Food Review ep.1 Very Cheesy Burger in Arashiyama (ENG Sub)

I am a little boring about food because I only eat to fill my stomach and as cheap as possible,
therefore I don’t usually hunting for new or delicious foods
but to make more contents, I am thinking about making a series about food review
and today I am going to review burger at Arashiyama
I have 3 criteria in judging food,
first: I want to go back to eat there again
second, I don’t want to go back there
third, I probably want to go back there

so in this series, I am going to give a judgement based on these 3 criteria
burger place that I want to try today called Upit’s Burger
I actually wanted to try to eat there last month,
I arrived there but the queue were more than an hour
so I gave up

I think it is good….
I hope it is good
ever since corona,

Arashiyama got hit the hardest
even though it is Saturday, almost every store are closed. Unlike the store in the center of the city
so exactly at the end of this street

it is actually JR Saga Arashiyama station
and the burger is over here
I think there is no queue. nice. But I actually come

in not on a meal time
so I don’t have to queueing
we must order first before we can be seated
so empty!
the signature burger: Upit’s burger
*trying to decide how to pronounce the name “upit”*
we can choose the amount for 3 types of cheese
and the toppings

the first category, you can choose freely, you can even pick everything!
but I didn’t pick everything because it is embarrassing
also there are paid toppings
self service water
the cheeses are overflowing (I picked maximum amount for all three cheeses)
the cheese is good!
if memory serves me right, my toppings are

the price is…
1300 yen
in IDR…
today 1 yen = 131 rupiah
IDR 170K (around USD 12)
kinda pricey lol
but it came like this (huge portion)
not even sure how to eat the burger
there are 3 types of cheese
natural, gorgonzola, and cheddar
this one looks like the cheddar
how to eat this though…
so we can named the burger
now, let’s try to eat the burger
I probably can pick it
oh, I also picked bacon
there is flaming on the table behind me
I probably going to try that next time
I gave up trying to eat the burger
going to use fork
so, the conclusion
first, from the price…1300 yen

this is not the most expensive. it is the other one (the fiery one)
but there are cheaper options, like cheese burger or double cheese burger
but I am going to judge by their signature burger
by Japanese standard, 1,300 yen is not expensive
like…their normal food. in Indonesia it is like $3.5 food
for them 1,300 yen is standard
not to eat everyday, but not a problem to eat food this price normally
but for me, this is expensive
by the taste..

definitely delicious
it was good…the price is around that…
so my judgment is….
I am going to come back to eat here again someday
but probably going to try the cheaper option like their double cheese burger
I probably won’t try this signature anymore. Next I’ll try to explore their other menu
in conclusion,

I want to go back here again someday
they give you sticker after you pay and…
the staffs were very friendly

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