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welcome to today’s episode in today’s
video i’m going to review and summarize
this novel
swami in france by r.k narayan so arkey
narayan who was very great of an author
or during 1930s to later period of his
life he has written very remarkable
pieces of literature among which swami
and friends is a very important the
novel swami and friends is an episodic
narrative that follows the daily life of
swami nathan which is the full name of
swami it talks about the very funny and
lazy life of swami who is very reluctant
to get up during monday mornings because
as as we hit monday mornings he
definitely as a child he too hated
monday mornings because he think that
mondays are the worst days in the week
the setting of the novel is of 1930s in
south indian fictional town called
malgudi malgudi is very famous as a
fictional town in in other words of
arcana ryan too because he have used
again and time and again he have used
malgudi as his setting in his
novels the novel talks about swami who
is a child of 10 years old he goes to

/> albert mission school established by
christian missionaries from west this is
also one of the reason that swami hated
to go to school because this is not a
place where he suppose he belongs to
swami had a very fun loving and a very
great bunch of friends
his friends were samuel the p who was
who was marked out of his small stature
and being a very little child looking
guy then he had sanka who was a very
good of a guy and he had some sankara
and somewhere are good at the education
then comes swami and money money is a
very important guy in the setting of
this novel as money has been seen as one
of the true image of patriarchy and
mainly hood that one expect in a male
character being a child or in adult men
now novel talks about another child
whose name is rajan he is son of police
superintendent and he enjoys the
luxuries and superiority of life because
of his social hierarchy so when he
entered the town swamy and his uh and
his you know group and swami and his
friends had a great revelry and
hostility towards raja which is a very
natural of an incident because this is a
very natural you know nature of human to
have revelry against one who enjoys more
right than you do
along with this you can see that swami
had not been away from the rumor swami
had been rumored as tale of rajam he had
been assigned a tag that he was tale of
rajam because he he always stick to
rajam rather than his older friends
which is very true because swami wanted
to enjoy as good as rajam enjoyed so
swami always sticked to rajam to have
all those luxuries around him too he
wanted to play with his toys and all
so one day rajam called all of his
friends in order to reconcile them and
he was successful in his act but again
time and again we see that the
friendship bond have evaporated in the
grew pillar and pillar in their
friendship in later part of the novel we
could see swami along with rajam and
money they do all sort of fun in
we could see that once they scared son
of a rickshaw puller or son of a coach
main by
by having a tire from him because in
those days when there were very less of
the toys or either they were exotic the
indian children used to play with the
tire of you know rickshaw or tire of a
cycle by hitting a stick on it and
running it in through the lanes and
through the narrow lanes of their
villages in between these incidents we
could see that there is a social
revolution going on in india there was a
demand of freedom and prosperity in
fraternity and liberty
so during this time the novel and you
know the nourishing of swami is put on a
halt and we we can see that
a known cooperation movement is going on
in the malbudy too so swami take part in
protest and as a child he enjoyed you
know pelting stone on school because at
that day he did not went to the school
rather he joined the protest on his way
and he pelted stones on school his
window and paints and he broke the
glasses but unfortunately he got caught
when a known teaching staff member of
the school had observed that it is none
other than swami who is throwing stone
at school premises at the very next day
swami along with other children got
a very very bad beating from the
headmaster who beat them for being not
just absent but being part of the mob
who was against the white superiority or
the vice supremacy
and also they have created a great mess
for the school by by tormenting or by
by breaking the school property swami
who was acutely distressed ran away from
the school and he was shouting i do not
care for your dirty school he and he was
kicked out of the missionary school so
he joined another of the government
sponsored school
in the same village but this school was
thought to be inferior than the school
swami had earlier studied due to
less reputation later
later rajam was very upset with swami
for his political sins for being
involved in political propagandas which
child should not be involved in but
literally as we know that the children
forget things quite oftenly and they
forgive people
uh who they love and so same is the case
between rajam and swami raja forgives
his political sins and he gives him
another chance by
by making him join the cricket love that
they they had named as mcc mal goody
cricket club which is quite a good name
for a cricket club in the malgudi
now swami often reaches late
during the during the practice session
because he’s because he had school
drills and he have all sort of chores
not just at his school but also at his
home at this point of novel we see a
very you know humorous and funny and
also a very uh tragic incident so let me
narrate you that during during his
practice sessions one day when he asked
his head masters had mastered to send
him home earlier than the other children
because he have qriket sessions cricket
practice sessions they had master
totally denied that he could not do so
so what happened that he went to a
doctor whom he demanded to give
a fake certificate um but unfortunately
swami could not obtain a fake medical
report which he could use to get medical
leave from the school so what happened
when principal got very furious when he
heard about this he got very furious and
when he brought his cane to beat swami
what swami did in the rage was he
grabbed the cane and he threw out of the
window and he ran away into the into the
jungles and woods after this incident
swami had a great remorse and regrets
swami could not believe that he is
totally doomed he has been kicked out of
two high schools consecutively
he feared his father’s wrath and he he
do not know where to go if he goes home
he would be kicked
out of the home
and if he goes back to school he would
be kicked from school too he says that
his only option is to run away not just
from the school but from the entire town
so what he did he ran into the woods and
later when he went deep and deep he
waited to be dark outside but once it
was dark outside he went deep and deep
into the woods finally it was all a just
a mess of the horse it was all maze
around swami he could not identify the
way because because there was major
light because there was hardly any light
in the jungle due to its thick canopy he
could not trace the way where he had
come from or where he had to go finally
he was very scared because of the noises
of animals and
birds and
insects and all sort of noises were
there in the jungle he feared the demon
and he feared the main eater of malgudi
and finally he fainted out of his
consciousness because he was just a
child so this is a very uh to personally
to me this this was a very hard touching
scene when swami feared that something
would come out of the woods the dark
woods then it would grab him so he
finally faints out he has he’s lost his
consciousness and he was lying in the
forest fortunately a man who knows swami
he reports his parents that he have
found swami in jungle who have taken him
home on his cart and during this time
his father was very nervous and he has
swami all around and the news has spread
all around the village that swami was
so this was part one of the novel swami
and and friends so dear friends stay
tuned for part two of the novel which
would be coming very shortly until then
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