it
especially the fact that it took five
days from japan so
i think that’s a win-win
um and now we get to open the figures
right okay so we’re back to the big
um i don’t know if this needs to be said
but obviously my setup is um
more stream based so
recording with my face massive in front
of me is very weird for me right now
but okay we’re going to first i’m going
to show you the figure then i’m going to
show you which packaging it came in
and then we get to open them so
first and foremost
we have
the hatsune miku summer version third
season um and i believe it’s by taito i
think most of them are yep taito up
and as you can see this is still sealed
um hopefully
by the manufacturer and not someone else
but we shall see
and this one
came in this so obviously this is what
the person shipped
in to the warehouse and then the
warehouse just put it in a box that’s
pretty much what they did
as you can see it was in a separate box
in some
i think it’s not cling film
i don’t know um and bubble wrap
and this cute little packaging
some labels it’s it’s just i looked it
in i was like i kind of don’t want to
open it but i obviously want the figure
yeah that was a cute surprise and next
we have
the hatsune miku spring version second
again by taito
hope i’m saying that right
um and she just came in this this little
some bubble wrap
and a box
that’s it
not too bad seems fine
and then last but not least
you have the rem precious figure
happy easter version um
i don’t actually know who these are by
taito i think again jesus do i have a
type i think i do
uh so yeah i got the rem and
the ram
look how cute they are you can see my
there we go look at those amazing um and
again they just came with simple
packaging in a box
um with this on top
so overall
not too bad
um they all came okay no damages
the box didn’t even have any dents so
that’s how good it was so without
further ado we’re going to get to the
exciting part
and we’re going to open them and make
sure i wasn’t scammed
i’m pretty sure all of these were from
verified sellers
i’m pretty sure
i’m gonna massacre this so i might cut
this out
obviously you might want to be a little
bit nicer
i am so excited all right
so you still want to start a tape there
looks i said it was new
unopened so
let’s have a little look
i don’t want to damage the box too much
oh there’s more on the sides
and then dumbass
this turns out to be a bootleg i’m
actually gonna be very upset but it
looks legit
oh that factory smell
that’s strong
right so
the blister packaging looks amazing
looks all intact we have
we have our base um i’m gonna try and do
like a b-roll thing
um but i do
only have my phone
i don’t have a professional camera
um as you can tell my webcam is still a
little bit grainy
but i will try my best you’ll see those
at the end hopefully
god i’m so excited
and here she is
oh my god it’s a little bit bright
yeah hopefully you can see these better
on the b-roll
oh my god
obviously that’s not in place that’s my
wiggles alright so
there is a tiny mark there but i think
that was just manufacturing
even the shoes
oh my god
i have seen seen people break this off
as they try to put in the hair so i’m
gonna try not to do that
we’re going to attach the hair
um i don’t know if you can see or if i
should even show you
yeah there’s these little
um and they correspond
so that one’s just a square
so you can tell which goes on to which
you can’t really see that sorry
and we’re just gonna
try not to break the glasses
oh my god this is actually harder than i
thought it would be
right i think that’s as um
as in as i’m gonna get it it looks fine
from the front you can’t really see it
now what’s left is to put her on her
and you can tell that it’s legit it has
um writing here i don’t know if you can
really see that
i am so excited look at i’m shaking i’m
like fully
my god
i’m actually really happy
i’ve still got three more to go
oh my god
i like the jacket that is so cool
a little booty shot
i don’t know how to contain myself like
it’s just a plastic figure i can’t do
anything with it but stare at it and cry
i’m so happy okay
figure number one
is the spring
bunny miku oh my god
this is meant to be um new one and used
as well
again blister packaging looks amazing
all intact
i think i’m gonna have to cut a lot of
this out because this has been so long
writing on the base so should be legit
so again hair comes separately
look at those oh wow
again these are different um connectors
so you know which goes where oh word of
don’t forget the basket
in the little pocket at the back
oh my god i’m shaking so much jesus
christ so
i can see
i don’t know if i’m gonna be able to
show this
no it doesn’t really focus too much but
if you can see there there’s obviously a
little bit of
i mean that’s nobody’s fault these are
tiny um but there’s a little bit of
so you’ve got yellow paint on the orange
egg and blue paint on the pink egg not
too much of a deal just
you know
here’s the lovely lady herself
so unfortunately i can see a few
dark spots in her hair auto focus on
there we go
um yeah so as you can see
other side here
um there’s another one over here by her
just tiny little marks but obviously
i noticed them because
yeah so not too big of a deal but
a few marks
on her head
there’s quite a big one on the back you
can’t see that
quite a big one there
um but other than that
tiny little mark on her shoulder
so this it says it was brand new
not a deal breaker like i’m overly happy
that i have her anyway
um but i thought i’d just point these
out a little bit then they’re minor but
if you really care about their stuff i
would try and get them
brand new
brand new like
that are from where just letting you
um but other than that
a few tiny marks but from afar you can’t
see them you really can’t see them um i
love her so much oh my god
let’s get her assembled before i waste
any more time
here we go
they wiggle a little but that’s
fine oh my god look at her
as you can see i’m still shaking so much
from from the excitement oh my god right
so we want this at the front and there’s
just one
that fits in so nicely
look oh god okay um and then
she holds a little basket in her
this arm so you will have to move the
thumb a little bit just to get her to
hold it but it pops straight back into
oh my god again i will try and do some
b-roll that’ll show you
hopefully more detail but
i love her look
oh my god yeah that is way too
overexposed but there we go
little bunny tail oh my god
i love it i love it so much focus hello
thank you
next one
i’m going to be round first
everybody loves rem i know that
but ram needs love too so
try not to get too close because i’m
already aware my face is massive but
yeah so
these aren’t brand new on the listing
obviously it didn’t tell me that they
were new um and it also showed pictures
of the inside the contents inside so i
know these aren’t brand new so there is
no sellotape here okay so again look yep
you i don’t know if you can see that but
there is a little bit of writing here
so that means it is legit um and these
ones don’t need to be put together at
all like there we go done
all right gonna turn on focus again
she’s actually bigger i think
i think these guys are bigger
right so
she looks
she looks brand new actually
again i think that tiny bit there is
just manufacturers
manufacturers everything looks cool okay
put her on her base
there we go
oh my god i think she is bigger
i hate that it’s so overexposed for
absolutely no reason maybe fine
if i turn that off yeah there we go you
can kind of see it a little bit better
oh my god
right so
yeah she’s she’s bigger
not by much but they are bigger
she looks so cool
and that is just totally rem like ram
sorry god fake fan
um that did just pop out just because i
so don’t hold it by the base and let it
i don’t break this
all right so
that is ram now we are going to go to
all right so again no sellotape
um and again you have the writing on the
oh my god
for the bunny herself
look at this baby
oh god
okay again
she looks perfectly fine
i really can’t
bolt these guys oh
on her tail just there
tiniest mark everything else
amazing so
oh my god
oh she went in so much easier
and then ta-da
look oh my god these are so amazing
i could not be happier
let me turn
look at them oh my god they’re so cute
and they are both the same height it’s
just i’m
oh my god
i am so unbelievably happy with
everything right now
um yeah
now is like as good a time as any to
wrap this up um
i am not a professional
unboxing channel or anything like that
so really really quickly this is the
miku i’ve got pre-ordered in january
i cannot i know you can get her now i
could have bought her off by e but i
just decided
i don’t want to get everything off by a
i don’t know i just didn’t um so i’ve
pre-ordered her off of dekai anime this
is the one i’m primarily going to be
buying off
um but in the future i do want to do a
kind of review of maybe this site and
army army if i ever
buy off them
so we will see but i have her coming in
january and i’m so excited she’s gonna
fit in so well
if you can’t already tell i have a thing
for bunny girls
so yeah i hope i’ve
i hope i’ve um covered everything i know
my review might have been a little bit
choppy um
but i believe i covered everything again
if you need to know anything please let
me know in the comments i’ll try and
answer as best i can
i can’t stop looking at them they’re so
so please do let me know if you want to
see more of this stuff in the future
because i would be very happy to again
let me know if you like this
leave a like it does help but anyway
guys thank you for watching and i will
see you guys next time
bye guys

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