House Of The Dragon Episode 3 FULL Breakdown and Game Of Thrones Easter Eggs

Welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this will be my Full House of the Dragon Episode 3 video there were a whole bunch of Easter eggs and references for Game of Thrones so we’ll break it all down if you’re brand new to the channel I’m doing videos for all the episodes be sure to subscribe to get them careful for spoilers for the episode if you haven’t seen it yet we’ll just start at the beginning and work our way through shop by shot talking about Easter eggs and WTF moments starting with the beginning of the episode so the

title of the episode is called second of his name it’s a reference to Prince aegon the second he’ll become aegon II if he sits on the Iron Throne eventually there’s a lot of confusion over the way they use this convention too like for instance Jon Snow would have been called aegon the sixth if he’d actually sat on the Iron Throne so right now where he is on the show he’s not considered the successor even though all the Lords as we learned during the episode just assume that aegon will be eventually named the air and take

the Iron Throne when he comes of age so technically right now aegon isn’t called aegon the second he just called Prince aegon when he takes

the iron tone or if he takes the Iron Throne that’s when he’ll officially be called aegon the second and that’s why the title of the episode is sort of foreshadowing for the future of the story and the actual Dance of the Dragons this battle over this succession but as predicted they did add a little bit of new footage to the actual intro scene they kind of did the same thing that

they did during the Game of Thrones original series episodes on the Game of Thrones series because they were using the map they would just show the different locations that were featured during each episode and that’s how they would change the intro but because the house the dragon intro is like a model of old valyria done as their family tree like the blood of old Valeria flowing through all the sigils of the members in the line of succession the extra thing they added for this episode was like a little bloodline coming from alicent because aegon has

been born now obviously she’s pregnant with another child I’ll mention that in a second too but because the child hasn’t been born yet they might add another line when the child is eventually born because the trailer show us a bunch of footage of the older versions of characters and there are a bunch more kids will probably eventually see more lines coming out of the different sigils the actual opening scene is down in the stepstone sort of setting up the whole War of the stepsons itself they explain it’s been a three your time Jump in-house velaryon

men Daemon’s men are basically fighting a slow War of Attrition even though they have their dragons and that’s a huge Advantage they’ve been fighting a losing War over the past couple of years and that’s why they keep petitioning the crown for support they don’t do a very good job of showing you during this episode because it’s not like a massive huge huge battle but the whole idea is there’s a triarchy vastly vastly outnumbered their forces it was really the dragons that balanced things out for them love that payoff scene with Daemon coming in on caraxes

and just roasting the entire field we see kragus drejar feeding one of their men to the crabs as they kept saying during previous episodes crying out for the sea snake and Daemon Targaryen who he said would come to help him who kind of do but kind of do not at the same time I think the whole idea what Daemon crushing him with karaxi’s is just an idea that Daemon is there for himself like the whole idea is that he’s there to attain fortune and Glory the thing Corliss used to sell him on the idea of

the campaign was seizing glory for himself and so far because they’ve been fighting a losing battle he hasn’t found any Glory so it’s just another way to show you that even though Daemon yes wants to get rid of the triarchy because the triarchy sucks they’re basically choking trade here in this area Daemon is really here for selfish reasons they do use this extended scene with cracksis to kind of show you what it’s like with a dragon in battle it’s like a cool Twist on the dragon battles that we saw during the original series there were

a couple CG scenes later on like a couple of the sea smoke Dragon scenes I’ll talk about him in a second a little bit more where the CG wasn’t so great so maybe they’ll polish that in the next couple of weeks or when they eventually release a Blu-ray for it or something like that and if you couldn’t tell karaxi’s actually has a malformed body but when he’s in the air that doesn’t matter like he’s just as vicious as any other Dragon if not more so so that’s why it looks like he takes off in such

a weird way the soldier also makes fun of cragas drahar for being a bastard his father for being a bastard it does make me wonder if there was something special going on with his bloodline like is he part of the Valyrian bloodline somehow is he distantly related to the targaryens there’s a lot of theories on that but they kind of go nowhere during the episode I think the way they just set this up the whole idea of second Sons is that they wanted to show you that Daemon was searching for Glory to prove himself because

of the way that he’s viewed in the line of succession by the rest of the realm right now in cragas drahar is trying to do the same thing too so that’s why crab feeder is leading this Army trying to seize this area for himself he does have grayscale and his mask is also a cobbled together version of the sons of the harpy mask and for those of you wondering because Daemon hauls him out people are wondering if you’re touching someone who has grayscale does that mean that Daemon now has grayscale too is that going to

kill him eventually I think if that had been the case like if he’d actually contracted grayscale just by touching him here they would have zoomed in on the part of his body that was actually touching crab feeder and I think he would have actually tried to hide the fact that he was touching crab feeder and because he didn’t do that I think they’re just trying to tell us that no he did not get grayscale then when we go back to King’s Landing we find out that aegon II is having his second birthday and that’s how

much time has gone by like it’s a three year time Jump but that gives you enough time for alicent and need to get remarried then for her to have aegon and for him to have his second birthday the person Otto Hightower is talking to is his older brother Hobart Hightower the current Lord Hightower down in Old Town right now and it’s just meant to set up the idea that pretty much all the Lords of the realm just expect viserys to eventually name aegon the air like oh well of course the boy is going to sit

on the Iron Throne like all the Lords of the realm take it as a foregone conclusion even though they just swore fealty to rhaenyra being the heir the funny thing about this is that George RR Martin said that he based this event on something in real life European history where a similar thing played at where like a current King named his daughter The Heir the Lords of the realm at the time and this is happening in real life went along with it within a little while after the king died and his daughter was supposed to

take the throne the rest of the Lords got together and said you know what we’re going to pretend like we didn’t do that so a lot of what happens during the episode is Princess Rhaenys being correct telling rhaenyra in the previous episode basically nobody’s gonna go along with this no one is going to take you seriously no no matter what you do and sure enough even Jason Lannister who’s courting her doesn’t think that she’s going to be Queen we meet tyland lannister Jason Lannister’s twin informing viserys about what’s going on with the war and the

stepstones but obviously the connection here the twins being the connection to Jamie and Cersei being twins pretty sure they’re not brother wiving when he mentions Bloodstone that’s just one of the central areas of power inside the actual stepstones right now in this part of the timeline Thailand has become the current master of ships in the small Council replacing corlys velaryon who left obviously a couple years ago to start the war the stepstones with Daemon it is cool to see so much of House Lannister during this episode and it’s just a cool Twist on what the

House Lannister becomes later in the timeline when we see rhaenyra she’s back in the godswood reading that same type of history book that she was reading earlier reading about nymerian the 10 000 ships the song the minstrel is playing is called the dragon’s eye it’s meant to be kind of a lament like the events of the song are basically a metaphor for what will eventually happen in the future head with her ships and her people her heart broke the thing gives you a good idea what the tensions are like between alicent and rhaenyra like their

relationship deteriorated quite a bit over a couple years like she was betrayed by the remarriage and now that the baby has been born Prince aegon rhaenyra is on the outs with her father and with alicent even though both of them separately want to patch up their relationships with her alicent is also very very pregnant with her second child the second child is a girl named Helena Targaryen because there’s going to be a year time Jump for episode three I’m assuming we’ll see that baby in episode three the whole first half of the episode is pretty

much exclusively devoted to this hunt in the king’s wood and it gives you a lot of flashbacks for Robert Baratheon in the Boris hunt that he went on because there are a lot of similar moments that kind of play off of what happened to Robert like you have viserys drowning himself in his wine Robert Baratheon was poisoned by Cersei or on the command of Cersei with his wine slowly over time and basically died because of the bore wound rhaenyra almost dies because of a boar wound even though someone isn’t poisoning viserys like that’s not what’s

actually going on here his health is just slowly deteriorating blame that on all the sister wiving in their family speaking of which if you notice he’s wearing gloves that’s because he has a couple less digits on his hand remember the maggots from last week’s episode yep didn’t go so well they ended up having to take those digits off you have to imagine if his health is declining so quickly in the ensuing years what it’s going to be like in future episodes before he passes away finally like when we see him in next week’s episode A

year later he’s probably gonna be way worse part of the idea too with him drinking all the wine I think is to numb the pain like he just has this dull pain that he’s been living with with all the ailments all over his body like even though he’s covered we don’t see all of the ailments he’s not drinking just to get drunk or because he feels sorry for himself he’s drinking basically to numb the actual physical pain that he’s in we meet a bunch of the other great houses during the episode I already mentioned the

Lannisters Kira Lannister seems like their mother just based on her age when she talks about lady Johanna being captured she’s talking about Johanna Swann who was captured in the stepstones but her father here’s the funny thing because it’s a big metaphor for what’s happening with rhaenyra Johanna Swann’s father refused to pay the ransom money so she was basically just sold off to a pleasure house which lady Lannister here implies is eventually going to happen but the big twist is that Johanna after her father refused to do anything to help her basically became this incredibly powerful

person called The Black Swan in Lis so sort of an example of this woman kind of cast off by her family that nobody cares about but that made a name for herself and became very powerful in her own right and you can see the obvious connection to what’s happening with rhaenyra during this episode like she feels like her father doesn’t care about her like oh you just can’t wait to get rid of me and then by the end of the episode finding this resolve like in her station and becoming the heir to the Iron Throne

also Johanna eventually called The Black Swan eventually rhaenyra is called The Black Queen We Meet the rest of how strong important characters going forward Lionel strong the head of their household is the master of laws right right now the sun with the walking cane is hilarious strong he’s called Laris the club foot he was just born with a club foot obviously as the name implies we meet his other son Harwin strong who’s very healthy and part of Daemon’s gold cloaks later in the episode as well he is the one that kind of looks at rhaenyra

like hey hey what’s going on viserys jokes about rhaenyra marrying his son Harwin strong that’ll be a big thing in the future I don’t want to get too far ahead of this story we’ll talk about that when it actually happens because things do get pretty spicy but like a lot of the people that they mention here during this episode become much bigger characters in future episodes but the other big thing during this first half of the episode is viserys forcing rhaenyra to get married but trying to find the best way to do that with a

little bit of help from alicent like you have to make her feel like she’s the one making the choice which they pay off at the end of the episode like okay fine strengthen your claim to the Iron Throne choose whoever you want to but you do have to choose someone they did have that funny moment with Jason Lannister like he was trying to spit some game at her just completely shut him down why would we need a dragon pit at the rock that was meant to set up the idea that he expected that she would

not be Queen so she would be taking her dragon to the rock where they would live they said that the history the special ceremony of this white staglands are supposedly going to kill and it’s going to be this big portent of right to rule this sign of royalty what they basically tell him is that they used to do this use this as a symbol for a right to rule before the time of aegon the Conqueror and in this area where they’re at here it was ruled by Harren Hoare who is the person who built Harrenhal

that’s why it’s called Harrenhall maybe we’ll get some of the history of Westeros from before Aegon’s Conquest later in the series too it is cool to get those little history lessons here and there Criston Cole chases rhaenyra into the Kingswood sort of setting up their relationship being a little bit closer he claims that she’s responsible for him making it on the kingsguard like making his dream a reality so he owes her everything you can clearly see she has this huge crush on him probably not going to end well for either of them also don’t want

to get too far ahead of the story because obviously he’s a big character going forward when Rainier suggests that her father can worry himself to death the funny thing is this kind of what’s actually happening right now like he’s slowly kind of worrying himself to death even though he’s not dying of worry he’s just dying of his ailments over time slowly be careful what you wish for in the cool moment of foreshadowing is when Criston Cole says that the realm will accept her as Queen because they won’t have a choice obviously during the dance of

the Dragons they will have a choice because of aegon II then they have that callback moment to Robert Baratheon versus the boar where rhaenyra almost gets killed by her boar but he saves her and then she just goes to town on it you could also look at the imagery of her being covered in blood and then surveying everything in the Lords of the realm from above here being sort of a metaphor for what’s going to happen during the dance of the dragons and I think the whole idea with the brown stag versus the white stack

is that if her father viserys had seen the white stag and killed the white stag that would have been a symbol to him that he needed to name aegon the heir instead of his daughter rhaeynra but because he doesn’t see the white tag it isn’t seen as a sign of a right to rule so he doesn’t change his mind rhaenyra is still the heir at least currently hammered home by the idea that rhaenyra herself actually does see the white stag like she sees this right to rule and lets it Go free so this message just

crystallized her path forward for her she has a much better idea of how she’s going to tackle everything going forward which is why when she walks back into Camp she basically doesn’t bother looking at anyone who’s staring at her covered in blood really cool lore Easter egg here too when viserys is getting drunk arguing with alicent here about whether or not he made the right choice in making rhaenyra the air over aegon II he says that few in their family line have been dreamers he’s talking about Dragon dreams being born with the ability to see

visions of the future like danis the dreamer Daenerys also had Visions in the house and the undying those were kind of like her Dragon dreams Dragon dreams are just a way of describing having visions of the future there are many characters on Game of Thrones that do that in several different ways like bran has visions of the future because he’s one of the last greenseers Melisandre also claims that she does the same thing has visions of the future by staring into the Flames getting the Visions from the Red God when alicent’s father Otto says that

her son aegon is going to be king one way or another like the end of the road is clear despite what you want to happen even though she wants to be friends with bernera he’s basically telling her the realm wants aegon as the next king they’ll never accept rhaenyra just highlighting how things are spinning out of control like they’re headed on this Collision Course and nobody really sees a way out of it their whole conversation over who has the stronger claim to the Iron Throne is literally what happens during the dance of the Dragons itself

with half the realm and the greens believing that rhaenyra is trying to steal the Iron Throne from aegon II because it should be his by right and the other half of the realm thinking the aegon is usurping the throne from rhaenyra because the king already named her his successor alicent also sets up the idea of rhaenyra choosing someone herself and setting up the idea of her marrying laenor velaryon which Lionel strong was talking to viserys about like have her Mary laner he is a pure valerian blood it’ll strengthen the bloodline and solve a whole bunch

of problems for you because there’s this huge riff with house velaryon because he basically threw them onto the bus when he decided to marry alicent he needs to heal that and there’s all these problems that he has with rhaenyra trying to figure out who she’s going to get married to so all he needs to do is have her decide to marry laenor velaryon and make it think that it’s her choice we only get a little bit of him in this episode so I won’t talk about him too much other than him being one of the

other Dragon Riders but there’s this last moment that he has with rhaenyra when she comes into the room and he talks about her deciding for herself like you need to pick a husband but you do have to pick one sooner or later when he says he’s wavered before but he won’t do it again he’s talking about the bastard that he supposedly had there’s a rumor that he had a bastard named Tristan truefire they might wind up introducing that character later in the series but then we actually go down to the stepstones to dwarf Stone the

place that they were talking about like send support to dwarfstone that’s the place where they are basically in this edit the whole idea that they are on their last legs like we’re only gonna last for a little while longer even though we call for more ships from house velaryon they’re not going to get here for weeks I think the whole idea is they want to show you that the king’s support was already on its way when the letter arrived so it gets there just in time but also Daemon’s Gambit works out and they’re able to

take care of crap eater and most of his forces by the time the rest of the support gets there we meet corlys velaryon’s oldest son laenor for the first time and his younger brother veamond this is corlys’ younger brother in the books he was his nephew so they just kind of changed that for the show this whole scene with veamond trying to throw Daemon under the bus is just trying to set up the future of their relationship together like it’s going to be very contentious it’s not like they become best friends after this or anything

like that like this sentiment between the two of them continues the whole reason why Daemon attacks the messenger who’s doing nothing more than just giving him the message to say that the king is going to send them support so that they won’t die is because Daemon feels like a failure and he feels like he can’t go home so to speak as a failure the whole idea behind this entire campaign in his mind was yes like they got to get rid of the triarchy and crab feeder but really he was doing it to attain all this

glory in the eyes of the rest of the realm to prove his Worth to the rest of the Lords basically and the whole thing with Daemon trying to kill crap eater by pretending to Forfeit under the white flag of submission the way the showrunner the way that Matt Smith talked about it is that it was sort of like a last-ditch attempt on his part look I want to show you how Daemon can think on his feet he’s really good in a fight but they’re also kind of playing it as if he doesn’t care whether or

not he dies so a lot of the way that he fights during this battle is meant to inform a lot of the battle choices that he makes during the actual Dance of the Dragons war the actual battle scene was actually pretty cool with him attacking all the soldiers by himself in the way they sort of played it so that he distracted all the triarchy’s forces so that they weren’t paying attention to what the rest of House of velaryon was doing their army basically coming up on the beachhead and what the dragons were doing he basically

pulled all the triarchy’s forces here into this tight little area making it way easier for laner to roast them with sea smoke in relatively speaking sea smoke is a little bit smaller than caraxis but still pretty large Dragon but overall not one of the bigger dragons and that’s mostly just because sea smoke is younger than the other dragons we haven’t seen the older version of the character yet but laena velaryon would also be a teenager at this point you see her in the background of these trailer shots here she’s also a dragon rider as well

I don’t want to talk too much about her though before they actually introduce the older version of the character she’ll be a lot of fun in the future like the older version of her character is a lot of fun R.I.P to crabfeeder was hoping we’d learn some secret about him maybe some secret Targaryen bloodline or Valyrian bloodline in there nope looks like they’re going a different way with that but I think the whole idea with this battle is that Daemon proves to himself and to everyone else that he is worthy one of the things that

they set up at the beginning of the episode though between Daemon and his dragon karaxi is that they kind of pay off a little bit in the end of the episode is the whole idea that the dragon is so closely bonded to him on this kind of psychic level that it feels the wounds that he gets just the same as he does so like at the beginning of the episode when he gets hit with the arrow karaxi is screwing teams out in pain and during the final battle he’s hit with a couple arrows you can

hear dragon cries in the background even though they cut a lot of the audio out so you don’t hear them quite as clearly you could also make a lot of little finger jokes during his plan of attack here like chaos is a ladder Daemon using a lot of the chaos and the surprise here to try and kill as many people as possible as he gets to craft feeder to get him but if there’s any other Easter eggs and references that you spotted during the episode that I didn’t mention during the video just write down below

in the comments and what will happen is I’ll post my episode 4 trailer video next and then I have a couple big bonus videos planned this week too everyone click here for that episode 4 trailer video I’ll update the link as soon as I post that and click here for all my house of the dragon videos thank you so much for watching everyone stay safe and I’ll see you guys in the next one!

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