Review Asus Vivobook pro 14x oled #reviewlaptop #asusvivobook #laptopgaming

creativity inspired devices have now
merged with daily drivers gaming laptops
and why not even mobile workstations and
the vivobook pro 14x oled is the
real-life epitome of what we just said
this laptop looks like a sleek luxury
device made for flexing at starbucks but
bears so much raw power you’ll be left
amazed but more on that a bit later
let’s talk about the construction this
device is made entirely out of aluminum
and the build quality is really good
despite the reasonable price point it
weighs under 1.5 kilos and the body is
thinner than 18 millimeters
one of the highlights here is the
fingerprint reader and we’re also happy
to see the camera shield and the
keyboard backlight but all of the bells
and whistles should be for the dial pad
no it won’t be used to call your grandma
but it will bring a great productivity
boost for your creative work it has
built-in support for the adobe creative
cloud products so you can control your
tools with ease but it can also be used
for many more functions which can be set
in the pro art application
despite its small size

the vivobook pro
14x not only comes with a usb type-c 3.2
gen 1 but also has three of the bigger
usb type a’s it’s also equipped with an
hdmi 1.4 audio jack and a micro sd card
in order to make the vivobook pro 14x as
thin as possible asus has soldered the
memory to the motherboard meaning that
you’ll have to be careful when choosing
the amount of ram of your configuration
we recommend getting it with 16
gigabytes of ram for content creation
but if you want to be future proofed you
can choose an option with 32 gigabytes
the storage can be upgraded through an
80 millimeter m.2 slot
of course we can’t talk about this
laptop and not mention its display oled
technology has come a long way and we
are really happy to see it in the
vivobook pro 14x
see what’s great about it is that it
offers true blacks as each individual
pixel turns off when needed to display
black color this results in a
practically infinite contrast ratio
additionally the viewing angles are
great and we were impressed by the full
srgb and dci p3 coverage of the panel
in other words it can display all the
colors needed for professional work with
photos and videos
or you could just admire them if you’re
not a pro
also you get blazingly quick pixel
response times besides the 90 hertz
refresh rate
yup the image looks smooth
battery life is very good given the
hi-res display and its fast refresh rate
we got 10 hours of web browsing or 8
hours of video playback
you can combine the ryzen 9 5900 hx with
a 50 watt rtx 3050 ti that’s a lot of
power for such a small guy
if you choose the intel variant you
could get up to an i7 11 11370h
our laptop has the rtx 3050 with 50
watts of tgp and it performs pretty well
shadow of the tomb raider runs with
60fps at 1080p and high settings yep
this vivobook has the power and
efficiency to eat aaa games for
breakfast if you don’t insist on playing
them at 4k resolution or ultra details
of course gaming is not the main purpose
of this laptop creating content requires
not only a good graphics card but more
often than not a very capable processor
and we are happy to see that the ryzen 9
5900 hx can maintain its base clock
without a problem thanks to the dual fan
ischool plus cooling system
believe it or not this vivobook pro 14x
is capable of battling with a lot more
expensive laptops and not just by its
looks its main weapon is the fantastic
90hz 2.8k oled display and the not only
interesting but also useful dial pad
which will help you run your projects
faster once you get used to it
however all that would have been useless
if you don’t have the performance to
back it up and boy does this laptop have

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