Hello In this video you will be able to check
the complete review of the AK76 smartwatch
Hello everybody, How are you? Well
coming back to my channel i am the
Franciele Bubniak, recently here at
channel I posted the video doing the
Including AK76 smartwatch including
in this unboxing video I commented with
you guys that I decided to bring this
smartwatch because i knew he was
really a very similar version
with the x16 smartwatch. The X16 I made
a lot of propaganda here on the channel for
be an excellent Smartwatch I will leave the
His playlist here, passing on to anyone
want to check but the X16
brought many problems for many
people. Because the people from China decided
start manufacturing a different version
of the X16 that I presented here on the channel
a version that has less watch faces and
that has ugly animation
and very boring, it has a menu
lateral look even with the
my overlay
AK76 I have seen several comments
of people who received X16 with this
animation i already got one with dad
horrible noel because you can’t take

configuration has no way to take
this animation
at least so far until the
today’s date no one has discovered yet
how to do to get this animation out is
a big disappointment because the X16 was a
very cool smartwatch before theirs
spoil the clock so really the
AK76 came with a promise to be
a similar watch
functions the x16 had, including the
games, AK76 has the same games and
after that unboxing video I
I was testing for some days the
watch until I come here today record this
review for you then as usual
i will invert my camera i will take
you there for my bench more
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so let’s check out this recipe
as I always start showing the
AK76 box despite having already done this
in the unboxing video But I’m just going to
show you here quickly that
box of a very resistant carton a
pretty box in this style here more
long clock design the name of the
model here on the side we have
label with the color and label of the
control of the seller on that side
some clock information and opening
here the accessories cover that
accompanying, we have the manual and
is only in English, here are the
plastics the professions that came along
with it the charger is a charger
magnetic of that very simple and how
rubber bracelets that in my
opinion are not bracelets with a
very good quality, they are of
rubber is a soft rubber but
still a little bit harder and they
have a little burr of
I don’t know if the camera will capture
but I didn’t find an exceptional quality is
an Ok quality for the value of the watch
so these are the accessories, if you
want to see more details there from Unboxing
the smartwatch will have the link on the cards …
and here we have the clock on top
smartwatch he still has the bracelet
that I changed in the unboxing video
because I thought it was very beautiful and
that matched the watch a lot
that I chose is blue so he
there’s the box that around the aluminum
of it painted in blue I even go to
take a bracelet here so I can put the
original bracelet that came along with it
in the box for you to see how it looks
his original bracelet was left over
here a little bit in the corner So the
finishes are not really
finishes so good but it is
pretty a cute smartwatch with the box
blue is a blue which is not a very
flashy is not that color too
fancy so if you want one
different smartwatch with one color
without drawing much attention prefers something
more neutral these here are very beautiful well
beautiful even in terms of finishes
only thing is that this smartwatch came
with a little glue here on the
Up. I even tried to take
with the nail look just like it’s shining
there in the top corner so don’t
makes it impossible to use the watch and
honestly neither bother much does not give
to see it right, you have to repair it well but
here for reviews I comb
thin even on the smartwatch to see
if it came ok, the back of
sensors is pretty much the material so much
the screen when the back of the
smartwatch is acrylic an acrylic well ok
and here is a recommendation that I always
passes in my videos to use it
with a film to preserve a screen
of the smartwatch so that it looks beautiful there
longer and avoid risks here in
your watch screen
glue up here didn’t come with burrs
Nothing peeled, just missing
a whim to hide the glue here in
top I said to you
his charger is a charger
simple sea magnetic that has to
have it here in the outlet to show for
you guys the screen when it’s loading
appears that way here when he stops
to load when he has already completed
load cycle and stops the duration
his battery is not a lifetime
exceptional of those that lasts 4, 5 days
equal to hw12 or hw22 or U98, its duration of
battery is smaller with it connected to my
cell I always say here in my
rivers that I use a lot that I get
pretty smartwatch notification of
with the sixth screen always vibrating
lighting and I like to use it with the
Wake Up Screen Function Enabled
all this also interferes with the duration of
battery then with me using there
quite he had the performance of a day
and Midle
if you are going to use the
and those functions that consume more
energy will definitely last less then
your battery on watch comfort
you put here on my wrist for
show it to you or smartwatch is
very comfortable is a smartwatch that is
within the average here for me is not
catching not like this or anything went well
use it in my day to day and
the back here of the sensor is up well
anatomical so i didn’t have any
complaint regarding comfort the only
thing that the bracelet that comes from the factory
in the case that comes here along with logic is
a well fulfilled bracelet see that the
we have enough bracelet left
on my arm so if you have the pulse
Fine like me this bracelet that comes
with him that is very long maybe you
have to change in reality in my day
the day I used it with a nylon one that I
quite like it is a very bracelet
comfortable and he accepts very well
other bracelet models so you
there will be no problem with that
I will have to change it as bracelets because I
I like this one more
his screen is a 44mm screen despite the
infinite screen idea as well as several
other models are being launched has
an edge that is really thick underneath
here rounded sides Dinha seo
I believe that everything is painted here just for
giving an infinite screen air is really a
screen that the brightness is very good the
resolution is also very good the same
you can see here cores are well
very vibrant cheers here now with this
lot did it too we can already
notice that they have no pixel problems
stretched images so it’s a canvas and well
beautiful and well ok again reinforcing that
for the value of the smartwatch so a
pretty and well accepting screen Remembering
that we can adjust the brightness of
screen in that option here screen in the menu
so we can adjust the brightness
of the screen and here he knows the brightness of the screen
of the time of the Hunt is a well-blown glow
you can be here how strong is
the footage on the screen and simply it
it’s only at level 2 of brightness I come
here on the screen I can still increase
quite here the screen brightness looks like
gets blown up until hard to visualize
and the camera captures because it’s really good
strong the brightness even the presence of
crown button the crown button serves to
lock the screen and then light up despite
him be the one because he doesn’t
lights up with touch on the screen and needs to come
here press the crown button on more than
buttons here on the watch is just that
then we have a microphone and the loud
speakers here on the other side because this
smartwatch makes and receives calls one
question that I always answer here in
reviews is whether or not there is proof of
that he is certified element
ip67 certification but as we already
you know that accompany me I hope I speak
in all the videos that sometimes
smartwatches are just sweat resistant
and thorns swim in the sea
swimming pool bathing
and none of this is indicated Ok
so now show you how others
Faces that come from the factory here in
smartwatch and i will pass here
quickly all grandmothers did next
here on smartwatch
yours in total there i counted 61 watching
Faces So that’s quite what we did
even if it comes here at AK76 including
we have the presence of an artifice
excited was choosing here one for
show you this one from the Rocket
for example have this zombie I think
also very beautiful that the moon is turning
I think it’s really cool
infinity of strong did there for you
choose the cassette on the model
to talk a little bit about the system of
smartwatch I always start showing the
shortcuts I just wanted to reinforce here in
evaluation that this smartwatch has a
connection via Bluetooth 4.0 is not
Hi guys we already have smartwatch 5.0
which are much faster, more than 4.0
yet an Ok connection is cool and
not forgetting that it is paired and
connects on the cell phone and if Android for
Android 4.2 or higher and us
phones and their iPhones for version of
that 9.0 or higher important
emphasize this because if you have not
cell it very old you can have
problems regarding a connection
smartwatch I always get a lot
comments tips on saying no
connect that doesn’t work this
information about connectivity is well
important speaking here of
shortcuts if you drag it from bottom to top
we have access to a central
control here we have a shortcut to
enable and disable Bluetooth make
smartwatch that next option is the style
the menu has all these pounds here are
right so the first one here is the is the
Beehive menu style So this is the same
the smartwatch it’s fast it’s fast but
he has a little delay and you
may appear in the term by dragging the
second option are nine Portela icons
that are option here where we have
an inclusive background image here 12
cones an image that looks like a galaxy
medium Blue in the Stars the third option
is the list menu This is the list menu
also get this photo of escape here
without margin here from the bottom of the smartwatch
we have 9 again and know Portela but
this time the new icons are icons
different realize that that other
nine icons Portela the drawing here of
less was different and finally we have the
option of six Portela icons however
menu there similar to the line is to stay
look just isn’t that divided that I
particularly I think beautiful I think
different like this style of next
option here is the brightness adjustment after
we have Palio for the
how to disable the sound on the smartwatch we have
the flashlight and this smaller one is for you
connect headphones by smartphone
So you activate that I will call there
you click on search and do a search
here of the headphones in case you want
connect in my case who found mine
pots ready then you just click that
unfortunately one [__] in it doesn’t have
memory space for you to download
So this function that
use with headphones for example she
will be used more for you suddenly
answer calls regarding music If
you can’t install download
songs here on the smartwatch but at
less there now you know he has
started the next hoist liking it from above
down we have some games that
smartwatch offers the first game is
this one you have to shoot spaceships
is the second game is the one of fruits and
you need to do a sequence of three
equal fruits and the third game is the
of the bird you have to go
passing here in the middle of the walls of
brick to mark the points and
without touching or falling you die then
these are the games there
smartwatch your drag from left to
right we have a shortcut
superimposed and I have that climate function the
QR code for the app and down here
has a summary of the latest apps
that you accessed here on your smartwatch
dragging from right to left the
people have access to these menus so
are the shortcuts of [__] now I saw
I will pass by the smartwatch boys
AK76 and I will show you all the
functions that this smartwatch offers only
remembering that I changed she made you in
I actually customized a photo here
that the application put a picture of
gallery after the time I have a
application son I show
is where you go to put a photo ok
come on then for the less this
first is option here are how
notifications For now I’m out
notifications there we have the calendar he
shows the day of the week could in numbers
and applying it down here he gave me a
monthly vision or peel I took the has
calculator make a contained that
fast works ok this function
here the microphone is for you to activate the
Syria And if you are with him
connected on iPhone or Google
assistant is the second option here is for
search for your smartphone that is
paired with the smartwatch we have the QR
code to download and install
of the application that reinforces that it is very
important that you use the QR code to
do the installation if you go straight there
in the Play Store for sure will give error
you may have a problem with the
application with smartwatch connection
so always use the QR Code next
option is a shortcut for you to activate the
gesture of despair
And in the case it is already activated
the next option is the menu styles
these squares down here
we also have the function of climate passing
for the next few we have the disposal of
blood pressure step count on
true here are the cycles beyond the
Step count the amount of
calories my granddaughter the distance in
miles also that I traveled not
day we have sleep monitoring
heartbeat the sports function
in the sports function we have to smile at
hiking trail running and the records
where are going to pass targets here like
information honestly doesn’t have much
sports but he the essentials this
next option that looks like a day is the
background image behind the screen
that behind the less then there are several
options there are four image options
click on this first one just for us
see how it changes there look at the part of
down here this bottom I particularly
I like this
but if you don’t like it then
select another style there next
Manoel temperature There we also have the
sedentary reminder option for
you will get up and every x period
we also have blood oxygenation this
smaller that looks like one
puzzle is the effect of the transition
between the screens so it’s in the option
smooth so when i change access one
screen it passes like that then if I
access that cube option when I stop
click on any option you saw that
it flips the screen as if it were a
there is an inverter here
And then inverted it to me as the name says
it’s cool effects too that I
like I will leave here in the smooth that that
I prefer next menu this cup Na
truth is a reminder for you to drink
water for you to hydrate next less
there are also games here
breathing function exercise
Breathing for you to do in the course of
make your next day even a game
that of the fruits in the sequence we have
birdie birdie game
here now we have a sequence of icons
social network has Facebook Twitter
WhatsApp however these options here on
smartwatch it doesn’t separate you won’t
for example see only notifications from
Facebook or just like Twitter here goes
appear as Independence notifications
inclusive social network since my
is paired here with mine
Smartphone LG K10 I will send a
notification for you to see here
as it appears on the clock
What’s up
and he has this boring song but
has to configure has to change
also and here in the case as I received
two notifications he grouped so he
Notifications appear here So I have
that click on see there I can see here
the name of who sent me the name of
contact and which application is not
case was WhatsApp and clicking here
in the notification the ration to the side you
can you delete if I access the menu
Facebook goes to notification of
WhatsApp you will access Twitter
WhatsApp if you leave WhatsApp
WhatsApp so this is what I meant
for you it does not separate will appear
notification of everything together next
menu here is the alarm clock can you
add alarm clocks there
menu for the messages you’re going to have
to pair it with connecting duct
to activate the next one is the dialer that
I also need to pair that Enable
the bluetooth calls to it
run next minute are like
settings as settings that you
can not
I had here you can customize
various things for example the sound the touch
alert was with that annoying touch
but you can change and this one has this
this is a little more beautiful this
The one who was really boring anyway
you adjust according to your taste
also just touch just vibrate vibrate and
touch you can adjust all that
coming here in the definitions also has
screen volume languages ​​where you have
brightness and also the time the screen stays
lit here is interesting because we have a
password option If you leave it enabled
can you unlock to
unlock here in the case there only the
smartwatch i have to enter the password
an interesting function and it works
super well if you want to disable just
here in the menu and disable it
password here again ok
for this you can reset the
smartwatch and also has as
device information on the
and you have the dialer to be able to do
phonebook calls that you
can pull here from your cell phone
waiting with Bluetooth calling
paired there we also have the option to
remotely close photo capture
option and music so you can get
spend your music listening to your
songs by smartwatch in the next less
are the bluetooth so I have here
both the calling Bluetooth and the
Bluetooth pairing
notifications that by the app you
can disable on here
also in addition to the shortcut and menu options
these are the ones that smartwatch has for us
offer quite a legal function and several
usable functions that I particularly
I think it’s really cool, I like it a lot
talking now a little bit about the
application it connects through M2 WEAR but
it is very important that you download the
application using the link that
directs here by the QR Code because it has
m2 wear is useless if several you
download from the Play Store you risk
download the wrong and it doesn’t work so
it’s here
and it’s already paired with my AK76
and here we have the health function with
various information if the Puxa application
here of the clock here in data are the
degrees of physical activity of
beat sleep monitoring
in short, several things
and in the movement are some sports for
you can ask the questions here
through the cell phone through the application as well
my last menu here is where we
can make several settings
including connecting the smartwatch here
apps is for you to enable or disable the
applications you want to receive
notifications in the settings of
accessibility is important you come
here let the m2 hear activated on that
option of settings here we
can make various settings on the
Inclusive smartwatch has that evil day
you have to do some other things you did
for you to pass here to the smartwatch
and also has a management option
dial where do you go to
customize photos put photos of your
gallery just stay here in edit selection
you will already have access to your
photos and no more this is it here it has
several options you can even there
Some people even ask Sometimes
here in the comments as it does to
unlink the smartwatch from
application normally on this screen
of settings for example without m2 wear
down here has to unlink the
device is well program is well
similar to the other apps
also not going there in the settings of the scrolls
has bass for sure will have option he
to unlink if you want to have a
coffee I always like to make
here that is the heartbeat I
I always wear my Apple Watch
comparison I will do this test here
also with AK76
and let’s see if there will be a lot
difference from my Apple Watch a little
difference is always acceptable right
difficult gives exactly the same
sense but is that I already realized that
was very close to the heartbeat
Acácio at6 so here in 79 beats by
minute while Apple watches 86 so
yes it’s very acceptable too
but at least you can get a good sense
in relation to the heartbeat here
smartwatch with AK76 that the question
Initial is whether or not it is worth investing
on the AK76 smartwatch , how could you
realizing that this review is not a
excellent watch has several functions as well
can be used
customize photos very lucky did
and you can download more than
application that at cost versus
benefit of the smartwatch i think so
worth it even if you liked it
a lot of the x16 smartwatch, the AK76 Smartwatch
is undoubtedly an alternative
replacement smartwatch
it’s just like the functions and so
beautiful as x16 are in my opinion
It is worthwhile investing in a
cassette me so that’s it this was our
today’s video I really hope you
have enjoyed and I hope you in my
next video see you bye bye

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