[Honest Review] February 2021 Nomakenolife Japanese Beauty Box + Retail Price for each item!!!!

i’m gonna die oh my god
i’ve seen a ton of unboxing video for
this brand and those girls talk a little
too much
so i’m just gonna dive right in for you
oh my god i saw pikachu
volume 49 february 20 21 21.
oh my god oh my gosh yes hello kitty oh
my god
i love hello kitty i’m a huge fan of oh
my god oh my god it’s so cute i’m gonna
oh my god you guys
this is so cute holy
a unicorn patch holic what is it eye
oh my god oh my god pikachu is it a lip
gloss what the hell is it stick cheek
stick cheek like cheek color we’re gonna
open this don’t worry okay you guys
chill because i’m gonna open every
single item
what is this pressed powder
so cute oh my god you guys lip cream
oh my god porn pack sorry i can’t calm
down this is so
cute this is like a random face mask
anyway oh my god and then the little
um nose pack yeah for the pour on

oh you guys oh my god this is so cute
sorry like i was
i can’t contain myself right now
everything is just so cute
oh my god oh my god
are you kidding me are you
kidding me right now i’m gonna calm down
sorry guys i was too excited i was just
like i’m speechless
everything is just so cute
oh my god it’s like so hot in here this
is my bathroom it’s not supposed to be
hot but
sorry i overreacted i i’m probably being
obnoxious and annoying
they even have a booklet to kind of tell
you what’s
everything inside for this month
so it’s obviously pokemon theme
and with a hello kitty pouch which i
really like
can you just tell i’m like trying to
contain right now because like
you know or do you guys like to see me
go crazy because i can
if i’m being annoying i would like to
you know kind of contain myself
and just be a professional youtube
unboxing person
anyway so yes if you i don’t know if
you can still buy the february box i
think so
if you really like what i’m opening
right now you should go to their website
and buy it right now
because look at other options okay so i
lied there’s actually a item in here
so the box is 35 and the shipping is 11
which is a little pricey but
um for everything that comes in gosh i
think it’s so
cute i think this is better than clam
bag i used to subscribe to glen bed and
i don’t like it
i’m going to open everything to show you
first we have the pokemon stick cheek
which i think is a blush
okay not bad
it looks pretty natural once you like
kind of blend it out
let me see if i can layer it a little
bit more so you can see a little bit
so you can definitely layer this
you know like the youtuber like to put
this hand
wong hong shou right here and then next
we have
this little eevee lip balm
oh it smells so good smells like bubble
the color is really cute too
and then next we have face powder
oh my god even the powder puff is so
i’ll give it a try right now
oh it does have a little green oh i
think it’s like a color correcting
face powder yeah it’s powder texture
i think this is um for color correction
like if you have redness
then you can definitely use this to
cover up some of the color
um so cute
so far i’m really happy of the stuff
that i’m getting
this is the eye mask i’m not gonna open
this right now
and then this is a face mask these are
like individual
um smaller size face mask
oh smells good yup i’m right i’m not
going to use it now
i want to save it for later but it’s
like the bts
mask where it can like kind of you know
individually like pick
out the different masks and put it on
your face
it looks like this okay i’ll put it back
i’ll use it tomorrow
and then you have a nose pack which
i’m sure you guys have used it you know
to remove your pore
and you have the different steps so you
got a nose mask
you got eye mask and you got this face
and then you’re getting it one
additional face mask
but this is like a puke mask where you
put it all over your face and you peel
your soul your life and suck out
everything of you
um yeah i think this is you know not
that exciting
but and then the hello kitty pouch
i love hello kitty yeah this is a
licensed item so it shouldn’t be cheap
but it says
it’s 2016 time date
so i don’t know if you know this but
every single
sunrail item has a year that this is
so this one says 2016. so you can always
keep track of the item
um so yeah i think this is like a like
old one like an outdated
product but i don’t mind it i think it’s
cute and i can fit everything in it
and this little guy
yay so overall i like the box and i’m
really happy with the stuff inside
except this guy so i’m not even gonna
put it in
yeah i really like this but if you ask
me if
i would spend another 35 plus 11
shipping to get another box
probably not
that’s it thank you for watching another
episode of
buying useless stuff on the internet
i’m ying and i will see you next time
make sure to subscribe to my channel and
like this video
and in the comment section below tell me
anything honestly tell me anything i’ll
see you next time

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