Chris Sale will miss the Remainder of the 2022 Season

Chris Sale done for the year, fracturing his wrist in a bike accident. This essentially now, three straight seasons of note, Chris Sale didn’t pitch in 2020, the short year, then 2021, innings had just come back and then got injured right away. Your thoughts on sale and the Red Sox spent some freakish injuries, you know, the rib injury coming, you know, we had Tommy john, but now riding a bike, took a line dr off the finger, just hasn’t been a good run of luck for chris sale and obviously the contract looks bad because he just hasn’t

been out there. Chris sale is out there, he’s going to compete and find ways to win. You just hope for the red Sox, he’s able to put this past him, come into a next year with hopefully a lot of questions around the team and can be something they built off of frustrating, not that look Fernando Tatis Jr. riding a motorcycle or something or a motorcycle and he injured himself. You’re riding a bike, I don’t know, I guess you have to live your life, but you have to be riding a bike, I would just throw that

out there. I don’t know, he’s got some level of frustration to, Well, absolutely, I mean, this is a guy who finished in the top 10 in the cy young

every year from 2012 and 2014 to 2018, excuse me when they gave him the extension and I think it looked like a pretty good extension. I mean this is a solid career and he’s been healthy and he did that last year, but still, I mean, a lot of these had been freak accidents. So you know, how do you, you don’t know, you know, these, these quirky injuries,

that’s not in between the lines, you know, remember Ronnie Gant uh, and over the years of different , like motorbike, you know, things and I know my contract and denim, I’m sure as yours as well, man, it was a long list of stuff you can’t do and as quirky as it’s been or you know, the injury with chris sale, what a way to end the season.

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