Kimafun Wireless Microphone System Review for Teachers

hi everyone mehmed is here today i am
going to review
a wireless rechargeable microphone it
sounds amazing right
can we teach online with this let’s
check this out
this is 2.4 gigahertz kimophon wireless
and the model number is g102-3
it is currently 45 us on amazon but i
definitely recommend you to check the
the links in the description below
kimophone reached out to me and wanted
me to review this unit
so i am going to share my honest opinion
with you so i’m going to start with a
quick unboxing guys because this unit
comes with a lot of stuff
then i will test g102 g102-3
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okay let’s continue with unboxing here
is the box for
keemafan g102-3 wireless microphone
let’s open it here’s the headset
it looks good there is a removable
windscreen foam here

here is the 3.5 millimeter jack this
part is removable because you can also
connect a
6.35 millimeter adapter here this is the
receiver with
3.5 millimeter jack um it has on off
and the micro usb charging port we also
have a transmitter
with the same on off button and the
charging port it has a 3.5 millimeter
female plug
for the microphone connection and there
is a part to attach
a belt clip here here is the charging
cable one side is usb-a
the other side has double micro usb so
you can charge both receiver
and transmitter at the same time we have
a usb sound adapter for laptops with no
headphone jack
this is a splitter you can use it with
phones and laptops
if your device has only one plug this is
very useful
we have the belt clip and we also have a
lavalier microphone here
amazing two in one same 3.5 millimeter
removable windscreen foam and it has a
metal clip
great we also have a 6.35 millimeter
for speakers or some other compatible
devices we have two
extra windscreen foams and manuals
yes all this comes in the package
amazing right
let’s start testing first connect the
if there’s only one 3.5 millimeter plug
you need to connect this one
then connect the receiver to the
microphone plug
let’s turn this on good you can see the
blue indicator light here
now let’s connect the transmitter i am
connecting the microphone here
let’s click the backpack okay and i am
turning it on
both are signaling okay let’s peer it
great pretty comfortable i am opening
the audacity now
you can hear how my environment sounds
let me do a quick check
yes my computer picks up the audio
from the wireless microphone just to
make things clear
i did not use any filters this is the
original recording
and my son was playing and shouting in
the next room so the microphone did a
really really good job
not picking up the background noise so
i’m gonna stand up
and let’s see if i walk around the room
how it picks up the audio right let’s do
it’s like one one meter away from the
so this is how it sounds like you can
stand up
and teach online right you can also
turn around let’s see how it picks up
the audio
i will continue walking around let’s see
it’s like two meters right now
three meters and i will also
go outside testing
tests all the machines
okay it doesn’t speak
i will see how it sounds like and now i
am opening the window
i am not going to speak for a few
seconds and let’s see if it picks up the
audio from outside
i will also wear glasses now and let’s
if it’s disturbing no it is pretty
comfortable guys
lavalier microphone is also a good
option if you don’t want to
wear a headset so it is really good
having both microphones
hello yeah okay this is the lavalier
microphone guys and
this is how it sounds like and yes
i can see the waves it picks up my audio
let me also turn around and let’s see if
it picks up my audio
and i will also walk around go to the
and come back let’s see
as you can clearly see it sounds more
natural with a lavalier microphone
because it has an appropriate distance
both microphones performed well with the
connection and removing the background
i am now trying it on zoom again all
recordings are original
i did not use any filters or effects on
okay i started the meeting guys so we
live on zoom if you want to use a
wireless microphone in your live
in order to hear your students you need
to connect the headphone earbuds or
additional speaker here by using the
so your computer speaker doesn’t work
with it
the best option probably is using a
earbuds i am using my wife’s earbuds now
and she doesn’t know how i’m using it so
let’s see if she watch my videos
i believe this is much much better than
bulton microphone
or the microphone microphones we have
here with the headphones
i will also disconnect this device
and check the built-in microphone and
show the difference between these two
okay this is the built-in microphone of
computer and most computers have the
same quality
built-in microphones and yeah
let me also show you how this headphones
sounds like
this is my headphones
um this is the headphone for samsung s10
yeah and most of them have the same
right and this is how it sounds like
okay kimophon
g102 wireless microphone um i really
like the device guys
first of all it is wireless you don’t
need to worry about the cables around
you can just wear it speak that’s it you
can walk around
stand turn around go to other room um
take your stuff and come back
no need to worry about the connection uh
setup is really easy
you don’t need to download any drivers
it has a plug and play option
so very easy to use but i definitely
recommend you to
check the manual it has all the steps
it is rechargeable so you can use this
micro usb
and charge both received at the same
time a good option
and the website says you can use six
hours when it is fully charged
i didn’t test it but six hours is good
uh in terms of battery life
um there’s a headset microphone and also
a lavalier microphone in the package
so twin one it is good and it is also
compatible with
many devices and uh you see
there are a lot of pros uh what about
the cones and um
i can tell you a few things first of all
if you try this outside
if the weather is windy i don’t
recommend you to use this outside
because the microphone struggles to pick
up your audio
other than that it’s a really good
quality microphone and if you have a
wireless bluetooth headphones guys
this is a great pair so i definitely
recommend you to try this
and i’ll fit links in the description
below if you can check the links
if you have any questions leave a
comment below and let me know
i will answer your question as well as
possible see you next time
keep watching mathematics goodbye

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