Microsoft (MSFT) Stock On The Rise After Hiring Former OpenAI CEO

those beacons as navigational navigational beacons. All right. Thanks, Kevin Henkes. Let’s talk about that OpenAI story. Sam Altman andthe back and forth. So where do we end up? Brittany? It’s kind of like do this in reverse here. Okay? Former OpenAI founder is going to be working at Microsoft now. Yes. We found that out yesterday. Satya Nadella tweeted it, that he’ll be joining along with his peer, Greg Brockman, who was president over at OpenAI, who quit after Sam Altman was ousted . And this morning, by the way, interesting move in Microsoft shares. They’ve given up some

of those earlier pre market gains that I saw them getting not too long ago. And we’ll find out just how investors think about this. But it seems like it’s a MIXEDT VUE, right? Yeah it is VOLATIL right now. It is very volatile. And so this comes after a weekend that one analyst calls an embarrassing circus, which of course, started on Friday when Altman was fired as CEO of OpenAI. The board said he was not consistently candid in his communications, which hindered them from being able to do their job. And that was, among other things. Now,

on Saturday, OpenAI investors made a push to try to get him back. And this had people thinking over the weekend that we might come up on Monday

to an announcement that he was back, and that’s Microsoft. That’s in their. Exactly. That’s Microsoft. That’s part of that group of investors. Tiger Global 3-5 CAPITAL*W. But yesterday when Microsoft announced that Altman and others are joining from OpenAI, that shut that rumor down. Now remember, Microsoft is Openai’s biggest stakeholder. They invested about $13 Billion in this effort. Of course, at least that one analyst, as we know, was Dan

Ives, who talked about it. He said that this was an embarrassing circus, says that while Microsoft came out stronger, this reflects poorly on OpenAI. In fact, the new CEO of OpenAI, which, by the way, has had three CEOs in the matter of less than a week, formerly Twitch. Is that right? Formerly of Twitch, yes. Emmett Tchir. He’s the former CEO of Amazon’s Twitch, and he’s now going to lead it. Now he’s saying that he’s opening an investigation into what led to this very abrupt firing of Sam Altman. And we can expect to hear something about

that today, even if just some sort of a speculation. But all in all, it really is a mess and it looks badly for OpenAI EI, and it may be reflecting poorly on Microsoft. As you can see in the shares this morning. Yeah, Microsoft got hit on Friday when the news came out. That’s this MOV here. One of the things that I took away from this is that the market clearly had opened a I in it. The market for Microsoft had opened IAE built in as a bull case here, which is, you know, the shares drop

was kind of the first time we saw the stock really, really obviously move on this. I mean, I think everybody knows Microsoft shares been moving because of all the AI stuff, but we didn’t really have a way to understand Gande specifically that this company is now a catalyst for Microsoft. Right. The other thing, too, that I realize is that it seems like the world at large is very supportive of Sam Altman. You know, I didn’t really know because, you know, he’s kind of a mysterious guy a little bit. All his appearances in DC seem to

have been pretty good, but it was just I never really knew how the world kind of viewed him. And I. I don’t know anything much about him either. I didn’t know myself. But then you saw the outpouring of like in on all social media that came from like a corporate standpoint, from a personal standpoint, there was a huge amount of pushback to this that was kind of eye opening, huge. And I think that what Dan Ives at Wedbush Securities says is spot on. He says that in short, OpenAI is nothing without its people. That’s how

shareholders feel. Kind of some irony there, right? Mmm AI is nothing without its people. Yeah, I’m not sure people are really involved in that, right? Yeah Hey, I think they just should have put the AI in charge. Why not? You know what? We’ll see. Maybe that will be the next, next, next episode. You got one product. It’s not that hard to run, okay? It’s a knowledge base, though, You know, learning from the people. So maybe it can be in charge soon. So maybe a lesson in AI’s limitations, too. Yeah, why not just put it in

charge of the company and test the

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