Lego Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge (2001) – Game Review

Let’s play and review…
I love LEGO bricks.
As a kid, I used to save money
to buy myself a miniature LEGO sets
then I combined those sets to make
something custom build.
My creativity was not that high
so I couldn’t call myself a Master Builder
like in Lego Movie.
Back then,
I never heard of LEGO PC games
so one day,
my friend came to my place
and offered me LEGO Island 2
I said: “Damn!”
LEGO PC game?
I must have it!”
Yeah, I was so excited
that it didn’t cross my mind:
“2? That’s a sequel, right?
What happened to part 1?”
In 1997, the first Lego PC game
was released
It was Lego Island 1.
It’s basically a game where you do nothing
but mess around
and its target audience
was little kids.
In my honest opinion,
it didn’t aged very well
(actually, it aged poorly)
so I will ignore that game
and immediately go to its sequel.
We start with intense excitement
and nice and colorful intro animation.
We will play as Pepper Rooney,
a young skateboarder
with a desire to satisfy people
by delivering them pizza.
Oups, this

is a kids game,
so no more pics like that.
That’s more realistic
but it’s not our concern.
So, after intro and musical main menu,
we start with a…
Oh, finally!
Unfortunately, if you thought
that the protagonist of this game
is a street guy who “sells” bricks
to the citizens of Lego Island
you were wrong!
We play as pizza delivery guy
who gets a brick
for every pizza he deliver
needed to build a new house
on Lego Island.
The plot is,
especially at the beginning
very disappointing.
our boss Papa Brickolini
gives us the name of the customer
to whom we have to deliver pizza
and we can get to it either on foot
or on a skateboard.
And so, we deliver pizzas
and our house is built
of donated bricks.
Good thing is that Lego Island 2
is graphically very neat
decent performance
and great sound
whether its background sounds,
music or speech.
Controls is also simplified
it can be played with
even one hand
and we can talk to every character on the island
with the conversations being very diverse
and it can be seen that hours and hours
of conversation have been recorded.
The bad thing is that the vocal acting
of the characters is not that good
and there are frequent jokes about bricks.
That joke not included!
What did you expect
humor of a Monkey Island level?
The plot of the game gets complicated
when we deliver the last pizza …
Now I’m tired of mentioning the word “pizza” !!
(ordering pizza in foreign language)
Papa Brickolini calls us and tell us
to take another order
to the prison and
to the famous criminal Brickster.
our pizza is actually the “key” to escape
Brickster escapes from prison
grabs Constractopedia
and throws the whole island into chaos.
Our job is to get the pages
back to Constractpedia
and get Brickster back to prison.
We take backpack,
skateboard and Walkman
and go to other island.
In the second part of the game,
we encounter a real adventure
sightseeing the island
and solving a lot of mini-games.
Later we encounter dinosaurs,
outer space and desert.
And I thought
the whole game
would take place
on the home island.
The additional areas are impressive
you can ride a train,
sky dive,
scuba dive, drive a plane,
ride your skateboard,
ride boats and dinosaurs
and more!
After finishing the game,
you can go to different islands
and free roam were ever you want.
Oh yeah,
you can’t die
ultimate proof
that this game is for kids
This design can cause some problems
there is no sense of danger and failure.
You’ll be chased
by Lego mummies and monsters
but all you have to do is bump into them
and they’ll go away
And if they don’t,
simply shoot them
with your pizza gun
and they’ll be stunned for a bit.
Lego Island 2 is not
an adrenaline rush
and will hardly stick you to a chair
like some kind of FPS or racing game.
But nonetheless,
this game can attract those
who did not hope
that they could like it.

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