Marvel What If…? Ep 7 Review | Every Thor Movie, Ranked Worst To Best & More!

all right what’s going on everybody and happy 
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myself we got our returning co-host back tonight 
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as you can see from the title we’re talking what 
if we got a pretty cool fun party episode to kind  
of digest and kind of break into tonight that 
we’ll kind of uh get into here in a bit but also  
too since you know this is a thor centric type of 
episode i figured that we just kind of talk about  
thor uh talk about his films talk about you know 
from worst the best kind of our thoughts about  
the films our thoughts on thor is a character in 
the mcu uh what we hope to see in the future for  
the character and of course we’ll dive deeper into 
tonight’s episode which was like i said a lot of  
fun a lot of cameos and a pretty cool ending uh 
that i’m so excited to break down with you

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so with all that being on the way got to bring  
in my co-host we’ve missed this co-host she has 
been covering tiff for the last couple weeks and  
been doing absolutely incredible in doing so i’m 
definitely going to pick her brain on some of the  
films obviously no spoilers but so happy to have 
her back so happy to kind of catch up with her and  
see what she’s been thinking about the previous 
two episodes and of course tonight’s episode i’m  
talking about the one and only amanda what up ah 
i’m so happy to be back oh my god i miss you guys  
so much uh we’ve been missed amanda you’ve been 
missed we missed it we missed you but we know we  
have you had some things to do you were covering 
a big uh film festival a little small independence  
film festival by the name of tiff right totally 
small not big at all but yeah it was it was a  
magical 10 days i’m exhausted so i’m going into 
like hibernation mode now but um it was so much  
fun i had a blast no doubt how many films would 
you say you got opportunities to see i watched  
25 in 10 days that is insane and would you say 
out of the 25 that a good percentage of them  
were pretty good films or were some of them a 
little like there were only i think like maybe  
three or four that didn’t really sit right with 
me or else they they always pick gems honestly  
so i was i was pleasantly surprised with the 25 
that i did pick so we’re going to talk a little  
bit about some of those films here in a bit but 
hey amanda i’m so glad to have you back tonight  
if you want to let the people know where they can 
find you and what you’re all about stage is yours  
yeah of course well i love doing this 
with you guys every wednesday uh you guys  
can always find me over at amx nd reviews on 
twitter instagram and letterbox i have my full  
tiff festival coverage from last night in soho to 
dune to one of my favorite films from the festival  
belfast directed by kenneth branagh all of that 
coverage is at my on my website  
so go check that out i will have some youtube 
reviews out i did watch dear evan hansen  
and that’s that on that but i’m excited to talk to 
marvel uh tonight so yeah no doubt definitely guys  
check out her links check out those reviews for 
the the big some of those films that she mentioned  
you know might be some oscar films and some films 
to continue the conversation about so definitely  
do so and again we’ll we’ll talk to amanda here 
in a bit to kind of get her thoughts on some  
of those films she’s mentioned but before we do 
that got my main man representing the east coast  
uh doing some you know some sex education reviews 
recently uh some of course netflix coverage that  
he does such a great job in doing so and i’m so 
excited to hear his thoughts on tonight’s episode  
of what if we thor i’m talking about the main 
man chris from taste tape what’s going on man  
gang gang gang gang what’s up we all doing the 
glasses today i hope everybody yeah very studious  
look here you know it’s a party episode but we 
got to keep it please what’s going on man that’s  
good man i’m out here yeah man it’s hey it’s like 
i said it’s september 22nd i could have sworn just  
yesterday it was uh you know august but now we’re 
almost in the spooky season which uh you know best  
i’m wearing here i’m wearing my stab hoodie from 
screen nice nice what’s your favorite scary movie  
uh but chris man uh what’s up man how you been 
doing bro i’ve been doing speaking of the spooky  
season i don’t know if y’all watch the trailer for 
a night teeth i just saw that on netflix if you  
guys heard it is that the vampire movie yeah yeah 
like like their driver like they’re uber black or  
something like that yeah man this is this is the 
time of the year where you get the good ones and  
the weird ones and everything in between yeah 
i guess i’m at the start i gotta face my fears  
man just start watching some horror movies what is 
that chris just put the content out there you know  
you need to like do live reactions if 
you’re we need that chris we need that man
for chris man how would you do the fine folks out 
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you guys know the vibes it’s your boy chris tate  
i represent tate’s take all my information is in 
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that’s so cool wow i’m really excited to talk 
this marvel stuff we only had a couple more  
episodes so that’s kind of like bittersweet 
um but yeah let’s let’s let’s break this down  
yeah man we got a lot to discuss again we’ll 
get into my thoughts and your thoughts on the  
episode but uh nonetheless we’re wrapping it up 
man what if it’s been a very interesting series  
that i think will uh play bigger into the mcu 
uh but you know we’ll leave that conversation  
for a little bit later but amanda i want to go 
back to you a little bit you mentioned tips and  
some films you had mentioned that definitely 
gets me excited uh first and foremost doom um  
it’s my most anticipated year my 
most anticipated movie two years  
in a row my favorite director i’m a fan of the 
cast just briefly your your thoughts on this film  
and why people should be excited for it before you 
do that before we do that yeah before you do that  
i really i already actually just on the 
internet on instagram or something like that but  
explain to me dune hype and like quickly like i 
don’t know where this came from like is it a book  
and an old movie like get taken there literally so 
this came out it’s frank herbert’s book so it is  
a series of books so frank herbert wrote 
this and it came up before like star wars  
was created and like game of thrones was created 
so this was like the first like sci-fi epic before  
those two kind of came out from from what i’ve 
i’ve read and i read the book and i think that um  
there is david lynch’s version of dune and it’s 
completely different from the book exactly what  
elliot’s doing right now it’s a thumbs down um 
i refused to watch it to be perfectly honest  
because i wanted to read it and then go in with 
vilnev so um i personally think that the hype  
around this is just because of this cast for right 
now it’s a mixture so it’s people who have read  
the book and have read the series and then it’s 
basically this cast because it’s a monster cast  
and they’re fantastic and it’s vilna of doing 
sci-fi what he does best in my honest opinion  
um after arrival like like he’s yeah a rival 
is like one of the best films i’ve ever seen so  
yeah so like it’s so good and like he takes that 
and he elevates what he did from arrival and even  
enemy if you’ve watched it it’s really good 
too with jake gyllenhaal so he takes all that  
elevates it in dune but this i’m telling you 
guys it is like an epic of all epics that like  
we have i haven’t felt something like this 
i don’t even i don’t know when the last  
time i even felt like that emotion watching 
something this like it was such a grand scale  
and it’s just like you’re waiting for 
more and the anticipation’s there for  
more and that’s what i loved about it but it’s 
like it’s massive this is a blockbuster you gotta  
watch it like a big deal like what did everyone 
love the movie or is the books are the main thing  
i think it’s the books to be perfectly honest i 
think that’s what’s driving people but holy lord  
if you haven’t listened to hans zimmer score two 
i haven’t i’ve won this experience for the first  
time in the theater i i recommend that to be 
perfectly honest because i like you like chills  
like i had goosebumps i literally sat there 
in the theater because i was like fourth row  
and i was like oh my god this is amazing i was 
like sitting there like this because like you’re  
in the movie it’s crazy but honestly like the 
costume design the score everything it’s like  
perfect it’s perfect for what the book is too i’m 
happy as someone who read the book i think it’s  
the best way they could have adapted it at this 
point too so yeah i kind of rambled but yes they  
have like imax screens or is like this regular 
screens i was very fortunate to watch it and i i
yeah so i didn’t expect it so at tiff we have 
like here in toronto we have something called  
the cinesphere so it’s like a massive imac 
screen like it’s like massive it’s so big and  
that was like one of our like ogi max screens so i 
couldn’t watch it there but that’s where they had  
the premiere um but our imac screen at scotiabank 
was like i think 400 people that you could fit  
in there like more than that but yeah watch her 
on the big screen dune is exactly what you want  
yeah and like it’s just it’s just epic i 
can’t i can’t i’m not i can’t spoil anything  
the cast is phenomenal the like action scenes 
are good so it’s just last question yes the  
the person you figure out who’s the author of 
this is that person dead or were they allowed to  
or are they still able to like be a part 
of this i think frank herbert passed away
yeah but yeah yeah i mean you you couldn’t give 
me more hype about it a man as you mentioned  
i’ve never read the novel she did a phenomenal 
job guys check out her you know her website  
to get more in depth on that um and i i’m 
excited to see your review on it as well but  
yeah i um someone mentioned in chat i think it 
was either nader or cg in regards to just the  
foundation of a lot of stuff like amanda mentioned 
star wars star trek um you know a lot of those big  
sci-fi films have taken a lot of inspiration 
from frank herbert’s uh which just you know is  
obviously um great to see someone like didn’t even 
lenove bring that story to life but no offense  
david lynch you know great director but i 
just think it wasn’t the right fit for him  
uh if you if you ever see the film a man trust 
me it’s it’s a hoot it is a film that is so  
cheesy and corny and it’s just bad but i believe 
it yeah it’s it’s on hbo max if you guys ever want  
to check out the 84 version doing but no i’m 
really excited for it uh imax all day or you  
know some people might watch on hbo max which you 
know it’s easter home but i will be in theaters  
uh 22nd october 22nd right over 20 seconds if you 
can do the pre-screening do the free screening  
try my best to try to see that as early as 
possible and then see it that night and come  
home when it’s on hbo max and watch it 20 more 
times before the end of the day but i’m really  
excited for it i really appreciate you sharing 
that with us amanda and there’s a couple a couple  
other films uh last night in soho uh the new uh um 
my man’s name slipped in my mind right now eddie  
right edward wright yeah um anna taylor joy and uh 
mckenzie how’s that film speaking of spooky season  
it was great it was just so beautiful to look 
at it oh my god and the the performances they’re  
great the story is really good um it unfolds 
kind of naturally it’s more like suspenseful  
than and that it has horror elements which 
i loved about it’s more of a ghost story  
um and uh yeah like edgar wright literally wrote 
a letter like if you’ve seen it do not ruin that  
ending and i will not ruin that ending but for 
four women i think they’re going to it’s going  
to connect with them a bit differently it did 
for me um i literally couldn’t sleep after i  
watched it so it’s it’s more of like the you know 
generational i guess trauma or like like for women  
in that case i can’t really like it says it 
in the synopsis and in the trailer so i’m  
not gonna like spoil it but it really does hit 
and then that that ending that twist is just  
it’s perfect for me i really enjoyed it it was fun 
okay i think it was a good twist for what it was  
yeah i think something and i know people love 
edgar wright um is this would you say best film  
okay i don’t want to say it but like yes 
hey i’ll be honest i’m not like i know a  
lot of people like go crazy for edgar wright 
i appreciate him as director um but i don’t  
you know but i hear like for what you just said 
i heard this is his best film yet and it gets me  
excited because i want i’m excited to see him do 
something a little bit different from kind of the  
comedy beats we’ve seen and obviously the stuff 
that he did with the zombie flicks and all that  
but i’m really excited for that one chris did 
you have any questions about last night man no  
i was going to ask about probably like a cheesy 
sad movie the story okay did you watch the story  
is that part of the style is that melissa 
mccartney right so i i didn’t get the chance to  
go see it or watch it on the digital platform but 
i do have it from netflix currently sitting in my  
my content so i’ll probably end up watching that 
i heard good things about it from what i know  
i didn’t there there were a lot of like romantic 
films at tiff that i was just sitting there like  
i was like you’re gonna make me think about this 
the whole day so i was like yeah i just uh there  
were some good ones you know and then two more 
questions there was a film um something about a  
car a woman having like a relationship with a 
car i can’t think of the name of it oh my god  
titan titan yeah did you get a chance to see 
that one oh my god so that was the first one  
where like and if you can explain it to a man i 
poorly butchered the synopsis like what’s that  
film about for those that might not be familiar 
with it don’t even worry so this is like when i  
mean next level we have something that’s called 
midnight madness at tiff so we get like the most  
batshit crazy things happening during those 
midnight screenings so this is one of them  
so titanium is basically 
about this this young girl  
who gets in a car accident and she has um she has 
to have a plate installed in her head to actually  
like function in in you know in the real world and 
in life so she has like her spine and everything  
like it’s all like made of like titanium or or 
whatever the the metal was but that’s vibranium
that’s how she has to like function so like 
you see it on the side of her you see the plate  
whatever anyway she gets she you know she gets 
older and um she’s very out there that’s all i  
can say she’s very out there i literally cannot 
tell you what this movie’s about other than the  
fact that she got you know she got into a car 
accident when she was kid because if i start  
going into it i’m i’m gonna spoil it and i can’t 
do that for you guys but she has a connection  
with cars and motorcycles and stuff like 
that she loves cars that’s all i’m gonna say  
yeah and there’s body horror there’s like  
very intimate scenes yeah it’s pretty um one 
of those yeah one of those kind of like okay
it’s violent the gore like i was literally 
cringing i was sitting there like don’t do  
this don’t do it like and i watched it on the imac 
screen which i didn’t expect at all so i was like  
okay i made this movie yeah yeah but 
it’s phenomenal like it’s just so ballsy  
and oh god i haven’t stopped thinking about it 
so it’s a good one for sure i’m excited then one  
last one you mentioned your favorite film um one 
more time what was the name of that film belfast  
belfast kenneth branagh i’m not familiar with 
that one what’s what’s that is that sounds like  
a drama if i’m not mistaken it is so fast belfast 
was the surprise of the festival for me i didn’t  
expect it um so kenneth randall said that this 
was his passion project um so it’s loosely file  
i thought that was crazy no it’s not you didn’t 
direct that i don’t know what you’re talking about
um but that was his passion project and he 
was loosely based off of his own childhood  
okay so for me it was like i’m a 
sucker for those kind of stories  
because especially when it’s like heavily involved 
with like the director and he’s you know he made  
his own story come to life and i thought that was 
really beautiful um there’s really great emotional  
moments comedic moments between him and his family 
um and then there’s just like what really got  
me it wasn’t even like the emotional moments 
with the family it was him like just showing  
what it’s like to be a kid in the cinema 
again and experiencing your favorite movies  
through the eyes of i can’t um it was just it was 
really awesome to experience that as a kid again  
like on the big screen like everything that 
you really like admire and loved about cinema  
and then you’d see him as a kid experiencing this 
and then it’s like well kenneth branagh is now a  
filmmaker so that connection is emotional so nice 
i really is he in the film as well he’s not in the  
film he just directed it but it’s jamie it’s jamie 
dornan who plays his dad essentially and then 50
he’s great and then katrina belf from 
outlanders in it so she’s really awesome  
yeah so yeah it’s a great cast yeah a lot of fun 
i i don’t know how people are gonna take it but uh  
it sounds really good sounds like like a 
honeyboy type of you know reflection of  
life type of situation which i’m always 
up uh up for that type of film so hey  
guys that’s just three of the films at amanda 
saw and as you guys heard up top she saw 25  
of those things so definitely check her 
website out she got some video reviews  
coming up pretty soon for you all to definitely 
show us some love of support i appreciate you  
sharing that with us amanda and toss into you 
before we dive into this nice stream chris  
there was a show and i don’t know man i don’t know 
if you got a chance to check it out yet but um  
sex education chris tell us about it man we got 
a season three that just dropped last week and uh  
before we get into it chris i just need to know 
team live or team ruby take it over my friend  
well you know i don’t i don’t want to sound 
disloyal to maeve um i will i will yeah ruby
ruby showed me a lot i mean she showed me a 
lot at the end of last season i was like yeah  
i had to get that um i hope you don’t get that i 
hope you don’t get that um nah yeah he got that  
uh yeah but i was like i was very impressed with 
ruby this season i love maeve because she was like  
really like a badass she got a little softer this 
season of course yeah and she started wasting her  
time with uh isaac but uh liar yeah yeah i’m team 
i’m team i’m always going to be teammate i can’t  
i can’t be disloyal but yes she was the man did 
you get a chance i know you’re super super busy  
did you get a chance to watch texas vacation 
yet season three i watched the first episode  
okay so i kind of i know i know what’s 
happened no no it’s already been like  
the timeline is the timeline on twitter 
like you don’t watch something the first day  
like you’re gonna know everything then exactly 
so i kind of know why people are like annoyed  
and stuff but like ruby’s pretty cool so it’s 
very cool this season i’m gonna switch over and  
hopefully you got a new uh head mitch the mistress 
which was pretty cool um that was a really good  
really good show if you guys haven’t seen sex 
education quite yet season three is fantastic  
uh and i recommend you all check it out if you 
of course if you’ve seen the first two seasons so  
hey those are you know kind of our thoughts on 
some of the things we recently saw i will say  
before we dive into it ladies and gentlemen i know 
chris you’re not a horror guy midnight mass coming  
out this friday on netflix mike flanagan saying it 
right now masterpiece oh wow it is fantastic and  
i’ll just leave it at that this friday again for 
all my horror fans and even you know what chris  
someone that’s not really into horror man i still 
think someone i still think i would recommend it  
man i i really would because it’s more there’s 
more about the scares and all that it’s more about  
just religion and and you know forgiving yourself 
and just belief systems and what people do to you  
know follow into someone’s footsteps it’s a lot 
deep stuff going on the show on top of some good  
scares at the same time so yeah mike flanagan man 
he’s he’s one of the best out there doing it to me  
right now i love him check it out man but ladies 
and gentlemen those are kind of our thoughts on  
some stuff we’ve recently seen some stuff we 
recommend you all check out but let’s get into  
some marvel love man we got some some mcu stuff 
to talk about tonight again there wasn’t a ton of  
news which whenever that happens uh when it’s like 
a slow week i’d imagine next week is gonna be like  
trailer for miss uh that’s marvel uh you know 
new casting for fantastic four we’ll probably get  
bombarded with uh you know spider-man charlie cox 
is on set or something like that so i expect that  
next week but we we figure we’ll talk about some 
thor since it is a thor eccentric episode and i uh  
just kind of curious for the uh my uh 
co-host as well as everyone in the chat  
thor movies we got three of them things 
and we got a fourth one coming out it’s the  
only avenger to have four films which is uh says 
what for the third character he’s been through it  
uh kenneth rana uh aaron taylor uh taika watiti 
the russo brothers and now he’s been directed  
by five different uh directors which is uh you 
know good for chris sinclair to be able to play  
in that world of thor but starting with you 
amanda the question is from worst to best and  
we’ll just give our first two and then we’ll cap 
off with one um four films we got three of them  
yeah good ones maybe some not so good ones 
but i’m just curious you’re number three as  
far as the thor films that we’ve gotten so far 
what is the worst store film in your opinion  
it’s obviously thor the dark world and i don’t 
want to say that but it is thor the dark world um  
they had some great moments between him and loki 
uh and i think that’s why i love it so much just  
their brotherly banter is what holds it together 
for me but it’s not the best thor movie so that’s  
at number three for me number three and then 
what about you number two which i think well  
some curve balls in there um number two is 
ragnarok like this is sometimes she throws exactly  
she doesn’t like so you knew you knew i was gonna 
say it um and obviously like sir kenneth branagh  
was obsessed with thor so i’m really happy that he 
got a chance to direct it so that’s my first one  
i just i think that he really nailed the 
grand scale of asgard and showing us asgard  
and that’s what i loved the most about it 
it was just so beautiful what he did with it  
um and i wish we got to see a bit more of 
asgard in the way that granada did it so  
thor was great it’s a great intro hemzee’s 
awesome and we you know we got loki so
like exactly one of my favorite parts but uh yeah 
thor’s number one for me number one okay uh chris  
man tossing to you man your your least favorite 
to your favorite thor films and uh you know if  
you want to give reasons why go right ahead man 
yeah i’ll keep it quick my the least favorite  
is is the dark world but it’s not whack um it’s 
a it’s a lot better than people giving credit for  
i recently i tried to i watched the three of them 
again because of uh loki before loki came out so  
yeah i was like oh wow this movie is you know 
when thor came out part one i was like you know  
it’s early in mcu i was like you know 
growing up as a kid i didn’t know thor  
so i was like okay this is why this is like a good 
movie like i i get what’s happening here yeah um  
so thor dark world i remember seeing the theaters 
i’m like okay cool this is some stuff and then  
going back to it like you see like a lot of 
the a lot of lucky stuff is big in that movie  
his mom dies in that movie i don’t know why people 
don’t act like that was a big moment and then  
ragnarok i just love i love um you know i love the 
director you know i love cork i love seeing hulk  
in it i love tessa i just i love just i love the 
risk that they took i was like oh wow like this  
dude is funny now um i don’t like what is it what 
are they called i don’t like i hate fat thorns  
that’s thor i can’t say me off yeah i don’t want 
them to get too caught up in that because like  
dork showed that he could be funny in ragnarok 
i like that yeah he could be funny infinity war  
um but then end game it took me two it took it 
too far and then i thought that in the end fight  
at endgame that he would turn into normal thor 
again and he did not same kept those nouns bro  
that’s where i i i do love thor as a 
character but i don’t want them to like  
wait like this episode is like what i didn’t want 
so that’s my ranking for the movies thor ragnarok  
number one is my favorite then thor one it’s like 
whatever and then door two which is also like  
whatever to me like yeah they’re fine it’s fair 
yeah i’m same list as chris there for me number  
three is uh dark world and i honestly it’s been 
a minute i haven’t seen dark world in a while  
i think for me just kind of trying to remember a 
lot of the stuff that’s going on i think it kind  
of loses itself kind of in that second half for 
me because i think amanda touched on it what aaron  
uh taylor did who was the director of a lot of 
game of thrones episodes he did uh genesis which  
we won’t talk about that film but he’s a really 
good director but i think that he actually like  
allowed us to sit and um you know asgard for a 
little bit we had that family drama there was  
some space stuff going on space fights and all 
that stuff but then i think that’s where marvel  
kind of put their their heavy hand of comedy in 
in the in the dark world with thor and loki or  
trying to escape uh asgard and and everything on 
earth in thor two to me is so whack uh selvik and  
his wackiness jane foster and thor never had me uh 
darcy was funny but it was just like now she has  
an assistant that’s trying to be funny and like i 
said once they went to that second half and went  
to earth everything on azeroth was dope once he 
went to earth to me is where he kind of lost his  
momentum but like you mentioned chris there are 
some big moments you know the mom dies low-key  
shows his true colors when he’s in the i’ll never 
forget that scene when he was in the prison and  
he’s like pretending to be like he’s okay and he 
like actually shows that it really did affect him  
and that was the first time in a long time he saw 
him in that mindset because obviously he’s coming  
off of thor and an avenger so it has his moments 
but it just kind of lost me towards the end but  
that brings me to my number two which is the 
first door like amanda said that was like to me  
maybe the most truest version of thor in regards 
to some of the comic book accuracy the more  
shakespearean and more seriousness he did have 
some funniness again the fish out of water stuff  
that we’ve seen a million times when he’s coming 
to earth and give me a horse and all that stuff  
and all that stuff is fun but it is kind of a 
weird film it’s just like it doesn’t even feel  
like it’s that phase one feel where it’s just kind 
of like yeah it’s not marvel it’s it doesn’t even  
have like a lot of marvel obviously tie-ins or 
whatnot it feels older than like it is it does  
it feels like almost like early 2000s type of uh 
uh film even like when like the way they shoot it  
and uh it was the destroyer was the the villain 
towards the end iron man one doesn’t feel as old  
as thor one yeah i totally agree absolutely and 
it’s a well put together film again just like the  
shakespearean aspect of it the more serious nature 
uh i think that was you know anthony hopkins as  
odin was really bringing in and when he banished 
his son that whole thing and i can’t even do it  
at my anthony hopkins in person like he’s just so 
serious and you like you took him and also low-key  
yeah and loki was badass in that film very 
convenient very uh god of mischief that might  
besides avengers that might have been the most 
like deceiving most you know villainous side of  
loki that we saw so i got love for the first store 
but like my man chris said is ragnarok for me man  
and and to amanda’s point the more and more i 
see ragnarok i revisit a lot i think it’s the  
funniest marvel film but when you look at the 
film as far as just like mcu and serious nature  
there are some moments i know amanda would have 
tested this that it kind of undercut it with a  
little joke and the most improv uh marvel film 
i think that they said that the type of white t  
was letting them just riff and just have which is 
fun right you want to have a fun time especially  
chris hemsworth playing the character for so 
many years you want to do something new but  
it has its flaws but it’s fun it it is 
probably one of the most fun movies in  
the mcu uh at least in phase three the most like 
that’s like super rewatchable it’s like that’s  
just like they’re just one finding one infinity 
war yeah yeah but reagan writes to me is this  
and then throwing in hulk you know even though i’m 
not the biggest fan of hulk in the mcu he’s a joke  
at this point but seeing hulk in thor fighting 
was pretty cool as you mentioned tessa thompson  
as valkyrie was cool you know you can’t go wrong 
with mr uh uh jeff goldblum as the grand master um
some really good comedic beats in there uh so 
it’s a fun film and hella can’t disrespect you  
know cate blanchett she was pretty badass in that 
film so i wanted more i wanted to get more of her
i hope so i think she was like underused in 
ragnarok to be perfectly honest because there  
were so many people in ragnarok 
like that was another reason why  
surge uh there’s a lot so much so much going on 
so much going on but two and this kind of brings  
me to my next point and chris kind of touched on a 
little bit in regards to the where they’re taking  
the character starting with you amanda not so much 
in the thorough event or a hulk mane when they’re  
disrespecting the character is he the hulk is he 
bruce banner is he a professor is you know shang c  
spoiler you know he’s now bruce again yeah how 
do you feel about thor and the progression of the  
character is it too funny at this point is have we 
forgotten that he is the god of thunder uh and and  
he needs a hammer in one movie he needs an axe 
in one movie he doesn’t need in the next movie  
how are you feeling about the progression of the 
character i think thor is the most inconsistent  
writing wise they want him to be the butt of 
all the jokes he they give him all the lines  
like to make those jokes and i think that 
they don’t know how to write him anymore  
um and that’s why i’m really nervous about love 
and thunder because again like ragnarok’s not  
my favorite for that reason they made him 
like way too funny and i personally think  
like i loved him in the first store i loved him 
in like the first avengers and then i loved him  
in age of ultron with the little screen time that 
he had but it still felt like source material thor  
and that comedy worked for me it doesn’t work for 
everybody necessarily but for me that worked for  
what he was as the god of thunder like yeah 
i think him being like buddy buddy hey dude  
just reduces him to a normal person and that’s not 
who thor is and that’s what’s bothering me about  
like you know the progression of his character so 
i’m not vibing it unfortunately that’s just me so  
i know that’s like controversial because everyone 
loves him now but like i feel like i feel the same  
way as you do man if i’m being honest yeah that’s 
that’s where i’m at with this so love and thunder  
is just uh i’m nervous to put a little optimism on 
love and thunder this will be the first time that  
thor or chris hemsworth has had a director direct 
him in two you know exactly you know consecutive  
films versus you know obviously going from kenneth 
to aaron to taika to the russo so i think they’re  
you know might not be the flavor you like of 
thor at least we’ll have maybe some consistency  
hopefully magna rock said that and and obviously 
he’ll have a he’ll be in a different mindset not  
being the king of asgard anymore and maybe losing 
some of those love handles too might uh you know  
bring him back but same question for you chris in 
regards to just your thoughts on the progression  
from 2011 to you know where we are now coming 
into his film next year with love and thunder man  
are you a fan of what they’ve done with 
them do you wish it was more serious and  
comedy was maybe uh not a top priority for the 
character yeah he definitely i’m sure i think a  
manager said this but i think he obviously changed 
the most like of all the other ones like 100 yeah  
iron man iron man one is pretty much iron man 
and and end game just yeah yeah you know deader
spoilers um but yeah i was like as a as a 
ragnarok lover like i was i was so on board  
with that and then just to see him like i don’t 
think it was too funny and too goofy seeing him  
interact with the guardians either i thought that 
was on brand um like the [ __ ] he was just it was  
being realistic like you’re just reacting to like 
like look at the guardians like you like you can’t  
not be funny like this is like this guy like this 
call this guy the rabbit you got the eye and then  
[ __ ] drax is doing drag [ __ ] so it’s like i 
get it yeah it was an elective on asgard cool got  
it whatever risky yeah but this if this episode 
is any indication that i would be worried about  
11 thunder before that then i would i thought they 
would have reigned it in no matter what because  
i don’t think we need it anymore fat thor or like 
weird thor um and i feel like this movie they want  
to i know it’s thor’s movie but i feel like we’re 
going to get less thor in a weird way because like  
the other characters yeah yeah i know i feel you a 
lot of characters in this next film guys yeah yeah  
so that’s where i’m at with i 
trust them this this episode just  
we’re not talking about episode yet but 
i was like what’s happening with this guy  
why are you doing this guy like this yeah i 
mean you guys bring up a lot of good points  
um in regards to the progression the character i 
think chris hemsworth for for cause to be honest  
with you all he’s a funny dude um it wasn’t 
until a terrible movie the family vacation  
i can’t remember that that’s the the name vacation 
helms it was just yeah legit vacation he was the  
piece stole the movie for me so funny so funny 
and then even ghostbusters which i’m not a fan  
of that film but i thought that he was pretty 
funny at that um 2016’s ghostbusters man black  
was very bad though oh you know i have nothing in 
the film yet i have yet black i think i watched
i did not see it did not appeal to me at all 
man like i’m like terrible yeah that’s so bad  
that movie is so bad but it’s it’s worth 
it enough to see the little alien uh kumel  
it’s like yeah i remember it’s just a waste like 
he’s so good in that movie but the wrestling  
would be so trashy if you’re like super bored 
ever just see just watch that board oh my gosh
yeah who was that gary f gray that directed that 
if i’m not mistaken uh but yeah i mean yeah thor  
or christian sword was a funny dude and i think 
once he got his hands we’ll take what td got his  
hands on on his sensibilities as a as a comedian 
and also i think amanda and chris touched on it  
the guardian’s effect when guardians hit the way 
it did and we went to space and james gunn and  
the jokes just start flying and like hey if we 
can if we can make these or a raccoon in a tree  
uh have some funny bits and drax let’s let’s 
bring some of that flavor over to uh thor and  
i don’t know if it’s completely worked yet if i’m 
being honest with you all and it’ll be yeah it’ll  
be interesting to see which kind of brings us to 
this last point the future of this character and  
also too someone had mentioned i don’t know 
how you guys feel about uh himdell and uh  
mr idris elba i think we can all agree he was um 
unfortunately not used to the best of his uh his  
abilities uh or hurts earlier do you guys think 
that the directors could have done yes 100 percent  
hit time i could try to give him something to do 
but still ultimately you know very next film he  
dies so it makes me sad yeah but but uh hey dc 
uh you know fled sport looks like he’s going to  
be having something to do for the next few years 
at least hopefully you know how dc is amazing but  
tell us and see you first just the future of the 
character chris alluded to it loving thunder is  
coming out next year uh and i have a picture that 
i want to bring up because we were talking about  
the uh not being the biggest fan of mr uh you know 
bigger thor uh the press store he’s in shape he  
isn’t or yeah he’s actually this is the biggest i 
think he’s ever been for the character so he’s uh  
he’s working out in this episode him and org 
he’s been lifting those rocks for 20 hours a day  
so he’s going to be back in shape but if you guys 
see some of the uh i’m gonna go back a little bit  
this cast is stacked i mean we have natalie 
portman’s coming back as uh as we expect to  
be uh lady thor we have christian bell ladies 
and gentlemen as gorg uh the god killer you  
know tyka’s back russell crowe tess is back 
and matt damon’s gonna be a little cameo  
when they do the whole play thing so amanda loving 
thunder a lot of folks going to be in this movie  
are we looking at thor kind of taking the back 
seat and passing it on to jane foster yes 100  
yeah i personally think he’s gonna die in this 
one oh they’re killing him i i don’t know what  
it is i have it like right here that he’s gonna 
die because it’s it’s called love and thunder  
so if something has to happen with jane foster 
that’s the love of his life whatever they’re  
going to try to sell it to us after she was 
gone during the time because ali portman’s like  
nah i’m fired herself from the mcu for exactly 
five years yeah so i have a strong feeling that  
there’s gonna be some sacrifices he could die i 
like i honestly there’s not much more that you  
can do with him to be perfectly honest and i don’t 
know how much more they they you know how they’re  
gonna i don’t know i don’t know i just don’t think 
that there’s any room for him to go i think we’ve  
seen everything his full potential especially 
in ragnarok that’s the one thing that i love  
that taika did was that we saw him at full power 
majority of the time so like i really enjoyed that  
but it’s like i’m not i don’t know i think he i 
think he’s gonna die that’s where i’m at right  
now and you think natalie portman’s gonna come in 
and well to be fair i mean we’ve seen that so far  
in phase four whether it be um you know falcon 
won a soldier we got but uh um you know uh sam  
now officially capped uh loki we’ve got sylvia in 
the mix kate bishop’s gonna be the new hawkeye uh  
ironheart uh i mean the she-hulk’s gonna probably 
replace rupert banner so there is there they’re  
showing signs that hey old and with the news 
so yeah i don’t know doesn’t it would natalie  
portman want to come back and play that character 
for this next phase you think i don’t know i don’t  
know because we also have valkyrie like in korean 
yeah we could have like a romance between them we  
don’t know that’s the rumor out there yeah i’ve 
heard that uh fingers crossed yeah we’ll see chris  
man to follow that up man your thoughts on the 
future of thor is is it the end for mr hemsworth  
uh wrapping it up and natalie taking on the 
mirror near and being a thor for this next phase  
yeah i mean i hope i don’t want to see him die 
but that’s just because i’m emotional and i don’t  
want to leave but says the guy that doesn’t 
cry exactly right yeah but i like to see this
um no but i was going to say the same 
thing you you’re gonna you just said eek  
um it is the out with the old and with the 
new it’s like the oh geez after you lose  
iron man captain america you lose the widow oh 
no yeah yeah so worrying about jesus christ um  
yeah so like it makes sense that it would be time 
and then hope i mean he probably he’s probably  
at that phase where he’s like i’ve done it i’ve 
done it all like i’m cool to move on to this guy  
um of course as a fan i’m greedy and i want to see 
him but i wouldn’t be mad if this was it like we  
got a lot of content so we’ll see man because i’m 
telling you what robert downey jr love chris have  
uh chris evans but anyone that steps outside 
of those mcu bounds they they don’t really hit  
like they think they are hidden so i don’t know if 
chris sims were smart enough to be like hey i’ll  
play in this arena as long as you all will have 
me uh i don’t want to end up like do little uh and  
phil at the box office i mean he has a attraction 
he has a better chance though of doing that’s true  
that’s true we’ll see though man i mean i i want 
to see more of thor i think there’s i still think  
there’s a little bit more meat on the story for 
thor you know beta ray bills out there um you know  
we still haven’t gotten we haven’t even scratched 
the surface of the intergalactic side of the mcu  
and now the eternals come in the mix and you know 
galactus and the fantastic four so thor i mean you  
can mix them in i mean amanda you wouldn’t love to 
see thor having a conversation with someone from  
the x-men that someone that can control thunder 
by the name of storm and and magneto and just thor  
having griffin with batman you know that would be 
pretty pretty it would it would be great depending  
on when the hell we’re getting the x-men because 
chris hemsworth can be like in his 60s by the time  
you get it at this point so i feel you no 
i completely get it it’s just i don’t know  
i don’t know what’s gonna happen i don’t know the 
timeline we don’t know anything at this point but  
like if we keep him around i’m out of all of them 
i do agree that like for fun purposes and he takes  
a back seat i think he can just make cameos from 
now on too moving forward like that’ll that’ll  
work if they’re not going to kill him but like i 
don’t know we’ll see we’ll see oh and this is i  
don’t know why this probably did thor interact 
with spider-man at all in uh infinity war or  
in-game do they have any conversations i can’t i 
mean i thought i could think of all time he was in  
space he went to what kind of yeah i don’t think 
they have most of the time he spent he was in the  
compound crying when they were trying to you know 
all the planning he was sulking spider-man wasn’t  
there i would love to see thor and peter have a 
conversation about i don’t know maybe a a guy in a  
black symbiote suit and how they can fight to take 
him down i don’t know can’t wait for venom anyways  
guys uh let us know i appreciate everyone joining 
in on the conversation uh and giving you all  
giving us your thoughts on the films and and the 
characters so far and what you guys hope to see  
from the character moving forward because i don’t 
know man i i like thor i like my meet and help my  
dog’s name store uh and i like kristin’s work so i 
would love to see what they do with the character  
moving forward we need a slide show uh pick up 
your dog door you got all these pictures queued up  
how you don’t have thor queued up hey man he’s 
right here i don’t know if you guys can hear  
him he’s normally walking around the place 
all the time like he owns it which he does  
uh but yeah guys let us know your thoughts on mr 
hemsworth and thor and love and thunder and all  
that fun stuff uh but this is this is something 
i thought was just very funny we talk about a  
lot on this on this stream about celebrities 
and not knowing when to shut up and how to uh  
you know answer certain questions i don’t know 
if you all saw this but i thought this was like  
straight up one of the funniest things i 
saw it was either this week or last week  
but um an actor by the name of uh topher grace 
you guys might probably s70 show he played venom  
uh you know in spider-man 3 and i don’t know if 
you all can see on the screen i’m going to try to  
read it from here but essentially someone i think 
is on the reddit thread he literally this is him  
uh toefl grace did respond to this person 
asking about if he’s going to be in the next  
spider-man film and he simply replied by 
saying please keep this between me and you  
yes i’m in it uh the plot starts off with 
peter parker tom holland uh being bummed that  
everyone knows about his identity and some 
crazy [ __ ] happens and dr strange and dr  
octopus uh uh doc op comes into the mix into 
the dimension then electro and green goblin hop  
out of one of these energy circles and they’re 
like it’s spider-man it’s stomping time then tom  
hardy and i pop up uh and we battle each other 
and he says he wins of course because he’s the  
better venom uh it’s not even like a fight uh 
it’s getting so small i’m trying to go into it  
not to give too much away but it’s some actors 
from the original 70s spider-man aquaman batman  
uh athlete not keaton crossover and uh yeah he 
pretty much just says keep it between me and you  
the reason i want to bring that up because we 
talk about all the time when these actors and  
these directors and more particularly the actors 
when they get asked about it or you are part of  
a project and that they uh they freeze up they 
they they get all you know clammy in the hands  
or they spill the beans but this is like perfect 
response to these it’s just playing with the fans  
you know you don’t have to get all uh too nervous 
about it amanda your thoughts on mr sofa grace  
uh confirming that he’s gonna be in 
spiderman no way home i wanna see it now  
i want to see it now because i love topher grace i 
am someone who doesn’t hate spider-man 3. i know a  
lot of people hate spider-man 3 but i’m on that 
bandwagon i really i’ve watched spider-man 3 a  
couple weeks ago and uh yeah i’ll just leave it 
at that yeah yeah it’s not that bad i don’t know  
why i’m trashing it it’s not that bad but yeah i 
would love to see venom v venom eventually that’d  
be great tom hardy versus topher grace like i 
think that is something we need to see and also  
he chose ben affleck out of all the other batman 
he’s gonna love that one yeah and i’m like  
yeah he knows i was like that’s 
right you would love that flex so  
yeah i just there’s a whole thing i 
love them you gotta love them but yeah  
it was just so funny i thought chris man your 
thoughts on if actors should take this route when  
acts about if they’re in a film or not just having 
fun with them playing around with them of course  
sometimes they are in the film you know not 
everyone can freestyle like that but uh your  
thoughts on toe for grace actually are answering 
if he’s going to be in the next spider-man film  
yeah that’s a that’s an iconic troll that is 
yes and i’m also on the same camp i don’t hate  
spider-man 3 either i don’t hate x-men 3. i’m 
just a i’m just a loving guy of these movies um  
apocalypse um whatever um yeah topper grace was 
probably one of the weaker parts well trophy race  
as venom wasn’t one of the weaker parts of that 
movie but him as a character trying to like you  
know make his keep or like get you know get 
the shots and like earn his keep at the job  
and just he didn’t have anything going for him 
never got the girls and all that yeah i was like  
a good little part of the story so that is not a 
bad question by the fan to ask why he if he’s in  
it because it’s like he he was a real part of the 
you know of the lore and yeah in the three movies  
that kind of created this stuff off so yeah to 
your question yeah i’m all about this kind of  
trolling it’s like not hard to like not be a [ __ 
] idiot and talk about your movie it’s not out yet  
i love it man i hope people take notes uh tom 
holland uh my man andrew garfield he can’t catch  
a win we played the clip last week amanda where 
he was on jimmy fallon and he he just can’t he  
can’t catch it at this point it’s just like dude 
just no no just say uh no no response you know  
what’s so what’s so bad is that he has not only 
that he has two films ahead of no way home so  
he’s doing two separate press two christians with 
the next tick tock boom the uh lindelof the next  
one yeah there’s gonna be a bunch of them the 
struggle is gonna be so real for him but my god  
you should just like zip it there’s no there’s 
no right answer anymore yeah and everything is  
so funny every time you see him now he gets more 
nervous he gets more like if you’re not in the  
film andrew you think at this point he’ll just 
be like but he’s just like i i i i mean it was  
a review or some question i saw someone asking 
last week if hypothetically they didn’t even say  
if hypothetically if you were in spider-man 3 they 
just said hypothetically if your spider-man were  
to come back on big screen how would you react and 
just seeing him just like being full flustered and  
then he actually said if i was in spider-man 3 
which she didn’t even ask him it’s just again  
andrew it’s the biggest the biggest kept 
secret in hollywood you’re in the dance exactly  
but you know i can’t wait to see that film and see 
them all yeah i’m happy to have him yeah man we  
need those spider-man uh spider-man on the screen 
together but listen guys spider-man’s coming in a  
couple months we still got some more to talk 
about with our boy thor and it is uh episode  
seven of what if title what if thor was the only 
child before we dive into it just quickly amanda  
uh episode was it five and six five and six 
we didn’t have you on just quit briefly your  
thoughts on the zombie episode and your thoughts 
on killmonger wrecking shop zombies were cool  
i’m gonna be really short with this zombies 
were cool i did not like the killmonger episode  
whatsoever i just feel like the the first couple 
of episodes of this season have been really strong  
and now they’re slowly like declining and 
that’s the way i’m feeling about the rest  
of the season so i’m that’s where i’m 
at right now i’m not yeah i’m not that  
excited but yeah what was it about the kill 
moment i didn’t work for you i’m just curious  
anything in particular just the character 
itself for some reason i feel like it was  
out of character and that’s why i was just 
like i didn’t vibe with it the whole time  
i was like this is this is off and i don’t 
like it and they kind of miss the mark on it  
and it’s like it’s killmonger he’s such a 
great freaking character like how do you  
yeah so that’s i was kind of really disappointed 
with that one but uh yeah interesting well i mean  
that brings us right into this week’s episode 
and i want to go right back at you amanda yeah  
thor we got him uh having a party have a good old 
time he’s the only child he is the only child in  
this universe so before we you know dive into the 
minutia of it all just your quick thoughts on this  
episode following literally four weeks of avengers 
dying left and right we’ve got doctor strange you  
know having a saddest episode of all time we got 
zombies we got killmonger killing folks this was  
disney saying hey by the way we we can have fun we 
we can make the kids happy your thoughts on this  
uh the seventh episode this was a palette cleanser 
and it felt like a filler episode at the same time  
so um because again you have like such strong 
characters in the other episodes like you just  
said we really saw some great emotional moments um 
alternate timelines of all these characters which  
are you know it’s canon in the mcu as we’ve 
discussed so just to see like a frat boy  
version of thor and this one was like yay we’re 
gonna have fun but also like you have strayed  
so far away from this character now that like 
this alternate version of him is something that  
i do not want to see ever again to be perfectly 
honest so it was hard to sit there were some  
great moments we’re gonna dive into it afterwards 
but yeah as a whole like this store just annoyed  
this [ __ ] out of me so i’m sorry i mean honestly 
man i’m kind of in the same boat with you i mean  
this is not to be this wasn’t too far fetched from 
the mcu version of thor from being out as far as  
obviously our mc he’s not partying all the time he 
has more responsibilities he’s been battle wounded  
he has low key but this one wasn’t too far fetched 
in regards to seeing how mcu has treated thor thus  
far but chris man tossing it to you just your 
your thoughts coming off this did you uh have a  
good time did you party with thor in this episode 
man i would rather party with thor in real life  
but i don’t want to watch this episode again i i 
this is my easily my least favorite and i hate it  
i hated the killmonger episode but then 
we talked about that yeah this is and i  
hate it was my least favorite but i guess i was 
like oh this is fine this is like not fine um  
there’s a couple good lines the phone line was 
cool from my man goldblum um it was cool to see  
the some some of the other characters come back it 
was interesting to see loki as a frost giant for  
real but then if i’m doing a what if then i would 
just do like what if they were just switched like  
what if thor was raised by the farce giants and 
loki was raised by odin who needed to see where  
that goes like that it doesn’t mean that this dude 
would turn into some [ __ ] like ferris bueller  
running all over the world like fixing the 
messes um captain marvel was so random um
it’s so random like make me i like her like 
i want people to like her don’t do this and  
then at the end you get the fire ending so then 
people will be like damn that episode was whack  
this ending so fire so it’s like yeah don’t 
try to trick me like it was a lot tricky  
i i’m funny mince trickery with with loki i like 
your pitch on that idea of like having loki be  
thor essentially uh which funny enough tom 
hiddleston um auditioned to play thor so it  
would have been kind of cool to kind of 
see him voice a more serious version of  
thor and having thor be kind of the low key of 
the situation that would have been really cool  
uh i like that idea a lot next season chris hit 
him up man you know what if switch it up a little  
bit um that was actually to be honest with you 
just to kind of remix this episode i would have  
preferred if they would have made thor to be 
more serious and it would have been a character  
that was uh you know maybe not uh involved in the 
films that could have brought out the goofier side  
of them if they want to go the whole party route 
um but you know like i said i thought this episode  
was like pretty much almost um you know similar to 
what we see in the mcu in regards to how the thor  
can be you know what is store stupid amanda 
is thor stupid in the mcu i like is he a  
stupid character does he i know he has some 
intellect he’s a battle he’s on battlefield  
they made him that way like personally 
i think they made him that way and i  
like that’s what i’ve noticed like as i’ve 
said before like progressively he’s gotten like  
dumber and like i know like i’m a blonde 
i’m speaking on behalf of blondes but  
like jesus christ like no offense i’m just saying 
it’s a stereotype anyways but i’m just saying like  
it’s just he was and yeah i don’t know he 
was smart in the first thor and now he’s  
yeah he is dumb because he’s the punchline of 
the jokes that’s what it is like once you do  
that and you give him all the punch lines and 
him being a punchline himself it’s like okay  
what’s the point of giving him any other lines or 
pieces of dialogue same question for you chris do  
you feel like at this point whether it’s in this 
episode or or chris hemsworth’s version of thor  
is and someone mentioned he’s not a stupid not a 
stupid character we’re saying like intellectually  
speaking is he a dumb individual in a certain 
extent it’s not that he’s dumb but he’s just like  
he’s a soldier and like yeah soldiers are not in 
history known to be geniuses like this guy really  
is on the team of geniuses you got banner 
you got star yeah like like chris evans well  
captain america is not a genius like this is like 
a regular kid from the hood like he’s just a kid  
like yeah and you know spider-man’s a genius 
because he’s like a real nerd you know i mean  
like so he’s like he’s dumber in comparison to 
these geniuses number one but number two like  
yeah he’s a little dumb he’s just a soldier he’s 
just he’s like a fighter like that’s what he is  
like he’s yeah he’s like smart at the art of 
war like he’s sun tzu like he’s not he doesn’t  
have he’s supposed to have this intellect yeah but 
the episodes like this of course they’re like okay  
you think you are like this is dumb but this is a 
cartoon yeah this is not part of the mcu so like  
it’s it’s a weird thing because i i can see 
how marvel would like to play with just like  
not taking this the character as serious as like 
in the comments there’s a lot of runs where he’s  
like super serious stone face no jokes very um 
you know kind of about his business but obviously  
you want to remix it um but i don’t know it’s 
like i said especially in this episode i feel  
like he was just very like they ain’t even 
saying that he’s a jock he’s a you know a a  
part of a fraternity type of situation but 
yeah going more in depth of the episode  
as we open up uh and the whole premise 
of this episode which by the way too  
you guys probably noticed it that the watchers 
getting closer getting closer and closer  
uh to the earth and and i think him getting 
close to the earth uh will maybe play into you  
know doctor strange and the multiverse being 
more effective with him interfering which he  
should not be doing but neither here nor there 
the whole premise of this episode is odin found  
loki but decides to to give him back to the frost 
giants as we open up and open with the scene very  
similar to thor with jane noel stelvik he’s not in 
this story he’s off doing something else solving  
other uh mysteries of science uh but we see that 
her and darcy are trying to warn people that  
there’s an alien invasion coming and we need to 
figure something out they’re putting her on hold  
they’re doing like uh they’re doing her like 
they did scarlett johansson whenever she was  
calling disney they kind of put it on the 
whole dial and not picking up her cars  
we see from that uh loki or say thor does make his 
way to earth and is ready to get his party on and  
party central which is uh in las vegas so 
amanda your thoughts on kind of opening up this  
episode what again the watcher getting 
closer to earth jane trying to warn shield  
and them not taking her calls and inevitably 
mr thor odinson makes his way to las vegas um  
i like the opening uh yeah that was the one thing 
where i was like oh it’s pretty cool and like i  
really love the difference in animation too when 
they were retelling um you know loki going to  
uh yodenha i’m like completely different odin 
giving him up like i love the difference in  
explaining their their journey so i really loved 
they changed that up um just to show a flashback  
it felt like a storybook which which i i loved 
um i like that the watchers are getting closer  
i think that this finale i know this is going 
to be like straight up prediction right now  
but i think that something’s going to happen where 
it’s going to deal with multiverse and like that’s  
also going to cause something because if he’s 
getting closer what’s gonna happen in the finale  
um so there’s that love jane obviously darcy i 
love their dynamic i would love you know to see  
more of them so this is a nice slice of that and 
i love that they went to vegas it’s party central  
i’m also an only child so like if i were an only 
child i’d do it thor didn’t go to vegas why not  
so yeah i’m with you grace man it’s awesome 
to you on your thoughts on how the show opens  
with again the watcher getting close to earth uh 
getting closer to intervening with earthly matters  
as well as getting this kind of remix of 
the story of loki being with with his people  
uh and as well as uh thor making it to um 
you know earth midgard and going to vegas  
yeah i liked the beginning i really loved amanda’s 
point about the art i thought the same exact thing  
i was like damn this should make that art looks 
fire art already looks fire but i was like damn  
they even made it more fire yeah i’m a big um 
darcy fans every time i see her and i because  
this episode wasn’t like prime darcy right but 
it was still like okay let’s try this and like  
i respect the attempt like okay mary that’s duck 
cool got it um then i was like oh he’s like in  
vegas partying and i was like wow why would he 
do that why would he want why would he go there  
i i was like that’s when i’m like oh man this 
is what’s happening i knew the episode was like  
called party thor or without a party but i was 
like i didn’t think it was gonna be like this yeah  
i do want to go to the party but i don’t want to 
watch it i’m missing out yeah as i mentioned this  
was uh disney’s version of the hangover this was 
a party central for sure even the shots of them  
being in the hotel room and the rocket being in 
there i wish that they would just insinuate that  
they hooked up like like they got dorothy sleep on 
the couch yeah man give me some give me some juice
jane a she she’s uh you know she’s a lady 
she’s a lady we move on and seeing again  
this is very uh as i think chris mentioned uh 
ferris bueller kind of whenever you say don’t  
party that aka means go ahead and have a party 
uh as his mom is going off which i thought that  
was actually kind of funny the comedic beast was 
okay to me but this was funny when she had says  
you know when odin’s going to sleep for a thousand 
years all right i’m going to my sister’s house uh  
i thought that kind of whole bit was kind of funny 
there but again she gives stories the the task of  
studying which you know we we know thor wasn’t 
going to do that especially uh with him knowing  
that he can go off and do his own thing we see 
that himdell is is given the task of keeping an  
eye on him but you know he doesn’t do the good the 
best job of doing so because he says that ms um  
midgard is in a place that himdel keeps an eye 
on with but we get this is where the where the  
fun takes place we get uh you know we see thor 
telling his folks we gotta go to earth let’s have  
a good time let’s celebrate and invite some people 
and this is where we get all of our major cameos  
um from we get uh howard the duck we got the grand 
master dj one two grand master on the one twos we  
got neville in the mix we got scrolls uh all 
in in the mix i’m just curious amanda did you  
did you want to see anyone else kind of make a 
cameo were you okay with the cameos that we got  
here was anyone that you missed that wish you 
would have made a cameo in this moment honestly  
no i think they got the right ones uh for what 
it is i mean like i love grandmaster right there  
um but yeah you can’t over like stuff the episode 
with cameo so i think they kind of nailed it with  
what they had and then as we could see here the 
magic and science uh between jane and i don’t  
know their chemistry was uh was working for me in 
this more so they do in the movies highly enough  
yeah chrisman i’m curious how with the duck 
are we getting the howard the duck spin off  
on disney plus man this is not only the second 
episode we’ve seen the man we seen him in the  
mcu quite a few times would you be down for a 
howard the duck slash darcy spin-off throw her  
in the mix because they’re they’re now married if 
you throw darcy then yeah you had me but i’m not  
watching howard the duck on disney plus a wanda 
vision type of situation howard you’re out of here  
out of here their own theme song come on 
come on that’s fire chris you know what it is
i thought it was something he had darcy duck that 
said now her official that’s canada ladies and  
gentlemen she is now married to howard the duck 
but as we kind of move on with the episode and get  
all the funniness and the cameos we we started to 
pick up the story a little bit more as i mentioned  
uh jane uh hangover style uh you know looking 
for doug can’t find doug can’t find her phone  
as we we see she gets a wake-up call by shield 
and we see that maria heal is playing the acting  
uh director of shield because my boy uh nick 
fury couldn’t see korg a mile away and he gets  
uh knocked out conscious by korg which was uh 
kind of funny within itself but kind of moving  
on with the episode we we get maria hill and 
she makes the call amanda captain marvel’s uses  
so far her coming to the mix were you a fan of 
her and we’ll talk about her fight sequence but  
were you a fan of that character being the one 
that they call to get thor off this party strip  
um yeah i was okay with it to be honest because 
i liked what um i liked what what they had in  
uh infinity war no you’re gonna given what 
yes yeah with the whole engagement i like  
yeah i get confused because they just yeah that 
one but yeah with end game like i think that they  
had it makes sense their power set kind of matches 
so it makes sense why like she would be called in  
um i didn’t mind it i thought it was 
pretty cool why not let’s shake it up a bit  
and uh yeah calling her was cool adam yeah i was 
okay with it chris i know you mentioned earlier  
captain marvel kind of just throwing her in 
the mix what was your thoughts on uh giving  
her the the pager which was actually funny when 
dart again darcy was hitting on on notes i can’t  
remember the exact joke that she mentioned but it 
was pretty funny oh my dad has one of those but  
your thoughts on uh calling uh captain 
marvel when you whenever you got a problem
it felt like they were like in the in 
the writing room and they were like  
all right so we pretty much got every character 
taking care of him whatever they’re like  
[ __ ] what about captain marvel and they’re 
like oh god throw it with party thor and so  
it felt random and then like when she was there 
of course it wasn’t the actual voice right that  
wasn’t her that wasn’t breed now that was i can’t 
remember the actor’s name but a lot of the actors  
came back but yeah she that wasn’t arson yeah who 
was separate no who was seth green is he the duck  
yes he plays howard the duck yeah he voiced them 
in the guardians films and uh yeah seth green  
it’s so random i think it was like he’s friends 
with james gunn so i think that’s a good guy he  
got in the first guardians well because they did 
scooby-doo that’s right that’s right his first uh  
uh kind of big movie that was that he wrote 
that is very true scooby-doo i love that movie
no i thought i felt a little random i i 
like captain marvel more than most people  
as a character i was like damn yeah she was 
i wish people liked her more and they did  
did more with her but because this 
episode was so wack to me i was like  
can’t get any worse so i’m like that’s fine 
you could just be here flying around and  
shooting lasers the prices are pretty cool though 
it was interesting to see like what their fights  
would be like so i was like this is not whack 
it just seems random yeah and we’re gonna get  
to that fight scene so i think that was pretty 
cool to see them go toe-to-toe but before we do so  
uh discuss harley with the 20 super chat thank you 
so much uh harley says i’ve missed you guys we’ve  
we’ve missed a man and we’re glad the the ace is 
back tonight uh college is already kicking my butt  
uh after zombie episode has been going down which 
amanda alluded to that as well i i don’t think so  
because i actually really enjoyed killmonger when 
i had a good time with it but i can see how it is  
kind of somewhat declining for some people but 
harley keep your head up college i know can be a  
a pain in the ass uh with books and then probably 
going back to school for the first time in over  
almost two years so shout out to you keep crushing 
it do your thing i appreciate the love and uh  
hopefully after next week we can get back in that 
high momentum of where the show is going but do  
you feel the same uh i know amanda you mentioned 
it’s kind of been a decline for you personally  
yeah kind of yeah i just i’m not excited for it 
anymore like i’ll like i’ll get to it i’ll be like  
okay i know it’s out like okay type of thing it’s 
not like i’ll wake up early at seven o’clock in  
the morning with a cup of coffee and be like i’m 
watching this so that’s where i’m at same with you  
chris you think the episodes have kind of declined 
a little bit slightly from the the first half  
well remind me where we at was la what was was 
last week vision or no was that too killmonger  
it was killmonger and then it was zombies and then 
the dead avengers and uh right so then it’s like  
i didn’t really like killmonger i don’t 
like this one so like the last two  
zombies yeah um so it’s like i guess maybe 
we’ll see i mean i don’t want to get it’s  
two more so i have to say yeah which i think 
next week um this gamora being thanos i think  
is the next one before we get uh ultimate uh uh 
infinity stone ultron which we’ll get to that  
which i thought that did we get real zoey or 
do we not know yet i think she’s coming back i  
think yeah i think zoey will be uh voicing the 
character gamora uh who’s gamora who’s come on
i think we’ll be getting her back next week which 
would be pretty cool but uh kind of going against  
some people mentioning uh captain marvel still 
playing week i’m tired of that i’m hoping that  
nia dakasa is going to put a nice little spin 
on captain marvel because like chris mentioned  
there is some kind of people are not the biggest 
fans of uh for you know reasons that uh you know  
outside of the movies but i i’m really excited to 
see what they do with captain marvel um two of the  
marvel marvels coming next next year the next year 
or two years from now i can’t even remember the  
release date i think it’s two years two years yeah 
with uh getting tiana paris and miss marvel and  
now i think they’re trying to build her up and 
get people excited about her again because her  
film didn’t make a billion dollars which still 
forget that all the time what’s up chris yeah
i want to be on this platform with you and be a 
fair human being let’s see because i i’ve been you  
know i hate falcon i always hate on anthony and 
i’ve been hating on on on paris since all of wanda  
but she’s very good in candy man so i don’t hate 
the girl she’s good very good just i want people  
to know like i’m not a full hater like when they 
go hard and and i was like i show love she has it  
in her yeah i was like this won’t be clear it’s 
not personal very good in candyman she was and  
you know who directed her was nia de casa who will 
be directing her again captain marvel so i think  
we’ll get some synergy from that film hopefully 
uh and i’m really excited to uh which by the way  
november 12th we’re getting the disney plus behind 
the scenes stuff that they’re gonna be announcing  
some new shows maybe some movies potentially 
uh which shangxi will be playing on disney plus  
on november 12th as well so maybe for money marvel 
they they think they just yes that won’t stop  
uh but one of the funnier bits that did work for 
me was loki being in his uh frost giant form uh  
brother from another mother uh which i thought was 
pretty funny but as you guys can see in the top  
left corner uh captain marvel’s here to to to to 
stop this nonsense and i think this was a pretty  
cool sequence i don’t know if we’ll ever see them 
come toe to toe or go battle for battle blow for  
blow in the live action mcu but if if we did based 
on this episode that would be probably one of the  
more cooler uh scenes that we can imagine because 
amanda alluded to they do have a similar power set  
uh regarding just being like ultimate beast 
when they uh when they really hone into their  
powers but seeing her coming to mix amanda this 
fight here were you a fan of thor versus uh carol  
round one what’d you think about that fight um i 
i really enjoyed it i did i really enjoyed it um  
because of their power sets i think it was the 
coolest part of the episode to be perfectly honest  
i was kind of like coasting through it and waiting 
for something cool to happen and this was it  
so um like you said i don’t think we’ll ever you 
know we’re never going to see them go toe-to-toe  
live action i like i don’t i don’t think so so but 
this is the way to do it so what if you know what  
is captain battle battle thor so yeah i thought it 
was sick they’re so cool together so seeing again  
full power that’s what i love about this stuff is 
like you get to see them just go all out and we’re  
not used to seeing that because they always hold 
especially captain marvel back and it’s annoying  
as hell she comes in for five minutes and then 
adios like it she never stays longer than five  
minutes anywhere so it’s getting yeah she’s always 
busy i’m like what are you doing but anyways yeah  
this was cool i really enjoyed i agree i agree 
visually it was cool uh chris man your take on on  
uh thor versus captain marvel and this uh blow for 
blow tiff for tat battle that we get on earth that  
goes from different continents to different parts 
of the world what’s your take on this fight man  
yeah i thought it was cool it gave me like little 
flashbacks of ragnarok talking talk [ __ ] oh  
there you go hashtag yeah gruel and hulk fighting 
and i was like okay like this is obviously  
animation so it’s like better than they can do 
in live action but i thought it was cool and  
you know it’s amanda’s point it is very similar 
and i love when he drops the hammer on people  
it’s so funny i don’t know why i’m always like all 
the time yeah like what uh said in uh was it iron  
man 2 why don’t you just leave the net exactly 
exactly i mean it will be a cheat code uh but  
literally he should do that every infinity war um 
you know he should did that and game should did  
that but now you know like it’s a chico but going 
back to uh active uh director of shield maria  
hill’s like you know what let’s go ahead and nuke 
let’s kaboom thor and uh set up a plant to get him  
off the planet meanwhile we got again going back 
to the hangover we got these people all around  
earth serta is is hitting on uh the liberty bill 
uh we got uh loki and his boys you know putting  
frost’s uh helmets on the founding fathers and 
all that and the presidents and what have you  
which was just they’re just running amuck at 
this point so darcy comes through and the clutch  
suggests that you know get the mom involved 
which they call him dale you know brings her  
she has to cut her her trip short thor is 
talking to the to the rest people help me out man  
we got to get this situated we got to fix all 
this up uh amanda your take on this kind of um  
very classic uh 80s 90s parents coming home fix up 
the situation before they get home were you a fan  
of that kind of uh sequences that we got there 
it was cute you know it was cool i always loved  
seeing more frigga i love her so much and like 
that’s why i was you know it was tough in thor  
too to kind of see her die and stuff so yeah 
um yeah no i thought it was cute it was cute  
stuff again the comedic beats they were they’re 
okay uh but it was fun to see for the most part  
chris man you get more darcy she’s coming in 
she’s coming up she’s a genius as jane says  
man what’s coming up with this idea but your 
take on this uh getting everything back in  
order before mama comes home against that belt 
first of all this scene right here i was very  
disrespected by messing up the lady liberty’s 
arm i was like this is so like i hate this guy  
disrespect disrespect that was a gift you don’t 
ruin a gift that was like um so let’s see how  
i feel about this yeah cleaning up i was like 
okay i see what’s happening here i understand  
what’s happening here you have to give i guess i 
have to give them a little credit because they’re  
like let’s just try this like maybe people will 
like this maybe whatever so like i respect that  
in real life it’s nonsense because if it’s story 
like you don’t care like who cares if your mom’s  
but anyway my point is i get it i get what was 
done it’s just weird to see but it’s a cartoon  
like i said that’s what i wanted so i wanted the 
show to just live in its own world now we have to  
see what implications it really has but i’m like 
if it lives here in this little special little  
world and we could just be fine but yeah i agree 
i agree man and as we kind of rap i think this  
this was probably the most this almost reminded me 
so much of thor ragnarok where you know we get all  
the fun loki and thor they’re brothers they’re 
happy they’re on the ship asgards of people and  
then you know we get thanos’s ship come around 
them and we know that the dark and doom is on  
right around the corner which we get the 
big reveal which i think this character as  
amanda talked about earlier uh ultron vision 
combination will be the big bad it’s going  
to bring all the different multiverse avengers 
captain carter uh star-lord or wakanda star-lord  
we’re gonna get obviously the the remaining 
avengers that maybe survive the zombie apocalypse  
killmonger i think this and dr strange of course 
though that character is going to bring all these  
uh these characters because he has infinity 
stones uh and we know again uh from the watch  
we’re getting closer and closer that that’s gonna 
be something that’s gonna mess things up so amanda  
your your take on any thoughts and theories and 
predictions on what we can maybe expect to see  
from this ultron which i really hope it’s a 
lot better than the ultron we got in the film  
because i thought they wasted that character but 
that’s just my thoughts on ultron i didn’t think  
he was that great but your thoughts on this 
uh vision infinity uh gauntlet wearing ultron  
well you’re 100 right that they screwed up ultron 
in age of ultron so i’m with you there you’re not  
alone um we have a big baddie and it’s like the 
ending of the season so you know naturally so like  
everything’s gonna come together within the 
last two episodes um unless they kind of just  
leave him here and then bring him in the last 
episode and then they go somewhere else in the  
second last so i don’t know what’s uh gonna 
happen there but um i think the setup was  
strong because you’re like putting all these 
characters in place and then obviously the last  
half of the season you’re gonna figure out how 
to bring them together and the watchers gonna  
come into the mix as well so i thought it was 
cool if that was a really like good ending  
it’s a strong ending to this episode going into 
the final two yeah final two of the season so  
chris man same with you man i know 
you’re a vision fan we got vision  
we got ultron we got infinity stones and 
uh he’s here to wreck shop man we should  
take on uh this version and should our 
heroes be frightened of this ultron vision  
collab yeah i’m also an ultron fan too i 
mean of course vision overall jon but um yeah  
i think ultron age of ultron is like in the in the 
what the people think is bottom tier mcu it’s like  
i like i like it actually um but quick question 
where does it rank for you in avengers films  
in avengers films obviously yeah on the bottom 
bro like dub but on the on the streets did
cool yeah yeah yeah but but 
super underrated ultron’s uh  
he’s also is it underrated 
yeah because people hate  
um unless it’s wacky rightfully so 
because it’s it’s it’s not that great
i just feel like they were all thrown together 
and it’s tony’s fault and it’s like uh oh yeah  
it’s always tony’s fault that’s why i can’t stand 
always tony that should be a mantra of them see  
it’s always tony’s fault picking up the hammer 
in the end game wouldn’t have been his icon  
well now would it look at that set up that house 
party okay that was probably that is my favorite  
scene by the way of them uh just bantering around 
just seeing them you know seconds of a tournament
okay we’re gonna have we’re gonna have a 
watch party we’ll do a watch along for all of
there are no strings on me oh see that was cool 
that was the coolest i’m like they’re going  
to make him amazing and then everything 
started paul was good in that movie too  
i forgot he wasn’t clint as someone brings up 
they set up clint’s family which kind of came out  
left field come on come on language i hated that i 
couldn’t they reduced him to a 90 year old grandpa  
what is he he is that no he’s not he is a super 
soldier he is not a grandpa at all on some form  
of electricity no no it was bad the writing 
in avengers in aou so bad for steve rogers and  
natasha unless you’ll go there come on chris i’m 
right he can’t be aggressive he’s he old though  
no yeah so yeah this ending is cool i just feel 
like someone said in the chat earlier like this  
episode could have been an early episode i feel 
like it could have been yeah snapped off just  
you know to a different episode but yeah like 
like this whole episode i’m like this is a waste  
this is a waste this is a waste and then it’s 
like okay this is super important most important  
scene of the whole series now you just add it to 
this so yeah we’ll see i agree the placement um  
i think initially they wanted this to come out 
earlier i don’t know what what made them switch  
it up um but this would have to me this would 
be a good placement probably right after the  
t’challa episode which i think was the second 
episode yeah um but i think they put this here  
just because as you guys mentioned earlier it’s 
been so bleak uh the avengers dying zombies  
uh you know freaking doctor strange destroying 
the universe so i think it was like we we gotta  
lighten the mood we gotta where’s thor where’s 
captain marvel let’s throw them in there but yeah  
i think it would have probably placed better if 
it was a little bit earlier in the season but um  
also too smoothly this this this has to be a we we 
got to have a an ultron conversation maybe uh at a  
future date because i will i just totally forgot 
it did have a pretty cool scene with uh hulk  
versus the hulk buster uh with iron man that was a 
pretty cool scene but yeah like a man i said it’s  
a two-hour film and it’s just like a handful of 
scenes that uh that work but uh i don’t know maybe  
throw the dark world of me yeah yeah 
yeah it sounds like ragnarok no joking  
there was so much there’s so much setup in that 
film and josh whedon yeah i know he uh he didn’t  
have the best time on that film but you know josh 
sweden’s not the best guy so maybe he deserved  
that uh terrible time on the set but overall i 
think you guys uh starting with you amanda just  
kind of again general overall thoughts in this 
episode um i think it is more of the weaker ones  
because implications wise it wasn’t like an event 
episode uh it wasn’t any you know darker moments  
it was just kind of like there almost but your 
thoughts on this episode well they sold it like  
it’s time to party with the fret bro and it’s like 
that’s pretty much what it was so yeah definite  
palette cleanser um personally i don’t think 
i’ll revisit this particular one or even like  
there’s some episodes that i won’t but um yeah it 
was okay it was a fun episode it’s there like you  
said and yeah it’s the one they marketed it 
they’re like we’re gonna party and they did  
and there’s no like again even every episode 
there’s like some like you can see them maybe  
crossing one of these setups to the live action 
i don’t think there’s anything in this episode  
that has any live action implications whatsoever 
in regards to characters or characterizations or  
anything so uh chris man this is your final take 
on this episode i know again this was one of your  
lower tiers um but as far as like overall is it 
something you’re going to revisit at all is it  
just kind of again this throwaway episode more or 
less no does that mean a throwaway episode would  
have would have worked earlier in the season and 
then two like the closer we get to october then  
it’s like doesn’t a zombie episode fit better over 
there like like this totally agree yep you know  
we can’t really you know we’ve i’ve been 
trying to rank them in my head but i guess  
at the end we should do like a full like yeah 
we’ll be yeah we’ll do like a full ranking so  
you can see like how things fit but yeah 
yeah i respect their idea of like okay  
you move loki and then you see what would happen i 
just don’t think he would turn into this dude that  
just was a turnip in las vegas um but that’s 
just me so it is a little throwy episode but  
yeah it doesn’t ruin the season if there’s been 
seven episodes and only one of them we’ve all  
reacted the same way there’s not been no no other 
episode will be all felt the same way right that’s  
that’s pretty good percentages yeah no i agree man 
and again it’ll be really fascinating to see again  
when if we do which i do think we’re going to see 
a lot of the characters that we’ve seen so far  
come together and teaming up and seeing party thor 
interact maybe that was the thing because i i’m a  
very just like i feel about tony stark sometimes 
i feel like some avengers play better with other  
like play off of avengers better when like versus 
their solo stuff uh so seeing this party thor  
interact with captain carter uh t’challa 
killmonger uh dr strange it might be a  
little bit of a of a different dynamic it might 
be something that we didn’t expect uh based on  
this this cell episode so maybe next time we see 
thor he’s a little bit more serious uh or maybe  
he’s gained a hundred pounds and we’ll get fat 
thor next time we see him which i know would be  
a favor to you guys but that’s it man i think uh 
yeah like i said next week we’re getting into the  
gamora stuff i think what have gamora was went 
down the path of that thanos potentially um which  
would be very very interesting um i couldn’t even 
imagine what they would do with that with nebula  
and i think it’s easy to picture because like 
you see like you know when he’s trying to turn  
her head when he finds her you feel like like what 
if she just follows his lead and follows that yeah  
i think that i think it will be a good episode 
which i mean she does if i’m not mistaken in um  
any game and you kind of get that from guardians 
that she went down the path just to put a front  
on just to be like she was the baddest villain or 
uh assassin in the galaxy so it’s two year point  
chris to see her go deeper down that path and 
and not fake it and be serious like she wants to  
do what thanos wants to which is you know snap 
uh the world away but yeah it’ll be really great  
to see amanda your thoughts on nebu or not nebula 
but more next week and anything uh that you would  
like to see be into the mix any guardians 
are we gonna get any guardians you think  
poss i don’t know possibly maybe like rock it’ll 
come out of nowhere but i think that uh because i  
think it would make sense if like peter came in 
i don’t know here we go we gotta get this cameo  
i got the wifi that’d be really cool actually 
yeah but uh i love gamora i think that there’s  
so much more potential for her and i hate that 
she died and uh she’s bad though she’s better  
she is she though like what kind of version 
of gamora do we have coming back so it’s like  
yeah i just i want to see more of her and this 
sounds like an exciting storyline so i am excited  
i couldn’t agree with you more and i can’t 
wait to see what they have up this sleeve  
and i expect like i said next week news wise 
we’re gonna probably get some trailers that  
we can probably talk about next week and uh maybe 
some other movie news uh with the mcu but overall  
guys this has been our seventh live stream with 
amanda back in the building uh you know getting  
the game back together it was such a fun time and 
her sharing her thoughts on tiff and chris talking  
about sexification this was a fun episode guys 
and i really appreciate you guys uh joining the  
conversation and tune in tonight but before we 
wrap up amanda any um any things you’re excited  
about for the rest of the week any any movies or 
shows or things you got on the docket that you’re  
excited to check out um i plan on finishing sex 
education hopefully eventually um the guilty also  
comes out with jake gyllenhaal uh on friday i did 
watch that one at tiff and it was it comes out on  
friday i think i saw it is it is it next week i 
think it’s the next week friday okay goddammit
no because like this week i’m getting confused 
with everything but yeah that one’s good  
yeah that one’s good and uh this week for sure 
midnight mass so i i did watch it and i was like  
like he went there that’s all i gotta say so he 
went i love mike flanagan and i’m gonna start my  
31 days of horror uh so i’m excited for that too 
awesome awesome chris man what about you my friend  
any any netflix shows any movies that you uh which 
by the way i forgot the squid game i know a lot  
of people been talking about that hurt is pretty 
gory and pretty awesome i gotta check that out but  
anything on the docket this week for you my 
friend yeah what’s up for me on netflix let’s  
see let’s see let’s see i mean i maybe go back 
and finish the rest of dear white people the new  
season for just releasing to watch today i think 
yeah um apparently season four is a musical so  
bar beware um next week of course venom um oh 
yeah britney spears has a documentary next week  
which i’ll check out i need one of you guys 
to explain to me what what’s going on with  
britney spear i have i’m like completely out 
of the clue on what is free brittany the whole  
britney spears britney versus spirit i don’t 
even know what’s going on so you guys don’t  
have to catch me up on that old man i’ll 
give you the deep dive next week yeah yeah  
okay but i also don’t think it’s 
something we should be caring about  
um but you know we’ll see amanda yeah yeah it’s 
all good um it’s sad to see when people do so well  
and then people just want to see them crash so you 
want to see them we have to uplift them sometimes  
we just we take from them we don’t give them 
anything back anyway um besides that what else  
now you got me interested in lamb i have to 
might have to check that out oh shoot true um  
so yeah i’m i’m all over the place since but it 
doesn’t even get a quiet little week it seems like  
a quiet week this weekend it feels like yeah and 
then next week is yeah definitely wrap it up with
it’s going to be fun but like a man it’s going 
to be so chaotic uh venom halloween james bond  
tv shows here secession’s coming but it’s going 
to be a banana yeah dude but i’m so excited for  
it but with all that being said amanda kicking it 
to you first as far as outros where can the people  
find you where can we find those tiff reviews and 
all that fun stuff let them know yeah well this  
is so much fun i’m so happy i’m back with you gems 
oh my god i’m so happy uh this is awesome and uh i  
did miss it i did so you guys can always find me 
over at amx nda reviews on twitter instagram and  
letterbox you can check out my tiff coverage 25 
films over at um as i said my  
dune review is there last night in soho’s there 
and i have a couple other ones dropping even i  
interviewed the director for night books which 
i also just watched and that interview is on so you can check that out he’s a lot 
of fun he directed breitbart as well so uh it was  
it was an honor to interview him but yeah i have 
a whole bunch of stuff happening it’s crazy i’m  
gonna try to watch some horror movies because it’s 
the first day of fall and that’s what i do so you  
guys can find me there in canon cinema on youtube 
do it guys do it and i’m excited that night book  
is it um i’ve heard it’s pretty good kind of 
kid-friendly-ish right yeah it’s a family-friendly  
like scary movie and i i loved it i thought it was 
so much fun i felt like a kid again watching it so  
like it was awesome it out and um jessica jones uh 
kristen ritter christopher yeah she’s she’s like  
she’s a villain or she’s the witch yeah awesome 
guys links in the bio for amanda definitely do  
yourself a favor and check out those tip reviews 
those interviews coming up soon and of course more  
of those video tip reviews as well so definitely 
check her out links in the bio uh tossing into  
you chris man what can we expect on taste take 
what’s the next take you’re gonna give to the  
people out there man let’s see it might be britney 
honestly i might i might give the world britney
i need to do a collab with that guy that said 
leave brittany alone i got to find that kid  
if you want my video that’d be would be 
good um but yeah so i might i might see  
that i might check that out besides that i’ll 
maybe try to do venom um and not try to drag it  
um but like i’m not i don’t think i’m seeing 
venom early i’m gonna be screeners for that  
but i have tickets for to see it at 
imax on thursday here in the city so  
i’ll check that out um i just did review if you 
guys are looking for some wholesome television  
there’s nine of wholesome television on tv i 
did a review for love and inspection season two  
it’s a story about people on the autism spectrum 
uh they’re trying to find love and go on dates  
and just like just like how we do so um if 
you’re looking for some good tv that will 99  
make you cry check that out it’s on netflix now 
it’s only six episodes they’re really quick so  
if you just want to take a break from all the some 
of the nonsense that we watch it’s pretty good  
i do review my reviews on my channel it’s there 
check it out it’s on there click on it like it  
share it comment on it do all that good stuff uh 
but guys this is this has been fun as like i say  
i just i always look forward to these uh even 
if the episode isn’t that great i still have a  
great time with the man and chris and of course 
everyone that joins us on the chat so again guys  
before you leave make sure to like the video share 
the video uh comment your thoughts in the comments  
section of course if you watched on the replay uh 
let us know your thoughts on the topics that we  
covered tonight and uh yeah man we got we got some 
some fun stuff to look forward to uh bittersweet  
because we’re coming up to an end uh but you know 
we we always find something good to talk about so  
for amanda for chris myself thank you guys 
for tuning in hope you guys had a good time  
and we’ll see you next week on the next episode 
of what if take care everybody peace out bye

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