NEW 2021 Clean Beauty Review | MERIT BEAUTY Minimal Makeup Testing + Review

hi guys how are you all doing i hope 
everyone is fine and enjoying the summer  
or shall i even say fall or the last of winter 
if you’re in the southern hemisphere but i just  
wanted to check in before actually talking about 
this new brand like i keep mentioning i try my  
best to find and test out new and upcoming brands 
but somehow i don’t find too many that are those  
light minimalist makeup something just for that 
everyday wear but recently i noticed a brand  
that may be what i have been looking all this 
time now i don’t want to have high expectations  
but up until now at least with what i’ve been 
reading it is this less is more responsible  
luxury clean makeup and i’m all excited about it 
now i was so excited that i got the whole bunch  
so the makeup line includes about seven products 
the first is blush a mascara a brow pomade  
highlighter foundation and then there’s lip 
oil and i also believe there’s a brush for  
the foundation now since i have enough of those 
brushes and i can actually tell you it’s almost  
similar to this colourpop one so i didn’t get that 
and i also did not get the

highlighting balm since  
it was out of stock when i was purchasing but 
the rest is going to be tested and ripped apart  
i hope not literally now i am going to quickly 
jump into some more aspects about the brand  
uh which is merit beauty but if you want to 
jump right into the testing and the swatches i  
understand that and i do that too so i will 
insert a timestamp somewhere here on the screen  
so you can quickly jump into that but if you 
are going to continue here with me let’s talk  
about this new makeup line which was i believe 
launched in the jan of this year which is 2021  
so this brand is vegan cruelty free the packaging 
itself is recyclable so that is great it is  
available on sephora but they also have their own 
website through which you could get some discounts  
now if you are a clean beauty makeup lover 
it seems that this brand is supposed to cover  
the entire spectrum of solutions one would 
need which is why it had me interested  
so it’s not supposed to be matte or super clunky 
makeup but more of that natural skin like feel  
as minimal as it can be so now that we have that 
idea of what the brand claims let’s get into truly  
testing it out so i do have my bare skin prepped 
post a nice daytime skincare ritual and about that  
if you are interested text me in the comments 
below and i can definitely share my skincare  
must-haves with that let’s start with the first 
and most talked about product of this brand  
which is the minimalist perfecting complexion 
stick now the packaging is nice it has this matte  
effect and it is very compact so let’s just swipe 
a few times on one side of the face and let’s see  
if it is the right shade for me you know i love my 
salt new york mirror so i’m going to be using that  
but if you are interested in a salt new york 
review i will put up the link somewhere up here so  
you can check that out as well so now let’s just 
try a few swipes of this product on one side so  
i’m gonna do the left side which is your right 
and let’s see if this shade is the right color  
okay i’m not so sure about the shade color 
because it doesn’t seem to match very well i  
am going to buff it into my skin with this 
colourpop brush and let’s just start to work it in  
okay so it is a light to medium skin tone and it 
shows very little of the discolorations that i  
have on my face i do have an older skin tone like 
i say that thousand times so it does look a little  
more yellow on my skin but i can definitely work 
with it so you can definitely carry it around in  
your purse for that i would give it three out 
of five though the quantity does not do justice  
to the cost let me finish the rest of my face and 
come back for the blush but for now i am okay with  
the foundation so after having applied the 
foundation on both sides of my face i do realize  
that the color is just a bit too light for me so 
i’m going to have to need a lot more bronzing in  
order to come back to my own skin tone but other 
than that the coverage is growing on me it is  
almost coming to a more light medium coverage 
which is what i’m liking so maybe if they had  
a shade right for me i would have probably bumped 
it up to four but for now we’re at 3.5 out of five  
so now that i’ve finished my full face let’s jump 
into the blush so for the blush i got it in the  
shade cheeky because if you know me you would know 
that i love the rosy shades for that nice light  
sunburn over the bridge of the nose kind of 
look so let’s just try it on and as i try it on  
it’s light and dewy as i swipe it on but not 
very pigmented which is actually a good thing  
because the blush you can control how strong 
you want it to look and also it makes it easy to  
move it around on the other hand though it would 
also mean that this is not going to stay on for  
long and i’m just hoping it can actually stay 
on at least for me till the end of this video  
one thing i have to report is that it is kind 
of balmy so i wouldn’t call it glossy skin  
but it does leave the skin a little dewy which 
is good on its own but i would be worried  
when i’m using it with powder it may not sit 
very well now i do like to powder under my  
eyes but for today i will try to powder my nose 
just to see how it really stays on the blush  
so because i have the blush over my nose right 
now i’m just gonna powder it a bit and see if  
it gets better or worse now i’m assuming that i’m 
creating a mess on my nose but at least better for  
me to do it than for you guys to test it out and 
notice that there is a big issue okay so like i  
was saying the powder did diminish the pigment 
of the blush and with a heavy hand could make  
it almost non-existent which is what i’m seeing 
right now but i’m happy it did not create that  
muddy situation with powder on cream that we were 
expecting so for that i would probably give it a  
three out of five for this blush now i’m not gonna 
be sulking so let’s move on to the next product  
and it is the brow pomade it’s called the brown 
1980 volumizing pomade and it’s about 2.4 grams  
and it’s supposed to give you those nice thick 
fluffy brows that hold on to all day uh i got  
it in the shade black brown and i truly truly love 
the packaging it’s the sleek clean and it’s almost  
disguising the name of the brand but you can still 
see it here in the monochrome merit written on the  
bottle so it does have a nice wand and 
i’m going to zoom that in for you guys  
but as i was looking into the promotional video 
the brand does encourage taking the wand first  
downwards and then upwards to really coat that 
brow well so i am going to do just that um but i’m  
only going to do it one side of my face so you can 
really see the difference in so can i of whether  
there’s any effect of this brow pomade because 
as i pulled this wand out i do not really see a  
lot of product on the bristles and it does make 
me a little wary of the quantity of the product  
wow okay so we can really review it with just one 
brow done because this is getting very close to  
a 4.5 out of 5 since i’m liking the clean shape 
that it has given my brows but it’s also not too  
clunky it does coat it very well and the pigment 
really matches my natural hair shade which is why  
it truly lives up to that minimalistic 
look expectation okay so since the brows  
really make me happy i am excited to jump into the 
next product which is this mascara it’s called the  
clean lash lengthening mascara and i did apply 
a light eyeliner and curled my eyelashes to get  
them ready for this mascara so let’s just open 
this up so here is the mascara it has a very nice  
long wand and let’s just apply it on the lashes 
and let’s see how it works okay so as you can see  
from my lashes it does deliver and absolutely 
that’s true i think i have found probably the  
perfect mascara that i could wear almost every day 
and let me be frank i am not one to enjoy those  
heavy mascaras that coat the eyelashes but also 
deposit a lot of pigment and really make it clumpy  
and i’m not sure what the texture of the product 
is here but it does live up to its name and the  
clean game is actually spot on i do like 
the separation in my lashes and the subtle  
lift especially where i reapplied it now for that 
i will probably give this one a 4.5 out of my  
5 rating now last but not least is this shade 
slick tinted lip oil and i got this one in  
the shade sangria i chose this as a minimal look 
really demands a bold and beautiful lip and that’s  
what i was going for it has about 7 ml of the 
product and if you just look at the packaging here  
and let’s just pause and take that in completely 
because it’s absolutely beautiful so i do see  
that this lip oil it has grape seed oil and jojoba 
seed oil which is great and let’s read about the  
product so it is a wash of sheer color rich with 
rose hip and grape seed oils for healthy and never  
sticky lips uh and that’s something i was going 
for my my i am loving the lips and i’m hoping  
i’m not transferring it on my teeth but i don’t 
think you would disagree it definitely flatters  
my olive skin tone and may also double as a blush 
if the real blush does not pay off and i know  
you know that i am going to give this a 5 out 
of 5 rating and that basically means that the  
packaging the pigment the texture the quality 
all stand out i am happy i got this shade and  
if you like this too let me know in the comment 
section below but that is all for this video i  
am overall enjoying this brand and i will truly 
look forward to seeing more of their products  
as it really grows and it may just be their 
beginning now that’s all folks for this married  
beauty review if you like my blabbering don’t 
forget to hit that thumbs up button and also  
subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already you 
can check out other videos probably this side and  
also down here but i will see you next time until 
then take care love yourself and stay perfect bye

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