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Have you ever heard of Haikus?
Haikus are short three verses poems native from Japanese literature
that look and invite us to look around us, thanks to the magic of words and poetry,
to be shared universally and bring people together.
Floraïku Paris is a French perfume house passionate about Asian culture and its sense of refinement.
Its unique fragrances are named after a haiku that gives them a special meaning.
Interesting, isn’t it?
Today we are going to discover this exquisite French perfume brand with an Asian influence.
We invite you to discover Floraïku Paris.
Perfumed poetry.
Floraïku Paris was born on a trip to Japan by its founders, Clara and John Molloy, in 2017.
Both were fascinated by the culture and the very respectful and delicate vision
that Japanese people have towards nature, which could be perceived even in literature and art.
Their extensive experience as a perfume house coupled with the passion of both founders,
she, a literature lover and haiku writer,
he, an intrepid globetrotting explorer,
combined with the desire to unite two different approaches gave birth to Floraiku.
A perfect combination of Paris, the birthplace of perfume design,
and Asia, a continent of high refinement.
The Floraïku Paris fragrance range is divided into several lines.

/> 3 collections dedicated to three sacred ceremonies and a collection dedicated to shadows, “Shadowing”.
We introduce them to you.
Enigmatic Flowers
Each petal
Is indigo
The first collection is IKEBANA,
inspired by the Japanese culture ceremony of flower arrangement to which it owes its name.
IKEBANA, Enigmatic Flowers.
Within this collection, we would like to tell you about one perfume in particular, JUST A ROSE
A pleasantly fresh fragrance that will flood your senses
with its notes of grapefruit, peony, Turkish rose absolute, mate absolute, and tonka bean absolute,
and magnified by the essence of bergamot, and oil of guaiac.
Secret Teas and Spices
Wind and memories
Rituals in white
With this haiku to the second ceremony,
we are introduced to the second collection of Floraïku Paris,
Ô CHA, Teas, and Secret Spices.
It pays tribute to the ritual of matcha tea preparation, a significant manifestation of history, custom, and traditional Japanese culture.
It is a collection marked by the aroma of various teas and unique spices.
The perfume of this collection, THE MOON AND I,
is a deep and radiant blend of Mate absolute, Matcha Tea extract, and Cedarwood oil.
A dreamy tea fragrance
Forbidden Incense
Playing with your mind
Sacred black gestures
The third collection is Forbidden Incense, inspired by the Kōdō ceremony,
the Japanese art of incense appreciation that includes all the process steps,
from the utensils used, considered art objects,
to the moments of sharing and playing such as to kumikō or genjikō.
AO is a perfume belonging to this latter ceremony, the incense one.
It is a combination of Mandarin oil with warm and woody notes of Fig
and Myrrh oil that melts on the skin leaving a fresh and fruity scent.
Finally, we talk to you about the collection of shadows, SHADOWING.
Floraiku invites you to play with its shadows around your fragrance.
Add a light shade, SLEEPING ON THE ROOF,
or a dark shade, BETWEEN TWO TREES,
to your perfume and give your fragrance a new twist.
You can use them together with your favorite Floraiku perfume or individually.
So that you can travel with your favorite Floraiku perfume,
each box contains a 50ml perfume and a 10ml refillable mini size,
ideal to always bring with you.
What do you think about Floraiku’s olfactory poems?
Which of the three ceremonies do you feel more identified with?
Or maybe you are more of the Shadowing shades?
Let us know in the comments
and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you may have.
Remember that you can find us in our physical stores
or at www.beautytheshop.com.

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